Genre: Modern Gothic
Rating: R – All the good stuff, without the porn!
Location: ???
Timeline: Present Date

In the late 1300s A.D. Vampires were once nearly as common as humans… feared by all those that believed and hunted by no one. Pure blooded vampires were the royal lines, commanding respect from all. Pillars of power and the dark arts. Only one was above them all; The Mother – Queen of All Vampires. A dark exotic beauty as old as time, her bite creating the vampire race. But, humans soon grew stronger no longer accepting their fate as cattle to these demons and Hunters were born. By 1412 a new age began with humans as the supreme race, leaving vampires to fade in to the shadows defeated.

Come present date, humans are now the top of the chain, vampires believed to be nothing more than myth and legend. Disguised amongst the clueless mortals, these dark angels walk the night diminished from their former glory. Few true vampires exist as watered down lineages have replaced the old with turned vampires, thanks to hunters that stalk the streets and kill as many as they can. Yet those precious few that still have ties to old lineages wish to reclaim their ancient monarchy and begin a new era where vampires reign over society once again! But, the only way to do this is to seek out The Mother… and she has been missing since the fall of the vampires.

In these modern times most vampires that exist are turned vampires; humans that were turned, or impure vampires; a vampire that has tainted bloodlines because of cross breeding with humans or turned vampires. A pure blooded vampire is extraordinarily rare, as most have since lost their lives to Hunters over the centuries. However, a few still remain and they wish to re-establish their royal lines and return the monarchies. To do this, they must seek out The Mother as she is the only one that can acknowledge them and bring new true vampiric blood to the lineage. There is great opposition here as many of the younger generations do not want to see these ancients in power again – as well as Hunters that would rather see the entire vampire race destroyed!


Pure vampires were “born” from the bite of The Mother, the most ancient of all vampires. She is said to be the spawn of a fallen angel, having both holy and demonic blood and most certainly immortal. Which Fallen this was, whether they were male/female, and who the other parent was is often debated and theorized amongst the vampire race. Her bite is the only one that can turn a human in to a pure blood vampire. During her reign she turned legions; some say she was lonely for affection, while others believe it was merely an unplanned effect of her feedings over the years. Nevertheless, she created a race of creatures that she ruled over as their Queen, seeing humans as nothing more than lowly creatures meant to be feasted upon. During those ages, history was passed down by word of mouth rather than written texts… so later historical scrolls were found to be obscure or simply lacking in their accounts of The Mother. In 1412 after the final war between the vampires and the Hunters that were born of their own blood, The Mother seemed to disappear. None have seen or heard of her whereabouts since then… but the few remaining ancients swear they can still feel her lifeforce throbbing through their veins.

Depending on their birth, vampires will have different strengths and weaknesses. However, there are still some traits that are common in all bloodlines. Vampires are not dead as most would assume; they can still eat, sleep, breathe, function, etc. Vampirism is like a taint (or enhancement!) to the blood “correcting” the DNA. However it is still BLOOD that allows them to survive as their bodies use the healing properties in blood to remain unaged and immortal. It is the drinking of blood that helps them to heal so quickly and keeps them immortal. They will continue to live unaged until they are killed. Depending on the birth of the vampire, they may not need to feed as often but they could literally waste away if starved… It would only take a few hundred years. Crosses, holy water, etc – are all simply myths and have no affect on their health. Sunlight is not usually an issue, however as a general trait they usually prefer the night. Their senses are more in tune during the dark hours. Vampires always being gorgeous seducers is another Hollywood myth, though you’ll find purebloods have more attractive physiques due to natural immunities in their blood. The fangs of a vampire are not grotesquely long but are more pronounced than a normal humans. All vampires have increased strength, some power of mental persuasion, and the ability to tap in to each others mind or in the mind of a weak person. Vampires can not levitate, float or fly unless they are strong enough to shape shift in to a creature that can do these things. They CAN have children! But, most vampires find this unappealing or inconvenient (save for pure bloodlines that wish to keep the lineage pure!) as vampires are solitary by nature.

Created directly from The Mother or born to pure blooded vampires. These are the TRUE vampire race that walked the earth during the early ages of man. They are considered vampiric royalty. During the late 1300s and after most of the ancients were killed due to the increasing birth of vampire Hunters. They were simply egotistical in their immortality. Still, some do exist, though rare and they are yearning for a life where they are once again in charge of their great society.

The only way to kill a pure blood vampire is to remove their head and burn the body. Neglect to remove the head first is only going to give you a very angry vampire! They are the strongest of all the vampire bloodlines, and some have even learned how to channel the dark powers to shape shift in to other forms or cloak their appearance from the eyes of others. Their powers of persuasions are very strong, able to bend the wills of both humans and other vampires save for the very strong-willed.

Vampires born from crossbreeding with turned vampires, tainted bloodlines, or humans. They can be killed by removing their head and burning or by a stake through the heart. Impure vampires are looked down upon almost as badly as Turned Vampires, as they are the products of the greatest sin – breeding with humans. Depending on the lineage they can be nearly as strong as a pure blood or as weak as any Turned.

Impure vampires have many issues against the pure blooded and ancients thanks to the prejudice against them. Those with higher influence wish to stop the ancients from regaining their monarchy… though some want to seek The Mother to purify their blood!

A human turned vampire by a any other vampire that is not the Mother. They can be killed by removing their head and burning, or by a stake through the heart. Turned vampires are seen as nothing more than servants, slaves, or “temporary amusements”. Their strength is only slightly more than that of the average human, with only moderate gifts with persuasion.

Most turned vampires really don’t give a damn about the heritage or future of the vampire, as they tend to be very young and have short lifespans due to Hunters.

HUNTERS: (Clan of the Wolf)
Hunters are the genetic response to the vampire race. A resistance to vampiric persuasion, and their blood toxic if ingested by a vampire. (Making them very physically ill.) They have all the abilities of strength and speed, a precious few may even be able to tap in to the dark powers or persuasion. However, they are still mortal and though might have a stronger immune/healing system. Rare is when a Hunter might have a need for blood. This would be a genetic defect. The original hunters often used wolves in their aid of tracking vampires, leading to the legends of werewolves we know today. The Clan of the Wolf is an organized society of hunters that has spent the past several hundred years trying to wipe out the entire vampire line.


— Humans are nothing but food. Any sort of physical or otherwise connection with humans beyond using them as pawns or dinner is simply disgusting.

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