Your Starr 008: Frenemies

Your Starr

Madeline: By miracle Maddie made it to work on time. What -wasn’t- a miracle was her over curious boss asking a lot of really weird questions. It wasn’t until after lunch that she was shown a fresh printed page straight off an online gossip magazine that Maddie realized what all the staring was about. There it was a column by one Anna Heart. But instead of a nice little cheerful two or three sentences about herself and the usual praising of Preston Starr it was…. it was down right MEAN. Maddie spent the entire day being pissed off about it, even after work was done and she was stomping her way back home from the museum. -11:27 May 29
Anna Heart: And why was waiting on the corner outside the museum where Maddie had to pass on her way home? None other than Anna Heart, reporter! She was dressed in a simple shirt and jeans and looking very degected, one arm hugging herself and the other holding a bag with two plastic cups in it. "Madeline!" she called out seeing her and then took a causious step towards her. "Oh god you saw it didn’t you? I’m so sorry I wanted to do a little story but the editor thought it was too good to pass up, and excluside to the girl holding Preston Starr’s heart. He rewrote the phole thing adn I’m so. very. sorry. I handed in my resignation this morning." -11:56 May 29
Madeline: "DON’T EVEN try to talk to me!" Madeline stomped right past her, and didn’t even give the girl a second look. Which she should be THANKFUL for, cause Maddie kinda wanted to hit her. "Why should I even believe you! All cute and nice and ‘Yay Maddie!’ and the NEXT FREAKING DAY and suddenly I’m some gold digging slut?! You can suck it!" She was screaming this even while walking down the street regardless of whether or not the girl was following her. She wanted to be home where she could seethe in peace. -12:01 May 30
Anna Heart: "Because I came here to try and talk to you BEFORE you read it. I only foind out what he’d done to it when I way it published and I’m sorry." she was chasing after Maddie trying to keep up with her. "I don’t need to tell you what it’s like seeing your idol dating a fan just like you, it’s like fairytale come true, why would I want to ruin that? I quit my job over this and now I don’t know how I’m going to pay my rent or keep my cat. You don’t need to believe me you just have to hear me. I’m sorry Maddie." there were tears and a couple of sobs as she stopped walking. "I’m so sorry, I wanted to be your friend." -12:18 May 30
Madeline: Lying, stupid, bitch…! Even as Maddie was cursing a whole string of insults in her head, her pace was slowing to a crawl. Finally she just stopped and sighed. Sometimes bosses WERE assholes. And a real fan would never pull such a douchebag move, right? And the poor cat…! Maddie turned around, her arms crossed as she eyed Anna. "….No. It’s okay, gods, don’t cry!" And she was in it. Feeling bad for this girl, crossing the distance and giving her a hug. "You shouldn’t have quit your job! At least not without getting a new one first. It’s fine, okay?" -12:22 May 30
Anna Heart: "I don’t want to work with people who take my work and use it to tell lies just to get more readers. I became a journalist to tell the stories of the stars, the real stories, to make them human to the people who love them." she leaned against Maddie and put an arm around her. "I’m sorry you don’t want to hear this. I just feel so detrayed. I don’t know if I can keep writing anymore." -12:40 May 30
Madeline: "Well don’t do that." The last thing Maddie wanted to be was the end of someone’s career! Especially when she spoke so passionately about it. She herself would have a damn fit if anything got in the way of her painting. After another reassuring hug Maddie stepped back and offered a smile. "You know what? Fuck them! They had a totally awesome employee who had connections, and they blew it! I bet you’ll find a way better job now instead of some stupid online magazine. You should start applying at real magazine places!" -12:51 May 30
Anna Heart: There was a sniff and a small nod. "You’re right Maddie, you’re a wonderful person adn I’m glad Preston sees that. Oh! I got you an green tea… seems silly now I mean I though it would help you forgive me if I gave you somethign nice and warned you before hand." another sniff and she held up the cups. "I’m just… I wish this never happened. But at least I can freelance a bit now." -01:10 May 30
Madeline: Maddie took the cup gratefully and was happy that it actually tasted decent when she took a sip. She tilted her head in the direction of her house. "C’mon back to my place with me. We can print you out a resume and get some address of cool places to apply to. Freelancing had to be way cooler, anyway, right? You could submit articles to anybody and make them bid on who gets them!" -01:14 May 30
Anna Heart: "I’ll probably earn more too." she said actually cracking a small smile and sipping her own tea. "Thanks Maddie I knew you’d understand." Going to her appartment? Where she had Preston Starr all to herself? Scoop of the week right here. Now all she needed was an alias! -01:19 May 30
Madeline: "Yeeeaaah, I’m a dumb softie I guess." Maddie flashed a grin. A softie and a dummy, but it WAS nice to have a friend who understood. When Maddie reached her place, it was quick work to unlock her door and let them both inside. "Make yourself comfortable! I’ll go get my laptop, okay?" -01:27 May 30
Anna Heart: Oh to have a camera right now, this was it… She sat on the couch and ran her hand over the armrest. "It’s kind of funny trying to imagine Drake here." he said casually. "Has he been? Sorry I shouldn’t be asking it’s just… you’re dating the Preston Starr and… it’s almost too much like a story to be real." -01:33 May 30
Madeline: "I said aaaalmost that exact same thing yesterday! About it being like a Maddie heaven fantasy instead of like… reality!" she was responding from the other room, having shed her coat and left her cup sitting on the kitchette counter before she wandered in to her art studio looking for her laptop. "But yeah, he’s been here a couple of times! He’s calling it his third home now which is suuuuper cute. Although if I keep falling asleep in weird places, I’m gonna have to start leaving my clothes at his place. Work is getting super grumpy about me being late." There it was. She grabbed her computer and was back in the living in a jiffy. Plopping down on the couch as she opened it up. -01:37 May 30
Anna Heart: "Oh so you’re sleeping together? I should have expeted that with the proposal and everything." She moved closer to Maddie and glanced at the screen. "Before we get started do you mind showing me around a little bit? I know it’s a little bit on an intrusion but I’m curious… what do you say? I want to know the reall Madeline." -01:40 May 30
Madeline: "Um, not exactly sleeping together, no…" THAT was embarassing. There was no amount of want on Maddie’s part. And SHE understand the wait but… Liking this sudden change of subject, Maddie set the computer down and popped back up on her feet. "Sure! My place isn’t exactly big though. I mean, you can see pretty much everything from right here aside from the bedroom and my studio." -01:43 May 30
Anna Heart: "You have an art studio at home? Cool! All I have is a computer and photo printer and a shelf for my equipment. I’d make a joke about how much telephoto lenses wiegh but I don’t actually have one. I’ve always been more of a writer than a a photographer and those things are expensice of you don’t want distrtion." -01:47 May 30
Madeline: "Yeah! I rennovated the garage and the extra room and bathroom to be a studio! It’s actually pretty neat." Maddie led the way, pushing through the door that led in to big room. She flicked on the lights, and at least with Anna she was much less nervous at showing everything off. "I tried doing photography once but I bombed at it. Me and pictures just don’t get along. I can kiiiinda do sketching, but painting has always been my favorite! I paint every day. …except when Drake is around, he’s kind of distracting!" All the best kinds of distracting! Maddie wondered if she should leave him a text message just to see what he was doing… -01:51 May 30
Anna Heart: Lots of picturs of Preston… stalker? The crazy kind of fan? If Preston wasn’t sleeping with her then it could be spun that she had her claws in him and he knew it. The poor poor trapped starr. She needed a saviour. "I like them, you’re really good… if I even need an artist’s impression I’ll give you a call. Speaking of work… the sooner we get done the sooner I can get kibble for my cat and pay rent." -01:58 May 30
Madeline: "Oh, right! Yeah, looking at all my stuff isn’t all that helpful." A little embarrassed again (what is with her?! what was there to even be embarrassed about!) she led the way back to the living room and was once again plopping on the couch. She reached to the laptop and was already pulling up a resume program. "Start listing job qualifications, I can have this typed up in no time!" -02:01 May 30
Anna Heart: "Anna E. Heart, I studied journalism and photography a SNU from ’07 to ’10, graduated and intered ad Le Expose’ in Toronto for a year then got my cerrent job… writing your story was meant to be my big break… I don’t know if I should anymore." now she was looking sad again. -02:08 May 30
Madeline: "No, no! This is good! You quit, you weren’t fired. So your resume will look great!" Maddie was typing everything up quick. Adding a little bit here and there, knowing what potential bosses were always looking for. When she was done she hit print and the printer over on the kitchen counter was already printing it out. "Now I just gotta look up some good company numbers… what kind of magazines do you want to work for? The sky is the limit, you know." -02:11 May 30
Anna Heart: "I’ve always wanted to do celebrity news nad make it somehting other than sleezy infowhoring and printing lies for a buck, I guess I failed there. A celebrity news collumn in a good magazine would be nice. One where it’s not the main focus so no one will want to change my stories. I don’t want that happening ever again." -02:16 May 30
Madeline: "You’re gonna have hard work at that, but all the power to you! I wish more people in the world were like that." It took a bit of searching of a few job websites, but before long Maddie collected up a good number of different magazines, some local and some out of state that looked like they’d be cool places to work. Then they were sent to the printer! "Is there anything else I can do? I feel really bad about your job…" -02:23 May 30
Anna Heart: She shook her head. "No it’s my fault, I should have know they’d do this. The only thing that sells better than celebrity relationships is celebrity breakups and there are a lot of jealous girls out there who wish they were you and would want to swoop in if Drake got single again. You’ve done a lot already. Why don’t I give you my number?" -02:31 May 30
Madeline: "Um, sure! It’d be cool to have someone to talk to sometimes. I guess I don’t have a lot of friends outside of work." …that sounded like such a loser thing to say! It’s not like she was hurting for friends, she was just always so distracted with work or with painting. "Oh, hey, I’ll give you mine too! Maybe that’ll be way easier to contact me next time an unimaginable emergency happens?" Maddie gave a cheeky grin as she hopped up to get the papers from the printer. On one of them she scribbled down her cell phone number. -02:34 May 30
Anna Heart: This was perfect! "Great!" she scibbled down her number and took the papers, then hugged Maddie again. "Thanks so much for your help… if you ever need me to do anythign for you just ask. You’re a good person Maddie and us as friends will be unstoppable." -02:43 May 30
Madeline: "I don’t know about unstoppable, but definitely a force to be reckoned with?" Hugs were great! Maddie loved hugs! …she loved them better from Preston Starr, but beggers couldn’t be chosers! "You can call me and talk anytime if you want." -02:45 May 30

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