Queen Titaia


Hear ye, hear ye!

Her Royal Majesty Queen Titaia Makenna Roderick, Lady of Skathern, Enchantress of the Vermillion Isles, requires your presence at the Marble Ballroom at the Great Castle of Dewfel where you will proceed to graciously accept her magnificent gift of matching you with a mate of fine character and blood of true nobility.

This is not a request. Should you refuse this invitation you will bring eternal shame upon your family’s name and face trial before an inevitable beheading. Being matched by the Queen is the highest honor in the kingdom and it would be unwise to refuse.

Her Majesty desires that all guests wear white or the palest of pinks. Should one soul step foot in to the Marble Ballroom wearing another color, they will be spending the evening sleeping with rats. Should one dare to wear red in her presence, they shall lose their head.

Do not neglect to bring Her Majesty a Gift as a show of your gratitude for this invitation.

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