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  • Icarus 005: Suspicious Doctor Sam

    Icarus 005: Suspicious Doctor Sam

    [Ava made sure to have her clothes back on before heading back for the ship.] -10:35 Jun 15 [Zeke if with her and with a brace of spears. Someone must protect the future mother.] -10:37 Jun 15 Ava: Ava hadn’t bothered to wash off any of the paint. She was actually pretty proud of it! […]

  • Icarus 004: Village Ceremony

    Icarus 004: Village Ceremony

    [Zeke is already out and helping witht he preperations for the ceremony!] -12:40 Jun 14 [Ava is sleeeeeeping in a tree. She is kiiiinda getting used to this.] -12:42 Jun 14 Ava: Midday naps were not Ava’s thing. …Usually! But after a couple nights of little sleep, when it was suggested she stay put in […]

  • Icarus 004: Hunting

    Icarus 004: Hunting

    [Zeke in in his shelter ofter a long, dark night and is still on the floor on top of a mat without any covering whatsoever.] -07:04 May 09 [Ava is sleeping. Which is good, because it took her quite awhile to fall asleep!] -07:09 May 09 Ava: Camping out in the wilderness and sleeping on […]

  • Icarus 003: Wading

    Icarus 003: Wading

    [Zeke has just seen the leader of the ‘alien’ visitors and it still cradling a baby.] -06:49 May 06 [Ava had a chat with Commander Dad, and it wasn’t as bad as she thought! She just has to take Zeke for an eval, and then she can go play..er… study the zoots!] -06:50 May 06 […]

  • Icarus 002: Goons with Guns

    Icarus 002: Goons with Guns

    [Ava had awoken in the middle of the night to sounds that may as well of been nightmare fuel. Checking in with her camp resulted in what sounded like disaster and the jungleman had abandoned her with his zoots! Now she was struggling to get radio contact through.] -07:40 Apr 15 [Zeke Has been out […]

  • Icarus 001: The Man in the Jungle

    Icarus 001: The Man in the Jungle

    [Zeke Has been stranded on a strange alien works ever since he was an infant. The only other make of humanity on the planet is the crasjed deep exploration ship [i]Icarus[/i] and the skeletons within.] -09:50 Apr 12 [Ava is a researcher and an explorer, who was -supposed- to stay within the “approved zone”… but […]