Characters: Apocalyptic

Vivian Beasley

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Born to a middle class Christian family, Vivian grew up in a bubble of normalcy, good feelings, and old fashioned values. She went to ballet in elementary school, played violin in middle school, and spent high school in student government. Vivian always knew she wanted to be a teacher, so she went for childcare and teaching degrees in college.

As a teacher, Vivian is kind and energetic. She’ll deviate from overly structured lesson plans in favor of creative methods tailored to what seems to work the best for her class that year. She is both a kid and parent favorite at the school. To her friends, she is a genuine and compassionate woman. Her faith is important to her and she never failed to appear at church every Sunday. Vivian regularly participated in school events as well as church hosted volunteering programs.

Vivian’s romantic life was sparse and chaste due to her very conservative upbringing. She always swore that she’d only have sex when she got married, and kept that promise through her few boyfriends — until Thomas! As it turns out, when you meet “the one” you know, and old fashioned rules don’t seem so important anymore. They moved in together quickly. After two years of being in a happy relationship Thomas proposed and they were already making plans for starting a family. They were two months away from their wedding date when the outbreak happened.

Widespread outbreak hit Vivian’s sphere at the end of the school day while she still had half of her students (Kit Moon being one of them) waiting for parents and school buses to show up. Her first priority was to try all of the kids to their families as quickly as possible. Sadly, some kids were lost. With only Kit left, they made contact with Coyote and his friends.

Later she discovered what happened with her own family. Thomas died in a street accident caused by the chaos and thankfully never turned, but her parents were both infected by the airborne virus and turned after they died in an attack. The rest of her (and Thomas’) immediate family are also presumed turned or dead.

In a post-outbreak world, Vivian surprised everyone, including herself, by being far more strong and capable than anyone would have expected. Despite the world falling apart, she’s found strength to fight and keep fighting. She’ll claim that it’s her faith in God and that this all must be part of his plan, but most of it is the responsibility she feels for the children who lost their homes and their families during the outbreak. They’ve all lost their loved ones, but together they can heal and survive.

Vivian has light brown hair and hazel (green-brown) eyes. She stands about 5’4″. Always wears a cross necklace that was given to her at her high school graduation by her grandmother.

Can play the guitar as well as violin and has a lovely singing voice.

She is the voice of counsel and reason of the group. Mediator when there’s disagreements, and final choice maker when no one can agree on a resolution. Vivian has a cool head in a crisis.

Her ultimate goal is to find somewhere they can all settle down for good. Nomadic life is starting to take it’s toll on her.

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Settings: Magical Fantasy Settings: Post Apocalyptic

The New Rise of Eldaryn

[b]Genre & Atmosphere:[/b] Post Apocalypse SciFi Fantasy with DRAGONS.

[i]…and then the world fell.[/i]

It didn’t happen all at once, nor was it from one single cause. There was the plagues. The meteor shower. The wars. As time went by the population grew smaller and smaller. Cities fell and civilizations were lost. The wild took over again as people retreated from the derelict cities to smaller villages for the safety or numbers and supplies.

Settings: Magical Fantasy Settings: Post Apocalyptic

Prayer Mage & Dragons

Post apocalypse modern fantasy world. Lots of modern style tech and buildings totally destroyed, but the culture has grown very different over the years. Like villages and colonies of people trying to survive within larger structure buildings. There are all sizes of DRAGONS that are now the top of the food chain and eat people. There’s magic and some people called “Prayer Mages” that are able to use magic to control the beasts.

Settings: Post Apocalyptic


Genre: Modern Goth/Vampire
Rating: PG-13 Minimal Cursing. Violence. No Blatant Sexual Scenes.
Timeline: Present Date

It is a modern gothic styled Earth (a cross between Underworld and Generic Fantasy?) where vampires, demons and werewolves very much exist and prey on the unsuspecting. There are those that call themselves Slayers; some traveling from place to place cleaning out the dangerous trash and some that stay to protect their home towns or cities. The world itself is a cross between modern earth and a victorian styled middle ages. There are huge bustling cities filled with technology and small towns built with nothing but sweat and time. The theories on where these beast of evil came from vary from religious to evolution, and all Slayers seem to have their own methods. Religion is also as varied – to worshiping a single God or many. Prophecies made by psychic are highly regarded by everyone as Truth. A real Psychic is rarely wrong when making a prophecy. In fact, there is one recent prophecy that is frightening the world – a tale of One that will rise from the fires to seek it’s revenge on ancient blood.


A Slayer is someone that specializes in taking care of supernatural disturbances. A Slayers job usually depends on their personal preference. Some work as more of private detectives, solving minor problems – others are like assassins, getting rid of great evils. Not all Slayers are good, just as not all supernatural beasts are evil. A bad Slayer may see fit to kill every vampire they see, regardless of innocence. Or they may blackmail people to gain higher pay for doing services.

Settings: Post Apocalyptic

Scorpion Heart

Genre: Post Apocalyptic Fantasy with Modern Blend
Location: World of Lorenthu

It has been said in ancient texts that during the Dawn of the World, there was not one god, but many that helped create it. When man came to be, the gods divided amongst their favorites and the empires of old were formed. Axion, Isis, Jaxion and Prak amongst others. They were real and true, ruling their people as they pleased. But like man, gods have the same faults. The drive for power and control over everything beyond their domain. Axion, though respected in his tribes, craved for something more than just a mere piece of land to lord over. He desired the world. Despite his desire for power, Axion was not an evil god. Instead of waging war he suggested to his brethren that there should be a lord over all the gods. A king much like the empires of man. This suggestion was met with laughter and scorn. But a seed was planted that night. Each god finding the idea of ruler of everything more and more pleasing. Again they held council about this idea… and bickering came about. No one could agree who the King of Gods should be, as all wanted the power for themselves. Axion began to see the error of his idea, but by now it was too late. A war began, what came to be known as the War of the Gods, and by the end of it all the gods were no more.

Life went on in the lands of Lorenthu, as the humans had no true idea what become of their gods. Where once gods were known to be physical beings, soon their concept became purely spiritual. Centuries past, even millennia. Races began to doubt the gods even existed. As the world reached it’s peek during the Modern age, such things were laughable and called children’s tales.

It was like a cold rush of blizzard wind blowing over the entire land… The stories about the ‘End of the World’ all seemed to differ in the details of each telling, though the ending always remained the same. There would come a day when the gods of Lorenthu would be reborn in human vessels, awaiting the time when their power would be reclaimed and they would rule once more. At the time such prophecies were laughed over. There was always some priest or crackpot that said they could read the stars and the end of the world was coming. Tomorrow… or maybe next week. When the skies rained fire, and something shook the entire world, they stopped laughing. A dark gray mist covered the skies above and for years the rays of the sun were blocked from the lands. The skies finally cleared giving light once again revealing a world in ruins. Sadly it wasn’t even the disaster that destroyed it, but the panic over the end of the world.

These days though the lands are alive again, it’s been thrown back several hundreds of years in terms of culture and technologies. “Modern” things are near impossible to come by and would hardly be useful in today’s society. They are more of valuable antiquities than anything else. People are once again relying on the old ways.

Settings: Post Apocalyptic


Location: Vajacs

  • A once great and technologically advanced world now in ruin after endless war. The environment has been near completely destroyed, save for a few locations. The world is very much like a rocky desert.
  • Enclaves are towns/cities controlled by powerful families. They war constantly with each other and hate outsiders.
  • Scavengers are people that make a living searching the Barren Waste for things to sell.


    Vajacs was once a thriving world of ultra technology, its citizens living in bliss, secure in their mastery of their world. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

    For the last several generations, Vajacs has been as it is now, a shattered wreck of its former glory. The great mega-cities are gone, replaced by small, controlled city-states called “Enclaves.” The only ones to have retained any technology intact, the Enclaves are run with an iron fist, controlled by small councils of no more than five men and women to an Enclave. The Enclaves are almost constantly at war with each other, fighting over technology and citizens.

    The majority of the world’s population live in the seemingly infinite wasteland known as the Barren Wastes. Crops and greenery are scarce. In places where plants and abundant water can be found, trading centers crop up, gatherings of scavengers , tradesmen, and merchants.

    Merchants make their livings by buying the products of tradesmen and the finds of scavengers and selling them to travelers – often Scavengers passing through on their way to another camp.

    Tradesmen are individuals who work with their hands – mechanics, blacksmiths, and the like. Their often mish-mash combinations of Pre-Fall technology and steam power tend to work in odd ways, and frequently don’t make sense at all. People often refer to them as “Gnomes,” though the origin of the term is long forgotten.

    And Scavengers, by far the most common, are those individuals who, in crews or as individuals, comb the Wastes for the remnants of technology left behind by the Fall and by the Enclaves’ endless wars. Scavengers’ life expectancies are short, but they stand to make a lot of money and be able to outfit themselves extremely well if they make a good find.

  • Categories
    Settings: Post Apocalyptic Settings: SciFi


    Genre: Post Apocalyptic Sci-Fi
    Location: Post-Modern Earth
    Timeline: X Months After Outbreak

    Not long after making contact with an alien race, a strange virus strikes modern Earth. When infected, a human turns crazy, zombie like, their genetic structure seems to change. Yet, these infected human beings can also breed, taking bodies of the dead and growing a weird sub-human creature from the remains. No one can tell how a person becomes infected, it simply happens; sending the entire world in to global chaos.

    Months/a year later the virus seems to be “controlled”. Communities of humans are hiding out in small colonies. Places like single buildings, churches, schools. They are fed supplies and promises from the government.

    An unlikely person has discovered a connection between government actions and the virus outbreak (where it was previously assume alien contact did it.). The food that’s been given to these colonies has some sort of control-factor in it, either to spare people from the virus or mind-control. Unlikely Person seeks out for a scientist to help crack the mystery.

    Settings: Post Apocalyptic Settings: SciFi

    Neo Terra

    Genre: Post Apocalyptic Sci-Fi Fantasy
    Location: Neo Terra
    Timeline: 3310 – 200 Years after the Destruction of Post-Modern Earth

    INTRODUCTION: After a comet destroyed a majority of the civilizations on Earth, many are trying to come into power, claiming territories and warring each other for control over the planet. The Brelj, a powerful race from outside the solar system, have managed to take over a good portion of Neo Terra. They are cruel people, forcing those left on Terra into hard labor and keeping all resources to themselves. Many rebellious factions have tried to fight back, only to be crushed by the Brelj, who carry the ancient arts that Terra lost eons ago.

    BREAKDOWN: There is a small group in one of the ore mines that has gotten the idea of escape and revolt. When they uncover some ancient tools and links to old magic, they find themselves aided with power that is equal to the Brelj.


    Uncovered in the mines was a magic circle. Several points on the outside of the ring, each seeming to represent a part or style of ancient magic in the old worlds of earth. Those that can unlock the points would gain a mastery over certain styles of power.

    Settings: Post Apocalyptic Settings: SciFi


    Genre: Post Apocalyptic Otherworld Scifi

    Basic Plot

    Creatures have invaded and the world has been nearly destroyed in the conquest. Now, the human race are nothing more than cattle being harvested each time the Creatures return. Humans that still have a sense of civilized society have built up protected enclaves and mini towns to guard against harvesting. For most days it is safe to venture outside the enclaves… but when the moon is full. It’s a Lockdown.

    Settings: Modern Fantasy Settings: Post Apocalyptic Settings: SciFi


    Ratings: PG-13
    Genre: Borderline Sci-Fi.
    Time: 2052
    Location: Old New York


    It is the key to immortality.

    It holds the secret to life itself.

    It is the key that unlocks the mysteries of the universe.

    For untold generations, mankind has spread across the planet. Mighty empires rose and fell, and wars ravaged the countryside and changed history for generations to come. With the destruction of the great Galadorian Empire, the ways of magic and sorcery declined, giving way to the rise of technology. Over the next two thousand years, the old ways were utterly forgotten, and mankind entered a new age full of computers, space travel, and the completion of the Human Genome Project, which laid bare the mysteries of humanity.

    But some things will never change. Throughout all of history, only one story…only one legend has survived the passage of time, and lives still today. The story of the key device that was sought after by sage and warrior alike; the one item that was said to contain the great essence of God Himself.

    The Legacy.

    No one has ever seen the Legacy, and its origins are unknown. Only rumors of it unfathomable powers exist, but in all of history, it has never been found. Now, in this age of iron buildings and digital technology, the old ways are being remembered once more; the Legacy is making itself known. It wants to be found.

    And it wants to be used.


    World Setting: 40 years after the attack on earth. One very trashed, run down Earth. The big cities are almost like skeletons, run down and ghetto-like, as most people have moved on to other planets due to earth’s ruin during the war.

    Plot: Man shows up in a bar ranting about “legacy keys” and the name “Pandora”, then he drops dead. A few minutes later some people come in, and shoot the place up looking for a box the dead man dropped… Basically, the players have to figure out what the box is, get the box, steal the box, try to keep the box out of bad people’s hands, ect.


    Why has magic returned at this point in time?
    There was the battle quite a few years ago with the aliens that not only brought new technology with them, they uncovered some of the old as well.

    What kind of guns can we have?
    Most normal people will have regular projectile weapons. Government will have the high-tech guns, IE Plasma guns and lasers and so on.

    What kinds of mind powers can we us?
    Limited Precognition and Minor Telepathy.


    Humans_- Most humans do not have magical capabilities. Though can have some skills in white & black magic, Shamanism and Druidism.
    Werewolves_- Have no magical capabilities but are magic resistant. They can change form at will.
    Vampires_- These are not the traditional vampires. These are more or less humans that are following vampirism like a religion. Most have psychokinesis or telekinetic powers.
    Alien_- You cannot apply for an alien character. Aliens appear randomly only for NPC use.


    White Magic_- healing and shields
    Black Magic_- offensive spells, etc
    Shamanism_- Shamanism has a spiritual basis..
    Druidism_- Druidism is purely based on nature.. shape-shifting, into normal animals, is usually common…

    Settings: Post Apocalyptic

    King of Hands

    Genre: Post Apocalyptic?
    Location: ??
    Timeline: ??

    Factions/gangs/families based on Card Suits. (Hearts, Clubs, Diamonds, Spades) Fighting for leadership of a country/location + inner faction intrigue.

    The King of Hearts is killing off other faction leaders in an attempt to steal their power, including betraying own faction members in pursuit of the goal.

    The Spades were demons. The others were human. Jacks were the spies and assassins, Queens were the spellcasters/diplomats/whatever, and Aces were hardy bodyguards.

    Settings: Modern Fantasy Settings: Post Apocalyptic

    Immortal Curse

    Genre: Gothic-Drama!
    Rating: R for violence and scary shit.
    Location: Some ruined city
    Timeline: 2411 – 50 years after the end of the ‘Apocalypse’

    Plot Breakdown:
    50 Years ago there was a war between the angels and God. They called God a tyrant, a dictator and wished to be free of his oppression and have the same rights as humans had. The Fall from heaven destroyed the earth causing the Apocalypse… Present date the world is in shambles, cities in complete ruins. Demons, Beasties, Angels and Humans all walk the earth as equals, though many are still intent on waging the war against god…


    Restorers are a secret group who are working to restore Earth to the way it was before the Apocalypse. Restorers are all trained to wield nature’s forces. They can command nature with their will and the most powerful Restorers are able to create fantastic feats. All Restorers are also lycanthropic, linked with a certain spirit animal that they are required to find to be inducted into the Order of Restoration. They can assume the form of that spirit animal at will. They’re pledged to work to bring back the old Earth, before the that they call the apocalypse. They’re also loyal to neither God nor Devil, only to the Earth. So they don’t worry about the matters between angels and priests and demons unless they interfere.

    Settings: Post Apocalyptic Settings: SciFi

    End of Days

    Genre: Post Apocalyptic
    Timeline: 2021

    In 2012 something wiped out all electronics and things of technology on earth. This set the globe in a panic. Riots. Wars. Chaos. Mankind became so reliant on it’s technology that it deteriorated quick when it was taken away. Between war, famine, and disease much of humanity wiped itself out in a few short years. Now, things are “calmer”, and people are search for lost family and friends they lost contact with…