Toil of God

Genre: Modern Fantasy
Rating: PG-13 Minimal Cursing. Violence. No Blatant Sexual Scenes.
Location: Europe
Timeline: Present Date

Plot Breakdown:
Drusilla inherits an old Inn somewhere in Europe. She and her boyfriend go there to check it out… she finds it creepy and spooky, but he convinces her that they should move there and run the place. The Inn turns out to be haunted/cursed by an evil spirit. An inn guest happens to be a Spirit Charmer and claims that he can banish the spirit… in a lame ceremonial attempt (that includes all the guests in the inn plus a few of the towns people), it look likes he succeeds. Drusilla has the strange feeling that it’s not over… and she’s right! It seems the spirit was possessed and being controled by her boyfriend and it returned much more powerful than before… Out of sheer fear and lack of any other idea of what to do, she screams at God or “anybody” to give her something to stop the spirit… A strange weapon forms in her hands, and she shoots at the spirit… and after a few “shots” the spirit is sucked in to the weapon. Cutting to a few months later, the Inn is reopened a long with a side business… The Toil of God, to banish plaguing spirits in the seemingly very haunted town.

Spirit Charmers: Something akin to a self proclaimed psychic, occultist, ghost buster, what have you. In this small country, the traditional name for these sorts of people is a “Spirit Charmer”. Essentially they claim they can talk to the dead, banish spirits, reverse curses and so on… Most accept that these people are fools and liars, and in truth they usually are… though on occasion there are the rare few that have real talent in dealing with spirits.

Toil Of God: The actual Toil of God looks very much like a double barrel shot gun with a few fancy accessories. This was the weapon that formed in Drusilla’s hands when she called out from help. Formed out of a ceremonial item that was given to her by ___, the spirit charmer that was supposed to protect her from demons while he banished the spirit. When she first tried to fire it, she thought it was a gun but it was near impossible to pull the trigger and whatever was “hitting” the spirit didn’t seem to do much damage… finnally after putting some concentration in to it and pulling the trigger one last time, the Toil sucked the spirit INSIDE the gun… thus successfully sealing it. The Toil forms the spirit in to a cloudy glass cylinder which is then supposed to be cleansed in a ceremony depending on the sort of spirit it contains.

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