Nicole Leclair


Character Name: Nicole Leclair

Gender: Female

Species/Race: Human

Age: 24

Birthplace/World: Earth

Occupation: College Student with no Major!


General Appearance: Dark brown, curly hair, green/hazel eyes. Average body & height. Favors fashionable clothing.

Strengths: Fencing. She’s not an expert, but she enjoys doing it for the challenge and exercise of it.

Weaknesses: She’s always been really bad about catching colds & flus, and getting rid of them is a real chore. Nicole can’t swim.


Current Goal/Purpose: WHERE THE HELL AM I.

Talents: Quick thinking under pressure! There’s no need to panic! Everything is under control!

Inabilities: Nicole never thought there was something she couldn’t do… until she found herself completely outside of her element. Now it seems like she’s bad at everything.

Fears: Monsters are pretty damned scary. Sea creatures and deep water.

General Personality: Nicole has always been viewed as that slightly sarcastic, witty girl that only jumps in on conversations when she can add something important to the topic, or cut someone down if they’re being stupid. She doesn’t have a lot of patience for people with outrageous extroverted personalities, refuses to let anyone try to bully her (even when it’s a better idea to keep her mouth shut), and chooses to mind her own business – unless her sense of ‘justice’ has been inflamed.

Inner Personality: Taking what life throws at her, Nicole hasn’t spent much time thinking about her own life or even where it was going. Recently she’s found herself without any life goals or desires and has been feeling unsettled. Maybe she had thought of escaping to another world, never expecting something like that to be doable!


General History: Nicole belongs to a well off upper middle class family. One of those average uneventful families where everything is all about living life and growing up according to “the plan”. So, following “the plan” is exactly what Nicole did. Graduated High School and going straight in to college… Except, she has been so concerned with following “the plan” that she went rushing in to school without having any idea about what she’s doing with her life. Nicole has studied all kinds of random subjects, but has yet to pick a major and a future career.

Present Life: Nicole is visiting some of her “already graduated and now working!” friends in Antarctica when something in the labs went horrible wrong! Thinking that she was good and dead… Nicole is surprised to find herself in a whole new world!


‘Antarctica. I didn’t realize there could be a building so big here.’ Nicole walked down the hall of the building marveling at how well constructed they managed to get the place when she was sure it had to be a thousand degrees below zero outside. Well, maybe she exaggerated the temperature a bit. But it was so cold that anyone going outside had to be swaddled head to toe in coats so thick and fluffy that you could barely walk.

She was rather glad to be inside where it wasn’t QUITE as cold. Nicole wore a dark blue sweater and a snug pair of black pants. She had switched the heavy snow boots to a simple pair of sneakers so she could explore in comfort shortly after she settled in. The friends she came to visit – a married couple who graduated two years before her – worked here for some very amazing research. Of course, she wasn’t sure WHAT they researched. They shared the building space with so many other projects, that there was more than a dozen different studies going on.

Nicole was on her way to meet them in the cafeteria when suddenly a loud rumbling shook the hall. The floor seemed to tilt and Nicole found herself stumbling from one side to the other trying to get her balance.


The explosion was so loud, Nicole had to cover her ears. An odd crackling sound followed, rushing up behind her. A wave of what looked like water and ice came crashing at her.

One moment she was screaming and the next… cold. Frozen. She couldn’t move and the chill bit in to her skin. Nicole struggled to move her fingers, her toes. Anything! Moments passed by, eternity followed. It felt like forever and an instant all at the same time.


Finally everything shifted. Nicole felt herself falling before she landed with a ploof in to more frosty coldness. As she looked up, she realized she landed face first in a large mound of snow. Everywhere was snow, except for behind her, which was now an outwardly shattered block of ice nestled in to the side of a mountain top. Everything was so strangle dim her eyes weren’t adjusting.

‘…Did the building explode..?’

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