Genre: Sci-Fi Fantasy
Rating: R
Location: The Cryol Galaxy
Timeline: Futuristic

In the land of Brynoth there is much strife as a bunch of Underworld beasts have near destroyed the lands. The wizards of the Penta Order come together to finally combine their power and lock away the demons forever… but the demons open up a portal and escape in to a completely different dimension! The wizards follow them and find this new place is very technologically advanced. Based on science and machinery. Confusing… and they don’t even believe in magic! They must attempt to assimilate in to the culture of this universe while they hunt down the escaped demons. …Before those demons cause damage across multiple worlds!


The original Spellcraft game was by Kage and was initially much different than this. However, I loved the idea behind it so much I asked if I could steal the game, and thus my own version of Spellcraft was born!

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