Genre: Space Saga SciFi
Location: Shadost Galaxy
Timeline: 5000 Years Post Earth, Give or Take a few hundred years.

Ambassador Ziranova Sachavik is trying to improve intergalactic relations. She has decided the best way to do this is to invoke ancient holiday traditions from many different cultures in a series of special events and parties! First up, a Halloween Costume Ball from Ancient Earth tradition! People from several solar systems have been invited from rulers to government officials, and even very lucky civilians. The party is sure to be a success!

If people don’t get confused. Or offended. Or killed.

Basic Play

This is a “serious” game, meaning you can’t be all LOLRANDOM just because it’s a Halloween theme. That dun mean there isn’t comedy involved, but consider that we’d like to build a story! The hope is that if this plot and the characters turn out to be really fun, that we can continue this roleplay after Halloween with other plotlines!

You are going to be a guest (invited or not) at the Halloween Costume Ball. You can be any sort of character you like. Human, alien, government, space pirate, etc! Some of you might be there for the party, and some of you might be there to kill somebody…. Get creative! :D The party itself might not go so well. The Ambassador didn’t consider the consequences of choosing a holiday that is so “weird”. Many alien species might be severely confused about the meaning of many Halloween traditions. There is bound to be chaos.

Shadost: The Lady’s Revenge

Genre: Scifi Fantasy
Location: Shadost Galaxy
Timeline: 5000 Years Post Earth, Give or Take a few hundred years. Aprox. 1 1/2 year after the Halloween Party Disaster.

A year and a half ago, Ambassador Ziranova Sachavik hosted a Halloween party. She wanted to improve intergalactic relations through the medium of ancient traditions. The party did not go well. A space pirate only known by the name of [i]Sweet Lady[/i] invaded the party and kidnapped many of the guests to hold for ransom, including the Ambassador. Many she kept for the sheer pleasure of tormenting. Several factions attempted a rescue while highups were stuck in needless bureaucracy. In the end, a few prisoners managed to escape and the Ambassador rescued by Warlord Severdus Tharn – but the rest? Kill by the Sweet Lady out of spite.

Minister Parlow of the Galactic Commonwealth has placed blamed on Ambassador Sachavik and her Warlord rescuer. Claiming that the Skarrathos people were deliberately trying to encite a war. The Ambassador has lost her job and her reputation to be put in prison, while the Commonwealth are preparing to remove Severdus Tharn’s people AND the sudden numbers of pirates riled up by the Sweet Lady.

War is inevitable… And who will be there to stand against injustice?

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