Jules Vriska

Jules Vriska

[B]Race:[/B] Human

[B]Nation:[/B] Pegulis

[B]Occupation:[/B] Tracker/Bounty Hunter

[B]Notable Skills:[/B]
[i]Wilderness Tracking[/i] – She can track anything or anyone through the wilderness when the signs are there.

[i]City Searching[/i] – With the use of investigating, an eye for detail and the occasional magic cheat, Jules can track people’s movements through a town or city.

[i]Location Memory[/i] – By stars, by map, by land markers, she remembers the routes.

[i]Fighting Dirty[/i] – Jules has no scruples in a fight and will use ANYTHING to her advantage.

[B]Notable Possessions:[/B]
[i]Enchanted Dagger[/i] – The enchantment is a “shock bolt” that electrocutes the stabbed. The bolt is LOUD and not her prefered weapon for stealth.

[i]Sack of Knockout Marbles[/i] – She enlists a sorcerer to enchant a marble with a “knockout” spell. Marbles are small and easy to carry around in bulk. She uses these to catch bounties.

[B]Aux:[/B] A silver fox ear cuff.


[i]What is Lost[/i] – She’ll get a direction to head when searching for someone or when she has lost her way.



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