Genre: Modern Super Hero
Timeline: Present Date

Basic Setup: A modern world where Super Heroes and Super Villains exist, are well known, and may even be common. Whether they are born with special gifts, gain these gifts later, have an accident, or just decide one day to be a hero… A Super Hero’s creed is to defend the innocent and uphold justice! Secret Identities are good to have, as you never know when someone might want to kidnap your family, hold you for ransom, assassinate you, or sue you. There are schools for people needed to learn how to control their powers. Some heroes work for free, others desire payment. Some heroes are real asshats, and some may be the most wonderful people you had ever met. The Hero business these days is competitive, but with all the evil in the world, there’s no such thing as too many heroes!

Options, Options, Options: You do not have to have special powers to be a super hero. But keep in mind that the super hero business can get sort of pricy. Powers come in all shapes and sizes, but don’t be crazy or do anything that wouldn’t make any sense or would ruin the fun for others. Such as being so powerful that you’re unbeatable, unhurtable, and perfect in every way. Even Super heroes have weaknesses! You don’t even have to play a hero. Villains are said to have much more fun… and without normal people to kidnap, there wouldn’t be anything for a hero to do!

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