Key of Twilight

Genre: Scifi Fantasy
Rating: PG13
Location: Arviell

Callista and Celeste were the twin stars of the new world. The shining lights born under the light and dark moons out of hope for a peaceful era. But Fate as we know it is a cruel and chaotic mistress… On the Fifth year in the house of Gemini a tragic death fell on the king, one that some would even call murder. Not long after the queen died of heartbreak and fearing that the Twin Stars would be doomed to the same fate, they were separated and hidden…

It is the 20th year in the house of Gemini and the Moon of Light and the Moon of Dark have both once again shown together in the skies. The daughters of the Gemini house are soon to return, but both bare dark secrets and scars of the past. The new era can not be born without the sister stars and the Key of Twilight remains a mystery.


Arviell: Home planet of the Twin Stars.

Taranog: Worst planet in the system. “Filled with bastards, pirates, whores, scumbags, mercenaries, cutthroats, senseless violence, slavers, murder, thieving, and inappropriate alien sex!”

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