Return to Earth

[color=steelblue][b]Genre:[/b][/color] Sci-Fi
[color=steelblue][b]Location:[/b][/color] Lost Earth. Hundred Thousands of Years in the Future
[color=steelblue][b]Joining:[/b] JUMP IN. No bios required, but recommended!
[color=steelblue][b]Basic Setting:[/b][/color] An exploration ship has rediscovered Lost Earth. They will investigate and explore the planet to reconnect with ancient history and learn what has become of Humanity’s first home during their absence.

Eons ago Earth was abandoned in what was called “The Great Exodus”. After being abused by humanity, the planet was dying. Viral infections, scientists playing god, nuclear war… all played a part in destroying the natural beauty and habitats of planet Earth. Humanity decided to leave the planet, branching out in to the stars of other galaxies. Leaving behind the weak, the infected, and the poor to slowly die along with Earth…

Thousands of years later an expedition has been funded to find “Lost Earth”. Much like legends of Atlantis, Earth became nothing more than myth or legend to current generations. Star charts and maps have been uncovered and a large exploration ship has found Earth at last. It will be the greatest historical discovery in mankind’s history.

Of course over the eons, Earth has changed greatly. New species have changed and evolved. Lost Earth is wild… dangerous. And nothing like what it used to be.


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