Welcome to Elswen

(The following is what was suppose to be a fun info page of what’s what on Elswen Island… it obviously never got finished and needs to be)

“Welcome to Triple L Estates’s guide to Elswen, an international city. Brought to you LIVE in the heart of downtown from Mandie’s Candies, the candy superstore. Also spondered by ELSWN Radio and Corner Street Shopping Center, where you’ll find everything in one parking lot. Now with two of our best sales agents Karen Paris and Mitch Christopherson.”

The two sales agents are standing side by side wearing tacky yellow jackets.

Karen: “Hello there potential buyers, and welcome to Elswen. Elswen Island is situated her in the north Puget Sound.”

Mitch: “That’s right. Infact the only way to get to Elswen is by sea or air. There are no roads or bridges that connect us with the mainland.”

Karen: “That doesn’t mean however Elswen, the city or island, is isolated or backwards. We are one of the most technologoly advanced areas in the region.”

Mitch: “One great example is St. Micheal’s Hospital. St. Mikes & St. Mike’s Childerns Clinic has some of the most gifted staff from around the world and the latest in medical equimpment.”

The video takes a quick look around the hospital with lots of children and babies in the picture with lullaby music in the background.

The video comes back to the two agents. Karen is holding a paper called ‘The Chronicle Newspaper’ which shows a woman wearing two bikini tops to cover her four breast. Mitch is reading a more innocent paper, ‘The Puget Times’. Karen blushes and puts paper behind her back then nudges Mitch.

Mitch: “Hmmm NSTV is showing that new series… oh we’re back?” Puts paper behind him.

Karen: “For those unfortunates where there conditions are mental and not physical, there’s Haverghast Insane Asylum.”

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