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Christy handed this nice little plot gem to me for development! >:3

“Underland” is a place where all the dark parts of our imaginations and dreams go.

Alice went there, became a little twisted and saw it as her “Wonderland”. She hooked up with a creature/person there and made a babeh she then dubbed Dinah. The creatures of Underland do not like having something in their world that’s not OF it and wanted to destroy Alice, and especially the strange two-worlded baby.

Alice left Underland back to her own world where she had the baby and left it with a weirdo family that believes Alice was a god of Underland. Alice disappeared and it’s unknown where she went.

Dinah grows up always having this “other self” especially when she has darker thoughts or gets angry. As an adult she meets someone that brings light and love in to her life, but when she hits 25 she is unable to control that darker side from coming out. She wants to push her love away because she is dangerous, and he refuses. She takes him to Underland to prove that she was born of evil-stuff.

From there it is a story of love and madness.

Settings: Fairy Tale Settings: Magical Fantasy Settings: Post Apocalyptic Settings: SciFi

Unnamed Scifi Steampunk Cyberpunk

A crazy cross between Mad Hatter and Robin Hood type character. He doesn’t steal from rich to give to the poor, and technically he’s never doing good deeds when he does the things he does. He’s a “bad guy” that inevitably does good things.

Settings: Fairy Tale Settings: Otherworld

Twisted Faerie Tale

Genre: Fairy Tale – Twisty

A young woman finds herself in a car accident and is suddenly in a strange black space of nothing. A weird short little woman appears out of glittery nothing claiming to be her Fairy God Mother and asking the woman what she wishes for. The woman says, what all girls wish for… but questions where she is and what’s going on! Fairy God Mother explains that the young woman is now DEAD in her previous world, and now she is to be reborn elsewhere… but since Fairy God Mother is there, instead she will grant the young woman’s deepest wish and give her a fairy tale life!

The young woman says that’s not really what she’d wish for and she wants to return to her life, but Fairy God Mother says it’s too late, because young woman has already signed the contract with blood! Somehow there is a book in the woman’s hands and her finger is pricked on one of the book’s spiked decorations!

Fairy God Mother waves her magic wand and poof…!

Young woman wakes up in a forest being prodded by dwarves. (Typical fantasy style dwarves.) They don’t believe her story about a Fairy God Mother (fairies don’t look like she described, nor are they that powerful!) And think she is a spy, so they take her off to their prison in their mountain tribe. There she meets a grisly looking man, who has bizarre habits… Both the woman and the grisly man are taken to the Dwarf King for Trial.. who dubs them guilty and sends them to be eaten by the dragon of the Mountain.

The grisly man addresses the dragon as Petunia (which shocks and surprises everyone), as they are old aquaintences. Petunia sends them away as the Woman “Reeks of Destiny” and complains at the Dwarves, as she wants cow meat, not stringy humans… Man, drags woman away… not bothering to explain where they are going.. when they are attacked by bandits! A thief elf and a bard! Man tells the two there is no sense in robbing them, seeing as he’s not gotten his reward money from turning in the Missing Heir… (Where the Woman is now more confused than ever, and the Bandits insist on joining the Man in the quest for a cut of the money!)

Woman threatens to bail! Man explains she is obviously the missing Heir, and blessed by a great destiny (especially after that story of her Fairy God Mother). She is destined to marry some Blond Handsome Prince, Defeat Great Evil, and other very outlandish things, that all of them snicker about, but nonetheless must be true because it’s written in the myth and legends.

Settings: Fairy Tale Settings: Modern Realistic

Three Berhs

Genre: mafia?

Goldi Locke is a hired maid to work on the home of the Berh family. Only she discovers all isn’t “just right” at the Berh home, and finds lots of Mafia No-Gooding!

Settings: Fairy Tale Settings: Magical Fantasy

The Vengeance

Genre: Fantasy

Once upon a time there was a beautiful woman – Nalcissa. Especially the most beautiful woman in the entire country, it was no surprise that she became the Prince Wilhem’s betrothed. Yet, come mere months before their wedding, Prince Wilhem met and fell in love with another woman. The engagement was broken off. Nalcissa’s pride was painfully wounded, but she held her head high. Over time she had many courtiers. In the end, she married a fine Baron. He was wealthy and widowed. Having an only single child from his previous marriage.

Nalcissa was not a cruel step-mother, but jealously grew in her heart. As time went by, she could not seem to bare her husband a child. And his first daughter, Yvaine, was growing more and more beautiful each day, reminding her of her own dwindling beauty and how fickle men can be about whom they give their love.

Finally, Nalcissa became pregnant and birthed a son. Yet, after a few short days the child died. This snapped the last of her sanity. Selling her soul to devils for the power of sorcery, she secretly brought her child back to life. In exchange, the devils wanted a pure heart.

Thus, Nalcissa sent her step-daughter out to the woods with one of the servants, with orders to kill the girl and bring back her heart. But the servant couldn’t do it. He told Yvaine to flee, and flee she did. She found refuge in a mountain mine with a small village of dwarves. The servant tried to pass off a pig’s heart as Yvaine’s, but the Devils could not be fooled.

As Nalcissa sought for the girl, Yvaine had become acquainted with a Prince. Wilhem – now king – had a son of his own, Marcus. The boy was enchanted with the Girl of the Wood. Three times Nalcissa tried to destroy Yvaine and three times she was thwarted by the new Prince. In her final attempt, she went to kill her in person, and in turn was killed herself.

Yvaine and Young Prince Marcus were wed and married. Later having a child of their own and becoming the new King and Queen. They never knew that Nalcissa’s dead child had been brought back to life by sorcery. That all of those years he had been raised by Nalcissa’s servants. Groomed by the very Devils that possessed his soul to go out and seek the soul that they were promised and reek vengeance on the ones that killed his mother.

Settings: Fairy Tale Settings: Magical Fantasy Settings: SciFi

The Seven

Genre: SciFi Fantasy
Location: Vykendria


The Seven are an elite secret Imperial Guard for the current Vykendria royal bloodline. They have existed since the very first Oelamir King and are loyal only to blood heirs. The original Seven were chosen from the most skilled & talented warriors of the age by it’s founder, a man part of the Previous King’s bloodline. As years went on if one was lost, they were quickly replaced by another. Someone that was chosen as their successor, or chosen by the Head. Only Seven, Always Seven. Never more, never less.

Present era Vykendria is an exciting developing time. Strange new technologies mixed with old world traditions. Imperial King Stephane Oelamir has been the most loved monarch in the past century along with his gentle Queen Genevieve. When blessed with their first child, it was a mixed emotion as Queen Genevieve died in childbirth. Saddened, the King did not remarry until nearly ten years later to an infamous Beauty, The Lady Amethyst. A lady whose face was so lovely, she enchanted all that saw her.

Shortly after, the King’s health started to decline drastically until one night he passed away, leaving behind his Queen as acting monarch until his blood heir daughter came of age. The new Queen was never able to bare a child, leaving the Princess Gwendolyn as the last living blood heir to the throne. The True Heir.

In coming years, there were a few suspicious accidents, but the Princess was reaching age 20 and soon there would be the official coronation. The Queen Amythyst, not wanting to loose her ruling place set a plot in motion, framing the Princess for a diplomatic murder and sending her off to the prison to await a death sentence.

With a kingdom enchanted by a beautiful Queen, none would defy her rule… except The Seven whose loyalties are pledged to only one life! The True Heir must be saved and the Queen’s plots unfurled if Vykendria is to survive a coming war. As The Queen has no desire to stop with just ruling Vykendria. She wants the world.

[color=dodgerblue][b]THE LAND OF VYKENDRIA[/b][/color]
In it’s current era, Vykendria still holds on to old world traditions even as advanced technology has become and every day thing. Castles, quaint villages, horse carriages, fashion and other traditions are blended in with high tech weapons, machines, and power structures. Though magic has been a part of the world since the dawn of time, it has become old fashioned in favor for the less draining machines of today. Imagine a world like King Arther’s, but throw in sci-fi tech in the mix. King Stephane has been dead for nearly 10 years, and the state of the country has started to decline under Queen Amethyst’s rule. Everyone had hope that the mysterious Princess Gwendolyn would take the throne on her 20th birthday and continue the fair rule of her father. ….Until now! The news that Gwendolyn is responsible for murder and soon to be put to death has spread through the country like wild-fire. Everyone is in a state of unease about the future.

[color=dodgerblue][b]ABOUT CHARACTERS & JOINING[/b][/color]
We are casting characters slowly, and a few at the time introducing them to the story to avoid a giant clusterfuck of confusion. This is why the IC is already started, but we aren’t posting an official OOC thread yet. [color=yellowgreen][b]Anyone that has been invited already can PM their bio to ME ooor post it here as a reply if they want![/b][/color] Once the story gets going a bit, we’re going to open the official OOC and let anyone who wants to join finally hop in. :D

[color=lime][U][B]NOTICE:[/B][/U] Even though we are not officially taking in new characters outside of the pre-cast ones yet, if you’re interested in working on a character before hand, you can ask any questions you like or send a bio over to Diana![/color]

“The Seven” have all been cast or reserved. If during the rp one of the players for a Seven vanishes for too long(I’ll give you a month, unless there’s a problem), their absence will be a death and another character in play will become one of the Seven. So if you missed out on getting to be a Seven, just make a cool character, they might be chosen later as someone’s successor. XD

Remember that the Seven are SECRET. No one has ever known of their existence except blood heirs. Until now, where Gwendolyn never had the chance to be told about them… and recently the Queen has managed to discover them. Each of the Seven have a number they “inherited” from their predecessor, this number they use to identify themselves to other Seven members. Usually they will have a Tattoo or an Special Item that has the number in code. Because Vykendria has been at peace for so long, many of the former Seven have retired or died, thus explaining why many members of this generation’s Seven are younger in age. (Younger being mid 20s to later 30s) Most of the Seven have never met each other. They keep in contact through their current Leader.

If you don’t want to play one of the Seven, you also have the option to play anything else you want! It just needs to make sense! Fantasy races are allowed, so are sci-fi alien races, but alien races must be native to the planet. There are other countries in the world, so you don’t need to be from Vykendria. Our three basic plots will be:
— The Castle where couple members of the Seven will be trying to catch the Queen in the act of doing something wicked so they can clear Gwendolyn’s name.
— Out and about where members of the Seven are trying to keep Gwendolyn hidden and safe until they can return her to the castle.
— Citizens of Vykendria trying to decide if they are with the Queen and believe she can do no wrong, who is already starting plans to invade another country, or if they side with Gwendolyn and believe the True Heir is getting shafted and planning to revolt.

You ARE allowed to have magic, just remember that it’s “old fashioned” and not as common as high tech sci-fi weaponry. Again, imagine a world that looks a lot like the time of King Arther, with the castles, the knights, the forests and villages… but there’s a lot of new tech mixed in. Laser guns, light sabers, machines. Vykendria’s old world traditions are blending with new school tech.

Settings: Fairy Tale Settings: Modern Fantasy Settings: Otherworld

The Looking Glass

Genre: Fantasy
Location: Anajovica


A wonderland is what they called it. A kingdom filled with magic, creativity and prosperity. Of all the kingdoms in the world, Anajovica was a jewel. Their ruler, ___ was nicknamed the King of Hearts for he had love for all of his people. He gave his time and help freely, making his legacy as one of the true Great Kings.

But like any man, he grew lonely. He wanted someone to share his life with, have children, and grow old with. When he married ____, she was an enchanting and mysterious beauty! The Queen of Hearts became his entire world! Over time, the King had less and less attentions for his kingdom, giving all of his love to his Queen. A Queen, who seemed to be slowly growing mad with every passing year.

The day the King of Hearts died, it was like a light went out in the kingdom. Everyone mourned the passing of their king, all except the Queen of Hearts. Laughing in her tower, she seemed to have been “set free”. Immediately things had been set in to motion, changing the livelihood of Anajovica by sheer chaotic whims.

…Present date in Anajovica, the land is not so wondrous. Beautiful creations have turned twisted and scary. The laws of the land are so strict, even for the smallest of misdeeds could mean a beheading! People have gone mad with strife, delirious from illnesses, all around unhappy and defeated. After 50 years, no one has any hope left.

A wizard that many call The White Rabbit has been looking for a way to save the lands. Traveling through mirrors in to other worlds, he is spotted by a girl named Alice whose curiosity has her chasing down the man and ending up in the Wonderland. Abandoned as the White Rabbit returns to his searching, Alice is caught up in the drama and turmoil of Anajovica and just trying to find the way back home!

Settings: Fairy Tale Settings: Modern Realistic

Snow White and The Dwarves

Genre: Modern

Eira White was a blessing to her parents as the baby they tried for years to have. Yet, when her mother died in childbirth it left her father broken hearted and lonely. While Eira was still a child he re-married. A beautiful younger woman in the modeling business that could bring in lots of connections to the entertainment world and help him run his nightclub. But, never quite getting over the death of his beloved, he cared little for his health. He too died, leaving his estate in the care of his wife until his daughter was old enough to inherit it.

The Wife didn’t mind this at all at first. The girl was barely five and easily passed off to nannies. For 15 years ran The Castle Club, making it the most elite and hottest nightclub in the city.

But… now Eira is almost 20 and that means everything will soon be HERS. She just doesn’t know yet! The Wife can’t stand it! She had a nasty fight with the girl, and she ran away. But the wife intends to make sure the girl doesn’t live long enough to claim her inheritance.

Meanwhile, Eira becomes the newest roomie to a 7 member band called The Dwarves. They have super rad adorable adventures!

Settings: Fairy Tale Settings: Modern Fantasy

Sleeping Beauty

Genre: Modern Fairy Tale
Timeline: Present Day

“For your insulting neglect… Before the sun sets on her twentieth year she shall prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel…and DIE.” cursed the evil fairy in a booming laughter before she spirited away. The entire court fell silent.

“Never fear sire… our youngest sister has yet to give her gift.” said the eldest fairy. It was true, the last and most timid of the 12 good faeries had yet to give her gift to the infant princess.

“Death will not befall the tiny princess, but instead she shall sleep until awakened by true love’s touch…”

With fear in his heart, the King immediately ordered all spinning wheels to be burned and destroyed. Yet, come her twentieth birthday it was all for naught. The evil fairy entranced the princess to a hidden chamber and she fell victim to the curse. Devastated the King tried his best to find the one that could awaken his daughter. Inviting all the nobility, knights, and even peasant people to come and try to wake the sleeping princess. Until the day he died.

Slowly, the sleeping princess faded from the family’s memory with each generation. Her room closed away and forgotten… until the day of true love’s embrace.

Plot Breakdown:
The Sleeping Beauty story is a popular fairy tale, one the Bontecou family proudly stats stemmed from their own family history. Of course, they say that it was more likely that the Sleeping Princess likely just fell prey to an illness or coma and eventually died, but it was always a favorite tale to be told. These days the castle that their Kingly ancestor once owned has been neglected for a near fifty years as all but one of the Bontecou have since died. He is a lonely man that knows his days are numbered, and it’s a sad fate to have to find a new heir to your property and fortune. One that isn’t even of your own family blood. He’s hired a team of historians and construction works to renovate his castle as he seeks someone to mentor.

In the castle one of the historians stumbles over a hidden chamber that had been blocked up for centuries. Inside, it’s a beautiful and lavish room filled with such fantastic antiques… Probably worth millions! The most startling thing was the woman sleeping in a bed. He thought it was a plastic model, but the woman was breathing… definitely real! When he shook her awake, and she confusedly insisted she was a princess… he thought it had to be a joke by Lord Bontecou! He drags her to Bontecou and the lord denies everything. The lawyer suggests a blood test, and perhaps even a mental evaluation. In the mean time… what to do with a crazy lady that thinks she’s a princess and has no idea what to do in the modern world!

Sleeping Beauty with a twist! Lord Bontecou discovers the woman really is a DNA proven blood relative and is elated! Having everyone else believe she was a sleeping princess is harder to accomplish. To save them all from trouble he claims her as an illegitimate daughter. Believing in the curse and the story, he’s sure the historian that woke her up is her True Love and plays match-making devil.

Meanwhile it seems the Evil Fairy has lived all this time and has become a sort of wicked black widow sort of Heiress. She was living high on life thinking the Bontecou family had finally died out when she discovered the sleeping princess was now awake. She makes it her goal to destroy them all once again!

Settings: Fairy Tale Settings: Space Saga


Genre: Sci-Fi
Location: ???
Timeline: Futuristic

Erikson Shadowstar was a proud headmaster of his family clan. His shipping and trade business was known in 27 different galaxies. There was not a greater and more happy man than Erikson! He had his choice of ladies, and not being a very faithful man he had born 4 sons with various women. Until the day he met Octavia – then there was no other. Erikson married her shunning all his lovers for the star of his life. When their first child was born – a daughter, they hosted a grand party inviting all the well-knowns of the galaxy… Except for Erikson’s lovers. Octavia wouldn’t stand for that.

Everything seemed fine and dandy, except for Morgan. Morgan thought she was Erikson’s favorite and when he chose Octavia instead of her, she was livid. Adding insult to injury, Morgan wasn’t invited to his wee daughter’s shower party. She was infuriated. How DARE they shun her. Morgan crashed the party with a few of her best men, and called Erikson out. It ended with a brawl, Morgan and her men cast out. Humiliated and rejected again, she vowed revenge on Erikson and Octavia, and most especially their spawn.

20 years later… Erikson Shadowstar and his clan are stronger than ever, having built a great business empire. His four sons each have their own cargo ships, and for her 20th birthday, Erikson is giving his daughter HER own ship. A party is held in her honor, and to christen her first ship!

…But Morgan once again crashes the party! This time she’s had years of planning and preparation. Ruthless with vengeance, Morgan’s personal force wrecks havoc on the guests and the Shadowstar family. Blood is spilled, people are murdered. The four sons go missing. Erikson and Octavia’s fate is unknown, and the Daughter was kicked in to a cryogenic sleep chamber to be frozen for all time.

..An unknown amount of time later…!

The cryogenic sleep chamber is found by a Captain and his meager crew, and the daughter set loose! Not sure of where she is, or if she’s even on the same side of the universe, the daughter has vowed vengeance on Morgan and plans to reunite the Shadowstar clan again.

Settings: Fairy Tale Settings: Realistic Fantasy

Prince of Thieves

Genre: Fantasy
Rating: PG-13 Minimal Cursing. Violence. No Blatant Sexual Scenes.

Plot Breakdown:
Robin Hood Prince of Thieves. Only, you’re not Robin Hood, you’re someone else! This is an alternate storyline borrowing the essential idea from the Robin Hood Legends. Once a prince, a young man returns home from his escapades for the kingdom to find out that his lands have been sold and he is a fugitive of the kingdom. He now resides with other outlaws in the forest, robbing carriages and homes of the rich to help feed the poor misbegotten souls of the over taxed villages. The brother of the King has currently taken over the thrown while his brother is missing and running the kingdom in to ruins.

Settings: Fairy Tale Settings: Space Saga


Genre: SciFi Fantasy
Location: Planet Oz

Dorati Gale and her crew are trying to get her Aunt and Uncle’s ship back home when they get chased by space pirates and sucked through a strange wormhole. The ship crashes on a planet called OZ, where everything is gorgeous and fantastical, but the technology is sparse. Even worse, they landed on a person, ____ of the East.


Dorati Gale: Owner of the Ship and mixed up in some nasty business!
Scarecrow: crew, The navigator
Lion: crew, The Gunner
Tinman: crew, the Mechanic

___ of the East: (Dead)
Gayelette of the North: Country called Gillikin, colors are purple. Lives in a Ruby Palace. Commands winged Monkeys, married to Quelala
Glinda of the South: Quadling Country, color is red. Most powerful, protector of Ozma.
___ of the West:

Settings: Fairy Tale Settings: Magical Fantasy

Cursed Ever After

Genre: Fantasy/Fairy Tale
Location: The Land of Novaria

Welcome to Novaria the land of myth and legend. Where Fairy Tales are as real as they can get! Dashing Princes rescue fair troubled maidens, wicked witches cast their curses, days are saved and everyone lives Happily Ever After.

Except… the truth is, everyone doesn’t live Happily Ever After. What of those poor souls that found out their true love wasn’t true at all? The cursed that remained cursed after their love failed to defeat a sorcerer? When love and marriage at first sight doesn’t turn out quite as planned? What becomes of those that didn’t get to be the star of the story?

Everyone has a story. So what becomes of a mismatched group of secondary characters find themselves in an entirely new story?

Plot Breakdown: The idea is to play a character that didn’t get their Happy-Ever-After for some reason or another. You could be inspired from classic fairy tales or even create a plot of your own!

Example from Real Fairy Tale: A girl who was one of many girls kidnapped by a jealous witch and turned in to a bird, but wasn’t the lucky girl rescued by her love. (The Jorinde & Joringel story!) The witch was killed and all those girls get to go home to find life different!

Example Original: A prince fell in love with a sorcerer’s daughter and they were going to run away together. The Sorcerer found out and cursed him with never being able to sleep. And tough luck for him, the daughter ended up running off with another man. So he’s cursed AND doesn’t get the girl!

Those are just examples, of course!

The Character Bio

This is just a basic character bio. You can any any extra things to it as you feel you need! The Sample Scene isn’t so much a writing sample, as an opportunity to showcase an important event or quirk about your character. It can be an important event in their life, that day before you begin in the rpg, or just some random scene to show off something special/amusing about the character. You’ll see an example in my character bio.


[b]Character Name:[/b]
[b]Gender:[/b] (male/female/both)
[b]Job/Role:[/b] (bard/prince/mercenary/ect)
[b]General Appearance:[/b]
[b]Driving Plot:[/b] (The plot/purpose behind your character… IE: “Someone from their past is trying to kill them.” or “They are looking for a lost fortune.”)
[b]General Personality:[/b]
[b]General History:[/b]


Easy peasy. You can play any sort of character you can dream up as long as it makes sense for this plot. So it’d be a bad idea to play an alien from Mars or a alcoholic cop from Chicago. That wouldn’t make sense. I am flexible like the willow tree – if you have a question or idea you’re not sure about, just ask! The usual Iwaku rules. God Modding is bad, abusing players is bad, Not posting is bad. I don’t require novelesque posting. As long as you use punctuation and capital letters I’m happy. Post regularly. If you can’t post everyday that’s alright, we all have lives and stuff to do… But try to post as often as you can! Otherwise you’re leaving everyone hanging and then it’s no fun!

I am going to be using an experimental method. Meaning: I’m going to take character bios and put characters in groups of 2 but no more than 4 in separate roleplay threads. Players in charge of building up the story in their own threads as MiniGMs. I’ll type up a “plot summary” based on the history of the characters in the thread when I start your topic for you, so you get a good hint on which direction to take it. From there it is up to you! When you get stuck, (either a lack of direction, or a missing partner), request for help here in the OOC topic and I’ll do a Narrator post or throw in an NPC to help get you back on track!

Step One: If you haven’t, fill out the [url=]Player’s Bio[/url]. I’m not familiar with everyone’s playing styles and preferences yet, so it’ll help me LOTS in [hopefully] matching you with other players you’ll have good chemistry with.

Step Two: Take the Bio Template and create your character. Post it here in this thread!

Step Three: After a week (or when there’s enough characters) I’ll start matching up playing partners and begin your threads for you. Your starting plot is going to be based directly on YOUR character history. So make sure you added all the details in your bio!

Step Four: Play! Post! Enjoy! Request help when you need it. It’s YOUR thread and YOUR plots! Have fun with it!