Shakai Aki

Shakai Aki

Staff, Parents, and especially Students… Welcome to Shakai Aki and the Tri Schools. Everyone here at the Tri Schools are looking forward to the wonderful new year that awaits us. We welcome you, whether you are a returning or new student, parent or staff member. You are all privileged for being able to be a part of this, and we are privileged by having you. We hope this year will be a learning experience for everyone, and give everyone a chance to grow and flourish. Of course, we will have our trials and tribulations this year, but we will work together to triumph and emerge from all troubles with a clear head and bright vision. I encourage you to use this time to your fullest advantage; make new friends, try new things. We are confident that your time at the Tri Schools will prepare you for the future at every turn.

But before you go, let me remind you that there are also certain rules here at the Tri Schools that must be followed. Be sure to read the packets that were given to you and follow the rules accordingly. And first-year or transfer students, please see both your school’s Principal or Headmaster, and your Counselor for any specific school information, and to work out your class schedule. Preferably before the school year begins.

Thank you, and have a wonderful school year.

Dansei Fukachi,
Tri Schools President


Students and parents alike, thank you for coming today. It warms my heart to see such studious, dutiful, and honor-bound students here today, and I–

–MISTER TANEMURA!!– Put away that ketchup bottle this instant!!


The Tri-Schools welcome all of you here today. Your initial Orientation will explain to you the basic information you need to attend one of our illustrious universities, including deciding to expand on your current Plot Major, and answering some of the student’s Frequently Asked Questions. Please pay attention carefully, because failure to follow these guidelines may result in severe punishment.


The Rating of Shakai Aki is at a PG-13 level. We implore you to keep your cursing down to a minimal, as many younger students roam campus. Murder will land you in prison, and for goodness sake, any students or faculty caught having sex on school grounds will find themselves suspended! Though we face many everyday problems, our attitude is generally ‘light’.

Shakai Aki’s setting is during present time, Tokyo. For the sake of sanity we are using the American School System. We are a “real life” association! There are no gundams, super powers, or teenage mercenaries. Please use common sense while attending our schools.

Your character options are many. We accept new students, school faculty, and parent helpers every day! Please remember, all characters must somehow be involved with the Tri Schools.

Our purpose is simple. The Tri Schools are having some serious problems with money. There are rumors that the three most well established schools will be shut down, and all students will be forced to go to.. *gasp* public schools! Teachers, Students, and Parents alike must find some way to raise money for the schools, as well as deal with every day life. Please remember, this is just the basic purpose. There is plenty of room to expand and create situations on your own terms.

Plot Options

To help all new students & faculty ease their way into our school systems, here are a few plot options to help you get started.

::Main Plot: Hate the Tri Schools? Sabotage all attempts of people trying to save them! Love the Tri Schools? Do all you can to start fund raisers, festivals, and other money making ideas for the school!

::Popularity Quest: Dieing to be the most well-know, well loved, popular student in school? Go for it! Make an attempt at joining the Autumn Society, do other things that will bring glorious attention upon yourself!

::Love Affairs: Be it searching for a loved one, stealing boy/girl friends, teacher affairs.. whatever! Just remember, love triangles are a lot of fun.

::Club Glory: Join a club! Do things in that club! Get friends to join the club!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What the devil is Shakai Aki?
    If you haven’t guessed already, Shakai Aki is a social RPG cleverly disguised as a school’s page! Basically you can play a variety of characters that are involved with the “Tri Schools”.

  • Why can’t I have powers, super toys, or be a mad phat mercenary?!?
    It would kill the point of this being a real life RPG!

  • How many characters can I have?
    As many as you like.

  • Can I play a parent, teacher, ect.

    Tour Guide

    Hello to new & old alike. To help you get acquainted with the Tri Schools and all subsections, please let me take you on a guided tour of the grounds.

    The Tri Schools are the three most elite & powerful schools in Japan. They joined together in a special alliance in hopes they can bring better quality in education. The Tri Schools consist of Shugyo Erito Prep, Divinitus Academy & University, and Angélique Grâce Academy. Though these schools have a tightly bound alliance, they are often bitter rivals. Both students and teachers compete to see which school is truly better. All schools have the exact same courses, though some schools specialize more in some than others.

    ::Shugyo Erito Prep School:

    Shugyo is a co-ed school, classes ranging from Kindergarten to Collage graduate. It contains dorms, small apartments, and many specialty locations. Shugyo is most known for it’s excellence in artistic classes. Many famous people have graduated from Shugyo. The principal of Shugyo is Achika Tanemura. All students seem to enjoy Achika, as she is friendly and easy to talk to.

    Shugyo’s school colors are scarlet red and white. The young girls school uniforms are three pieces. The first shirt is white, short sleeve, and has a red border around the collar. Over that, a white ‘jacket-like’ shirt, with a red collar and sleeve cuffs. The Skirt is pleated-red, and goes a few inches above the knee. An older girls uniform is in two pieces. A white long sleeved shirt, and a scarlet red dress falling down to the knees. Boys Uniforms have yet to be decided on.

    ::Divinitus Academy & University:

    Divinitus might very well be the most prestigious of the Tri Schools. It is a co-ed Collage & Highschool. Contains dorms, small apartments, and many other specialties. Most known for it’s executive classes! The “Elite” social class of people prefer going here. As well as most of the ‘Autumn Society’ Members.

    The school colors, and uniforms for Divinitus have yet to be decided on. Though the headmaster is leaning towards dark blues and blacks.

    ::Angélique Grâce Academy: See Uniforms

    Angélique is an all girls school, classes ranging from Kindergarten thru Collage courses. It contains dorms, small apartments, and many specialties. Most known for it’s scientific classes. The Headmaster of Angélique, Shizuko Renga, seems to be feared by the student population.

    The colors of Angélique are fuchsia, light blue, and ivory. The school uniforms are in three pieces. The shirt is a short sleeved ivory. The Jacket is long-sleeved fuchsia with light blue cuffs. The skirt is pleated, fuchsia with light blue strips and comes a few inches above the knees. The uniforms also come with a sash and a tie.

    Dictionary of Terms

    The Tri Council: A mysterious group of representatives & parents from each of the Tri schools. Little is known about who they are, what they do… but they always make the most important decisions and provide funding for the schools.

    The Autumn Society: A social group formed by the most popular of the Tri schools. Being accepted into this ‘clique’ almost guarantees you success and happiness in your life… At least that’s what everyone believes.

    A Group of Gossiping Girls: This irritating group of girls pops up everywhere at totally random times to “spread news” about the people in the Shakai RPG. Their purpose is to give a good, yet “twisted” summary of whats going on with the characters. They can be used freely by all, but remember you have to gossip about EVERYONE!

    Code of Conduct

    With the generous donations made by the people of Tokyo, the Tri-Schools are able to hold various events which most students enjoy very much, including the Love In Life festival, a New Year’s celebration, and many others. To keep these events fun for all, though, we must abide by certain rules and codes of conduct at school.

  • No magic, special powers, or super hero-ness!
    This is a normal social type rpg. No weird battles of evil do’ers unless of course your spiking the milk in the lunch room!

  • Multiple characters aloud AS LONG as you play a variety in personalities.
    Don’t just play all popular people or jocks, or nerds! If you play more then one character, give a variety! Everyone seems to want to play ‘outcasts’. Who are you supposed to hate if no one plays the ‘bitches’?

  • Don’t take it personally.
    Since popularity and typical high school yukiness is involved there will be some conflicts between characters. Just remember it’s only in the RPG, NOT anything personal!

    Academic Life

    Academy life is a rich and rewarding experience. With modern technology at your fingertips, it is now possible to travel the world without even leaving your chair! In addition to being able to access the Internet from almost every dorm room, the Tri-Schools offer now a possible scholastic first–, a location for all students to go online and swap notes, compare research material, and make use of the fully-functional chat options. The following is a list of all registered students and which school they are attending.


    Welcome, students, on behalf of the Autumn Society at the Division of Shugyo Erito Prep. We hope the coming year will be a good and fulfilling one. Shugyo Erito is always dedicated to giving the best education, as well as making student life enjoyable for everyone.

    The Autumn Society has grown over the past year, and we’re pleased to see such enthusiasm amongst our new members. The Society, which has divisions at all three schools, is here to recognize those students who’ve had great academic achievements and have been an active member in the student body. It is our goal to make sure the best students get the best out of their school year. We participate in many school activities and contribute to the school community as much as we can. Hopeful and prospective students are welcome and encouraged to apply for the Autumn Society. For members, the annual banquet to welcome new members will be held in the first week of September.

    Thank you, and have a good school year!

    Kagemori Arashi,
    President of the Autumn Society, Shugyo Erito Prep

    Divinitus=diamond back rattlesnake
    All girls school=peacock

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