Lady Gwenaelle Peony Belenet

23 Years Old

Parents are Lord Norton Belenet and Lady Camille Belenet

Betrothed to Sir Gerald Creswell since she was a small child. He’s a good 15 years older than her and thought she finds him kind… she also feels he’s the most boring man on the planet.

Brunette with red tones, dark green eyes. Many freckles. 5’5″ Favors wearing deep blues, dark purples, and rich greens. During her childhood and teen years she went through quite an awkward “ugly duckling” phase. As a grown adult she has a subtle regal loveliness.

Personality wise she is a busy body that is always trying to keep things organized and running smoothly. As a child, she was a bossy know-it-all trying to tell everyone the right and proper ways to play. It might have been super annoying, but it was also endearing as her main motivation was trying to make sure everyone was having fun and being involved. Now as an adult, this carries on in her need to make sure everyone is taken care of. She mother hens people, meddles in everything, and is always on her feet working on whatever her present goal is. She is a people person that has forgotten how to relax and have fun. Gwen is fearless, has a short temper and is not afraid to get physical if necessary. (Though she would NEVER as manners and showing she is a graceful and in control woman is very important.)

Her years at university were spent learning politics, government, economics, world history, along with fencing, and horse husbandry (her favorite).

She has been back to the castle court for a year now and has thrown herself into the role as King’s Advisor, despite the fact she’s mad he didn’t hire someone more appropriate. Gwen actually quite loves the job and her life at the castle, but doesn’t want to admit it to anyone out loud. She feels she needs to accept her betrothal and future life.

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