Genre: Modern Goth/Vampire
Rating: PG-13 Minimal Cursing. Violence. No Blatant Sexual Scenes.
Timeline: Present Date

It is a modern gothic styled Earth (a cross between Underworld and Generic Fantasy?) where vampires, demons and werewolves very much exist and prey on the unsuspecting. There are those that call themselves Slayers; some traveling from place to place cleaning out the dangerous trash and some that stay to protect their home towns or cities. The world itself is a cross between modern earth and a victorian styled middle ages. There are huge bustling cities filled with technology and small towns built with nothing but sweat and time. The theories on where these beast of evil came from vary from religious to evolution, and all Slayers seem to have their own methods. Religion is also as varied – to worshiping a single God or many. Prophecies made by psychic are highly regarded by everyone as Truth. A real Psychic is rarely wrong when making a prophecy. In fact, there is one recent prophecy that is frightening the world – a tale of One that will rise from the fires to seek it’s revenge on ancient blood.


A Slayer is someone that specializes in taking care of supernatural disturbances. A Slayers job usually depends on their personal preference. Some work as more of private detectives, solving minor problems – others are like assassins, getting rid of great evils. Not all Slayers are good, just as not all supernatural beasts are evil. A bad Slayer may see fit to kill every vampire they see, regardless of innocence. Or they may blackmail people to gain higher pay for doing services.

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