To Save Him

“Ms. Grey? I’d like to talk to you.”

Ciara Grey looked up from her her desk at the Oracle HQ. She frowned as the younger woman entered the room. Evangeline, the vampire’s psychic. And by the look on her face, this conversation was going to be unpleasant. “Evangeline, if this is about Gabriel, we’ve alre-“

“Lily has an idea, Ms. Grey. We could save him an-“

Lily has an idea?! Evangeline, I would think after the man nearly killed you that is no coming back from that. He is a Carnatelli. A vampire. A monster that has been doing god knows what, slaughtering innocent people, and at a rate where even Anthony would be impressed!” Ciara scowled as she rose from her chair. “It’s time to let him go.”

Evangeline paused, a hand moving up to her neck. Yes, she had nearly died. But that was not Gabriel’s fault. She shook her head slightly. “You have to understand. I love him, Ms. Grey. I couldn’t jus-“

“There isn’t-“

“LISTEN TO ME, PLEASE.” Evangeline shouted! Surprise registered across Ciara’s face. It was a tone she had never heard Evangeline use. A slight frown, Ciara lowered herself back down in her.

“I’m listening.”

Taking a deep breath, Evangeline fidgeted with her fingers. “There have been so many terrible things I’ve seen. Things that have happened. Gabriel has been… He gave me a home when mine was lost, left himself with me when I was scared, pretended to lose a fight so I wouldn’t be mad, let me drag him to feed ducks or play with puppies. He has made me feel like the most important person in the world. Being near him makes all of those awful things that’ve happened worth living through. Maybe I am selfish but… If there is even the slightest chance that I can save him, I have to try.”

“What he’s done can’t be ignored, Evangeline. How do you save someone that murders innocent people? Someone that would hurt you just as easily as looking at you?” Ciara asked.

“It isn’t him. There is something in him. At there gate there was a darkness that tried to push through. It might have wrapped around me, but he- …He is being consumed by it. Her. She is burning him away to lock herself in this world.”

Ciara regarded her with a cool, examining stare. “…What makes you so sure he is possessed? You have said yourself, you cannot seem to read him now. No visions, no psychic mumbo jumbo. How can you know?”

“Touch. Feeling. That darkness is wound around him so tightly that I could not reach out with my mind for him, but as soon as he touched me… I know there is still a piece of him left, and it may not be too late. But the longer it takes, the more of him is burned away…” Evangeline could feel that tightness in her throat. But now was not the time to weep. She had to convince Ms. Grey.

Ciara remained silent for several long moments as her fingers tapped on her desk. “…One chance, Evangeline. I will give you once chance, and if it doesn’t work. ..I will end him.”

“It will work, Ms. Grey! I promise!” Evangeline nearly faint from elation as she rushed towards the door. She had to make preparations. To get the spell ready and bring him to her.

She would save him.

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