The Summoners

Genre: Modern Horror Supernatural
Location: Belfast, Maine
Timeline: Present

The Montgomery family has been a long standing and “old money” family in Belfast since the town’s creation. Of course… there’s something decidedly weird about them. Since their property was built, there has been all sorts of strange things happening in Belfast – most centering around their home. Strange lights, sounds, and even reports of creatures… Everyone has their own theories. The Montgomeries are called witches, warlocks, vampires, weres, a secret society, demons… There have been all sorts of theories but no sort of proof. Over the past few hundred years, very little has changed in Belfast. The town isn’t much larger, and the Montgomery Mansion is still just as creepy.

In the past five years, however, members of the Montgomery family have been dying inexplicably. Now, all that’s left is the youngest daughter, and a newly discovered illegitimate daughter via Bernard Montgomary’s last will and testament. Miss Felicia Caldwell has just discovered she’s inherited a fortune along with the guardianship of a weird little sister she never knew she had.

The Montgomery family were known as “Summoners”. The basically can see, speak with, and even summon up the dead. Their role is to help the dead pass on to the next life, stop evil spirits, exorcise spirits, ect. In the past few years someone/thing has killed off all the family members except for two – and it’s only a matter of time before it finishes the job.

In the bag yard of the Montgomery Estate there is a circle of graves. That is the family’s official “guardians”. The ones they would summon for protection from evil, or strength for dealing with a difficult spirit.

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