Manic Mondays

Genre: Social Modern with Optional Supernatural Twist
Location: Kawagoe, Japan
Timeline: Present

The Kanesue Corporation looks like a simple 9 to 5 temp service. The building is one of the tallest in Kawagoe, made of steel and glass. Their slogan; What ever your problem – We have someone that can help! Stepping in to the main lobby, it’s filled with designated areas for clients to wait before they step in to meetings, or be approached by the new Temp they’ve hired.

In reality, Kanesue isn’t just another suit and tie business. When they say what ever your problem – they meant it! From school disasters to haunted garbage disposals, Kanesue Corporation has a Temp for it. Skills of Temps range from students with part time jobs, to college interns, to veteran military. Needless to say, the Corporation has an expect for anything.

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