Stargate: De’av Project

Genre: Modern Sci-Fi & Space Travel Based on STARGATE Universe.
Rating: R – Cursing, Violence and Bad Stuff Allowed
Mood/Style: Action adventure with plenty of comedy and dashes of drama!
Location: Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado Springs, Colorado And Random “Planet of the Day”.
IC Located: Sci-Fi
Accepting Characters:
Posting Expectations: Daily = Heaven, Every other day or Weekly = Just Right, Less than that makes frownie faces.
Basic Plot: Based in the Stargate universe, a team of characters will be doing their job of exploring new worlds through the gate and handling the issues that develop. Main plots are focused on the lives of the characters themselves.
NOTES: You don’t need any knowledge about Stargate to play. We’re not planning cannon universe setting. :D We allow bullshitting when necessary.

Stargates. Created by an ancient alien race linking together worlds across the universe. One has been under secret lock and key under Cheyanne Mountain in Colorado. Their “Brainy Old Men” have been working on it’s mysteries and uncovering coordinates to many new worlds for exploration for the past years. …Until recently, where nearly the entire team of archeological fogeys have ended up dead one way or another. No one has been accused of foul play, and with nothing dangerous seeming to come up in the investigations… a new team of specialists have been called in to take their place. The De’av project is ready to start hunting down new discoveries!

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