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  • Madeline King

    Madeline King

    Painter that works as an art restorer at a museum. She wins a contest to meet her MUSIC IDOL. One she has been a #1 fan of since she was a teenager.

  • Your Starr 010: Music Video Surprise

    Your Starr 010: Music Video Surprise

    [Drake has pizza ans is geading up strairs towards Maddie’s place.] -06:53 Jun 15 [Madeline probably had the best date in the history of dates, now if only she hadn’t fallen asleep before jumping the bones of her real live popstar boyfriend. Next time she sees him, she’s gonna fix that!] -06:54 Jun 15 Madeline:…

  • Your Starr 009: Dance Club Secret

    Your Starr 009: Dance Club Secret

    [Madeline has her mp3 player plugged in to the stereo and if she lived in a better neighborhood, she’d prolly be getting a noise complaint for playing Preston Starr for the whole south side to hear.] -07:16 Jun 07 [Drake Is about to call maddie hor a surplise date.] -07:18 Jun 07 Madeline: If you…

  • Your Starr 008: Frenemies

    Your Starr 008: Frenemies

    Madeline: By miracle Maddie made it to work on time. What -wasn’t- a miracle was her over curious boss asking a lot of really weird questions. It wasn’t until after lunch that she was shown a fresh printed page straight off an online gossip magazine that Maddie realized what all the staring was about. There…