Something Diabolical

Genre: Modern Occult Supernatural
Rating: R – Violence, Cursing, Naughty, Etc.
Mood/Style: A dark atmosphere filled with evil and creepyness!
Location: New York City
IC Located:
Accepting Characters: YES
Special Playing Systems?: “Hookup”. I will be pairing up players personally in their own threads.
Posting Expectations: Ideally players will be paired with other players that have similar time schedules and posting habits. It will vary.

Something Diabolical…

Beckoned by destiny, blessed by one sin and then condemned to bare the burden. A curse of consequence that can never be averted, a debt never evaded and sure to be paid. It’s how he is born…

One sin made to gain a special gift – a gift that in the end only brings misfortune.

You are one of the Sinned. To gain power, you made a deal with a Devil. Maybe you had good intentions or maybe you’re very bad… Either case, your gift has come with a price. One sin one soul. “It’s only a tiny little sin…” may have been what you were told. Steal. Vandalize. Fights. Kidnapping. Murder. The sin is different for everyone. In return your granted power is everything you desired. You accomplished what you set out to do. But the Devils are tricky things. Desire become corrupted. Life is not what you expected.

And that Devil is coming to collect the rest of your debt.

You can play one of the Sinned, one of the Devils, or even some random normal person. That is up to your imagination. A Sinned is someone who made a deal with a Devil for power and now they must deal with the consequences. Devils are usually a kind demon that can come in any shape or form. They wish to collect souls, most because they EAT them and others because souls are such good batteries for power. The story itself will become about your characters. The sins you made. What you might make. What you chase, what you run from.

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