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[Madeline has her mp3 player plugged in to the stereo and if she lived in a better neighborhood, she’d prolly be getting a noise complaint for playing Preston Starr for the whole south side to hear.] -07:16 Jun 07
[Drake Is about to call maddie hor a surplise date.] -07:18 Jun 07
Madeline: If you were going to do household chores while one of your paintings was drying, it was a lot more fun when the music was cranked up high. Of course half the time she was more busy singing to her underwear and dancing than putting up her laundry. -07:19 Jun 07
Drake: Madeline’s phone rang and on the other side a pop star waited. "Maddie!" he said when she answered and then outside her window pressed the horn. "I was wondering if you wanted to come with me to a photoshoot." -07:21 Jun 07
Madeline: "What?" Crap! She wasn’t thinking about the music when she answered, she had just saw his name on the screen and immediately answered. Now she was dashing across the living to turn off the music and actually be able to hear. "I mean, Hi…!" At the sound of the horn she was stepping over to the window and peering outside. Maddie grinned wide as she leaned on the window sill. "I know I said your fancy cars are gonna get stolen out here, but I can’t seduce you in to my bedroom if you won’t come to the door!" -07:26 Jun 07
Drake: He looked out the window and grinned up at her. "Like I said I have work to get to but I’d like you there too, come one as you are it will be fun… and there are showers and changes of clothes there." -07:30 Jun 07
Madeline: Eeee! In her head she was already squealing about getting to play around and try on some of the stage clothes they keep around for photoshoots. And why stay at home cleaning listening to the stereo when she could hug and kiss on the real deal all day? There was a soft sound of ridiculous giggling before the phone hung up and she disappeared from the window. After a few moments she was stepping out the door and locking up, having only tossed on a jacket and some shoes, and was clearly trying not to bounce her way to his car. "…so about that shower! Does that come with or without a pop star companion in it?" -07:35 Jun 07
Drake: He checked as she entered the car and he out it in gear. "So you already want to see me naked… but then you have since before you actually met me." he grinned at her. "I’ll be working…" he pulled the car away and started heading down the street. "After work though I have something special planned." -07:38 Jun 07
Madeline: Dammit, it didn’t matter how many dates they had been on, it was still embarassing when crazy stalker fangirl Maddie was brought up. She tilted just a bit to see if she could catch any redness in her window reflection. "Then I won’t distract you or get in the way while you’re working. But if you keep showing up like this on my weekends, you’re gonna have to let me borrow Nanny McBadass so I can actually get my chores done." -07:42 Jun 07
Drake: "She’s yours for a day if you want her, though I think she’d wather straiten you up than your appartment." he glanced at her with a warning look before he turned onto the road leading to the studio where the photoshoot would take place, which was actually pretty close to Maddie’s appartment. "I promise next time I show up during a weekend I’ll go in the front door and stay in." -07:46 Jun 07
Madeline: She was grinning again, despite the fact she could imagine all sorts of ways his Nanny would ‘straighten her up’. Maddie was pretty sure it’d involve a lot of stern shouting and a couple beatings. "I guess I don’t really reach the British standard of perfect popstar fiance. Now does that promise mean for the whole weekend or forever?" Of course she was teasing, but there was that little squeaky part of her hoping he’d say forever, and another screaming part telling her to stop being a psycho. -07:52 Jun 07
Drake: He glanced at her again and drummed his fingers on the wheel. "I was thinking when we reach that stage we could add an arty studio to my place. It’s bigger and in a better neighborhood." he started slowing so he wouldn’t miss the studio while at the same time wondering how serious Maddie was being. -08:00 Jun 07
Madeline: An art studio for her at his place when they reached it. She’d have melted in to her seat if she weren’t trying to subtly peer out the corner of her eye to spy and see if he were just playing the whole ‘what if’ game, or actually being serious. "I admit I’d sleep better not having to worry about you getting kidnapped out of my bed by some sort of crazy fangirl gang…" -08:06 Jun 07
Drake: "Believe it or not those are real." he said putting on the indicator and slowing the car further as the stodio came up on the right. D, a friend of mine had trouble with them." turning into the gated parking lot he found a spot and parked and killed the engine before turning to look at Maddie. "So you would give up your appartment?" -08:10 Jun 07
Madeline: Now was one of those moments she had to bite her tongue from immediately blurting out HELL YES and clambering out of her seat to molest him. Which just ended up with her looking like a lovesick puppy, dying for cuddles. "I’d get to wake up with you everyday, I think that’s a pretty good trade in for selling my apartment." …and that was too sappy! That was almost painfully embarrassing, and she looked as much. "Um, maybe we should get you to work and get me some of those dressing room snacks to stuff in my mouth before more stupid comes out?" -08:17 Jun 07
Drake: He reached out and placed his hand on her neck and pushed his lips into hers briefly before opening his door and getting out. "Right, I’ll take you to wardrobe and let you get kidnapped so you can pick out something to wear out dancing later, yes we’re going dancing and no on but Maddie is allowed to dance with me." he flashed her a grin as he pushed open the studio door and entered the building. -08:22 Jun 07
Madeline: A kiss ~and~ dancing! Dancing with him was probably the second best thing. Right behind getting to hear him sing, up close and personal. Maddie gave up trying to play it cool and contain excitement, she was bouncing up and down on her feet any time he wasn’t looking in her direction and there was no killing her grin. "Fancy photo clothes for dancing! This will be boss! Fashion model boots and sequuuiiiins, it’ll be just like a music video!" -08:30 Jun 07
Drake: "That is exactly what I had in mind." he said walking over to the coutch where two mugs of tea were already waiting in mugs with thier names on them and sat down pulling his towards himself and patting the coutch next to himself for her to join him. "I’m sure if you describe somethign they’ll be able to find something similar." -08:34 Jun 07
Madeline: Maddie plopped on the cushion next to him, and she was still bouncing and grinning like mad. The expression didn’t vanish until she picked up the mug and realized not only was there one waiting there like they expected her, it had her name on it too. That had to be the coolest thing EVER. Madeline King. Important enough for a mug. "I have my own cup now? Now I gotta try not to steal this… I don’t think they’ll let me walk out in their clothes and with the mug." She was grinning even while she sipped. -08:41 Jun 07
[Drake enters.] -09:04 Jun 07
[(Timeout) Drake was consumed alive by feral plot bunnies.] -09:07 Jun 07
Drake: "There’s half a dozen in the kitchen, one missing isn’t going to hurt too much." he said winking at her. "Actually you should just ask for a clean one to take home." he sipped his tea and sighed, british nannys really did make the best tea. -09:10 Jun 07
Madeline: "There’s not actually a dozen of them with my name on it. That’d be crazy." Although she could totally see them doing that for those diva stars that liked to throw and break stuff. She nearly choked on her tea giggling at the thought. Maddie leaned to bump her shoulder against his. "So what’s the agenda? I play with clothes while you look pretty for pictures? Do I get to sneak some pictures out again too?" -09:14 Jun 07
Drake: "It’s for the interview we did, a big magazine wanting exclusive pictures. It won’t take very long, but right after that we’re going out. One of outr last chances to before Germany and I’m going to be deep in the hype maching for the build up to the tour and I have an appearence at a high school on Teusday. Tomorow though I want to wake up next to you." -09:18 Jun 07
Madeline: "…saying stuff like that makes me want to take off all my clothes, not go change them." Resist. Resiiiiiist. Futility! Her mug was set down, and though she was careful not to pounce and make him spill his own, she was still capturing his face with her hands and planting a hard kiss on him. "I’m gonna find the coolest damn outfit EVER and we’re going to dance until 3am so I am too tired to sex you in to a coma!" -09:25 Jun 07
Drake: Her kiss was returned and he smiled against her lips wickedly as he teased her lips with his after she had spoken. "What if I want to have sex tonight?" he mused placing his mug down and putting an arm around her. "But we’ll dance until late and see what happens." he pulled away and then picked up his mug again to take another sip. "I do want you to wear something nice for me. I know I’ll be dressed and made up." -09:29 Jun 07
Madeline: "You’re so lucky you have to work, cause you would sooo not be getting away with cockteasing if we were at home." Now Maddie was seriously thinking about throwing mugs just to jump on him. She very quickly stood up and pointed in what she hoped was the right direction. "That way?" -09:36 Jun 07
Drake: He looked at her and then grinned. "Right, find Andy and he’ll sort you out. I’ll finish my tea and then get to work. Take your time and find the perfect dress, this is an important night and I’ll tell you why later." he drained his mug and stood slowly to shrug off his jacket and dump it on the coutch. Then he was joining Maddie in the wak towards the wardrobe, behind her of course. -09:40 Jun 07
Madeline: He was behind her, so she couldn’t do her bouncy walk. But she was grinning like a fiend. Holding back the snappy come back of ‘As important as the night you proposed’ because she was too busy thinking about how neat it would be if he actually did it while she was sober. She’d die. When she found the dressing room door, Maddie was still floating on that grinny daydream cloud and completely forgetting she didn’t have any right to boss around his crew! "I need clothes! SEXY comfortable to dance in clubbing clothes! With sequins and leather and some really awesome boots!" She knew -exactly- what she wanted! -09:46 Jun 07
Drake: Drake went into another room and was met by a team that knew exactly what to do and in no tim he was undressed, redressed, had a towel arounf his shoulder and was in the stylist’s chair as he pulled the makeup and hairdressing tray over and got to work. It was ruitine and Drake liked to work with the same people each time so they all knew what they had to do. Drake liked to think about it as a racing team’s pit crew and he was the car… okay maybe that was silly but it was how it worked. Soon he wasbeing hurried down the harr towards the room where the camera crew and magazine’s editor were waiting. -09:53 Jun 07
Madeline: Maddie had an artists eye. She knew what she liked and what she didn’t when she was offered choices. Pink was never sexy, at least not the sexy she was thinking. Madeline King was thinking dance club bombshell seductress sexy! And she wanted sparkle. She was also pleasantly surprised at how nice and totally willing to play dressup with her they all were! Which was awesome! By the time she was done giggling like an idiot they had her glitzed and glammed up like some sort of super model. She was feeling very proooowly by the time she started down the hall where they directed her. She could seduce a popstar like this! -10:05 Jun 07
Drake: "Maddie!" Drake called as soon as he saw her. "We just need to do one last picture so get over here." He held out his arm for her to slip under it as the cemera man got ready. "Both of us and no smearing your lipstick!" He teased her lightly and grinned. "But first let me say this, you’re looking a lot like a pop star yourself… I mean wow. Looking to start your own career?" -10:09 Jun 07
Madeline: "Maybe! If I could sing a note without sounding like a wailing fish… I’m thinking more like best dressed restoration painter ever?" Forget the camera! Maddie was feeling pouncy and powerful. It was amazing how a little bit of make-up and a hot dress could make a girl feel like a million bucks. She curled her arms around his waist, raising up on her toes to nuzzle his cheek. "Are you sure you don’t wanna mess up my lipstick? Better to do it now when we can go down the hall and have them fix it." -10:15 Jun 07
Drake: "No, hecause you need to smile up the camera and look like you love me, not like you want to devour me like a feral beast." he kissed her forehead and then looked at the with an award winning charming sloghtly goofy and alltogether endearing and lovestruck smile that had been practiced over many hours before the camera clicked and the man behind it gave the thumbs up. "Like it or not we’re a celebrity couple and that’s just part of the Drake slash Preston package." -10:23 Jun 07
Madeline: Smiling like a love silly fool was easy. Because she was giggling and hugging him again and more than happy to do it for a picture she was definitely going to keep. And it was lucky the second part had come after the picture was already taken, because it was like a splash of cold water. "Celebrity couple, right…" Did HE smile for real for his picture? Now she was stepping back, giving that nervous weird laugh and trying to play it off like she got it. When really her head was spinning with all sorts secondguessing. "I know! I know, it’s the dress talking. I’ll behave…" -10:28 Jun 07
Drake: He felt the shift in her mood and his head turned sharply his eyes locking on hers and a hand coming up to rest against her cheek. "Not that kind of celebrity couple Maddie." he took a breath and placed the other hand on her waist. "Things are real between us Maddie but this… all of this is a big part of my life, it’s a big part of what you need to accept if you want to be a part of it too." He leaned forwards and panted his lips into hers not even noticing the camera clicking again. "I want going to wait until after Germany to tell you this Maddie but I love you. Now should he get your lipstick fixed and go dance like it’s the last night on earth?" -10:46 Jun 07
[Drake enters.] -11:02 Jun 07
Madeline: Oh. She was so dead. So melt to the floor, out of body, done in, bury her in the ground because she would never breathe again deeeead. "I love you." Not an I love you too, or an automatic response. A real, bewildered, dizzy with feeling… suddenly going to cry Maddie confession! Her arms went around his waist again and she was ducking her head under his chin to hide her face before that camera guy or worse, Drake saw her getting all teary and stupid. And tried to hide a sniffle with another laugh. "You always surprise me!" -11:02 Jun 07
Drake: His hand slid down to rub her spine before he transpered her to an arm under her shoulder to walk with her out of the shot and to another couch to sit with her where she could lean on him as much as she wanted. "That’s a good thing. I would never want you to get bored of me… and see tonight is already important so when you’re ready you can claim me as much as you want on the dance floor." He was smiling and brushing his fingers through her hair. -11:08 Jun 07
Madeline: "You surprise me and then I’m love struck and entranced and I don’t even know what to do with myself." She laughed for real that time, a soft breathy and completely at herself as she straightened and fussed with trying to wipe her fingers under her eyes to sweep any escapee tears before she wound up smearing makeup and looking like one of those train-wreck nightmare girls. "You’ve made a Maddie monster, you’re definitely mine for the night." -11:15 Jun 07
[(Timeout) Drake was sacrificed to the gods of Roleplay by a vicious tribe of rampaging plot bunnies.] -11:19 Jun 07
Drake: "Well come on, we’ll get you fixed up and then head out, right now. I know where I want to go and we’re going to have fun, then I think you need food in you and maybe I do too. Teling a girl you love her is scary even for me." He stood pulling her up with him and started walking towards the door. -11:19 Jun 07
Madeline: Maddie was in loooove. Dressed like a fox and walking in to a club with Preston Starr, and all she could do was smile and stare. Lovestruck was such a good word, cause the moment those words had come out of his mouth she had been struck right off the planet and was now floating around in mindless bliss. She didn’t even seem to notice that the place was a lot more controlled than the typical club. -11:29 Jun 07
Drake: It was a typical club, just filled with actors and now the stars of the show. He wasnted Maddie in the music video but if she knew whe would clam up so he wouldn’t tell her and when it first aired she would be in his arms watching it in their hotel suit in Germany. He was nervous but used to hiding it as they entered and he guided her to the bar to sit for a little until he got the signal that everything was ready… -11:38 Jun 07
Madeline: She kept his hand even when they sat, at least until her crazy grinning was starting to make her cheeks hurt. Maddie couldn’t remember smiling that much in her life! She pressed her hands against her cheeks, willing some kind of control over her own expression, just winding up laughing in the process. "I can’t quit smirking! Now that you’ve already confessed your love, whacha gonna tell me at the end of tonight when we’re both silly drunk? I think we’re working backwards!" -11:46 Jun 07
Drake: "You’re probably right, I’ve shot my wad and now I have nothing… except you out with me, a drink, and you smiling so much I dont think I can not smile either. Your smile is infectious and you’re going to hive me smile wrinkles they they’re going to have to photoshop out of the pictures." he said with a genuine grin. "Now have a drink and we’ll dance until 3 am." -11:53 Jun 07
Madeline: "If that means I’m going to be with you until you’re all old and wrinklie, then I’m not even a bit sorry!" A drink, that was a good idea. She was giddy and bouncy and delerious. A drink would wind her back down so she wasn’t wanting to jump and squeal and giggle everywhere. Maddie really did want to spent the whole night dancing. When the glass was set in front of her it was gone in a second, complete with her being extra careful about that lipstick. The only way it was coming off was if he took it off. With his mouth. …and with that thought giggly Maddie was giving him that sly wicked look again. "Did you mean it about the maybe-sex tonight? Or are you still playing hard to get?" -12:00 Jun 08
Drake: "I said we’d see how the night goes, I’m giving you the chance to seduce me, much more fun for both of us than ‘I want to do a sex on you.’ ‘sure!’ or ‘let’s sex’ ‘okay!’ I’m sure you’ll agree. Now savor this one." Another drink was put in front of her and he sipped his. "I called ahead, this whisky has been aged for thirty years in oak barrels. Savooor it." -12:05 Jun 08
Madeline: That near-predator look was gone, and now she looked a little sheepish, and not too sure about it. Or herself, technically. She picked up the glass and siiiipped this one, not quite focused on the drink. "Uuuum, that’s assuming I’m any good at actually trying to seduce someone and not just…. Maddiying it up." -12:11 Jun 08
Drake: He turned towards her and smiled. "Maddie, just relax and enjoy yourself. I want to dance with you, I want to have fun with you and for you to have fun with me. So long as that happens I don’t care if you ‘Maddie things up’ because I love Maddie. He drained his glass and held out his hand, the signal passed and he smiled at her. "Mr. King, may I have this dance?" -12:23 Jun 08
Madeline: "You can have every dance." There was the smile again, wide and smitten. Her glass and stool was abandoned as she slipped out of her chair and took his hand. Just being Maddie was easy when he said stuff like that! -12:27 Jun 08
Drake: He lead her to the specific spot on the dance floor right as the music changed to a song he knew she hadn never heard before, one no one outside of the studio had ever heard before. "I hope you like it. It’s one of mine." -12:35 Jun 08
Madeline: "So that’s the big important thing!" New song! That was something worth getting whisked away to a special club date just to hear. Tugging his hand, she pulled him close. With her head tilted back as she grinned up at him and started to say. "This was a good reason to get dressed up and go dancing." -12:40 Jun 08
Drake: He put an arm aroung her and smiled down at her. "See I knew you’d like it." he kissed her forehead then he moved away to dance smoly at first, waiting for Maddie. "Come on, show me the girl I proposed to." -12:46 Jun 08
Madeline: Wild abandon dancing Maddie lost in an amazing song and blissful infatuation. That’s the Maddie she was imagining when she laughed. It didn’t take her long to mimic his movements, her focus on the song. She had to know the words, after all. The sound was different too, it wasn’t like his typical style! -12:52 Jun 08
[Drake enters.] -01:04 Jun 08
Drake: He was happy with what he was getting and lead Maddie in the direction he wanted the dancing to go and the rest of the people on the floor followed suit. "Don’t make me get you too drunk to remember again because i want to remember what happens tonight." he said with a wicked grin. "And I definatly want you to remember." -01:06 Jun 08
Madeline: Ooohooo, he was awful. Wonderfully awful. And hers. For real! …and he liked her for all her nonsexiness and stupid Maddie moments! She met his wicked grin with an unintentionally flirty smirk, reaching out to grip his shirt and pull him closer. "I won’t ever forget you love me, and I won’t ever let you forget how much I love you." She pulled him close enough and even leaned up on her toes and turned to head to kiss his cheek – but paused before she did. Giving a soft laugh and a wide grin. Maddie almost forgot her lipstick! No kissing yet. Just soft swaying to what was quickly becoming her favorite new song. -01:17 Jun 08
[(Timeout) Drake got too distracted for their own good…] -01:20 Jun 08
Drake: "Now who’s the tease?" he asked before the song ended and a playlist besigned for dancing started, Maddie was not getting off lightly and a few minutes later the clud would open for real, customers would come in and the actors would slowly filter themselves out in a seamless transition leaving Drake and Maddie to dance the nigth away. -01:20 Jun 08
Madeline: "I decided before we got here that this stuff isn’t coming off unless you kiss it off." And now she was the one giving a wicked smirk. Her free hand tugging his sleeve and pulling his arm around her waist so she could ease close enough to sway with bodies touching. "A game of… kiss chicken, if you will!" And this time it didn’t matter who won, Maddie would be pleased! She nuzzled softly against his cheek. "Iiiiif you’re brave enough?" -01:27 Jun 08
Drake: He would hve kissed her right there if it wasn’t for the cameras and he needed to make this last. "You already have your heard so set on winning, deciding like that." he whispered and turned to nuzzle his nose against hers is body grinding against hers. "But I don’t give up easily and you’re going to have to fight for every kiss you get." -01:30 Jun 08
Madeline: She loooooved this. Loud vibrating music, knowing he loved her, and thinking maybe there was a tiny little part of herself that really was sexy foxy Maddie and it wasn’t just the dress. Her smile was soft, even when she was leaning in to him. Sliding her hand back up his arm until her fingers were curling in to the nape of his neck. "The first time you kissed me, I thought the world had stopped turning." -01:38 Jun 08
Drake: "You were so starrstruck I didn’t know if it was me or my image you were kissing." he said "Now if you kess me tonight I’m sure it’s me you’re kissing and that’s all I need to know before I can have sex with you. So if you cave… and make the kiss good…" -01:43 Jun 08
Madeline: Urk…! Maddie could feel her stomach doing little butterfly flips. He wasn’t playing fair. He never did! …and somehow this was just one of a hundred and one reasons why she loved him! Her fingers curled in to his hair and she tilted her head, her mouth just barely brushing his ear when she whispered. "When I kiss you, there won’t be any starrs left in the world. Just Maddie and Drake. With your mouth on mine and every last scrap of clothes on the floor." -01:53 Jun 08
Drake: He turned his head to nip head ear with a wicked grin. "All you need is to put your lips on mine and you can like off your fantasies, out naked bodies tangled in the sheets, waking up still exhausted and spending the morning with nothing but each other. I understand if you want to wait though." -01:59 Jun 08
Madeline: One little nip sent her in to a fit of laughing before she was resting her forehead against his. Her fingers gently stroking the back of his neck, her body pressing up flush to his, hips smoothly swaying to the music’s tempo. "I could wait forever for one kiss from you. But I want you to kiss me. Kiss me now and I’m yours until it’s the last night on earth." -02:07 Jun 08
Drake: "I thought we agreed that is was." he said resting his head against hers as people started to filter in, that meant the filmis was over and… "Look at me." he de,amded and as soon as her lips were in a faverable position his found them, pushing in hard and he ran his tongue gainst them his hand sliding up her neck to grasp the back of it. -02:15 Jun 08
Madeline: He caved and her reward was sweet, knee weakening, brain fizzling bliss. Who cared about making a public scene, she wanted her kiss! A nip of teeth and flick of her tongue met his, her body melting against him while her arms circled around his neck. Maddie didn’t even breathe until she whimpered a soft dreamy sigh. -02:23 Jun 08
Drake: He massaged the back of her hand with his hand and then pulled away and taking her in his arm started walking off the dance floor. "You didn’t kiss me that means I still get to be a clit tease, so we’re going to my place, getting pizza, and then we’re going to be watching movies." -02:29 Jun 08

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