Lady Angelica Dowrick

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Character Name: Lady Angelica Dowrick

Gender: Female

Species/Race: Human


Birthplace/World: Ferath, family owned lands part of the King’s Country.

Occupation: Lady Heiress, Royalty


General Appearance: Well groomed and lovely, Angelica is the quintessential lady in both beauty and style. Wavy ebony hair that falls past the shoulders. Bright blue eyes and a face that makes her look a few years younger than her actual age. With a narrow waistline and a moderate bust coupled with a short stature at 5′, but could never be mistaken for a child. She favors deep rich colors and soft lightweight fabrics.

Strengths: When necessary, her voice can carry very well. She’s well versed in fencing.

Weaknesses: She’s a tiny little lady; she might be durable and sturdy but she still lacks physical strength.


Current Goal/Purpose: To get the King married.

Talents: Being charming.

Inabilities: She is a terrible judge of character and often trusts those she shouldn’t.

Fears: Goblins – They are frightening creatures.

General Personality: A true lady– with grit. For all public appearances, Angelica is the perfect picture of a royal lady. She is calm, serene, and confident. Soft spoken and gentle. Angelica is kind and respectful to everyone, regardless of station. …However, she quickly loses her patience for people who are trying to be difficult. She does not appreciate games, vagueness, or secrets. Outside of the public eye she is bold, straight-to-the-point, and surprisingly bossy.


General History: Angelica is the only living heir to the Dowrick bloodline and last to carry it’s name. Generations ago, her ancestor was graced with the title of Knight to the King. Since then her family has lived well and prosperous on their lands, giving their aid and loyalty to the reigning King. When her parents passed far too early from illness, it was a sad day. But Angelica has since taken up the family business and handles the very unique task of overseeing the execution of a very specific, very strange Royal Tradition.

Present Life: These days, Angelica has moved in to the castle to help the King chose his bride. The fate of the entire kingdom’s future rests on a stable marriage. It has to be the right kind of woman for the right kind of reasons. Angelica is hoping a choice will be made as soon as possible so she can return home without worries.

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