Zankoku Mokuteki

From the beginning of all things, there was light…and in every part of everything that was made, there was also the darkness. For countless millenia, those beings that walk in the light have feared the darkness; feared the great unknown that haunted their dreams and made their greatest fears lie bare before the world.

From these fears, not even man is safe. Since the dawn of mankind’s reign over the earth, stories have been told of terrible demons that lie in wait in the darkest corners of the mind. The darkness was–and still remains–one of humanity’s greatest fears.

As time passed, the darkness grew, and people’s spirits became tainted with the darkness. The allure and mystery of the unknown dark overcame them, turning them into terrible shadows amongst the single great shadow.

Over seven hundred years ago in a now-ancient fortress, one man called forth the light to banish the darkness that had taken over the life of his betrothed. That night, the entire countryside shook as the eternal battle between light and dark was once again waged on the fragile mortal coil. Only through a great sacrifice of eternal servitude was the young lady’s life saved, thus casting Asher Wolfgang Vandeveer into the pages of history.

During the next seven hundred years, a mighty war erupted between the Heavenly host and the legions of the damned, spawned from the flaming pits of Hell itself. In this great war, the mortal coil was twisted and buckled like a man possessed in a nigh-hopeless attempt at purging the warring forces from itself. On both sides of the war, mighty warriors took to the battlefield, riding horses that belched fire and smoke; death and destruction was poured upon the earth for countless days and nights.

In the end, the hordes of darkness were thrust back into the depths of Hell from whence they came, and the lives of mortal men were saved from eternal damnation.

And now, over seven hundred years after one man breached all laws of Heaven and Hell to save his beloved, the rifts between worlds are again beginning to shrink. Vampires, werewolves, demons and other nightmarish beasts stalk the land, bringing chaos and suffering wherever they go.

Now, through the intervention of a single ageless being born of an unholy union between Heaven and Hell, hope springs anew…through her determination and perseverance, this eternal being may be the one last hope our world has to be saved once again from destruction…

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