Star Children

Genre: Present Date Sci-fi
Rating: PG13/R
Location: Boles, New Mexico

Falling Stars

It was nearly 18 years ago during the late summer when the night sky of the Western United States saw shooting stars. Though the occurrence itself isn’t
uncommon, when they began to strike the ground, the government and citizens
took notice. What was found at all the craters was not lumps of rock and
ice, but babies.

It was a curious discovery and many of the babies where taken into custody by the government, but not nearly all. Tests were ran on the babies, and
though there where some unusual results it was not conclusive enough for
the government to allow the military to keep these small ‘illegal aliens’.

The children the government claimed went up for adoption and started new lives with their new families. The government never forgot the children though
and kept tabs on all of them. They where not the only ones keep track of
these falling babes…

Though there was something very odd about the children’s biology, none of the government labs could figure out what. Then on May 17th the blood and
tissue samples the government had started behaving very strangely. In fact
they were all destroyed so completely there wasn’t enough to test to begin to
find out what happened. Strange things where happening to those now teens as

The “Storks”

Once there was a sub-continent known as Atlantis. Everyone on Earth knows the legend of how it sunk into the sea. It is also widely known that the
Atlantians where sophisticated in their science. Just how sophisticated is
not known. Long before their home was swallowed by the oceans, the
Atlantians were traveling space.

Many had abandoned their home for the stars and so when the great flood
came, they where more than prepared to move on and leave Earth to their
‘younger cousins’. Earth has become almost a national park to the
Atlantians. Few travel there due to it’s statues as a preserve. Criminals
try to hide there, officials that follow them, and there are the
occasional adventurers that like to see the rustic. Other then that no one
pays mind to the home planet.

It was the perfect place to hide the children.

The children themselves were created as weapons. The next step in
evolution, so said the war mongers. When five young researchers found out
the true purpose of the infants that they helped to create, they decided
that they wouldn’t let their work be used for the purpose of violence.
Especially when talk of expanding was being discussed by the military.

In what could be considered one of the greatest thefts/kidnappings in the
history of the Atlantian Empire, the 5 scientists took the children,
destroyed ~all~ research about the babies and in a stolen ship took off to
parts unknown.

There was only one safe place, Earth.

After sending the babies planet side the scientists took on the family name
Stork. Their purpose was to keep track of all the children and insure they
got to enjoy normal lives. It was also a sentence of exile for the
researchers, as they felt guilty for their part in creating weapons out of

Due to the advances in health, the Storks, though now in their 40s and 50s
all look to be in their late 20s or early 30s. They also have a longer life
span and access to a great deal of technology that they brought with them.

Troubled Teens

The children the government put up for adoption were visited by a ‘social
worker’ at least once a month. Them and their families where given extensive
medical coverage by the government though every check up was done at a
military base. Other then that, their childhoods and the childhoods of those
children the government did not find, were quite normal. For the most

The ‘Star Children’ never seemed to get sick. Not a cold, or the flu. The
only times they ever broke a bone had been those children that were in a
situation where it was a miracle that they even survived. Not one of these
children suffered from SIDS, all have 20/20 or better vision, perfect
hearing and never even needed braces. In fact there where no hereditary
disability in any of the children. They where very close to being perfect.

However there is no such thing as a perfect child. They had the same
attitude problems, emotional upsets and plain stubbornness as any child.
Most did excel in either school or sports, but that had a lot more to do
with pressure from parents and family.

It is now senior year for all the teens. The pressures of test and what
will happen after graduation are upon even those that pretend school isn’t
important. On May 17th they all woke up to strange new abilities and the
world was never the same.

It is now May 20th, 3 days since everything changed.

General Abilities

Though all children are not created the same, they share the ability to
sense others like themselves. They are stronger, faster and their senses
more acute then other people. The best thing though, is the ability to fly. Unlocking the telekinetic power of self levitation was an import part of the research, as it was something almost unheard of in anything but fantasy and dreams. This doesn’t mean that their flying is perfect.

Each child has a very specific power, aside from their natural abilities. Either over an element, a psychic gift, or something obscure like speaking with inanimate objects. No two children have the exact same abilities, though many abilities may be similar.

Character Possibilities

There are currently four types of characters available.

The Children: All Star Children are 17-18 years old (depending on birth month chosen), and should be in their senior year in high school. (depending if they flunked or not!) A HUGE majority of them grew up Boles with their adopted families, though a few that were never discovered by the government have recently come to the town by an inexplicable pull. It has been three days since they have discovered their powers.

Friends and Family: The friends and family of the Star Children. This can be parents, friends that go to their school, teachers, or random people that are involved indirectly in the lives of the Star Children. Most have no idea about their children’s past, though a few were once agents of the government and adopted children under orders.

US Government: Agents of the government who are assigned specifically to the Star Children case. They may be disguised as teachers, parents, social workers… anyone indirectly related to the children. They have been watching the children for several years, and would be immediately interested to know if they had anything ‘strange’ about them. The children would NOT want the government agents to discover their secret.

The Storks: The five scientists that hid the children on earth. They have been close by watching the children since they landed. They have always been around in one form or another to help and guide them, and continuously protect the children behind the scenes. The Storks also share the natural abilities like the students, like above average intelligence, stronger bodies, etc, but do not have any magical gifts.

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