Karen Sparrow

Karen! Always fun for a random game or two! Apparently a cousin to Alexis, Serena, Tamara, Summer and Jade.


Character Name: Karen Sparrow
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Birthplace: San Fransisco
Occupation/School: College Student doing Miscellany studies in Psychology and related Subjects. She has yet to pick a major.


General Appearance: Bright red hair, blue eyes. Sloppy figure, due to trying to survive on just booze and slimjims. Heather at least helps keep her from becoming a blimp by forcing her to exercise everyone once in awhile. Smaller bust size, narrow hips.
Strengths: The ability to stay awake for INSANE hours.
Weaknesses: Booze! Give her a few drinks and Karen turns in to a complete moron.


Current Goal/Purpose: Uh… goals?
Talents: Balancing three heavy books on her head while carrying a 12 pack of beer under one arm, and a bag of cheeseburgers in another. Karen is pretty good about understanding the nature/emotion of people, but you’d never be able to guess that with the way she behaves.
Inabilities: Focusing on a single task. Getting things done on time. Being punctual. Finding a purpose in life.
Fears: Having some 9 to 5 boring job, a husband and kids and a dull uneventful life where she regrets even living. Bats. Cops. (She isn’t legally supposed to HAVE all that booze!)
General Personality: Karen is a procrastinating party girl! Of course she takes her studies seriously, she just waits until last minute to get everything done. She’d much prefer being OUT going to a concert, partying at a club, watching stupid movies on cable TV and making paper cranes out of notebook paper. Karen enjoys hanging around people, fooling around, being goofy. None of that serious stuff for her.
Inner Personality: Karen is pretty straightforward about her thoughts and personalities. There isn’t much that she keeps to herself. Yeah, she kinda feels like she kind of “has” to go to college and do the normal school-work-family “everything step by step” sort of life, and doesn’t really know what she wants to DO with herself. But who doesn’t?
Secret: Occasionally Karen will have a weird dream… and then that dream comes true. Sometimes it’s as simple as knowing when a pop quiz is coming. But sometimes it’s pretty scary stuff… Karen doesn’t bother bringing it up to anyone (besides Heather), as most people write it off as “some dumbass trying to be psychic”.


General History:
Karen was born an only child, and gets all that fun expectations that comes with it. The doing awesome in school, going to a great college and getting a great career just like everyone else in the ridiculously huge family. Blech. Her life has been pretty normal and uneventful. Well, besides the occasional premonition dream. Karen started having those when she was a kid, and has had them periodically since. Some simple and some really amazing. It’s no big deal. If she can do something, she does it, if she can’t, she goes on with her life.

Present Life: Karen goes to Montague University in Elswen along with her best friend, Heather. They chose Elswen to “get away” from all that family pressure for awhile (well, at least Karen did!). She’s studying various psychology fields, having an interesting in mind and brain things… but has yet to pick a major. Karen doesn’t really know what she wants to do with the rest of her life, and feels like it’s a shame to decide so early when she has so many years left to live!

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