Vivian Beasley

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Born to a middle class Christian family, Vivian grew up in a bubble of normalcy, good feelings, and old fashioned values. She went to ballet in elementary school, played violin in middle school, and spent high school in student government. Vivian always knew she wanted to be a teacher, so she went for childcare and teaching degrees in college.

As a teacher, Vivian is kind and energetic. She’ll deviate from overly structured lesson plans in favor of creative methods tailored to what seems to work the best for her class that year. She is both a kid and parent favorite at the school. To her friends, she is a genuine and compassionate woman. Her faith is important to her and she never failed to appear at church every Sunday. Vivian regularly participated in school events as well as church hosted volunteering programs.

Vivian’s romantic life was sparse and chaste due to her very conservative upbringing. She always swore that she’d only have sex when she got married, and kept that promise through her few boyfriends — until Thomas! As it turns out, when you meet “the one” you know, and old fashioned rules don’t seem so important anymore. They moved in together quickly. After two years of being in a happy relationship Thomas proposed and they were already making plans for starting a family. They were two months away from their wedding date when the outbreak happened.

Widespread outbreak hit Vivian’s sphere at the end of the school day while she still had half of her students (Kit Moon being one of them) waiting for parents and school buses to show up. Her first priority was to try all of the kids to their families as quickly as possible. Sadly, some kids were lost. With only Kit left, they made contact with Coyote and his friends.

Later she discovered what happened with her own family. Thomas died in a street accident caused by the chaos and thankfully never turned, but her parents were both infected by the airborne virus and turned after they died in an attack. The rest of her (and Thomas’) immediate family are also presumed turned or dead.

In a post-outbreak world, Vivian surprised everyone, including herself, by being far more strong and capable than anyone would have expected. Despite the world falling apart, she’s found strength to fight and keep fighting. She’ll claim that it’s her faith in God and that this all must be part of his plan, but most of it is the responsibility she feels for the children who lost their homes and their families during the outbreak. They’ve all lost their loved ones, but together they can heal and survive.

Vivian has light brown hair and hazel (green-brown) eyes. She stands about 5’4″. Always wears a cross necklace that was given to her at her high school graduation by her grandmother.

Can play the guitar as well as violin and has a lovely singing voice.

She is the voice of counsel and reason of the group. Mediator when there’s disagreements, and final choice maker when no one can agree on a resolution. Vivian has a cool head in a crisis.

Her ultimate goal is to find somewhere they can all settle down for good. Nomadic life is starting to take it’s toll on her.

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