Princess Oralia Nevena Krazimir

20 years old. Long, wavy black hair, dark grey eyes, pale skin, standing out 4’7″ with a petite frame and delicate build. Favors light elegant fabrics of silks and satins. She has a fresh scar across her neck.

Daughter of King Milos Krazimir and Queen Nadezda Krazimir of the Kingdom of Kosogaria. Oralia was born an only child and was quite treasured, spoiled, and sheltered. She wasn’t afforded the opportunity to travel (tension between neighbor countries had been building for awhile), but Oralia was well educated in what it takes to run a kingdom as well as other important scholarly pursuits. 

Oralia was a little bit of a wild child and a great deal of trouble for her keepers. She liked to explore and get into things, try things she shouldn’t have been touching, and wasn’t always keen on all these rules. As a teenager she grew to be more refined and understanding of her position in the world, though still felt trapped and restrained inside the castle walls.

Recently after her 20th birthday, it was agreed that she would be able to travel to other kingdoms, with the caveat that she was supposed to be browsing for a future husband. She never got the chance. 

The Kingdom of Kosogaria is small, but provides rare and valuable mineral ore to neighboring countries. For over a hundred years they’d been fairly trading and upholding peaceful business. Now this country has been decimated – the royal family killed, it’s castle occupied, and it’s mines taken over. With the entire royal family presumed dead, the country’s future seems bleak. 

Princess Oralia survived the attack on the castle out of luck and spite. She watched her parents executed, and was in the middle of having her own throat cut when chaos of the battle spilled into the courtyard. Oralia played dead until she could sneak away unnoticed.

It’s been two weeks since the castle fell. Oralia has been wandering around in circles lost in the forest for most of this time, feeding herself with whatever flora she’s been able to find and gather. She’s not sure what she’s going to do (or even what she CAN do), but for now she knows she just has to survive. 

Character Inspiration Art by fdasuarez

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