The Department

Genre: Modern Supernatural

The DEPARTMENT is an organization dedicated to checking out the weird and bizarre – collecting artifacts that could be dangerous to the normal everyday workings of modern mankind. They work in secret like a special hidden society.

Characters; A team of four. The man whose ex-wife is a legend in the Department. Woman who doesn’t have the greatest luck, but a good eye. The goofy dude that can’t wait to get back for a beer. Mister tough guy who gets easily freaked out.

Starting; Team has a mission to check out this “nightly ghost”. Something weird that keeps flying past an apartment building every night. They walk out there and don’t see anything unusual at first. Then a glowy thing is spotted. They’re all trying to figure out what it is, until they realize it keeps changing shape. When it finally lands, it’s a huge truck. It nearly runs them down until it stops and – Man’s Ex-wife gets out. She tells them what a “great” job they’re doing and that the Head of the Department wants to see them.

The Department “appears” a short walk’s distance away. It’s way huger inside than it looked on the outside, and filled with all kinds of weird things. Very busy. The team waits in a room until the Head comes to see them. The Head explains that they’ve all been doing a wretched job lately and a shame to the Department. They’ve got one chance to get their act together or they’re all fired.

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