Telara Samhain

25/y Ginger red hair, brown eyes and fair skin with faint freckles everywhere. Has an unusual birthmark shape on her back shoulder. Average body standing at 5’4″. Favors loose comfortable clothing when not forced into uniform. Likes natural earthy colors; browns, greens, oranges, reds

A good-natured young woman focused on her craft to the point of it becoming her entire life. She LOVES her work in studying new plant and wildlife. Most of her friends are like-minded obsessive nerds who also only like to talk about their sciences. She is not the sort to enjoy adventure, danger, or unpredictable chaos! Set her down in a forest to collect samples, or in a lab examining those samples and she is at her happiest.

She gets very frustrated very quickly with people who have an uppity opinion or look down their noses at others. People who try to make you sound or look stupid. Unfortunately, she doesn’t quite know how to handle confrontation well so she’ll sometimes have trouble standing up for herself until things have gone too far and she snaps and then looks crazy in comparison.

Telara grew up on a backwater farm in the middle of the nowhere, and was the first of her family to actually go off to school and learn a different craft. Her family is proud, of course, but they really wished she would’ve just stayed on the farm with the family business, got married, and had some grandkids instead.

She is terrified of BIG BUGS.

Loves pudding, silly socks, and cozy bedtime snuggles.

She doesn’t have time for relationships, but did have a long-term boyfriend during her college years. They separated once they’d graduated and went on to their chosen careers.

Telara is presently on her way to a FANTASTIC internship with her IDOL scientist! She’ll be working closely with the famed Doctor Sherman Dinkleman getting to travel to new worlds and discovering new plant and animal species!

Art by rysikart

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