Verboten: Seeing Red

Genre: Mobster Family Crime Drama
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Timeline: Present Date

Basic Plot

The streets of Chicago aren’t ruled by rival gangs, but rather by rival families. Mob families that have vied for power of the city for decades. Lately, two of the most influential families have been rather cross with each other. Stepped on toes here, a hit on someone there. Rumor has it that a mob war is about to go down, and the city is right in the middle of it.

Angelico Family
Vito Angelico is an ambitious man taking over for his recently deceased uncle. Out for revenge on the dirty bastards that killed him, Vito and his gang of men are ruthless about getting what they want. Their legit business is running a chain of nightclubs in the city. Otherwise they smuggle in weapons. Most of their family is not blood related, but they are one of the oldest organizations in the city.
[b]FAMILY GOAL:[/b] Discover which Malfatorre killed Uncle. Wipe them all out.

Malfatorre Family
Theodore “Pops” Malfatorre by now is a very old man, but back in his day he was quite the lady-killer. Literally. It’s rumored that 3 of his 7 wives were killed because of “personal betrayals” but no crime was ever proven. His 9 sons (born from several ex-wives) all help with his business. His legit business is running cargo ships across the world. Otherwise, he deals in stolen art & antiques. Pops Malfatorre also has one single daughter from his late wife (God Rest Her Soul) whom he likes to keep out of all the “Men Stuff.”
[b]FAMILY GOAL:[/b] Kill Vito Angelico. Stomp out the Angelico family.

Sworn to protect and serve the population, the Police Department is working hard. They have to deal with dirty cops bribed by the mob AND try to prove illegal activity to get criminals behind bars.
[b]POLICE GOAL:[/b] Prove illegal activity and put these people in jail.

Civilians are individuals caught in the middle of a mob war. (You must inevitably choose whether or not you will side with Angelico, Malfatorre, or the Police.)

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