Your Starr 010: Music Video Surprise

Your Starr

[Drake has pizza ans is geading up strairs towards Maddie’s place.] -06:53 Jun 15
[Madeline probably had the best date in the history of dates, now if only she hadn’t fallen asleep before jumping the bones of her real live popstar boyfriend. Next time she sees him, she’s gonna fix that!] -06:54 Jun 15
Madeline: Maddie was already plotting. Maybe she would show up at his place, wearing nothing but a trench coat and a pair of hot ass heels. Wait, wasn’t that the way creepy ass stalkers did it? Scratch that! She needed to charm him in a whole better way! Like… hrrm. Dammit. She really sucked at this. Maddie plopped on her couch in defeat. Texting him with silly flirting will have to do. -06:56 Jun 15
Drake: There was a knock on her door and a gruff voice on the other side spoke. "Pizza for Madeline." he said using all of his trained skills to disquise his voice. He wanted to see her face when she saw him without expecting to, it would tell him a lot about how she felt. -06:58 Jun 15
Madeline: Crap. Did she sleep order pizza again? They had to put crack in those pizzas or something. Maddie was huffing when she rolled off the sofa and stomped to the door. Since when do pizza guys even know first names anyway? Once she swung the door open, she looked surprised! And it immediately melted in to a big wide grin with her bouncing slightly on her feet. "I was just thiiiiinking about you. You’re not dropping your music career for being a psychic, are you?" -07:01 Jun 15
Drake: "No, I’m just keeping that to the secret agent gig on the side." he teased opening the box facign her. Olives, green pepper, all the cinds of cheese, tomato, and pepparoni all on the thinest, crispiest crust available… so can I come in?" he grinned back at her and was glad he didn’t seem to be interupting anything. "I want your coutch and your arms and maybe some tea." -07:05 Jun 15
Madeline: "Oh you can come in, all right." Smiiirking, oh gods that joke was awful aaaawful and Maddie was mentally kicking herself as she stepped aside for him to enter and closed the door once he was through the threshold. Great! She wanted to seduce him all sexy like, and instead she was gonna to be as awkward as the first night they met… "Um… I’ll make tea then! Secret agents need their tea." -07:09 Jun 15
Drake: He raised an eyebrow at the joke but stepped in to place the pizza on the lounge table and shed his jacket to step towards the kitchen with her. "I haven’y seen you like this since the nigth I proposed… no, I’ve never seen you like this… is this because I admitted my feeling for you?" -07:11 Jun 15
Madeline: Maddie was reaching for the kettle and nearly fumbled it. Was she so obvious? She was! Had it been any other guy on the planet it wouldn’t have mattered, but this was him. He probably had a million women try to seduce him. …she had to be outstanding! "You tell a girl you love her, she gets a little goofy. Or I do when you do. It’s um… jesus I don’t even know what I’m saying I just want to kiss on you." Whelp, being smooth was thrown out the window. She peered at him from over her shoulder. "If you wanna go running scared, now is a good time!" -07:19 Jun 15
Drake: "I don’t want to run scared." he said holding out his arms. "In fact a kiss sounds great." he grinned at her and held his arms towards her gusturing her closer with his hands. "Kiss, tea, pizza, coutch… can I spend the night?" -07:22 Jun 15
Madeline: Tea kettle was abandoned on the counter, leaving her pouncing over the empty space to throw her arms around his neck and kiss him. Really kiss him! No shy kisses, or awkward kisses, or kiss chicken dare kisses! There was a nip, a nibble and a giggle when she pulled back just enough to nuzzle his cheek. "Oh, so you love me and that means you now have to ask permission to stay the night? Live with me forever!" -07:27 Jun 15
Drake: "I just wanted you to know I wanted to." he closing his arms around her and kissing the corner of her mouth. "And I thought we agreed on my place, with an art studio and us… eventually. Right now though tea, pizza, coutch, there’s something I want you to see." he kissed her again nipping her lip and tugging on it. "Meet you back there?" -07:31 Jun 15
Madeline: "You seem to have this all planned out. Have you been writing your own Preston Starr and Maddie May King fanfics?" That would be hilarious! But forget that, she was busy standing on her toes to kiss him again. She wanted to stay on the kiss part of this plan! "I wanna skip ahead. What comes after couch?" -07:38 Jun 15
Drake: "No skipping, we’re going this date right adn that pizza was pricey." he kissed the tip of her nose and untangled himself from her. "Like I said there is something you need to see, then you can try your patented Madeline King sexual seduction tecniques, but only in you play ball first." -07:43 Jun 15
Madeline: She almost quipped back that there was something she needed to see, and it was in his pants. Thank goodness she held that one back, even if her face did turn red for a moment as she quickly got busy with filling the tea kettle and putting it on the stove to heat up. "Who says I am trying sexual seduction techniques! You don’t see me in heels and a trench coat, do you?" -07:46 Jun 15
Drake: "No but I bet I wood." he shot back without missing a beat. "Got those in your closet?" he flashed her a grin before stepping backwardes and then turning to head to the coutch adn turn on the tv and put it on the right channel before mutering under his breath. ‘sex chicken?’ -07:48 Jun 15
Madeline: "Well not anymore, mister call maddie out on her sexy techniques! That trench coat is staying in the closet." If he was looking her way, she would have stuck her tongue out at him. Instead she was digging some cups out of the cuppard and now curiously wondering why he’d come over just to watch TV! …and then wound up just smiling and being all warm fuzzy about it. Her boyfriend coming over just for the fun of being with heeeeer. It was the cutest and sweetest thing in the universe. ….Gods dammit, she REALLY wanted to jump his bones now! -07:52 Jun 15
Drake: "well then I know one person who’s not going to get tackled naked to her bed and ravages by a starr tonight." He called back before takign a slice of pizza and leanign abck with it to take a bite. "New York style…. better hurry before it’s gone." -07:55 Jun 15
Madeline: "Kiss, tea, pizza, couch, that’s the order you gave me." And the only reason she was arguing it was because she was trying not to go tackle HIM to the floor. Tea bags went in to the mugs and as soon as the kettle was whistling, she filled them up with the hot water. Almost a little too quickly, as she nearly splashed herself with boiling water. Maddie took a deep breath. No rush, right? He was spending the night! With both mugs in hand, she returned to the couch. Setting them carefully on the table before plopping on the seat next to him. "Give me that pizza. Though I’d rather be nibbling on you for dinner." -08:04 Jun 15
Drake: "You’ll have to wait to engourge yourself on me until after coutch time." he said leaning over to kiss her neck before lacing the pizza in her lap and stealing another slice. "You’re just in time too, I like this song, but the one on next I looove. I think you do too." -08:07 Jun 15
Madeline: Now he was just teasing her. Giving random, maddie-melty kisses. She pulled an olive off her pizza to pop in her mouth and looked entirely broody about it! "It better be one of your songs, then. Are you debuting the ones off the new CD?" …maybe she was less broody then. Maddie hadn’t realized he had been working on a new video! She loved his videos! -08:10 Jun 15
Drake: "Same one as in the club we went to just a brand new video, I think you’ll like it. I coriagraphed the entire thign and oversay the editing, you may know the song but I hop the ending surprises you… here it is. Thsi is what I wanted you to see." he put an arm around her and chewed on his pizza, then seeing she liked the olived picked one off of his slides and pushed it against her lips. -08:13 Jun 15
Madeline: She took the olive along with a nibble of his fingers too before she started laughing and swatted his hand away. She couldn’t watch the video and be fed at the same time! "Hmm, oh! That’s the clothes you were wearing for the photoshoot the other day too!" She was watching, taking a few bites of pizza and tilting her head a bit. It was kind of weird watching the new video and know that was her boyfriend on the screen dancing with some chick. -08:18 Jun 15
Drake: "Yup! We shot it the same day." and he really did mean ‘we’ hr knew who that girl was and was a little surprised that Leslie didn’t recignize the dress. He didn’t want to ruin it though and just glanced at her while eating his pizza. Was that… jealousy? -08:21 Jun 15
Madeline: "Really? Was that before you came to get me?" She doubt he had enough time while she was fussing in the dressing room with his crew. Her slice was gone and she was leaning forward to grab her tea and have a sip. "Aahhh… I see. That place we to for dancing was where you shot it! I wish you would have picken me up sooner, I would’ve like to watch." Especially since his costar seemed to be all handsy on him. Oh man, was she going to be one of those angry jealous diva girlfriends? Maddie was just a slight bit huffy. -08:27 Jun 15
Drake: "That really wouldn’t have worked." he said getting ready when the face of the dancer came into view he would be ready to stop her spilling her tea even if it meant burning his hand a little. "I know that dancer really well, and we might even have kissed." -08:31 Jun 15
Madeline: Damned right it wouldn’t have worked! Maddie knew that very moment she was definitely the jealous kind of girlfriend and might have tackled some poor actress just for following choreography. Now she was really huffy, and prepared to accept the fact some super hot dancer, probably way hotter than herself had been getting all up and personal with her boyfriend. And when she saw her face the recognition didn’t hit immediately. …but when it did, Maddie was choking on her own tea and quickly setting it on the table before she killed herself. "Whatintheholyneverfuckhowisthatmeeee!" -08:39 Jun 15
Drake: He couldn’t help himself, ha laughed and almost best double, then he was putiing his arm back around her and kneeewwww he was in trouble. "That club was full of actors, I rented the whole place out and had cameras hidden. I knew you would be stunning but also knew if you knew you wouldn’t be able to relax… so not my girlfriend is going to stab me through the eye with a pain brush and I probably desurve it, but in my defence she looks great in that dress." -08:42 Jun 15
Madeline: "You jackass!" Oh she was mad! Stunned! And now on her knees on the couch swatting at him, in mortified yet weirdly pleased fury! "I said all kinds of kinky things at you, I probably made a full of myself to an entire bar full of actors!" But she was in a music video, and it was… actually awesome! Argh!! She swatted at him more! -08:45 Jun 15
Drake: He caught her hand and leand forwards putting his arms around her and pullign her hands behind her back with them as he rose and thier chests touched and thier faced were milimeters apart. "So what are YOU going to do to ME?" he asked staying just out of her kess range. "Or is that the other way around, I hear pop starts are into some crazy kinks these days. What if I’m one of those stars… do you have any silk scarves around or will I have to use your underwear to tie your hands to your headboard?" He was a bad bad bad bad bad bad bad man but he could not resist. -08:49 Jun 15
Madeline: "I’m going to beat you senseless is what I’m going to do! And tie YOU to the headboard!" Yes. Tie him to the headboard, that would be deliiicious. Wait, she was mad here and why were her hands behind her back? Maddie squirmed trying to get her hands loose. "In fact, yes tying you up sounds like a great idea. Then I will tickle you to death and not give you any kisses." …which easier said than done, because he was just sooo close to kissing range, if she could just lean up a little further. -08:56 Jun 15
Drake: His arms clamped around her and he flipeed her over as hs slid off the coutch and she foudn her solf on her back with him on top of her with his hands brushinf her hair. "You sure about that? Is that the super secret Maddie May King seduction tecnique because I am not feeling very seduced. You on the other hand looke likr you need a kiss and your hands free." -08:59 Jun 15
Madeline: There was a yelp when they rolled, and she was suddenly staring up at him with a bewildered look. That quickly faded to a defiant twist of her mouth. …despite the fact her stomach was a twist of butterflies and she could have likely descended in to a fit of purring if it weren’t the principle of the thing. "You’ll know when I’m trying to seduce you! Cause you’ll be swooning and breathless and begging meeee for all of the kisses." Like she wanted to do! Why was she even fussing? Maddie gave up and moved to tug at his clothes. She’d undress him herself if she had to. -09:09 Jun 15
Drake: He leaned down and nuzzled his nose against hers, a soft teasing touch. "I said I wated to see it… am I going to be disappointed tonight? Am I going to go home in the morning with you not having put the moves on me? If you want I could get up, you could go to the bedroom and call me when you’re ready… I want all of the Maddie moves, I think you’d much rather be able to say that you seduced preston star…" -09:12 Jun 15
Madeline: "Maybe you should stop talking and let me kiss you." Pffff, go to the bedroom. Maddie couldn’t walk even if she wanted to, he was making her feel like jello and that was just soft touching! Maddie huffed a sigh when she circled her arms around him and buried her face in to his neck. Nipping gently at the skin. "I dun want to seduce Preston Starr…. I want to make love with Drake. Sweet and fiesty and maybe even kinky love, since you put scarves in to my head." Another nip and a nibble, and a soft kiss against his neck. -09:19 Jun 15
Drake: "See, that is getting you somewhere." he said pulling his hands either side of her head and pulling her lips tp his so he could gently nuzzle his against hers. "But you still havn’t told me what you think of the video and there is still something I want before sex… I know making you wait is unfair but I’m sure you’ll understand when you hear what it is…" -09:23 Jun 15
Madeline: She was not as gentle, taking his mouth with hers with a firmer kiss. Teasing his lipswith her tongue before grinning against his mouth. "I love it. I didn’t think I could ever look or be like that. It’s better you didn’t tell me." The second part Maddie was choosing not to hear. She had done an awful lot of waiting already. Her fingers were curling in to his shirt so she could tug at it and maybe steal it off him. -09:28 Jun 15
Drake: He pulled away and placed a hand on her cheek. "You know when I came here I wasn’t expecting this to lead to sex, seeing your face when you opened the door changed that." he brushed his thumb against her lips and then slowly stood. "But like I said, I need a shower first." -09:30 Jun 15
Madeline: There was now an exasperated Maddie lying sprawled out on the floor, giving another huff! Was this how guys felt when girls flirted like crazy? "Gah…! A shower first?" She rose up on her elbows and eyed him. "Do I get to be in the shower with you? Or am I gonna have to force my way in to my own shower and wind up arrested for assult, after all?" Were their laws against getting handsy on your own boyfriend? -09:35 Jun 15
Drake: "It’s your sjower, do what you want." he said stripping his shirt off the throwing it at her before heading for the bathroom and leaving the door open unclasped his pants to kick off his shoes and pull off his socks. -09:37 Jun 15
Madeline: Staring like some sort of dumbstruck fool. He was shirtless and in her apartment. And taking off his paaaants. A painfully audible squeak slipped out, then she was a flurry of motion to scramble off the floor. Sex was no longer the highest priority, she just wanted to see him in the shower! Maddie nearly tripped while trying to hop out of her own pants and left them abandoned on her bedroom floor. "Oh, I’ll do what I want!" Do it sooo hard! Now she was giggling like a fool too! -09:43 Jun 15
Drake: He was naked except for his briefs by the time she entered the bathroom and he turned to face her with not a grin, but a soft smile on his face. "And what do you want?" he asked before leaning into the shower and turning on the taps and feeling the water, then he was stepping past her to push the door closed, then he was pulling her against him and running his hands down her back. -09:48 Jun 15
[Drake is in the shower, nude, and wet.] -01:29 Aug 13
[Madeline is still standing in the bathroom only without her pants, cause she’s an IDIOT.] -01:30 Aug 13
Madeline: Madeline wasn’t sure how it got from point A underwear-clad Preston Starr hugging her in the bathroom, to point B, him getting naked and climbing in to her shower. It was entirely possible that she blacked out for a moment in crazy fangirl dream-come-true seizure. She was STILL standing there, too dumbfounded to even tug off the rest of her clothes and follow! Wait, how long had she been standing there like an idiot? "Oh um.. clothes off, yes, that would be good for a shower.." -01:32 Aug 13 Madeline
Drake: He was already rubbing shampoo into his scalp when she spoke and then put his head under the head the rinse before glansing at her. "Yes, it would be." he said winking at her and picking up the soap. "Desides if the point of this is for me to see you naked you’re not doing your part." there was a mischevious grin and he held out the bar. "Want to get by back?" -01:37 Aug 13 Drake
Madeline: That seemed to be the only encouragement she needed. Only instead of taking off the rest of her clothes, she was near stumbling forward to snatch the soap of his hand and hopping in to the shower. Shirt and all. By the time she realized that faux pas, Maddie was trying, trying to play it off as the coy calculated manuver! "Waaaaas the point of this to see me naked? I thought the point was for me to see YOU naked…" -01:47 Aug 13 Madeline
Drake: He presented his back and rolled his eyes. "If I’m here to make your fantasies come true, then maybe. But am I?" he looked over his shoulder at her. "Maybe I’m just here to get lucky." he grinned again and then looked forwards. "Besides we want things to be fair, don’t we?" -02:01 Aug 13 Drake
Madeline: Get lucky? He turned back around, so he couldn’t see the ridiculously stupid grin on her face or the fact she was dance-tilting back and forth in a little celebatory shuffle. Before he caught a glimpse of it, she lathered up the soap and pressed a hand to his back. Ooooh maaaan, when was the last time she actually had sex? And he looked so much better naked… "Uh huh…" Urk! Not smooth! "I mean, yeah. Fair is fair. I guess you’ll just have to get these clothes off me?" -02:03 Aug 13 Madeline
Drake: Without hesitation he was turning around and grabbing the hem of her top and pulling upwards, realeaving her of her shirt and tossing it out of the shower then he was spinning her around to undo her bra and dropping then to the floor too. Then with his hands on her shoulders he turned her back and kept his eyes on her face. "Done." -02:23 Aug 13 Drake
Madeline: Holy crap, he could undress a girl fast! So fast she was almost dizzy, staring him in the face with her usual bewildered look. Theeeeen she was looking down. A slow, ridiculous, completely unsubtle tilt of her head. …Maddie had to bite her lip to keep from erupting in to hysterical laughter. She really really was a hopeless fangirl. Dating him clearly did not prepare her for this at all. Her face was immediately being hidden at his chest when she stepped forward. He didn’t need to see her grinning like an idiot. -02:31 Aug 13 Madeline
Drake: His chest tightened under her face. "Such a fangirl." he said softly while running his hand through her hair. "I thought you were going to help get me clean." he teased as his hand slipped down the back of her neck. "Or do we need to wait more for this… hmmm?" -02:40 Aug 13 Drake
Madeline: "No, no,no, no, I got this…!" He wasn’t taking her candy away! Not when she finally got him naked, and oh gods a wet hand at the back of her neck. She siiiiiiighed and very nearly melted against him. Wait, damnit. Washing. Maddie cleared her throat and pulled back. She put on her serious, focused expression. "After all, you’re super dirty…" …possibly the lamest line ever! -02:44 Aug 13 Madeline
Drake: He grinned, she was completely flustered. She wasn’t the frst girl to be that way with him but with her it was strangly endearing. "Is that the famous Madeline charm I’ve been hearing so much about?" he asked, unable to resist the oppotunity to tease her. "I think my heart skipped a beat." -02:51 Aug 13 Drake
Madeline: Uuuggh, totally called on iiiiit! Maddie dropped all pretenses of having things under control. Her face was red as she lathered up more soap, and with a huff… and then a bite of her lip, she was rubbing it in to his shoulder. Soooo leeaaaan. "See, I told you I am a master charmer? Just wait until I get all warmed up?" -03:01 Aug 13 Madeline
Drake: He leaned forwards and placed his lips next to her ear. "You look pretty hot already." he whispered, lis lips lingering clise to her ear until he could keep a strait face again and then he leaned back. If it was a battle of the charms he was going to go down swinging but with Maddie… he still had no idea if she would even be able to survive the first round. -03:11 Aug 13 Drake
Madeline: "I dooo?" There went the melting again, only this time it was a soft squeaky sort of sound that she couldn’t keep to herself. She swallowed hard, at least trying to keep from seemingly totally mystified at the simple motion of rubbing soap over his chest. Oh she could rub so many thiiiings. "And you, uumm… Are very wet." ….Fuck it! Thinking was hard! Her hand slipped up to grip the back of his neck and then she pulled him down for a sudden quick kiss. …Well, not quick, she wasn’t letting go! Nibbling his mouth with every intention to nibble the rest of him too. -03:19 Aug 13 Madeline
Drake: He smiled into her kiss, both hands sliding up her back as he flicked his tongue against her lips before his hands side up the sides of her neck to her cheeks for him to push her away by just half an inch. "I think I win." he whispered with another grin. -03:27 Aug 13 Drake
Madeline: "Didn’t realize we were playing a game of kiss chicken, again." she murmured with a grin of her own. Completely infatuated, shameless grinning. "I have you naked in my shower, seems more like I’m winning." Maddie leaned up on her toes to give him a teasing nip, then stepped back. She was going to charm him right to the floor. …except that was when her still present undies caught on the facet lever. In trying to sexily get herself loose without letting it be known she was hung, the cold water was flipped on. A loud squeak and a jump resulted in a dropped bar of soap and…. Maddie wasn’t sure after that! She was seeing stars of a completely different variety! -03:36 Aug 13 Madeline
Drake: "Maddie!" He caught her, but her panties were ripped and her head hit the side of the chower so that he was holding a stunned, naked woman in his arms and being sprayed with cold water. Picking her up and sitting her on the toilet he shook his head and then examined hers, moving her hair our of the way and letting out a breath when there was no blood. "You alright?" he asced pulling a towel from the rack and after eaching into the shower to shut it off, dabbing her face with it. "Maddie?" -03:42 Aug 13 Drake
Madeline: "Heeey…! I know you…" she was grinning and reaching up to pinch his cheeks with both her hands. "You’re so cute… Did anyone ever tell you that you have nice teeth…?" So dizzy! The room was spinning a bit and she had to drop her hands to his shoulders to stay steady. "Whoa… staring in to your eyes really does make the world move…" -03:48 Aug 13 Madeline
Drake: He smiled. "Now is not the time to be adorable." he said before burrying her head in the towel and drying her hair, then he was wrapping the towel around her and lifting her up to carry her towards the bedroom. "You need to lie down… you’ll feel better afterwards." -03:52 Aug 13 Drake
Madeline: Oh noooo, now the world really was moving! Once she was in the air, her arms went around his neck and she was burying her face at his shoulder. That was better. Much less dizzy… where were they going again? "And you smell so good… We should go dancing when the earthquake stops." -03:58 Aug 13 Madeline
Drake: "We’ll go dancing again soon." he promised as he placed the towel down and then placed her down on top of it. Sure her hair would get a little wet but he doubted under the circumstances she would complain so long as he stayed there holding her. -04:02 Aug 13 Drake
Madeline: Maddie definitely had no intentions of letting him go anywhere, she was holding on tight. Only instead of sex predator look, there was that very silly grinning. "Every time you kiss me, I get dizzy… the whole world spins. I thought I would be used to it by now…" Man, it was coooold. And he was naked, so was she! No wonder it was chilly. Maddie reached over to grab at a blanket, tugging him along with her. -04:07 Aug 13 Madeline
Drake: Shaking his head he grabbed the blanket and pulled it over both of them in one movement, then with a grin he moved in to kiss her lips softly. "You are a very silly girl Maddie, get some rest, you need it." another kiss and he pulled back, hand running through her hair. "Sleep well, Maddie, I’m right here." -04:23 Aug 13 Drake
Madeline: "Last thing I want to do is sleep…" Yeeaaah, especially with soft kisses. He pulled away and she was inching cloooser. But instead of stealing more kisses, it was far more comfortable and warmer to curl up under his chin. "Yeah, hokay. Just a little nap. We will, hmm… resume this later…" -04:32 Aug 13 Madeline

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