Princess Rosabel Tatiana Knabolde

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Character Name: Princess Rosabel Tatiana Knabolde
Gender: Female
Species/Race: Human
Age: 18 (Legal Marrying Age!)
Birthplace/World: Her own wonderful kingdom!
Occupation: Pretty Pretty Princess.


General Appearance: Hair red as a beautiful summer rose, skin pale and creamy like fresh peaches n’ cream, a body curvy and soft like… um. Good things. Rosabel is an attractive young lady and it took a lot of WORK to be that pretty. Tiny unsatisfying meals, tight uncomfortable corsets, and many hours of grooming.
Strengths: …uh…


Current Goal/Purpose: GET MARRIED HAVE BABIES. ….wait uh, DO NOT WANT DIE.
Talents: Singing, Looking Pretty, um… Singing.
Inabilities: Princesses are good at everything. >:[ Shutup.
Fears: There is nothing to fear when her one true love will come! :D (…what do you mean he’s not coming?!)
General Personality: Sweet, kind, generous, benevolent. Everything a princess is and should be! She is a wonderful person and everyone loves her. Unless they’re mean and evil and jealous.
Inner Personality: Honestly, Rosabel is a spoiled little twit who thinks life is oh so grand. She wants her man so they can make babies and have their perfect little family and live happily ever after. Everything is perfect. It WILL be perfect. What the hell do you mean it won’t be perfect?! She will END you!
Secret: Princesses dun have secrets. :3


General History: Oh, the treasured first child to a King and Queen, they say angels sang on the day she was born, that all the magical beasts of the land blessed her, and her birth was to herald in an age of peace and prosperity! Raised like all delicate little princesses should be, she was taught how to look pretty, sing pretty, be nice to animals, gracious to peasants, and adoring wife to her future husband!

One day the young teenage princess decided her life was just horrible so she ran away in to the forest! (Being a princess is SO HARD!) There, she got in to scary trouble with a bunch of trolls. But that is when she met her one true love, her dearest prince! In a sweeping rescue, she was saved and returned safe and sound to her castle. They made plans for a marriage when she came of age. She never saw the Prince in all that time, but they wrote very romantic letters about their true love and how much they couldn’t wait to be together!

Just days from the date of the marriage, she gets kidnapped by a mean evil villain. Oh prince, do come save her! ;__; He is coming to save her, right?!

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