Genre: SciFi Fantasy
Location: Planet Oz

Dorati Gale and her crew are trying to get her Aunt and Uncle’s ship back home when they get chased by space pirates and sucked through a strange wormhole. The ship crashes on a planet called OZ, where everything is gorgeous and fantastical, but the technology is sparse. Even worse, they landed on a person, ____ of the East.


Dorati Gale: Owner of the Ship and mixed up in some nasty business!
Scarecrow: crew, The navigator
Lion: crew, The Gunner
Tinman: crew, the Mechanic

___ of the East: (Dead)
Gayelette of the North: Country called Gillikin, colors are purple. Lives in a Ruby Palace. Commands winged Monkeys, married to Quelala
Glinda of the South: Quadling Country, color is red. Most powerful, protector of Ozma.
___ of the West:

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