Mediterranean Misadventure 001: A Confused Wakeup

[Maria is still in her bridesmaid dress, wrinkled, discheveled and is all sticky with…. champagne? She’s not even awake yet, she doesn’t know.] -01:53 Apr 23
[Kabriel Its the person wakign up next to Marian in his hotel room with several empy bottles scattered around and his shirt torn on the chest but still on… his belt will never be found.] -01:56 Apr 23
Maria: Holy shit, what a hangover. Maria didn’t even want to move. The moment she did was hurting like hell all over. Her hand knocking a bottle off the bed while the other smacked in to what she guessed was her man of the evening. Oh yeah. Prince Whatshisface. Niiiiice. ….wait, what did they even DO? Maria sat up slowly with a groan. -01:59 Apr 23
Kabriel: He felt someone od female proportions mover against him to get up.. sneaking out in the morning? Typical wait… it had been the girl… Hans’ wife’s friend. She had looked like great sex waiting to happen. But had it? Drinks at the wedding, then out to that clus with the strobes and dancing.. back to the hotel.. kore drinking and… “Leaving already?” he opened his eyes and regretted it.. how much had he drunk last night? He sat up and put his hand to his temple… MM… ,,,, “Mary… Don’t you want to stay for… ow…” -02:05 Apr 23
Maria: “Honey, you don’t even remember my name.” Maria cast him a wicked smile over her shoulder, but she was just as cringing as he was. …as a matter of fact, she couldn’t remember his name either. Maria slid off the bed, the room spinning as she stood. And ran her hand over her arm and chest trying to figure out what the hell that sticky stuff was… She was SO going to need a shower before she walked out of here! -02:09 Apr 23
Kabriel: “Baby…” so her name wasn’t Mary.. well then it was time to shoot a comemnt her way and join her in the shower. “Its not like it was your name you were screaming last night.” perfect! What has she said? He got up and once hsi head had stopped throbbign shot her another. “Look I’m sorry for spreaying it all over you..” he’d chuckly lateer over that one “But you did ask me to.” -02:13 Apr 23
Maria: Aaah, she remembered now! She liked this one cause he wasn’t all coy and bashful. He got straight to the point… and apparently pretty well! “Oh, it’s fine… I mean it never hurts for a man to get in a little practice before the main event, and that was… show stopping, eh?” Damn, she couldn’t even remember what the ‘main event’ was. But at least she smelled like champagne and men’s cologne. Maria was already trying to peel off her dress as she wandered to the bathroom. What a room…! -02:18 Apr 23
Kabriel: “Yeah… you were fantastic… like no one else..” he felt as if she were calling his bluff, he wishe he DID remember what happened. He followed her into the bathroom where he saw his bowtie draped over the light fitting… he REALLY wished he rememebred. -02:22 Apr 23
Maria: “Hmm, that’s the first time I’ve recieved that compliment from a Prince.” Maria tossed her dress to the bathroom floor, stopping to lean over the sink and pull… leaves? From her hair? Outside too, huh? “Feeling is mutual though, Prince Sexypants. Can’t say many have left my world still rocking even in the morning.” -02:26 Apr 23
Kabriel: Even with his head heavy and the light too bright he got a look at her without her dress on. “Not many who can still walk after what we did.” he stepped up behind her and brushed her hair away from her ear and spoke in a soft pur “You know what I mean..” he hoped she would, she obviously had a better idea of what happened than he did. “.. in this room.” -02:32 Apr 23
Maria: Seriously? That much sex and they still had their clothes -on-? …well, she didn’t know where her panties went, so that was a no brainer. But damned, did he have a sexy accent! “You forget that I’m a ballerina, sweetie. I can bend in just about every way imaginable.” Vague enough to bullshit like she remember what they did. Maria was turning around to push him back with a finger, then stepping away for the shower. She was popping her bra off to toss at him before moving to run the water. -02:39 Apr 23
Kabriel: He caught the bra as it bouced off of him… he liked this girl, but then he knew that from last night. He put his hand on the wall next to the shower his eyes on her “So graceful but still able to take a pounding.” he remarked “I might have to keep you around a little longer, I think I mentioned a cruise in my yatch at the wedding…? “He was sexy there was no doubting it and he did want to sex her and remember it. And if her bosy could cash the checks her mouth was writing… “Just you, me and the deep blue sea.” -02:50 Apr 23
Maria: “Hmm, I dunno… isn’t one night in heaven more than one guy should ask for?” The comment was thick with innuendo, and she didn’t hide it! Once her water was hot, Maria stepped in to the shower and audibly sighed. SO much better! Poor guy was infatuated with her already. Which wasn’t really a bad thing if she got a free vacation out of it… “I’ll think about it.” -02:54 Apr 23
[Maria enters.] -02:58 Apr 23
Kabriel: “Its not like there are any string attatched.” he said “Sex cruise on the medeteranian then back to america with stories to tell your friends. If you think I’m liek Hans and will fall in love with the first pretty face I take on my yatch… I’m not Hans and you’re not the first.” -02:58 Apr 23
Maria: Maria laughed out loud so suddenly, that she was then cringing and holding her head. “Ow, oh gods… You…” Maria got her snickering under control, enough to lean against the shower door as she poked her head out and grinned. “I don’t go seducing virgin Princes, sweetie, you don’t have to worry about that. I’m just worried you used up all your special tricks last night. I don’t wanna get bored.” -03:03 Apr 23
Kabriel: “I still have plenty of tricks don’t you worry.” he said with a smirk “For everything I have it will take longer than one night. I don’t see any bruising in you at any rate.” That was trie, other than that large on on her back. That on looked fun to make, but how. “Just think it over… and its not every day you get to be taken out by a prince.” -03:09 Apr 23
Maria: Maria had already decided she’d go, but there was no sense in agreeing right off the bat. He had to work for it! “There are plenty of princes out there, and my best friend is married to a King. You’re gonna have to do way better than that.” Maria flicked some water in his face before resuming trying to get her hair washed out. “I was going to visit Spain with a Duke this weekend… is your boat better than a vista in a vineyard?” -03:15 Apr 23
Kabriel: “It has more wine too.” he said wiping the water from his face “And whats better than islands and sunsets? The sea air and cool breeze, spain is way too hot thise time of year.” -03:18 Apr 23
Maria: “Are you going to be sailing that boat naked? Because a body like that is such a waste all covered in a suit. …Or have you forgotten how much I like your clothes off?” He was getting a pretty good second look at her, not that she minded… but without remembering what happened last night, Maria was a little unsatisfied. “All right… I’ll run away with you. But you’re going to have to get me some clean clothes. Something nice.” -03:23 Apr 23
[(Timeout) Maria was sacrifices to the gods of RPGs by a vicious tribe of rampaging plot bunnies.] -03:28 Apr 23
[Maria enters.] -03:28 Apr 23
Kabriel: “Something nice…” he was already imagining her in something alright. “I think I can get somethign sent up.” he pushed away from the wall and stripped off his torn shirt. “That explains this too.” he said sticking his hand through the hole. “If you’re going to do that again I might need something new too. Or no clothes, not problem.” -03:31 Apr 23
Maria: Maria wasn’t above ripping a man’s clothes off, but for the life of her, she couldn’t remember how that one came about! She rinsed her hair, cringing when she managed to find a bruise on the top of her head too. Really? That rowdy? “‘Course, you might have to lighten up a little bit on me… any more bumps and bruises and I’m not going to be able to go back to work.” -03:34 Apr 23
Kabriel: “Then I’d get to kidnap you longer.” he teased “But that would be selfish and it would be easier to bribe you into staying. You like shiny things right?” he grinned again teasing her mostly to see how she’d react. He would buy her somehting right before he let her go, he always did. -03:38 Apr 23
Maria: Kidnapping? That brought a wicked look to her face. “I’m not above bribes… I like diamonds, rubies, gold. I’ll need something with a little more fabric to walk out of this hotel, though. Indian silk?” Presents were always nice, even better if she got to specify. Maria was leaning out of the shower again. “We could discuss details better here in my office.” -03:43 Apr 23
Kabriel: It was his turn to grin and hurredly strip his pants and step quickly into the shower. “Nice office, little small I might end up rubbign against you.” he said still grinning. “I could see you in silk easily, could see you out of it just as easily…” -03:47 Apr 23
Maria: “Dunno, sweetie, you couldn’t seem to get me out of my clothes last night…” Amazing how a small shower was even smaller once he stepped in. Maria made enough space for him, pressing a hand against his chest to keep him a good distance away. “All of that fun, and with our clothes still on. How many girls give you that?” -03:52 Apr 23
[(Timeout) Maria doesn’t post enough.] -03:59 Apr 23
Kabriel: “I don’t see you wearign anythign right now.” he said raising an eyebrow. “And so you wanted to keep the clothes on, something about feelign like a princess.” he was reaching, “And I made you my princess last night and you put on a royal performance.” He stayed back and let the water splash over him before cupping his hands and splashing Maria. “You’re right to want to get clean.” -03:59 Apr 23
Maria: She swatted at him and laughed, pushing him back with her hand, despite the fact there was little room to push him. “A girl has to rise to the occasion when perfoming for a Prince. …and now it’s your turn! What are you going to do to impress me, Prince? Because swinging upside down and rolling around a playground park is only impressive the first time…” Park would explain the leaves, right? She turned her back to him looking for the soap. -04:03 Apr 23
Kabriel: He grinned and stepped forwards grabbign her shoulders and fressed his fingers into the muscle where the neck and shoulder met on the pressure point. “It theres any tension left in you after last night I could massage it away.” he whispere in her ear, “I have expert fingers… or so you found out when you made a mess all over them.” he rubbed along her shoulders and down her back still pressing hard “And you can look forwards to more of this on the boat.” -04:08 Apr 23
Maria: Maria almost sighed..! She could believe his hands were magic, and damnation that she didn’t remember a moment of it! Maria turned just enough to glance over her shoulder. “I’m glad your hands aren’t tired. I did keep them occupied most of last night. None broken at all?” -04:13 Apr 23
Kabriel: He lifted a hand and wiggled the fingers “Not even sore.” he said with a grin “So if you’d liek me to wash your back I’m right here so long as you’ll return the favor.” he gave her ass a slap from behind, may as well “How about your throat? your worked it pretty hard if I rememebr… your tongue too.. never seen one work so hard when I was so deep.” -04:19 Apr 23
Maria: Any typical woman would be horrified, and Maria almost.. -almost- looked surprised! But she was just as quickly laughing. For something she couldn’t remember, it must have been one hell of a night. Especially since he still hadn’t called her out on her bullshit! ….did HE even remember? Time to find out! “Well, I did have to make up for catching it with my teeth after you were spinning it around like a helicoptor, hmm?” She handed him the soap. -04:25 Apr 23
Kabriel: He lathered the soap on his hands glad she couldn’t see his face, that had happened? Couldn’t have and he shook his head before rubbing the soap into ehr shoulders and down her back. “Payback for you making engine noises with your mouth while fingering yourself and daring me to ride you like a motorcycle.” he said. No there was no way that happened, god they were screwed if it had. -04:31 Apr 23
Maria: Oh, no way in hell… She’d at least have been riding him first! He definitely had to be as clueless as she was. So how long could she bullshit before he finally caved? …hopefully not before their shower was over cause getting bathed by a Prince was pretty damned nice! “Next time, how about we not do that in your fancy car, though. We’ll try it on your boat where I have room to bend, hmm?” -04:37 Apr 23
Kabriel: “And I thought you were worried I was out of tricks, but you’re requestion the old ones again.” No they hadn’t done anything in the car he was sure of that.. “But that waterbed idea of yours I could do, we’ll have to make sure we have the proper equipment and nothing other than you pets punctured.” -04:42 Apr 23
Maria: “It’s not an old trick if done in a new way.” Oh, she was going to enjoy the hell out of this vacation. If they did even half the things they were making it, it would be a blast. Maria turned around to face him and confiscated the soap back to lather up in her hands. “And if you’re really good I’ll show you a little something they call the Upside Down Ballerina. I promise it’s nothing Hans or Yvaine has ever heard of.” -04:47 Apr 23
Kabriel: “You’re a ballerina and U’d seen you upside down.” he said turnign around and presenting his back to her.” still sounds like something worth beign good for, if I were capable fo being good.” he grinned again baracing a hand against the shower wall. He’d really hit the jackpot with this girl, sex sex sex sex more sex and no complications before dropping her off at an airport. -04:51 Apr 23
Maria: “I’m going to be spending a weekend with an evil prince? This HAS gotten interesting.” And Maria was more than happy to get her hands on him. All thoughts of a hangover were long gone. She had her hands on his back, taking her sweet time at admiring his form and… yes, grabbing his ass too. For the amusement of it she was pressing her chest up against his back. “Of course, that’s if we make it out of this shower.” -04:56 Apr 23
Kabriel: He laughed and looked back at her. “I knew you weren’t a delicate little rincess the moment I saw you but you just keep getting better and better, and its hard to top last night.” no he wasn’t lettign that go. MMmm MMMMMmm MMrrrrrrrr what wa …. “Maria… I do think its time we put this office to good use.” -05:01 Apr 23
Maria: “Oh! So you remember my name after all!” Maria smirked, setting the soap aside so she could sneak her hand around him, for a little surprise! “Here I thought I was going to have to remind you which name you spent all night begging to marry you.” -05:04 Apr 23
Kabriel: “Champagne does that to a man.” He said But he was running out of taunts to throw at ehr beleavable or not. “But theres no excure for screaming that you agree to then your’re on your back and I’m balls deep inside you…” wait where was her hand going? -05:09 Apr 23
Maria: “What did you expect? A girl to turn down a proposal to a rich and handsome Prince? Don’t worry, I won’t hold you to it… I’ll hold something else though…” Speaking of balls, she grasped his with no amount of shyness. Her body still leaning against his back. She was a good bit taller than Yvaine, but Maria was still barely peering over his shoulder with her wicked grin. “No champagne to hide behind today, honey.” -05:14 Apr 23
Kabriel: “hh..! mmmm.” This girl was something else. “So you thin you’re going to hear me beg?” he asked turning and circling his hands around to grab her butt and pull her closer. “No royal hostages today I’m afraid babe.” -05:19 Apr 23
[Maria enters.] -05:20 Apr 23
Maria: “Beg, plead, whimper, cry… The full range. And then the only name you’ll ever be able to think about when you’re off charming women and running countries will be Maria Martin.” In fact, just with a little caress of her hands, she was making sure to revive that memory of his already! -05:25 Apr 23
Kabriel: “Ohhh MAria.” he cooed with less sarcasm than he intended. “And what about you going back to america? frequenting bars, hearing of the explaits of your friend knowing you’ll never had another prince liek Kabriel of Armenia.” his hip her moving closer to hers as he pulle her to his too and his member was getting harder. No hangover was going to slow him down. -05:29 Apr 23
Maria: “There are millions of men in this world. And plenty of single, unattached princes.” she retorted, curling her fingers around his shaft and raising up on her toes to murmur in his ear. “I think I’ll manage just fine. Unless, of course, you think you’re gonna miss me?” -05:34 Apr 23
Kabriel: His hands on her ass squeezed and lifted her up and he stepped forwards pressing her back into the wall. “I might think of you from time to time, and if I see you again I’ll be sure to say hello… but Kabriel doesn’t like attachment.” he said ha his body pressed hers harder against the wall and he lowere her slowly letting her guide his dick. -05:39 Apr 23
[(Timeout) Maria was sacrificed to the roleplay gods by a tribe of wild newbies.] -05:46 Apr 23
Maria: “That’s good, because after our very nice vacation, I’ll be loooong gone.” Knowing there wasn’t going to be any awkward goodbyes afterwards was the best part. Maria guided him to her, releasing to run her hand up his stomach. “No regrets or promises, hmm?” -05:46 Apr 23
Kabriel: “Nothing holding us back…” he pushed in and lowered her onto him bafore pinning her in place and thusting deeper. “Its good to find a girl who can keep things simple… no strings.” -05:48 Apr 23
Maria: Soap, hot water, and the fact he was damned sexy as hell, all had Maria more than hot for him. “Except the ones I tied you up with last night?” she sighed with a smirk. Maria hooked one of her legs around his waist, while wrapping her arms around his neck. …and still smirking licking his cheek. -05:53 Apr 23
[Kabriel enters.] -06:16 Apr 23
[(Timeout) Kabriel got too distracted for their own good…] -06:21 Apr 23
Kabriel: He nuzzled into her his hips sliding against hers as he penetrated deeper. “I’ll have to return the favor…” he pushed her against the wall and nipped her able to feel she was as familair with this as she claimed to be and a shower quickie was only the begining… because who was he kidding, nothing happened last night beyond 2nd base. -06:21 Apr 23
Maria: Maria groaned, her body shaking as she laughed against his cheek. There was no way she’d forget something like this. She licked from his jaw all the way to his ear, ever so often pausing to kiss or graze her teeth over him. “Tie me up, chain me down, rock me like a hurricane on that nice big boat of yours.” -06:27 Apr 23
Kabriel: He pushed harder nipping her neck and definatly leaving marks as well as nuzzling his unshaven jaw into her cheek. “You feel good… ” he said. “And we’ll make that boat rock… rock it until it turns over. Just….” his pulled on her ass with one hand and braced the other against the wall .. she was good! -06:36 Apr 23
Maria: “Less talking, more showing.” He was strong enough, he could take it! Maria wasn’t kidding about being flexible. That same leg she had hooked around him, she pulled upwards and straight to rest against his chest and her her ankle over his shoulder. Made such a small little shower so much easier to maneuver in! -06:43 Apr 23
Kabriel: He wasn’t expectling that and… it made it better! He pushed harderpulling her up the wall so where her coulf ger the deepest, work the fastest…. fuck… it would soon be over and his lips against hers causing his sheek to rub against her foot. -06:47 Apr 23
Maria: Sex AND kissing? That might get complicated! The fact a kiss could make her give such a wistful sigh, while she was also swallowing a groan from hitting just the right spot… was insane! Maria had her hand in his hair, holding his mouth tight to hers. With him pushing her up, she no longer had any footing. Which was just find for her to wrap her other leg around his waist. -06:53 Apr 23
Kabriel: He pushed his lips home as her pull demanded and put his hips into overdrive his breath pushign into her with the effort and rising feeling in him, with her braced against him and his hips hitting hers each time it was hard not to climax right then but her held of just a little longer … -06:57 Apr 23
Maria: There was no way she’d had forgotten a night full of this! Maria had him gripped tight, nails running down his chest as she ravished his mouth with hers. Even with her sudden gasp and moan, she didn’t break away from him. Both of her legs curling around his hips to lock him close when her body started shuddering. So too soon…! -07:07 Apr 23
Kabriel: He ravages her back for tongue teasign her lip as he shuddered and came too. He remained pressed int her for a few seconds as the water washed over them and carried on kissing her an he pressed close. Fuck she was good, and this was just quick sex in a shower… maybe even.. “The best shower sex I’ve ever had.” he murmered against her lips. “Well Maria good thing I have one of these in my yatch.” -07:12 Apr 23
Maria: Right about now she should be untangling herself from him and demanding her present. But Maria was pretty content to have her arms around his neck and sharing a few inappropriately affectionate kisses. “Never repeat the same thing twice, I always say…” -07:17 Apr 23
Kabriel: “Well theres always different positions… different meathods…” he was winding her hair around his finger as he kissed her back “I allow happen to have a bunk, a mast, a locked drawer you can have the kep to if you’re a good girl… or a very very bad girl….” he chuckled, “I’m going to enjoy thie cruise.” -07:27 Apr 23

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