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  • Underland


    Christy handed this nice little plot gem to me for development! >:3 “Underland” is a place where all the dark parts of our imaginations and dreams go. Alice went there, became a little twisted and saw it as her “Wonderland”. She hooked up with a creature/person there and made a babeh she then dubbed Dinah.…

  • Unnamed Scifi Steampunk Cyberpunk

    Unnamed Scifi Steampunk Cyberpunk

    A crazy cross between Mad Hatter and Robin Hood type character. He doesn’t steal from rich to give to the poor, and technically he’s never doing good deeds when he does the things he does. He’s a “bad guy” that inevitably does good things.

  • Twisted Faerie Tale

    Twisted Faerie Tale

    Genre: Fairy Tale – Twisty A young woman finds herself in a car accident and is suddenly in a strange black space of nothing. A weird short little woman appears out of glittery nothing claiming to be her Fairy God Mother and asking the woman what she wishes for. The woman says, what all girls…

  • Three Berhs

    Three Berhs

    Genre: mafia? Location: Goldi Locke is a hired maid to work on the home of the Berh family. Only she discovers all isn’t “just right” at the Berh home, and finds lots of Mafia No-Gooding!

  • The Vengeance

    The Vengeance

    Genre: Fantasy Location: Timeline: Once upon a time there was a beautiful woman – Nalcissa. Especially the most beautiful woman in the entire country, it was no surprise that she became the Prince Wilhem’s betrothed. Yet, come mere months before their wedding, Prince Wilhem met and fell in love with another woman. The engagement was…

  • The Seven

    The Seven

    Genre: SciFi Fantasy Location: Vykendria BASIC PLOT The Seven are an elite secret Imperial Guard for the current Vykendria royal bloodline. They have existed since the very first Oelamir King and are loyal only to blood heirs. The original Seven were chosen from the most skilled & talented warriors of the age by it’s founder,…

  • The Looking Glass

    The Looking Glass

    Genre: Fantasy Location: Anajovica Timeline: BASIC A wonderland is what they called it. A kingdom filled with magic, creativity and prosperity. Of all the kingdoms in the world, Anajovica was a jewel. Their ruler, ___ was nicknamed the King of Hearts for he had love for all of his people. He gave his time and…

  • Snow White and The Dwarves

    Snow White and The Dwarves

    Genre: Modern Location: Timeline: Eira White was a blessing to her parents as the baby they tried for years to have. Yet, when her mother died in childbirth it left her father broken hearted and lonely. While Eira was still a child he re-married. A beautiful younger woman in the modeling business that could bring…

  • Sleeping Beauty

    Sleeping Beauty

    Genre: Modern Fairy Tale Rating: Location: Timeline: Present Day “For your insulting neglect… Before the sun sets on her twentieth year she shall prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel…and DIE.” cursed the evil fairy in a booming laughter before she spirited away. The entire court fell silent. “Never fear sire… our…

  • Shadowstar


    Genre: Sci-Fi Rating: Location: ??? Timeline: Futuristic Erikson Shadowstar was a proud headmaster of his family clan. His shipping and trade business was known in 27 different galaxies. There was not a greater and more happy man than Erikson! He had his choice of ladies, and not being a very faithful man he had born…

  • Prince of Thieves

    Prince of Thieves

    Genre: Fantasy Rating: PG-13 Minimal Cursing. Violence. No Blatant Sexual Scenes. Location: Plot Breakdown: Robin Hood Prince of Thieves. Only, you’re not Robin Hood, you’re someone else! This is an alternate storyline borrowing the essential idea from the Robin Hood Legends. Once a prince, a young man returns home from his escapades for the kingdom…

  • Oz


    Genre: SciFi Fantasy Location: Planet Oz Timeline: Dorati Gale and her crew are trying to get her Aunt and Uncle’s ship back home when they get chased by space pirates and sucked through a strange wormhole. The ship crashes on a planet called OZ, where everything is gorgeous and fantastical, but the technology is sparse.…

  • Cursed Ever After

    Cursed Ever After

    Genre: Fantasy/Fairy Tale Location: The Land of Novaria BASIC PLOT Welcome to Novaria the land of myth and legend. Where Fairy Tales are as real as they can get! Dashing Princes rescue fair troubled maidens, wicked witches cast their curses, days are saved and everyone lives Happily Ever After. Except… the truth is, everyone doesn’t…