Tag: western

  • Mariana Ann Hayes

    21 years old. 5’5″ Ginger red hair, hazel green eyes. Talented animal trainer. Mariana trains horses, hawks, and anything else she can charm. She is an unassuming and quiet person, despite the woes of the world. All she ever really wanted was a nice little farm to keep animals and live with her family, current…

  • Alaina James

    Alaina James

    Owner of a Saloon in a haunted ass Western town.

  • The Hex of Sunset City

    The Hex of Sunset City

    Genre: Supernatural Western Rating: R – All the good stuff, without the porn! Mood: Location: Sunset City – Out West Somewheres! Plot: Sunset City, a dusty little town way out west that can barely be considered hospitable. For years it’s been slowly growing, but small set backs always seem rattle the locals and nasty gossip…

  • The Devil’s Right Hand

    The Devil’s Right Hand

    Gunslingers and mercenaries work for a special organization to take out big-bad problems. …but not always legal or moral. [b]Genre:[/b] Fantasy Western [b]Location:[/b] Denmoria [b]Basic Setting:[/b] A fantasy world with all the fantasy-land type races and magic, but in a western time period. So magic + cowboys! Plot centers around the recent upset within a…

  • Lana Thomas

    Lana Thomas

    An old west thief.