The Immortals

Genre: Modern Supernatural

A house at the end of the street, sitting just barely on a hill. It’s old and the yard seems perpetually frozen in time, a scene of winter. Like being inside a snowglobe when you step on to the property. The house has been called haunted, with many different legends. Witches, vampires ghosts, but no one really knows who or what lives inside.

They are called Immortals. The Grandmother, the Aunt and the Nephew. They have lived in that house for hundreds of years. They are no different from any normal humans. They eat, they sleep, they marry – and yet their bodies are stationary. Never aging, never changing. Illness doesn’t take them, injuries heal quickly. It would seem like a blessing, but it is their curse.

The Grandmother is a wicked woman, preying on people using her Craft. The Aunt is a kind women, who desires to live a normal life and will occasionally marry. The Nephew hates their curse, always seeking a way to end it.

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