The Angel Devil War

Location: Human, Angel and Devil Worlds.
Timeline: Present Date

Aamon VS Ecanus

Many Millenia ago, the Angel, Devil, and Human worlds were once one entity called Gaia. Gaia was a world perfection, like the legendary Eden, held stable by the wills and minds of the people. Wishes born from people’s hearts would collect in the center of this world, creating a well of power. With this well of power, any wish made could be granted, allowing every being to have anything their heart desired… For the most part people lived happily in harmony, there was no reason for war as anyone could dream up whatever they wished…

There came a day where two brothers, Aamon and Ecanus desired the same woman. Their wishes cancelled each other out, so Aamon decided he would get every being he could to help him aquire his wish. Ecanus would not be out done, and he too gathered people to his side for his wish… They each gathered more and more people, but always were they equal… until finally one day the core of Gaia split into three separate worlds. The Devil World, Aamon’s domain of shadow, the Angel World, Ecanus’s domain of the light, and the Human World the middle ground where both combine.

It has been thousands and thousands of years, both Ecanus and Aamon are becoming impatient in their battle. Their forces of light and dark are always tied, but Ecanus seems to have the upper hand with control of the Human World. Being a sporting man Ecanus makes a deal with his brother… If Aamon can corrupt the pure heart of one of his chosen angels, he will give the Human World over to him, turning the war in Aamon’s favor. The pawns are chosen and the stage is set!


An ancient world of legend. Compared to Eden. The core of Gaia was it’s pillar, the desires of it’s people collecting in the core forming a well of power to grant any wish made. Everything in this land was pure and beautiful, many races lived here from human, to fae, to dragon as people could take any form they wished. When the two brothers formed sides and people formed against each other, the wishes of both sides began to contradict and cancel each other causing the core of Gaia to split into three separate worlds.

Devil World

The Devil World. Aamon controls this peice of Gaia and the well of power along with it. It’s power source is that of the shadows and darkness. “Fallen” angels that follow Aamon are considered demons, as their wings turn black with darkness as it’s the base of their power.

Angel World

The Angel World. Ecanus controls this piece of Gaia and the well of power it holds. It’s power source is that of the light. Ecanus and his angels hold to most of the ‘ideals’ Gaia was about. Ecanus currently has control over the Human World since his last bout with Aamon…

Human World

The Human World. This is Earth, the middle ground between lightness and darkness, the home of humans the descendants of Gaia people who refused to join the war and gave up their power in hopes of having a happy life in a new world. Ecanus controls the human world for now, and allows the humans to live as they are in peace… However, if Aamon gained control of the Human world he would use it’s hidden power to over take the Angel World and finally win the war.


Angels/Demons: ONE major power/element. All can fly, strength is only two times that of regular humans. All can use invisibility, but are only invisible to humans. They cannot heal unless it is their gift. They can use no other magic spells unless it is connected with their gift. Demons are only fallen angels that have joined Aamon. Corrupted by the dark arts, their wings turn black instead of the usual white.

Humans: Humans don’t get power. EVER. Unless they DIE.


Angelica – Angelica is your typical popular girl with a perfect life ahead of her. She has a crush on this boy, but before she gets to tell him she dies in a car accident. Ecanus chooses her as a pawn in his bet with Aamon, and asigns her as guardian angel to her earth crush.

Aamon – Ruler of the Devil Kai (Devil World) Aamon wishes to lure angels to his side in the fight against Ecanus for the control of earth. Ecanus has challenge Aamon, if he can corrupt Angelica to his side, he will allow him admittance to earth to do as he pleases. He cannot step foot on the plane of earth and uses the fall angels he has corrupted to do his dirty work.

Ecanus – Ruler of the Angel Kai (Angel World) Ecanus controls the Angel world, and has the current standing on the human world. He makes a deal with Aamon that he cannot corrupt a chosen angel (angelica), or he will give Aamon control over the human world.

Alicia – Angelica’s older sister (1 year). She was driving the car when it crashed and killed Angelica. Alicia had a crush on the same boy as her sister, and secretly wished her ‘perfect’ little sister was out of the picture so she could have him. Though Angelica’s death shocked and saddened her, she got her wish and she got the boy.

Brett – Your typical popular jock, that every girl drools over. Bother Angelica and Alicia had crushes on this boy, but he only has eyes for Alicia…

Rune Sohma – Angelica’s angel ‘guide’. He is really one of Aamon’s fallen angels, though his alliances are shady at best. He develops a crush on Angelica, and often molds situations to fit his own purposes.

Cesia – One of Aamon’s demons, and a fortune teller. She oftens gives slight hints and telling of future events. He only alliances are to Aamon and no one else.

Simon – A pure young prodigy, Simon seems to know anything and everything there is to know about the Legends of Gaia. He is friends with Brett and Alicia, and seems to discover Angelica’s presence early on, yet keeps it a secret for his own purposes.

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