Location: Vajacs

  • A once great and technologically advanced world now in ruin after endless war. The environment has been near completely destroyed, save for a few locations. The world is very much like a rocky desert.
  • Enclaves are towns/cities controlled by powerful families. They war constantly with each other and hate outsiders.
  • Scavengers are people that make a living searching the Barren Waste for things to sell.


    Vajacs was once a thriving world of ultra technology, its citizens living in bliss, secure in their mastery of their world. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

    For the last several generations, Vajacs has been as it is now, a shattered wreck of its former glory. The great mega-cities are gone, replaced by small, controlled city-states called “Enclaves.” The only ones to have retained any technology intact, the Enclaves are run with an iron fist, controlled by small councils of no more than five men and women to an Enclave. The Enclaves are almost constantly at war with each other, fighting over technology and citizens.

    The majority of the world’s population live in the seemingly infinite wasteland known as the Barren Wastes. Crops and greenery are scarce. In places where plants and abundant water can be found, trading centers crop up, gatherings of scavengers , tradesmen, and merchants.

    Merchants make their livings by buying the products of tradesmen and the finds of scavengers and selling them to travelers – often Scavengers passing through on their way to another camp.

    Tradesmen are individuals who work with their hands – mechanics, blacksmiths, and the like. Their often mish-mash combinations of Pre-Fall technology and steam power tend to work in odd ways, and frequently don’t make sense at all. People often refer to them as “Gnomes,” though the origin of the term is long forgotten.

    And Scavengers, by far the most common, are those individuals who, in crews or as individuals, comb the Wastes for the remnants of technology left behind by the Fall and by the Enclaves’ endless wars. Scavengers’ life expectancies are short, but they stand to make a lot of money and be able to outfit themselves extremely well if they make a good find.

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