Mariana Ann Hayes

21 years old. 5’5″ Ginger red hair, hazel green eyes.

Talented animal trainer. Mariana trains horses, hawks, and anything else she can charm.

She is an unassuming and quiet person, despite the woes of the world. All she ever really wanted was a nice little farm to keep animals and live with her family, current and future.

Quite recently there was a nasty shootout in town. Mariana’s only living family – her elder sister and sister’s fiancé – was killed in the crossfire. Mariana now feels lost and alone in the world and the man to blame is still out there wrecking havoc and destroying lives. She’s decided to sell everything she owns to pay off a hunter to find this man and kill him. Otherwise she may never be able to sleep peacefully again.

Made with Artbreeder.

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