Gabriel’s arms went around her, responding to her kiss in kind as his hand caressed the small of her back and then lower to give her rear a gentle squeeze. Murmuring his name against his lips, Evangeline pressed a hand to his chest. Guiding him backwards with both hand and body until he had moved back to the sofa. Her hands never left him as she knelt on the floor, breaking away from the kiss to plant a trail over his jaw and to his neck. Her fingers were blazing their own trail as they danced over his chest and glided across his stomach. His body tensed and he gave a low groan as she curled her fingers around his shaft. There was no mistaking his desire for her, and it was his restraint that had her smitten. As her thumb moved back and forth she could feel how difficult it was for him to allow her to take the initiative!

Evangeline smiled against his skin as she nipped against his neck again. Her lips brushing softly over his shoulder and down his chest. Gabriel could not help but watch, intrigued yet amused. Oh yes, he definitely was enjoying her game! His heart beat faster still as his muscles contracted against the cool flicker of her tongue against his stomach. But it’s when she moved lower and took him in to her mouth that he hissed an unexpected moan of pleasure. Encouraged by his response, her initial shyness faded. As her tongue circled and licked, her fingers would stroke firm and agonizingly slow. It was maddening!

Any thought to hold his resolve was broken in an instant as Gabriel growled and seized her arms to pull her up and on to his lap. He was through with being patient! He griped her hips firmly in both hands, guiding her body until he sank himself inside her with a single sudden thrust. Evangeline’s gasp of surprise quickly shifted to an earnest sigh as she settled over him. Her body adjusted and she was more than ready for him. Wet and willing, she captured his head in her hands to run her fingers through his hair and crushed her mouth to his in a feverish kiss.

Gabriel’s hand glided up her side before stopping at her breast with a soft caress. He smirked as she inhaled a quick breath. His head tilting to that spot where her pulse beat so strong. Even now her blood was racing faster as he pressed his lips to her neck and grazed his teeth gently across her skin. But as she gave a soft giggle and rocked her hips, it was he who was grunting to catch his breath.

Evangeline set the pace, slow and steady as she moved herself against. Up and down, in and out, shallow and deep. Absolute heaven building with every thrust. Gabriel left her neck to tilt her just fraction backwards. Capturing one of her breasts in his mouth and suckling until she was softly mewling his name. His hand stole below, fingers gently probing even as he was moving within her.

As sudden gasp escaped Evangeline as her entire body shuddered! She gripped his shoulders, nails digging in to his skin as her climax hit. An arm locked around her waist as another moved up her back and neck to tangle a hand in to her hair. Holding her steady even as she writhed within his arms and begged him not to stop! Her pleading sent Gabriel over the edge and as her muscles contracted around him he too found his climax in a few quick thrusts. Even after he had filled her with his seed, his arms remained tight around her.

Evangeline had no desire to move, worn and exhausted with her face tucked safely at his neck. When she finally did catch her breath, she giggled softly. “Do I make a good tease?”

Smirking, Gabriel pulled a blanket from the back of the sofa to wrap around them both before his arms were right back around her again. “That you do, my devious wife…”

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