Settings: Magical Fantasy

Festival of the Damned

[et_pb_section fb_built=”1″ admin_label=”section” _builder_version=”4.6.5″ hover_enabled=”0″ background_color=”rgba(0,0,0,0)” sticky_enabled=”0″][et_pb_row admin_label=”row” _builder_version=”3.25″ background_size=”initial” background_position=”top_left” background_repeat=”repeat”][et_pb_column type=”4_4″ _builder_version=”3.25″ custom_padding=”|||” custom_padding__hover=”|||”][et_pb_text admin_label=”Text” _builder_version=”3.27.4″ background_size=”initial” background_position=”top_left” background_repeat=”repeat”]The Festival of the Damned is a local yearly tradition where a town does a lot of superstitious things to keep the Damned happy and from rising up to claim the living. A group of troublemakers have decided to hang out in the town’s cemetery for their own little party of drinking and games. And they may just inadvertently awaken something that has not been seen for centuries…


Once a year, at the first Full Moon of Autumn, the local village of Rowanfel celebrates [b]Reaper’s Night[/b] with [i]The Festival of the Damned[/i]. A tradition that goes back for a thousand years as a way to appease still-roaming spirits and prevent them from harming the living. Very few remember the origins of everyone’s favorite traditions. Why endless sweet baked goods are shared. Why a stag is sacrificed and it’s antlers burned in the bonfire with dried bushels of sage. Why you are only allowed to light orange candles. The festival is a fun day of spooky things and celebration! People are contented to be merry, celebrate with their friends and family, and enjoy this traditional heralding of the fall.

But on [i]this[/i] Reaper’s Night, a group of troublemakers have decided to wander out to the cemetery and have their own party. And this may be the greatest terror of their lives! Someone will make a [i]grave[/i] mistake and learn why superstitions and traditions are no laughing matter.

[color=lime][b]PLOT BREAKDOWN AND CHARACTERS[/b][/color]
You are a villager of Rowanfel. You are most likely one of these young people that are sneaking out to the cemetery, though you are not limited to that! You can play a human or magical creature. Magic is okay too! Bios are not required, but I would LOVE to see a quick blurb about your potential characters, because it could help me put together some plot points. >:3[/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][/et_pb_section]

Settings: Magical Fantasy

Epic Fantasy #223767292

(The past) A young woman opens a box she finds under rubble at the ancient ruined castle site. It possesses her with a god’s power, but in exchanged it killed/sacrificed her younger brother and also set loose an evil in to the world along with a curse. A curse prophecy about the fall of the 5 great kingdoms.

(the present) That woman is now queen, an old mad queen! Her husband has died some time ago. She has six children. Five sons and one daughter. And now she is babbling random things about the curse. That on her death, the evil possessing her is going to take over a new host (the daughter), and her sons will go mad and lead it’s army to destroy the five kingdoms.

Thus sons and daughter go on a quest to uncover the mysteries and history of the ancient castle ruins, the origins of the curse, and how they might break it before their family falls.

Settings: Magical Fantasy Settings: Post Apocalyptic

The New Rise of Eldaryn

[b]Genre & Atmosphere:[/b] Post Apocalypse SciFi Fantasy with DRAGONS.

[i]…and then the world fell.[/i]

It didn’t happen all at once, nor was it from one single cause. There was the plagues. The meteor shower. The wars. As time went by the population grew smaller and smaller. Cities fell and civilizations were lost. The wild took over again as people retreated from the derelict cities to smaller villages for the safety or numbers and supplies.

Settings: Magical Fantasy Settings: Modern Fantasy

Plot bunny #203272639

Man has a destiny, and a love interest who foolishly makes a pure heart wish to take his burden and protect him. WHAM he is now normal and she’s in a coma/sleeping/encrystized. Shitty, right? Gets better (or worse) now when he encounters the baddies that he would have been trying to defeat she shows up, physical spiritual manifestation mumbo jumbo, to enact as the destined one.

Settings: Magical Fantasy Settings: Otherworld

Prophecy of Faizen

Come the Star Age a 4th moon will appear in the skies. In 30 days time that moon will split in three, revealing it to be meteors heading for the world and then end will be…. No one really knows for sure. It could be nothing, it could be the destruction of the world, it could be an alteration of reality. All the people on this world know is that when the time comes they want to be ready.

When a stranger from another world appears, the countries all have their own theory of what she’s there for. Some claim it’s a goddess, some claim a witch, some claim the ultimate either. As they all scramble to prepare for the meteor fall, everyone wants to make sure they are the prepared kingdom.

A prince of Faizen, masquerading as an inept wizard might end up being the only one who truly knows what is going to happen…

Settings: Magical Fantasy

Princess Fable

Princess being taught a lesson or led to her destiny? Old woman (a witch) has been guiding her. To find her father who is trapped as a dragon and her true love who is also cursed. Princess learns how to take care of herself by learning how to do little things at a time, and kindness by giving what she makes to others. (searching for mushrooms, learning how to cook recipes, washing clothes. discovering the dragon.. Mirrors?)

Settings: Magical Fantasy

The Rival’s Choice

The two have been competing with each other forever. They both tie in the ultimate contest, containing THE most awesome prizes of the world – except for the surprise marriage to a dragon lord from the next country over. They have t divide up their prizes and then bicker about who has to marry the guy neither of them want!

Settings: Magical Fantasy Settings: Post Apocalyptic

Prayer Mage & Dragons

Post apocalypse modern fantasy world. Lots of modern style tech and buildings totally destroyed, but the culture has grown very different over the years. Like villages and colonies of people trying to survive within larger structure buildings. There are all sizes of DRAGONS that are now the top of the food chain and eat people. There’s magic and some people called “Prayer Mages” that are able to use magic to control the beasts.

Settings: Fairy Tale Settings: Magical Fantasy Settings: Post Apocalyptic Settings: SciFi

Unnamed Scifi Steampunk Cyberpunk

A crazy cross between Mad Hatter and Robin Hood type character. He doesn’t steal from rich to give to the poor, and technically he’s never doing good deeds when he does the things he does. He’s a “bad guy” that inevitably does good things.

Settings: Magical Fantasy Settings: Realistic Fantasy

Ylnova Renewed

A huge disaster has killed the entire royal family and upperclass of Ylnova. There’s not a blue-blooded person left of high society. At first the peasants rejoice. Without the rule of a King, that means they are free to do what ever they want. But soon they realize, without a ruler to keep law and order means they have no protection from invading countries, bands of thugs, or even themselves. Ylnova has erupted in to chaos. Now a group of people have decided that a new Ruler must be found and put on the throne. …but is there a fair and just person left in the land?

Settings: Magical Fantasy

Winter’s End

Genre: Fantasy
Location: Daimir

Daimir is a world of great magics, amazing stories, prosperity and peace. Ruled by clans, each region of Daimir has it’s specialties for trade. The crops that they grow, the animals they raise. And in the world of Daimir, everything has it’s seasons, sparked by ancient orbs and protected by chosen families.

But there are some that don’t like the shift of seasons. When the quiet solitude of winter comes, heralding in ice and snow, it puts the world to a motionless sleep. They want to ensure the growing seasons will last and last, giving the world endless supplies of resources and sunlight!

To do this, they must end winter. Forever.

Settings: Magical Fantasy

Wheel of Fate

Genre: Fantasy

What if you discovered you had been living the same life and same events for thousands of years? That every time you are reincarnated you carry out the same events regardless of who you are and where you are born?

__ is a man that accidentally stumbled on the home of the 3 Fates. He finds out that the Fates have predetermined stories that are to happen, over and over, that keep the balance of the world. Worse, he discovers his Mentor and his partner are predestined to die during a battle in the near future. Does he allow fate to carry on as it always has, or does he decide to change the course of history?

Settings: Magical Fantasy

War of Stormwind

Genre: Fantasy

Plot Basic

Telmir has been at war with Anthova for over 30 years. Neither side seems to gain control, and now the people aren’t even sure what they’re still fighting for. The leaders of both countries have died, leaving temporaries in charge searching for heirs and replacements.

Country of Telmir

Kingdom of Anthova

Settings: Magical Fantasy

Vaug Toran

Genre: Otherworld Fantasy
Rating: R – All the fun stuff without the porn!
Location: Vaug Toran

Plot Teaser
Vaug Toran – a marvelous world of… nothing very extraordinary. The golden days of old are over; the council of mages all but diminished saved for a mere few, the dragons that once dominated the mountains have been slayed, the majestic creatures that blessed the forests have vanished. Humans have finally claimed the lands and flourished in their dreary unfascinating lives.

This is not the will of some. Though rare, magic is still born in a special few… but thanks to a strange plague that has been ravaging villages, it becomes a tainted black magic. Ones that would have been good become twisted under the pull of a darker power. Vaug Toran is under siege by a mysterious unknown.

A plague has become an epidemic in Vaug Toran, and though the illness itself is bad enough – the fact that anyone born with a natural talent for magic will become tainted with a darker power if they catch the sickness. Countless of people are dying due to the plague, worsened by the influx of violence by newly realized Dark Mages. This crisis has caught the attention of the last surviving wizards of the Titan Council, reminding them of a quest they had never completed and being a precursor to a much worse fate for Vaug Toran if this mysterious power is not stopped. The wizards have realized, though, that they are way too old to complete their quest on their own and have enlisted the help of a small group of people to aid them on their quest. Their goal is to find the Scrolls of Titanus – a written documentation of all the spells and teachings that were handed down the generations of the Titan Council. These scrolls contain many spells and concoctions that could ruin the world if they fell in to the wrongs hands – they only pray its not already too late!


THE TITANS: The Titans were a council of elite mages and wizards in Vaug Toran. Males born with an exceptional affinity towards magic would be sent straight away to the Temple of Titanus to spend the rest of their days learning the intricate threads of magic. The Tital Council had a great deal of influence on the political powers of the world, and were revered for their wisdom and aid in times of crisis. However, nothing can remain untainted forever. After hundreds of years without ill thoughts in the temple, there was a premonition shared by many of the mages. It foretold that one of them would rise to power and come to control the lands of Vaug Toran. The more ancient wizards thought this to be impossible, but the younger apprentices found this intriguing… and power is a very tempting lure!



Lufernat: One of the last of the ancient wizards. He and his comrades have banded together to finish the quest they started years ago, before something evil awakes! He is, however, very old and not as agile as he used to be, so he and his fellow mages have hired some younger men to aid them in their quest.

Olivia: Grand Daughter of Lufernat. Her parents died recently in a village plague, and the home/property was confiscated to pay for bills. She has sought out her grandfather to tell him the news and join in his quest. She seems to have a natural ability to cast magic, despite having no training or knowledge of what she can accomplish. This is rare as woman do not usually have a talent for magic. She is a trained healer/potions maker and has an affinity towards animals!

Settings: Magical Fantasy Settings: Modern Fantasy Settings: Otherworld

University of Infinitas Sententia

Genre: Otherworld Fantasy
Rating: PG-13 Minimal Cursing. Violence. No Blatant Sexual Scenes. Best for those 13 and older.
Location: ???

Alexa has just graduated from college, and is packing up from her favorite class and telling her beloved teacher ____ goodbye. She discovers the teacher’s back room filled with interesting items that come right out of very rare story books she enjoyed reading. The teacher asks, “So you’ve read the ___ and the ___? That’s the mark of a great mind. A great mind indeed.” Teacher offers Alexa a sort of exchange student internship at a very exclusive and amazing University that sounds amazing. …Except she has to leave right that moment! Alexa is dubious but loves the idea. Teacher seems to pack her up rather quick, giving her a few gifts and quick confusing advice as she rushes her out the door and to the front of the street where an odd looking hand pushed cart is waiting. She hands Alexa a few quarters to pay for the Ticket (the man asked for coppers, but the quarters seemed to be acceptable), and he gives her a ticket. Alexa is ushered in to a box that looks more like a set of chest drawers from the outside, but setting in to it, it looks like a very comfortable train. The whole thing is moving and she’s off before she can catch her breath.

Alexa arrives at her destination – which looks like a huge tower of random buildings all put together and stacked up like building blocks. Someone meets her out front, commenting about how atrocious this years University looks, and mentions that he thought the yearly contest for students to design the structure was a horrible idea. There’s a huge golden archway leading in to the University grounds that says “University of Infinitas Sententia”. Upon crossing under the archway, the University then looks much more like a normal building, but huge, beautiful, and well laid out. There’s very odd contraptions and creatures around the place. Inside the building is no different. Her guide is little help in explaining things, he just tells her that her room is ready, her assigned professor will meet her tomorrow, and she must be a grand thinker to be recommended by Teacher.

The University of Infinitas Sententia or University of “Infinite Thinking” seems to be some sort of magical place dedicated to actually dreaming up and making happen the extraordinary things that happen in stories, legends, and myth. The entire place seems to be a haphazard collection of all these thoughts and creations. Professors have their specialties and pass on tips and tricks to “grand imagining” to younger generations that must continue the thinking. Apparently without the University, nothing interesting would ever happen anywhere. Life would be a bland, repetitive, and monotonous existence.

Settings: Magical Fantasy

Time Of Gods


A long time ago, Gods live on earth in physical forms. (Time period during dinosaur ages up until humans started forming complex societies.

Settings: Magical Fantasy Settings: Modern Fantasy Settings: Otherworld

Time After Time

Genre: Otherworld Fantasy
Rating: PG13/R – Like Toshi and Koori would have sex scenes… XD
Location: Earth & “Other” world
Timeline: Present Date – Fantasy timeline

Koori and Toshi two perfectly normal girls living a perfectly normal life. One an Uber-Genius, the other a French Tease! But then one day Koori accidentally creates a trans-dimensional portal sucking a strange boy from another world by the name of Vanella into their garage! Giving a head to toe make-over so they could stash him, Koori got to work on her machine to send him back home… But due to a fleeting wish, not only Van was sent back.. But Toshi, Koori and even her brother Hiroshi was sent to Van’s world as well!

Now the group must seek out the Mystic of Zenith to help find away to send them back home! Unfortunately getting home isn’t their only worry… a dark overlord has been forming an army of dragons and believes the two girls will be able to help not only conquer this dimension… but many others!


Prince Vanella (time travel prince) –
Pale Hair, Blue Eyes, Total Bishounen. Has long hair at beginning until he gets a haircut while on Earth. A dutiful and responsible prince. Overall nice guy. His servants like to dress him up all fancy and such, where he just wants to be dirty rumpled warrior type GUY… (Think Van from Escaflowne!)

Jake (dragon tamer) –
Tough guy! Likes money and jewels! Incredibly irritated that his Dragon keeps following Toshi.. Likes to mumble “Stupid Dragon… Stupid girl…”

Toshi (flying, dragon taming) –
Adorable and clueless! Toshi is the sweet girl that everyone adores (except maybe Jake!) She has an incredibly talent of staying out of trouble, or just being oblivious to it, and the very respected talent of speaking with dragons!

Koori (iced-fire, portal) – Diana

Hiroshi () –

Young Amazon –

Aradox Penigma (evil overlord) –

Dragon Killer


(shape shifter) –

Settings: Magical Fantasy Settings: Modern Fantasy Settings: Otherworld

Thirteen Gates

Genre: Modern Supernatural

Thirteen strange stone structures stand in the middle of nowhere. A marvel of the world. When someone discovers the secret of these gates, they unlock a way to travel in to other dimensions.

Settings: Fairy Tale Settings: Magical Fantasy

The Vengeance

Genre: Fantasy

Once upon a time there was a beautiful woman – Nalcissa. Especially the most beautiful woman in the entire country, it was no surprise that she became the Prince Wilhem’s betrothed. Yet, come mere months before their wedding, Prince Wilhem met and fell in love with another woman. The engagement was broken off. Nalcissa’s pride was painfully wounded, but she held her head high. Over time she had many courtiers. In the end, she married a fine Baron. He was wealthy and widowed. Having an only single child from his previous marriage.

Nalcissa was not a cruel step-mother, but jealously grew in her heart. As time went by, she could not seem to bare her husband a child. And his first daughter, Yvaine, was growing more and more beautiful each day, reminding her of her own dwindling beauty and how fickle men can be about whom they give their love.

Finally, Nalcissa became pregnant and birthed a son. Yet, after a few short days the child died. This snapped the last of her sanity. Selling her soul to devils for the power of sorcery, she secretly brought her child back to life. In exchange, the devils wanted a pure heart.

Thus, Nalcissa sent her step-daughter out to the woods with one of the servants, with orders to kill the girl and bring back her heart. But the servant couldn’t do it. He told Yvaine to flee, and flee she did. She found refuge in a mountain mine with a small village of dwarves. The servant tried to pass off a pig’s heart as Yvaine’s, but the Devils could not be fooled.

As Nalcissa sought for the girl, Yvaine had become acquainted with a Prince. Wilhem – now king – had a son of his own, Marcus. The boy was enchanted with the Girl of the Wood. Three times Nalcissa tried to destroy Yvaine and three times she was thwarted by the new Prince. In her final attempt, she went to kill her in person, and in turn was killed herself.

Yvaine and Young Prince Marcus were wed and married. Later having a child of their own and becoming the new King and Queen. They never knew that Nalcissa’s dead child had been brought back to life by sorcery. That all of those years he had been raised by Nalcissa’s servants. Groomed by the very Devils that possessed his soul to go out and seek the soul that they were promised and reek vengeance on the ones that killed his mother.

Settings: Fairy Tale Settings: Magical Fantasy Settings: SciFi

The Seven

Genre: SciFi Fantasy
Location: Vykendria


The Seven are an elite secret Imperial Guard for the current Vykendria royal bloodline. They have existed since the very first Oelamir King and are loyal only to blood heirs. The original Seven were chosen from the most skilled & talented warriors of the age by it’s founder, a man part of the Previous King’s bloodline. As years went on if one was lost, they were quickly replaced by another. Someone that was chosen as their successor, or chosen by the Head. Only Seven, Always Seven. Never more, never less.

Present era Vykendria is an exciting developing time. Strange new technologies mixed with old world traditions. Imperial King Stephane Oelamir has been the most loved monarch in the past century along with his gentle Queen Genevieve. When blessed with their first child, it was a mixed emotion as Queen Genevieve died in childbirth. Saddened, the King did not remarry until nearly ten years later to an infamous Beauty, The Lady Amethyst. A lady whose face was so lovely, she enchanted all that saw her.

Shortly after, the King’s health started to decline drastically until one night he passed away, leaving behind his Queen as acting monarch until his blood heir daughter came of age. The new Queen was never able to bare a child, leaving the Princess Gwendolyn as the last living blood heir to the throne. The True Heir.

In coming years, there were a few suspicious accidents, but the Princess was reaching age 20 and soon there would be the official coronation. The Queen Amythyst, not wanting to loose her ruling place set a plot in motion, framing the Princess for a diplomatic murder and sending her off to the prison to await a death sentence.

With a kingdom enchanted by a beautiful Queen, none would defy her rule… except The Seven whose loyalties are pledged to only one life! The True Heir must be saved and the Queen’s plots unfurled if Vykendria is to survive a coming war. As The Queen has no desire to stop with just ruling Vykendria. She wants the world.

[color=dodgerblue][b]THE LAND OF VYKENDRIA[/b][/color]
In it’s current era, Vykendria still holds on to old world traditions even as advanced technology has become and every day thing. Castles, quaint villages, horse carriages, fashion and other traditions are blended in with high tech weapons, machines, and power structures. Though magic has been a part of the world since the dawn of time, it has become old fashioned in favor for the less draining machines of today. Imagine a world like King Arther’s, but throw in sci-fi tech in the mix. King Stephane has been dead for nearly 10 years, and the state of the country has started to decline under Queen Amethyst’s rule. Everyone had hope that the mysterious Princess Gwendolyn would take the throne on her 20th birthday and continue the fair rule of her father. ….Until now! The news that Gwendolyn is responsible for murder and soon to be put to death has spread through the country like wild-fire. Everyone is in a state of unease about the future.

[color=dodgerblue][b]ABOUT CHARACTERS & JOINING[/b][/color]
We are casting characters slowly, and a few at the time introducing them to the story to avoid a giant clusterfuck of confusion. This is why the IC is already started, but we aren’t posting an official OOC thread yet. [color=yellowgreen][b]Anyone that has been invited already can PM their bio to ME ooor post it here as a reply if they want![/b][/color] Once the story gets going a bit, we’re going to open the official OOC and let anyone who wants to join finally hop in. :D

[color=lime][U][B]NOTICE:[/B][/U] Even though we are not officially taking in new characters outside of the pre-cast ones yet, if you’re interested in working on a character before hand, you can ask any questions you like or send a bio over to Diana![/color]

“The Seven” have all been cast or reserved. If during the rp one of the players for a Seven vanishes for too long(I’ll give you a month, unless there’s a problem), their absence will be a death and another character in play will become one of the Seven. So if you missed out on getting to be a Seven, just make a cool character, they might be chosen later as someone’s successor. XD

Remember that the Seven are SECRET. No one has ever known of their existence except blood heirs. Until now, where Gwendolyn never had the chance to be told about them… and recently the Queen has managed to discover them. Each of the Seven have a number they “inherited” from their predecessor, this number they use to identify themselves to other Seven members. Usually they will have a Tattoo or an Special Item that has the number in code. Because Vykendria has been at peace for so long, many of the former Seven have retired or died, thus explaining why many members of this generation’s Seven are younger in age. (Younger being mid 20s to later 30s) Most of the Seven have never met each other. They keep in contact through their current Leader.

If you don’t want to play one of the Seven, you also have the option to play anything else you want! It just needs to make sense! Fantasy races are allowed, so are sci-fi alien races, but alien races must be native to the planet. There are other countries in the world, so you don’t need to be from Vykendria. Our three basic plots will be:
— The Castle where couple members of the Seven will be trying to catch the Queen in the act of doing something wicked so they can clear Gwendolyn’s name.
— Out and about where members of the Seven are trying to keep Gwendolyn hidden and safe until they can return her to the castle.
— Citizens of Vykendria trying to decide if they are with the Queen and believe she can do no wrong, who is already starting plans to invade another country, or if they side with Gwendolyn and believe the True Heir is getting shafted and planning to revolt.

You ARE allowed to have magic, just remember that it’s “old fashioned” and not as common as high tech sci-fi weaponry. Again, imagine a world that looks a lot like the time of King Arther, with the castles, the knights, the forests and villages… but there’s a lot of new tech mixed in. Laser guns, light sabers, machines. Vykendria’s old world traditions are blending with new school tech.

Settings: Magical Fantasy Settings: Modern Fantasy

Supernatural Consequence

Genre: Otherworld Sci-Fi Fantasy
Rating: R – All the fun stuff without the porn!
Location: Empire of Ezra Ojado

Plot Teaser
Modern times in a fantasy driven world. Ezra Ojado is a great empire in the center of the world, the focal point for the planet’s greatest accomplishments! It has the most grand universities, billion ezri (dollar) business, and the centralized government ran by Gouhara D’nash the high emperor elect. With such a successful and peaceful empire, Ezra Ojado seems like the perfect utopia, but greed and resentment leads it’s most trusted official that may destroy it all!

Gouhara D’nash is a great emperor, but a lifetime of resentment towards his friend has sent him off the deep end! He may be the ruler-elect of all Ezra, but he never got the best of rankings, the woman, and nor is he happy! Why can’t he be happy like his friend? Suggestions from his adviser gives him a brilliant idea, however. If he destroys his friend, there will be nothing left for him to be jealous of!

The plan was very simple. Use a little magic, raise a little hell beast… Devarin Illusan would be devoured within the week! What Gouhara didn’t count on was a betrayal by his adviser and the spell to expand far greater than he had wanted! A massive foretold evil has been unleashed on the world of Ezra Ojado, and the very man the emperor wanted dead may be the only one with the knowledge to stop it!

Now considered nothing but myth and legend, written in religious texts it speaks of a powerful wizard the gods once fought. Craving powers like the gods’ he searched the world and studied all kinds of magicks, conducted experiments and in the end created many fantastic and terrible beasts. He waged war against the world, nearly succeeding in conquering all! But the gods, being wise and having a natural power tied to the earth created five beasts of their own each representing the gods’ will. The people of Ezra Ojaho, lead by these beasts waged an epic week long battle and using a combined magic power sealed all of the unnatural creatures deep in the Underworld. The Wizard both, defeated and humiliated knew that he had not the strength nor power to fight any longer, disappeared not to be heard of again.


Unicorn (forests)
Dragon (mountains)
Sphinx (deserts)
Gryphon (skies)
Leviathan (seas)


Gouhara D’nash: Current Emperor of Ezra Ojado, elected by the people. He is a good man and a good emperor, however he is insanely jealous of anyone that seems to be happier than he is (especially his friend). He has a weak constitution and seems to be easily manipulated in to believing things if someone provides convincing evidence.

Devarin Illusan: A scholar and professor at the Ezra Ojado University of Magical History. His main interest is archeology of magicks, studying the evolutions and history of Ezra and it’s properties. He teaches General Magical History. He is pleasantly matured, having always something nice to say… but has a terrible temper for anyone that misuses magicks. He has an almost obsessive streak for justice, and will loose all common sense when it comes to righting wrongs, defending the weak and dare it happen – fighting evil.

Settings: Historical Settings: Magical Fantasy

The Hex of Sunset City

Genre: Supernatural Western
Rating: R – All the good stuff, without the porn!
Location: Sunset City – Out West Somewheres!

Sunset City, a dusty little town way out west that can barely be considered hospitable. For years it’s been slowly growing, but small set backs always seem rattle the locals and nasty gossip has been floating around. The local saloon seems to have a gun fight every other Tuesday, whether someone does the firing or not. Down near the marshes there’s always a strange howlin’.. and the sheriff never seems to stay longer than a month before he throws down his badge or ends up dead! Yes, something really strange has been happening in Sunset City and with the new mayor in charge it’s just starting to get worse…

An classic and possibly cliche old western RPG with a supernatural twist. A player can play just about any kind of HUMAN character so long as it makes sense within the plot. The goal? Figure out what’s been causing all these strange incidents in Sunset City!


The main town. Picture your dusty tumbleweed towns like in old movies, and there you’ve got it! Every so often a stranger comes into town, but by the time he learns of his fate, it’s too late! Once you’re Sunset City, you can’t seem to leave it… unless you’re dead! Signs or warnings the folks put up also disappear so it’s been no use to steer people away. Even the mail comes back unread!

The Mines were closed some two years ago after they collapsed due to an accident with dynamite. Several people died, and no one is quite sure exactly how it happened, but everyone has their own theories.

Not too far out there is a creepy bit of wetlands just where the river seems to die out. No one ever dares to go in there, cause no one ever seems to come back out.

Settings: Magical Fantasy

Stolen Best Friend

My bestest Friend Matilda,

The Summer Camp was SO much fun! I almost wish the summer wouldn’t have ended. All of the knights were very handsome.

Of course, I want to apologize for stealing the knight you claimed. I know I promised I wouldn’t, but on the way back I just couldn’t resist. Sir Stephan was just TOO CUTE! But I left you his equally handsome friend, so you’ll forgive me, won’t you?

Please Forgive your bestest friend,


Dear Avaria of Kendragon,

I am writing to inform you of my intentions to invade your country and take over. When we met this summer, I am sure you didn’t realize I was the son of the late great villain, Horatio Certani. Nor did I have any intentions of following in his footsteps of pillaging and conquering. However, you have stolen something valuable to me and I intend to take it back.

Sir Stephan’s Best Friend,
Dimitri Certani

Settings: Magical Fantasy Settings: Modern Fantasy

The Sorcerer’s Test

Genre: Modern Fantasy

In a fantasy world during modern times, when a sorcerer comes of age they must take a test. This test dictates whether or not they get to KEEP their magical ability, based on their aptitude with their magic. They have a year to take their test after their 20th birthday… and if they fail to make it, they will lose their power regardless.

Silea is a young sorceress with a frustrating family situation. Her mom seems to hate her and is denying giving her the permission to take the test. She and her small gang of friends have decided they’re going to get Silea to the test, no matter what!

Settings: Historical Settings: Magical Fantasy

Sea Raven

Sea Raven

Genre: Fantasy
Rating: R – Violence and Naughties!
Mood: Think; Pirates of the Caribbean.

Plot Breakdown:
The Sea Raven, a hauntingly beautiful ocean vessel, has been the most romanticized ship to sail the seas. This might be due to the very un-pirate like behavior by it’s Captain and crew for at least three generations. Thwarting scourges of the ocean, stealing treasure from unworthy hands, annoying the Royal Navy, and most notoriously rescuing of pretty damsels in distress. Despite heroic tales of their exploits, their operations are still “less than legal”, always leaving the crew of the Sea Raven needing to keep one step ahead of their enemies.

…until girls get involved, then all hell breaks loose.

Be you crew or foe, when the Sea Raven is involved, it’s going to be an adventure!


Captain is a pirate, sailing the seas ambushing ships, stealing cargo, smuggling and other most illegal things! His only weakness is the lovely Lady, the Lord’s daughter… They both had the most brilliant plan of staging her kidnapping and them both running away before Lady was wed to the Duke… but they didn’t plan on the Captain’s crew botching the whole thing and kidnapping the wrong women, Duke’s sister the Duchess! Now Captain are on the run from a band of Duke’s men that want the Duchess returned, as well as trying to get back to Lady who is soon to be wed to the Duke!

On the ship of the Sea Raven, Duchess pretty much annoys the living daylights out of everyone. Unfortunately, they can’t take her back because the Lord has ordered an entire navel fleet after the Sea Raven. To go back means suicide! To top it all off, the Sea Raven’s most notorious rival The EVILPIRATES is also chasing the crew for vengeful purposes.

Meanwhile, after a botched kidnapping, Delilah Red and BLARGH(one of the male members of the crew) are stuck as a captives of Duke. (Those stupid lackeys took off with the wrong woman and left them behind!) Duke has decided to captain a ship and save his sister Duchess from blood thirsty pirates, while Lady stows away disguised as a cabin boy to keep tabs and protect her love!

CHARACTERS: Official Storyline Cast

Captain of Sea Raven – The pirate captain of ship Sea Raven. A smuggler and thief in love with Lady!

Marcus Red – Owner of the Sea Raven. Delilah Red’s uncle.

Delilah Red – First Mate, Captain’s best friend and fellow pirate.

Lady – Engaged to Duke and in love with Captain!

Duchess – Sister to Duke that got kidnapped by accident!

Duke – Fiancee to Lady, who is seeking out his stolen sister!

Settings: Magical Fantasy Settings: Otherworld

Return of the Kings

Genre: Fantasy
Location: Sieravane

The land of Sieravane has been thrown in to chaos upon the death of their heirless King. Without a blood-heir king, there is none that can control the Powers and keep the wall of protection around the lands. Without the Wall, all of the evil creatures from the other side are seeping through the cracks, plaguing the nation.

Legend says that all of the Great Kings are reborn again in the Otherworlds. With this in mind, members in the Chamber of Mages have decided to summon the souls of several Great Kings in hopes that one of them will take the Sieravane throne and bring order back to the country.

Before the entire world is consumed.


Sieravane is [was] a thriving country

Settings: Magical Fantasy Settings: Post Apocalyptic


Genre: Supernatural Horror/Thriller Multi Genre
Location: Rhydall

It started with the ravens and crows. Landing on roof tops, in the trees. They weren’t… normal. Their feathers would shift. Eyes would follow. More flew in.

They were the first sign of the beginnings of the end.

Soon it was the resurrection. Up from the grave, the ground, the earth… they rose. The long dead, the recently deceased. Some called them zombies, others called them ghosts. Demons. Wraiths. No matter the name, they had risen sending our civilization in to dark ages. Is this what ancient religions and prophecies predicted? The apocalypse?

The Undead have risen, sending society in to a new era of fear and death! People must avoid being devoured, killed, maimed by these things while still carrying out their normal lives. No one knows how or why they have risen. For the past 20+ years it has simply been a part of life. You begin in the town of Baronhall. Be you a villager or a stranger, Baronhall has managed to deal with the undead for years to lead semi-normal lives. A wall was built around the village to keep it safe, but still no one goes outside at night. You never know when and where one of the undead might be risen.

Yet, Baronhall is not without it’s problems. A gang of bandits are trying to terrorize the town. They’ve been pillaging the farms and homes outside the town walls. The sheriff has recently died, leaving no one in charge of protecting the town.

Settings: Magical Fantasy

Quest for Drymera

Genre: Fantasy
Location: Calliad
Timeline: 1 year after the end of the war.

The war between Calliad and Isova has finally ended after eleven years of strife between both countries. A truce had been called, treaties signed, and warriors allowed to return home to their families.

Yet, not all soldiers return home alive. Such as in the case of Lady Aubrielle’s dear men. Her father died early in the war and now she has been brought the bones of her brother. The only other heir besides herself. Unfortunately, what did not return home was Drymera, a sword which has been a family heirloom for centuries. It had never left family hands until now. The Lady Aubrielle cannot let the family legacy be lost after she has lost so much already. With the war over, she has hired a search party to send on a quest to find Drymera and bring it back home.

Settings: Magical Fantasy Settings: Modern Fantasy Settings: Otherworld

The Pursuit of Prophecy

Genre: Otherworld Fantasy meets Modern Earth

Sylvia DuBlanc is a witch in the land of ____. There’s a prophecy/premonition about a great evil in another land that is going to gain an ultimate power to conquer and destroy worlds. Deciding this needs to be stopped before it becomes an issue, Sylvia uses magic to transport her to this other land. …The other land being Modern Day Earth. In awe and confused by this “strange land” Sylvia gets herself in to trouble and inevitably meets _____ who thinks she’s insane.

Settings: Magical Fantasy Settings: Modern Fantasy

The Problem with Consequences

Genre: Modern Fantasy
Location: Fantasy World in Modern Times
Timeline: Present

In the beginning there were the Gods. And like most Gods, they all have their one special thing they reign over. There are gods of nature, gods of sunlight, gods of water, gods of dancing, gods of wine, if it exists, there may very well be a god for it. In the world’s few eons, the gods played on the lands in person, but over time the humans that lived there believed less and less in the gods. So, they retreated once again to the Heavens.

Present date in Elgasia, it is modern times. There’s many different religions, some celebrating the old gods and some not. No one believes in magic or old races. Even so, the Gods feel it’s their duty to continue doing what they do and caring for the world they created. ..And the gods are growing weary of some of the younger generation deities that don’t seem to understand the importance of their work.

Celia Vera, the Goddess of Justice is a spoiled little thing. She sits on her cloud flittering around and doing nothing all day, while the modern world twirls on without her. During a council meeting, the Gods of War and Chaos convinced the other Gods that she needed to be taught a lesson. Send her to the mortal world without her full power until she learns her purpose.

Of course, the Gods of War and Chaos are hoping she doesn’t survive the trip. Without Justice there is no consequences… and without consequences, which gods rule over the mortal plane? They do.

So when the spoiled Goddess of Justice meets some very confused humans… it’s a tricky problem!

Settings: Magical Fantasy

The Other Side of Time

Genre: Fantasy Ninja

Aratamete is a grand kingdom. Known all across the world for it’s vibrant and colorful culture. Their artwork inspires, their music delights. The kingdom has flourished under the rule of a noble royal family. For hundreds of years, Aratamete has reigned as the most powerful kingdom, backed by it’s school of trained Ninja. People from every country have sent their warriors to Aratamete so that they may come back trained in the fighting arts.

Yet, something has changed. One day Aratamete was not the grandest kingdom of the world. It’s noble line had been dead for centuries. There was no school of Ninja. No beautiful culture. The kingdom was dead and as a consequence the entire world was in shambles.

Only a small few know what happened. They seem to be the only ones in the world who remember how things were [i]supposed[/i] to be. Using Ancient Magic, they must go backwards in time. To the point where things were altered and fix what was broken. …and they only have a small window of opportunity before this reality becomes the ONLY reality!

[size=4][color=orangered]THE JOURNEY[/color][/size]
5 people with memories of what the world SHOULD be like have now traveled 500 years in to the past. They know that something happened during that period which changed the real history of Aratamete and the world. For now, both realities exist. If they fix what was altered, they can return Aratemete back to what it is meant to be. If they don’t… they will be stuck. Their reality will be gone and the future will be dismal.

The group have arrived during Aratamete’s first Dynasty. The first of nobles kings is a young teenager having just inherited his reign. In his father’s honor he has erected a school for training Ninja Warriors. He will soon meet his future wife, his adviser and others that would help shape Aratamete in to the grand kingdom it will be. The group MUST make sure all of these events happen as they should!

I have a small list of positions that must be filled! Note that people native to Aratamete must reflect Asian culture as it is an Asian style country. However, characters can also be from other countries. The claimable positions are first-bio, first serve. So you can claim a spot, but if someone else posts a bio first you’re out of luck. :D Finish those bios quickly. Once the 5 time traveler spots are filled, all new characters must be from the current time. [i]I’m closing the applications at [u]15 characters[/u]!


[color=coral][b]Time Traveler 1:[/b][/color]
[color=coral][b]Time Traveler 2:[/b][/color]
[color=coral][b]Time Traveler 3:[/b][/color]
[color=coral][b]Time Traveler 4:[/b][/color]
[color=coral][b]Time Traveler 5:[/b][/color]
[color=coral][b]The Teenage King:[/b][/color] (King must be between the ages of 15 and 19!)
[color=coral][b]The King’s Potential Waifus:[/b][/color] (More than one person could play a potential wife, but it’s up to the King’s player on which they choose. XD )
[color=coral][b]Everyone Else:[/b][/color] New trainee warriors in the Ninja School. Castle nobles, staff, etc that are around the king. Or any of characters you can think up. :D

[b][u]BIO TEMPLATE[/u][/b]

[noparse][b]Character Name:[/b]
[b]General Appearance:[/b]
[b]Current Goal/Purpose:[/b]
[b]General Personality:[/b]
[b]General History:[/b] [/noparse]

[size=4][color=orangered]THE CAST LIST[/color][/size]

[color=coral][b]The King’s Mother:[/b][/color] Married to the previous King in an arranged marriage to join two countries, she is the current acting ruler until her son comes of age. She is protective of her son and all kinds of meddlesome in his life!

Settings: Magical Fantasy Settings: Otherworld

Nocturne Reverie

Genre: Otherworld Fantasy
Location: Kozas


___ visits family/friends at an Antarctica scientist laboratory. An experiment goes wrong, destroying and flash freezing everyone on base. ___ considered herself a dead, or least going to die, being encased in ice unable to move. Slowly she seems to gain motion, when suddenly, something slams against the ice and she goes tumbling down an icy slope. The base is gone, she’s outside in the elements on what seems like a snow covered mountain. Fighting nearby is one shabby looking pirate and a very strange looking person-creature.

Shabby pirate defeats his enemy, and then approaches her to grant his wish. (Calling her goddess.) ___ says she’s no goddess. Shabby pirate snorts, looking disappointed, but shrugs it off saying the crew was going to be disappointed! He says he’ll just put her back where he found her (with some protest) but Creature-person isn’t dead! Shabby Pirate and ____ end up falling/sliding down a huge slope to escape, landing in a net on board the Pirate ship.

Breakdown: __ is in a new world, where “the one in the ice”, was rumored to be a goddess of the old world. Of course, she isn’t, but now she’s in this place and has no idea how she’s going to get back to earth. Or even if anyone else from the base also ended up in this place. She ends up with pirates that are looking for the ultimate treasure & world renowned fame by finding a way to return the sun.


Welcome to Kozas, where night has become eternal. The moon and stars being the only light that shines in the skies. A world that is blanketed in snow, ice, and tundra. The oceans are so large that most spend their life on or near the sea. Island nations scattered around the world. 500 years ago, there was once sun. Green lush lands, and warmth. Legend says the sun fell from the sky and was extinguished by the sea. That somewhere at the bottom of the ocean it still lies, waiting for the day someone will find it and return it to the sky.

Settings: Historical Settings: Magical Fantasy Settings: Otherworld

New Amsterdam

Genre: Steam Punk/Alternative Universe
Rating: PG-13?
Location: New Amsterdam in the Kingdom of Nova Belgica

It’s just another dreary commute for the many strangers on the train in New York City. Another gray filled day, be it the buildings, the skies or the hearts of the riders. All that changes though as the train goes through one of the worse maintained and blackest of tunnels in the cities rail system, and on the other side is not the world they know.

Welcome to New Amsterdam, a thriving city, full of culture, history, and trade. It is a place where people from all over the world travel to and live in. A city of beautiful buildings, and technology run by for the most part steam. To the outsiders the dress is not dissimilar to what they have seen on TV (something no one in New Amsterdam has heard of) of Victorian period.

Now the lost travelers must find a way home, but with few able to believe they came from another world and almost no one having an idea how such a thing took place, it might be impossible to do so.

People of note:
Queen Olga III – Just a short three years prior, her brother the King died. Being that he was without heir this young by head strong woman has taken the thrown and tries to lead her people forward in this wondrous age.

Lady Petunia – Wife of the late King, who felt secure in being queen of Nova Belgica and finds that now being upstaged by her sister-in-law to be most annoying.

The Archbishop of the Mongoose – One of leaders of the Church in Nova Belgica. A soft spoken man of much charisma, what does he know about the New Yorkers, or is he working on assumptions and fear?


You play a perfectly normal person. (Or maybe not so normal. XD) You’re on the subway train to go to work, home, somewhere… BUT WHAT THE FUCK, THIS ISN’T OUR STOP?! The train arrives in New Amsterdam which seems to be an alternate reality earth, where everything is much much different!

As a whole we’re kind of “winging it” but if you have ANY questions about what New Amsterdam is like, ask them here!

Settings: Magical Fantasy Settings: Modern Fantasy


Genre: Modern Fantasy World
Location: Greyshin
Timeline: Present Date

Greyshin is a modern world of skyscrapers, global business, world trade, advanced technology. TV and Movie stars are over payed, no one is fond of their country’s leaders but vote for them anyway, and prices for fuel are way too high. The world could be considered just like Earth. Only… Greyshin isn’t dominated by normal humans. Greyshin is a world ruled by wizards, sorcerers, witches, and sentient beings. In fact, if you’re a normal human – without magical skill or special abilities. Well, you just shouldn’t exist.

“Nethers” or “Lowlings” as they’re commonly called, are humans born without talent. They’re considered defective, tainted. If you’re born a Nether child and weren’t lucky enough to be “disposed” of right away, you can expect to live a life of strife, hate, and danger. Nethers are outcast by society, used as slaves or servants, some even hunted down for sport in less civilized countries. Heaven forbid that a Nether is discovered living amongst the Gifted and faking a talent. They will find merciless imprisonment or a death sentence.

There are activists on both sides of the Nether fence. Many people believed that the Nethers need to be wiped out, simply because they are a lower species and quite worthless. Some groups support Nether preservation, stating all living creatures have the right to an enriched and fulfilling life, regardless of their station. Others are demanding equal treatment for Nethers, after all they are humans too! What ever side you are on, expect quite a bit of debating!

There’s a rumor that there’s a secret group of Nethers forming an alliance to bring down the systems of the magical peoples. Freedom Fighters, crazy Terrorists… it’s not quite sure what their agenda is!

Settings: Magical Fantasy


Good doesn’t always win. Sometimes, evil gets the upper hand. Myridian was once a lush and prosperous land filled with joy and laughter, but in the final battles against Lord Xendor good failed. The staff of Myridian taken, the Savior captured, and the parties of heroes slain. Lord Xendor used his power gained from taking the sacred staff to become king of the world, making the Savior his queen and all of Myridian his slaves. For five long years Xendor has corrupted the world in to his sick image.

Until he suddenly died. Leading a life of decadence ultimately lead to Xendor’s doom as he died suddenly in his dark palace. Now the Savior has been named queen of Myridian by the minions of the castle. She must now unite and revive the world!

But, where one evil dies another is born. Myridian may not be safe just yet…

Brief History

Lord Xendor was a half demon/human that has been seeking revenge on the people of Myridian. He created legions of monsters for his army, a dark citadel, and made it his life’s work to control the world. He finally succeeded in his plans when he successfully beat the party formed by the Rukian Order to the Staff of Myridian. Using the staff, he absorbed the power of the Savior then mowed down the last remaining aligned forces that were against him. To bind the Savior’s power to him permanently, he married her. For five years he has been laying waste to the lands of Myridian, seeking out members of the Rukian Order to slay, and basking in the glory of his success. His death game suddenly, and as a great shock to all – right in the middle of one of his famed public executions. He just dropped dead. His minions deemed the Savior as the heir and true Queen after his death. She now has the staff of Myridian and her power returned.

Many see the Queen’s succession as the prophesied rescue of Myridian – others believe the Queen is corrupted by years of matrimony to Lord Xendor. The Queen herself is lost at what to do, but knows that the most important thing is to unite Myridian before another evil tries to take control.

Settings: Magical Fantasy Settings: Otherworld

Moonlight Shadow

Genre: High Fantasy
Rating: PG13
Location: Otherworld

Aurora Borae is the writer of a famous fantasy series called Moonlight Shadow but recently is seems her luck as taken a turn for the worse. She seems to be having all sorts of accidents, but even her own friends don’t believe her! Her Editor finally convinces Rori to take a vacation while she plots for the next saga of her series… While working, Rori falls asleep at her desk, only to wake up and find her home in flames! As she tries to escape, the floor falls from beneath her and she tumbles down in to a strange pool of water before she looses consciousness…

As she awakes, Rori finds herself trapped in the very story book world she created and everyone seems to think she is their goddess! Somehow she has to wake herself up from this strange dream, before she ends up being killed or worse… trapped forever in her own book!


Aurora (Rori) Borae: Rori Borae is a popular author of a long running fantasy series called Moonlight Shadow. She has just begun the planning for her 7th book when strange accidents start happening all around her. Car brakes failing, shelves tumbling over, accidents that always had to happen when no one else was around. Her editor insisting it was a part of her imagination, sent her home for a vacation away from work. Home all to herself, Rori sits down to draw an outline of the latest Shadow saga, only to fall asleep at her desk. As she wakes, she finds herself surrounded by flames… and then in another world? [DIANA]

Talin Darlandon: Talin was your typical adventurer, getting in to trouble and chasing quests from a young boy to a man. He was strong, capable, witty, and always filled with a wanderlust that never seemed to dissipate as he grew older. His life has been a never ending legend of great adventures… after all, he was the main character in a story he knew nothing about! When his own father was killed at the hands of Aonghus Aerleas over a struggle of the lordship, Talin was forced to grow out of his wandering ways and assume leadership of his clan. It took two years, but Talin earned the respect of his clan and led them into a battle against the Aerleas clan to avenge his father and return the lordship to someone more deserving. He was surprised and humbled when he was given the lordship over Ordhagan, but graciously accepted the burden. Talin eventually married, and had two boys that were the pride of his life. He raised his family well, and Ordhagan flourished under his lordship… Until he mysteriously vanished. [NPC]

Ronan Darlandon: Lord of Ordhagan. Ronan is very much the young rouge from a child to even now. He has earned the respect of his clan with the combination of good naturedness and being battle savvy. No one can remember a bet or a battle lost by Ronan, and if they did, they likly wouldn’t tell! Stories of Ronan’s misadventures like to be passed around and embellished on each time they’re told, much like his father. Ronan also has incredible luck, and has been deemed blessed by the goddess. He has escaped death on numerous occasions, and is joked to have more lives than a cat. He’s a trickster most of the time, preferring an easy nature over seriousness. Though when forced he will put aside his pleasures for the good of his clan.

Ryven Darlandon: Younger yet more mature brother of Ronan, Ryven has made a name for himself in his own right. Since his years as a boy and lurking around the laboratories of Merioc, Ryven dreamed of wizardry. Becoming Merioc’s student, the pair have been on their own mess of adventures in Ryvan’s schooling of the magical arts. Unlike his brother, Ryven is slightly more serious nature. He is focused on his studies, though is willing to bend on occasion and escape for a romp or two. Ryven’s magical skills have become quite impressive and advanced for his age… though it seems the only time he botches his spells is when a women is involved. For this he catches alot of slack from Nova, Merioc’s grand daughter, who has studied along side him since they were children. When Nova is around, you can bet Ryven is not in the best of moods.

Demerick: A very powerful priest who has gained so much power/knowledge he has learned the “truth” behind their goddess. Hoping to take the kingdom for himself and revenge on the Darlandon family, he has tried to destroy the goddess in her own world. But when she somehow appears in Ordhagan he must quickly adjust his plans. He is, in secret, the son of Aonghus Aerleas who tried to take the lordship from Talin’s father and died by Talin’s hands. Demerick is smooth and has great talent in bending the truth and people’s will to his own.

Faolan: When Ronan and Ryven were playing out in the forest as children, they stumbled over a large silver-furred wolf caught in one of the village hunter’s traps. The boys worked hard to free the wolf and bandage his broken leg… and were quite surprised when he spoke his gratitude! As a gift of thanks for their kindness, the wolf granted Ronan his first born pup as a companion and guardian. Taking the pup home and dubbing him Faolan, the boys kept his true identity as a were secret and simply passed him off as a lost stray they found in the forest. Faolan has grown with the boys and has become a cherished part of the family, his personality and knack for getting out of trouble being just as slick as Ronan’s. He has a cunning wit, and is slightly mischievous often to the chagrin of anyone nearby. He is often called “that pesky pup” or “bothersome wolf” by the locals.

Merioc: Old elven wizard.

Nova: The brazen half-elf grand daughter of the infamous Merioc. Nova grew up with her parents in an elven village tucked away in the Floarea Wood, not far from the Ordhagan villages. Nova herself was a wee tomboy, preferring to hang out with the males of her village trying to dual with a variety of weapons, or simply annoying the mystics to learn spells or illusions. Her parents, thinking that something must be done with their girl before she caused any more upsets in the village, sent her off to be schooled under the charge of her grand father. Since then, Nova’s talents for weaponry and magic has only increased, along with her ability to get on the nerves of Ryven in particular. More amazing still, she seems to have a natural knack for dressing and acting like a real lady when it suits her purposes, often to the surprise of everyone that seems to know her.


Moonlight Shadow: The fantasy series by Rori Borae. It is a story of a high fantasy world of magic and mystics. It begins with the life of Talin and his adventures, and carries on to the life of his son Ronan. There has been six books, from Talin’s life as a boy, him becoming Lord of Ordhagan, meeting his wife, the birth of his sons, his disappearance and then Ronan becoming Lord. Rori had just sat down to plan the seventh book before things suddenly took a strange shift…

Urora: Goddess of the Moon, Sky and Night, or simply the Moonlight Goddess. The patron goddess of Ordhagan. In fun, Rori modeled the goddess after herself. After all, she did create the world! This is something she may soon come to regret. As it seems everyone in the land of Ordhagan believes she is their Goddess.


Ordhagan: A large and fertile land of forests, mountains, and majestic creatures. It is surrounded by the Infiniti Seas. This continent doesn’t have kingdoms so much as viking-like clans and large families that own the lands. When a leader’s time ends, all of the families come together to vote for the next Lord. A Lord remains in power until he is either to old to lead, or meets his death. There was recently (in the past 20-50 years) a vicious battle between the Darlandon clan and the Aerleas clan over who would make the more appropriate Lord. Darlandon won out in the end, the leader Aonghus Aerleas killed in battle. Since then, it’s been the men of Darlandon that have been named Lord.

Settings: Magical Fantasy Settings: Modern Fantasy Settings: Otherworld Settings: SciFi

Last Projection

Genre: “Any” Genre Supernatural

_____ is a witch/wizard/etc, having control of many magical powers. But when they have something another seeks, they found themselves the object of assassination. The “body” was tossed somewhere, but.. surprise! They aren’t quite dead yet! Using the last of their strength, the person astral projects their spirit elsewhere to find someone to help retrieve their body and save their life before it’s too late.

Settings: Magical Fantasy

The King’s Damoiselle

Genre: Fantasy

The King has come of age where he MUST marry. He has delayed it long enough that his dearest Mother has prepared for him a Princess Parade. Eligible Princesses and Ladies from all across the lands have gathered to be presented in this pageant of beauty.

But, at the end of the parade before the King can announce his choice, someone swoops in and kidnaps his sister, the Princess! Festivities are halted, as a group of rescuers gather to reclaim their stolen princess.

Though a few are lost, they reach the princess and she is rescue in record time. However, getting back HOME seems to be almost impossible! One problem and strange rescue after another!

Settings: Magical Fantasy Settings: Space Saga

Key of Twilight

Genre: Scifi Fantasy
Rating: PG13
Location: Arviell

Callista and Celeste were the twin stars of the new world. The shining lights born under the light and dark moons out of hope for a peaceful era. But Fate as we know it is a cruel and chaotic mistress… On the Fifth year in the house of Gemini a tragic death fell on the king, one that some would even call murder. Not long after the queen died of heartbreak and fearing that the Twin Stars would be doomed to the same fate, they were separated and hidden…

It is the 20th year in the house of Gemini and the Moon of Light and the Moon of Dark have both once again shown together in the skies. The daughters of the Gemini house are soon to return, but both bare dark secrets and scars of the past. The new era can not be born without the sister stars and the Key of Twilight remains a mystery.


Arviell: Home planet of the Twin Stars.

Taranog: Worst planet in the system. “Filled with bastards, pirates, whores, scumbags, mercenaries, cutthroats, senseless violence, slavers, murder, thieving, and inappropriate alien sex!”

Settings: Magical Fantasy Settings: SciFi


Genre: SciFi Fantasy

The ‘Hourglass’ is this huge hourglass shaped building on a desert world, legend to pass through the sands of creation. You take the dust that drops on to it’s floor and can create new life.

Someone has recently discovered and taken over this world. Using the sands to create their perfect lover and keeping the ‘defects’ as a personal army of thugs. The woman has now started her own sort of mafia and making life in the galaxy a real pain in the ass.

Settings: Magical Fantasy

The King’s Surrogate

A gay king must father an heir, thus he is trying to choose the right woman to have his child. At the same time, he does not want to live out his life alone, thus he also wants to marry a nice man!

Settings: Historical Settings: Magical Fantasy

Feudal Gothic; The Blood Moon Saga

Genre: Supernatural Feudal Era Japan
Location: Aotakigawa (Blue Rapids), Japan
Timeline: Edo Period

The city of Aotakigawa (Blue Rapids) during the Tokugawa (Edo) period. Far from the influence of Kyoto, the Daimyo and his people live a relatively peaceful life, if one could ignore the fact that the kami seem to still be very much involved in the lands surrounding this city. What secrets is hiding in the daimyo’s castle? Who is hiding their true being? Friends and enemies hiding in plain sight.

There has been a murder in the Daimyo’s castle, and the mystery is unsolved. The body was found dead, with no blood and no wounds. Since the murder many odd things have been happening in the village. Kami and demons that have remained docile for ages are suddenly stirring up trouble. Characters must deal with these restless spirits in between dealing with their own problems and agendas!

You will be able to have supernatural elements if you desire. We are not going to be strictly historical accurate. This game will be a lot like the Inuyasha or Rurouni Kenshin anime series, (Inuyasha especially) so if you keep those in mind, you should be fine! Check out the wiki about the Edo Period is good if you really want to do research.

Settings: Magical Fantasy Settings: Otherworld

Faerie Tale

Genre: Fantasy

A guy faerie was going to marry his love but she disappeared. he thinks she broke his heart and left him. In reality, a human tricked her in to marrying him and now she’s stuck in the mortal world.

Years later, dude faerie is tired of all the same-old stuff of the faerie world. He decides to take human form and travel the mortal world.

Settings: Magical Fantasy

Dragon of Jhorundir

Genre: Fantasy
Location: ???

It’s time for the village to feed the dragon a sacrifice so it doesn’t destroy them all. They decided it will have to be the local witch, which all of them despise for one reason or another. They show up at the witch’s place, where she promptly threatens to turn them all in to frogs and newts if they dare to touch her. The villages insist they have to feed the dragon SOME one or they’ll all be doomed. The Witch volunteers her daughter Lydia (who is utterly shocked at her owns mother’s ease to volunteer her). She calls her mother a heartless old viper and the witch confesses that Lydia wasn’t her real daughter anyway. She can get a new one. The villagers take Lydia away and chuck her down a deep hole in to the dragon’s lair.

In the lair, Lydia has an interesting conversation with the dragon. He confesses that he’s not the dragon that demands sacrifices, in fact he hates the taste of human. Lydia says she’ll just leave, then, but he says he IS mighty hungry and might just eat her anyway. Lydia and the dragon strike a bargain. He promises he won’t eat her, if she becomes his personal servant. She asks, what would stop him from eating her anyway since he could be keeping her around to fatten her up for later. Dragon chuckles, mentioning she was brighter than the last person to get chucked down there by mistake. He lowers his head and flicks a tongue at her shoulder. There’s a tingling sensation and when she looks, there is now a dragon shaped birthmark. It’s a representation of his honor bound word. As long as she is loyal to him, he will be loyal to her.

Lydia is with the dragon for two years, and in this time she asks what happened to the last person to get tossed in his lair. Dragon says THAT person he made a King some hundred years ago. Lydia thinks he’s over exaggerating or telling her some tall tales. He liked to tell stories, and that one wouldn’t be any different. One evening, the Dragon had eaten way too much and decided to stretch out by a large pond. A dragon slayer pops up, intending to kill the dragon! Before he can strike, Lydia gets in the way and tries to lecture him off. When that doesn’t work, they have a near bloody fight over it… Until the dragon finally slaps his tail down in between them. He says “How dare you attack my Queen.” Lydia complains at the dragon, wondering what he’s getting at. He replies with, “There’s no sense in hiding it, this man is not worth the effort.” The Dragon tells the slayer that Lydia is the Queen of the Mystical World. The slayer is in disbelief, but she is there with a dragon, and the dragon sounds convincing. He gives a half assed apology, then explains he is there to slay a dragon that has been trying to lay siege to the kingdom. The Dragon suggests that he and Lydia return back with the slayer to his kingdom, and that they could be of some help. Before Lydia can protest, the dragon is already off fetching her things.

Lydia and the Slayer have a curt and unfriendly discussing. He asking if she’s really a Queen, since she’s not dressed like one. And she mentioning that it wouldn’t be practical for a Queen to be out in the forest wearing silky robes and fancy jewels anyhow. They conversation is cut short when they are suddenly attacked by strange creatures (a cross between a troll and dragon). The Slayer fights them off, but Lydia is kidnapped when her shirt is ripped and they see the dragon mark on her shoulder. The dragon returns to find her gone, and states they need to go fetch her immediately.

Lydia is taken and dropped off with another dragon. He looks very dark and unfriendly compared to her own dragon. He blows noxious smoke down at her, commenting “So this is the one he has chosen… disgusting.” Lydia asks what his purpose is, but he doesn’t bother to explain, he’s only puffing up more smoke to breath down at her and looks about ready to eat her. The Good dragon arrives with the slayer and has an interesting conversation with the Bad Dragon. The Bad Dragon complains about his “brother’s” choice. The Good Dragon comments that his brother would not have been chosen anyway, so what does it matter? The Slayer has acquired Lydia, so the Good Dragon leaves with the humans before much else can be said.

They arrive to the castle of the kingdom, and they find out the Slayer is actually the current King, descended from the King of the Dragon’s story.

Settings: Magical Fantasy

The Deliverance of Albeon

Genre: Fantasy
Location: Albeon

The Albeon royal family was killed during an invasion, except for one child that was spirited away by the royal secret service. They grew up with a were clan, not knowing their role in the world. Meanwhile Albeon has suffered under the rule of the invading kingdom, and the wereclan/secret service are working on a plan to return the true royal family back to the throne.

Settings: Fairy Tale Settings: Magical Fantasy

Cursed Ever After

Genre: Fantasy/Fairy Tale
Location: The Land of Novaria

Welcome to Novaria the land of myth and legend. Where Fairy Tales are as real as they can get! Dashing Princes rescue fair troubled maidens, wicked witches cast their curses, days are saved and everyone lives Happily Ever After.

Except… the truth is, everyone doesn’t live Happily Ever After. What of those poor souls that found out their true love wasn’t true at all? The cursed that remained cursed after their love failed to defeat a sorcerer? When love and marriage at first sight doesn’t turn out quite as planned? What becomes of those that didn’t get to be the star of the story?

Everyone has a story. So what becomes of a mismatched group of secondary characters find themselves in an entirely new story?

Plot Breakdown: The idea is to play a character that didn’t get their Happy-Ever-After for some reason or another. You could be inspired from classic fairy tales or even create a plot of your own!

Example from Real Fairy Tale: A girl who was one of many girls kidnapped by a jealous witch and turned in to a bird, but wasn’t the lucky girl rescued by her love. (The Jorinde & Joringel story!) The witch was killed and all those girls get to go home to find life different!

Example Original: A prince fell in love with a sorcerer’s daughter and they were going to run away together. The Sorcerer found out and cursed him with never being able to sleep. And tough luck for him, the daughter ended up running off with another man. So he’s cursed AND doesn’t get the girl!

Those are just examples, of course!

The Character Bio

This is just a basic character bio. You can any any extra things to it as you feel you need! The Sample Scene isn’t so much a writing sample, as an opportunity to showcase an important event or quirk about your character. It can be an important event in their life, that day before you begin in the rpg, or just some random scene to show off something special/amusing about the character. You’ll see an example in my character bio.


[b]Character Name:[/b]
[b]Gender:[/b] (male/female/both)
[b]Job/Role:[/b] (bard/prince/mercenary/ect)
[b]General Appearance:[/b]
[b]Driving Plot:[/b] (The plot/purpose behind your character… IE: “Someone from their past is trying to kill them.” or “They are looking for a lost fortune.”)
[b]General Personality:[/b]
[b]General History:[/b]


Easy peasy. You can play any sort of character you can dream up as long as it makes sense for this plot. So it’d be a bad idea to play an alien from Mars or a alcoholic cop from Chicago. That wouldn’t make sense. I am flexible like the willow tree – if you have a question or idea you’re not sure about, just ask! The usual Iwaku rules. God Modding is bad, abusing players is bad, Not posting is bad. I don’t require novelesque posting. As long as you use punctuation and capital letters I’m happy. Post regularly. If you can’t post everyday that’s alright, we all have lives and stuff to do… But try to post as often as you can! Otherwise you’re leaving everyone hanging and then it’s no fun!

I am going to be using an experimental method. Meaning: I’m going to take character bios and put characters in groups of 2 but no more than 4 in separate roleplay threads. Players in charge of building up the story in their own threads as MiniGMs. I’ll type up a “plot summary” based on the history of the characters in the thread when I start your topic for you, so you get a good hint on which direction to take it. From there it is up to you! When you get stuck, (either a lack of direction, or a missing partner), request for help here in the OOC topic and I’ll do a Narrator post or throw in an NPC to help get you back on track!

Step One: If you haven’t, fill out the [url=]Player’s Bio[/url]. I’m not familiar with everyone’s playing styles and preferences yet, so it’ll help me LOTS in [hopefully] matching you with other players you’ll have good chemistry with.

Step Two: Take the Bio Template and create your character. Post it here in this thread!

Step Three: After a week (or when there’s enough characters) I’ll start matching up playing partners and begin your threads for you. Your starting plot is going to be based directly on YOUR character history. So make sure you added all the details in your bio!

Step Four: Play! Post! Enjoy! Request help when you need it. It’s YOUR thread and YOUR plots! Have fun with it!

Settings: Magical Fantasy Settings: Modern Fantasy Settings: Otherworld


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A school/summer field trip takes a bunch of students (ranging from elementary to high school) to a series of Caves for camping and learning. A group explodes one of the caves, there is a cave-in, and somehow they are transported to the Ice Kingdom of Brael.

A school Summer Camp has taken a field trip to the beautiful Cave Sites of Indiana. Here, the guides intend to teach everyone about how caves were formed while Counselors provide fun summer activities! But, while a group was exploring one of the many cave sites – an accident happens! Be earthquake or collapse, the cave swallows them up. Suddenly, they find themselves landing in ice cold snow. …another world! Brael is a land of frost and tundra – The Ice Kingdom. Somehow, the group must find a way home!

A frozen kingdom for centuries, Brael is blanketed in layers of thick fluffy snow. Noticeable features of this land are the huge crystaline forests. Where giant crystals mingle between the trees. Brael is where the world gets it’s beautiful crystals and gemstones, buried deep within the cave sites and mines all over the country. It’s royal family are beloved and the people are happy. However, there are neighboring kingdoms with ideas of taking over Brael for the profits, and the borders of the country are plagued with raiders trying to claim land.

You can play a student grade K-12. A Camp Staff Member. A Cave Site Guide. OR one of the native people of Brael, the Ice Kingdom. Fantasy races and magic are allowed for the people from Brael, all people from Earth are normal humans. If you are playing a Camper/Guide, you only have what you were carrying at the time, and you couldn’t of been carrying any guns, katanas, etc. That’d be silly.

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Settings: Magical Fantasy Settings: Otherworld

Colnaria’s Nexus

[color=yellowgreen][b]Game Masters:[/b][/color] Diana & Ocha
[color=yellowgreen][b]Accepting New Characters:[/b][/color] YES!
[color=yellowgreen][b]Posting Expectations:[/b][/color] Make sure you can post more than once a week! Several times a week is ideal.
[color=yellowgreen][b]Rating:[/b][/color] R for VIOLENCE!
[color=yellowgreen][b]Genre:[/b][/color] Otherworld Magical Fantasy with Animal Races!
[color=yellowgreen][b]Atmosphere/Mood:[/b][/color] Epic Adventure!
[color=yellowgreen][b]Timeline:[/b][/color] Several hundred years after the disappearance of Colnaria’s presence from the world.

[color=yellowgreen][b]Basic Plot:[/b][/color]
The Nexus is a beautiful world. Lush greenery, high mountains, and strong rivers. Created by the goddess Colnaria as her sanctuary. But the native people of Nexus are not human. Colnaria wanted a world away from humans. She created many races of peoples… all covered in fur! Anthropomorphic species that grew and developed their own cultures. In the present date of Nexus, their goddess had not been visible to the world in centuries. The Nexus has grown and flourish despite it. Spreading across the world, forming countries and their own myth and legends.

But Nexus is being invaded. A woman from beyond this world has brought humans in to Nexus. The creatures she wishes to claim as pets while the true prize she is still seeking. …the very thing that powers the Nexus and keeps it alive.

[color=yellowgreen][b][u]CORNARIA FLARE – THE GODDESS[/u][/b][/color]
Colnaria was a brilliant sorceress. During her apprentice years she was able to develop self sustaining spells. Her greatest achievement was the mythis, an orb of pure magical energy. The Mythis she used to create her own sanctuary. A world filled with her creatures and other creations. Time moved in this world at a different pace than her reality, allowing her Nexus to grow, change, and develop over centuries worth of evolutions. One day Colnaria never came back to her Nexus. Thanks to the power of the Mythis, Nexus continues to sustain itself and prosper. It is the core of the world.

[color=yellowgreen][b][u]YOA – THE MISTRESS[/u][/b][/color]
Yoa is a woman who has studied the work of Colnaria. Being a master Sorceress herself, she too dabbled in creations and world design. Yet, her skill never matched Colnaria’s and it showed in the way her spells would be twisted. Yoa has found a way to get to Nexus. She now seeks the Mythis to steal away for her own world, [i]Oasis[/i].

[color=yellowgreen][b][u]THE NEXUS[/u][/b][/color]
Nexus is a flat mass of land essentially “floating” in space. Should you sail to the end of the oceans you will fall clear off the side of the world. It is most lush greenery, forests and jungles. Some plains, a single desert and a mountain range. There are no humans on Nexus. All races of Nexus are anthro or mythical. The anthro races are the natives of the world. Creatures Colnaria created. Races such as Elves, Fae, Drawves, etc somehow found a way in to the Nexus (or were allowed to make home there) and have since built up their civilizations. Humans that are beginning to appear in the world now are agents of Yoa. The cultures on Nexus have flourished and grown. Learning their own methods of magics and more.

[color=coral][b][u]CREATING A CHARACTER![/u][/b][/color]
You can play:
– Any “furry” style race! These are the NATIVES of Nexus and descendants of the original creations.
– Any “mythical” style race. Elves, Fae, Dwarf, wtf. Ancestors of these people somehow migrated or were invited to the Nexus during Colnaria’s time.
– A human that works as one of Yoa’s agents. These are the ONLY kinds of humans you can play!

How you create these characters are totally up to you. :D You can have whatever powers and skills you like, just keep in mind not to get too crazy, super-powered, and so on. If there is a problem, I’ll let you know!

[color=yellow][b]We’re going to begin the roleplay where something BIG has happened at a local city, and characters will want to know what’s going on or try to deal with it![/b][/color]

Settings: Magical Fantasy Settings: Modern Fantasy

Blood Promise

Genre: Modern Fantasy
Rating: R
Location: Earth/Otherworld?

Soumra, The Blood Lands, have been the territory of the Ahalya Clan for hundreds of years. Since Soumra Talutah sacrificed herself in a blood promise to the god Thahn for prosperity of her pack. Naming the lands after The Great Mother for her selfless devotion, the Ahalya clan has since grown to be one of the most powerful were packs on the Cyria continent… Until recently.

The death of Xanthe Talutah, the Clan Lord came swiftly and suddenly, to the shock of the entire clan. His body was found in the center of the village bloodied and crucified. No one knew how he got there and no scent or hint of the murderer could be traced, even by the most skilled of hunters. Talk that the Great Mother’s blood sacrifice had run dry and Thahn’s blessing on Ahalya has run out, has started to spread outside of Soumra and to other clans. Clan Lords of other packs, and even those of other races have eagerly been waiting for the downfall of the Ahalya clan so they can claim the Soumra lands and gain Thahn’s blessing. If Ahalya can’t stop the atrocities against their clan, they might not only loose their land, but their pack as well…


Werewolf: Werewolves are several times stronger than an average human, as well as having heightened senses and abilities. Weres also have the gift of shifting in to a wolf form at will. A younger Were will not be able to hold this form longer than a few hours to a few days. Where as an older were may be able to hold it for longer periods of time.

Settings: Magical Fantasy


Genre: Modern Styled Fantasy?

A prince and princess have been betrothed since forever and have never met. It’s time for the prince to take his fiance home. The Princess’ father tries to do a bunch of things to make the girl unappealing and call of the betrothal but it doesn’t work. On the way taking the princess to the home-country, lots of weird and dangerous things happen. (car accident, giant snowballs, getting lost) Some big bad also wants to stop the marriage. Future children will be great heroes?