Iris Landing

Location: Lost Earth. 10 Thousand Years in the Future
Basic Setting: An exploration ship has rediscovered Lost Earth. They will investigate and explore the planet to reconnect with ancient history and learn what has become of Humanity’s first home during their absence.


Hi, I am Diana and this is the first forum-based group rp I have started in over 10 years, so I might be a little rusty! I am a [b]character driven game master[/b], which means I build my entire plot and story around YOUR CHARACTERS. Your personality, your background history, it all matters and will come into play within the story.

For this roleplay we’ll be going by “chapters”, each having a certain plot goal of objective to be completed for that scene. Sometimes there will be chapters dedicated to certain character’s arcs and by the end of our roleplay, hopefully every single character will have had their story! :D

I am looking for [b]5 Players[/b] BUT if I get an unexpected amount of interest I will do a multiple groups with plots that tie together!

The sky is the limit here for character design, as long is it fits within my setting, you can be as creative as your like with a human character or alien. Though, I have two alien species that you might want to try. My advice: Don’t have a character with such a powerful skill that can solve a problem in two seconds.

The Great Exodus.

We took to the stars in desperation with ships cobbled together from war torn scraps. Of course, the wealthy had already long gone to a station in the Mars orbit. Not that it mattered in the long run. What drought and plague hadn’t already destroyed, the nuclear fallout took the rest. Laid waste to entire countries with radiation poisoning, scorching the land and poisoning the sea.

All we could do was watch from the stars, wondering how we could possibly make it here in the vastness of empty space. I was a little girl, then. And I was an old, old woman by the time humanity managed to come together under one single banner. Where we go from here, I will never know. Out into space. Out of the solar system. Far and away to a new world.

I hope you get to see that new world. I hope you remember the one we lost.

— Greta, y2326 Before Exodus

Several millennia ago Earth was abandoned in what was called “The Great Exodus”. Abused by humanity, the planet was dying. Viral infections, scientists playing god, nuclear war; it all played a part in destroying the natural beauty and habitats of planet Earth. Humanity was forced to leave the planet, branching out into the stars of the galaxy. Leaving behind the weak, the infected, and the poor to slowly die along with Earth.

Much like ancient religious texts of the Garden of Eden, Earth became nothing more than myth to current generations.

Recently, antique star charts and maps have been uncovered and an expedition to find the lost home world has been funded. The IRIS, named for the enduring hope of humanity, contains top scientists across many fields as well as an armed private escort to protect it’s crew and potential findings. This will be the greatest historical event since the Exodus itself.

Of course over the ages, Earth has changed greatly. New species have changed and evolved. Lost Earth is wild… dangerous. And nothing like what it used to be.


You are aboard the Iris, a fantastic explorer ship of human (with Bereen help, sigh) design, meant for long deep space travel. After ten thousand years information has been recovered about the location of the lost home world of all humans – Earth! You’ve joined this mission either as ship crew, a scientist, armed guard escort, or investor, to see what has become of this lost planet. Can humans return to Earth again? Can mad money be mad? Adventure? Your reasons for joining the mission are your own, but there is [i]definitely[/i] much to be discovered.

Humans: After ten thousand years being a part of the greater galactic community, humanity has evolved both through natural means and through inter-species relationships. There are many subset of human “types” across multiple worlds, though all humans still share their base human qualities. Mainly, a bipedal species featuring two legs, two arms, two eyes, nose and mouth in what is the classic “human” face and body shape.  While the core of humanity has tried to hold on to it’s ancient customs and cultures, especially on it’s new world, many branches have adopted in new cultures influenced by their galactic neighbors. 

The Bereen: The first alien species humans made contact with, and thank goodness for that, as the Bereen are a peaceful people who value curiosity, learning, and exploration. Of course, they also feel that humans are like… very intelligent pets and not quite on their level of intelligent higher beings. They helped humankind integrate into the galactic society, find their new home world, and protected them from other species that might’ve given humanity a bad end. It was, in fact, not the first time the Bereen encountered humans, as it turns out they’d [s]abducted[/s] studied them in ancient past. The feature leathery skin ranging from dusty greys to obsidian blacks, rich ranges of blues as well as purples. Solid deep set black eyes are most common, though occasionally in solid white, or a bright pale green. Their body shape is “humanoid”, but amount of limbs will vary. Culturally, they value knowledge above all things, which means they take everything oh-so-seriously even in terms of how they treat their bodies and minds. Relaxation is a whole production of doing everything just right. Food is prepared just right. Religious celebration, filled with many many steps and ritual. All done just right.  

Art By Jerome Koch

The Tessans: Tessans are a lizard-like species that honestly would rather EAT a human than go along with whatever dumb human things they are up to. However, the Tessans have recently signed treaties to become part of the galactic network, and thus are trying their best to find a way to fit in. In fact, there are two very distinct factions of Tessans – those that wanted to be a part of this agreement, to evolve their species into a new era of civilized being, and those who think all of this is BULLSHIT and would rather go back to minding their own business and eating and pillaging whatever worlds they land on. They are a migratory species, having lost their own home world to natural disaster, thus they have some things in common with humans. Yet, humans are also just so tasty. Tessans put a huge value on family bonds – family doesn’t just mean by blood, either. They are fiercely loyal and protective people to those they consider their own. Appearance wise they have an alligator or crocodile shaped head & face, with a humanoid body (though some are less upright than others) and most have a long thick tail. Their color ranges of scales stay in green tones, with a variety of reds and browns in spotting/striped patterns. But there is a rare golden variant that they revere as culturally significant. Golden Tessans most often take up roles in their tribal style government, or as religious mystics. Those that don’t tend to be disgruntled for some reason or other and a “lone lizard” so to speak, ostracized from family units and tribes. They are not a war-centric species, although many other species would disagree. 

Art by revenant-99

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