Category: Mediterranean Misadventure

  • Mediterranean Misadventure 010: Plans for the Future

    [Maria Martin has eloped with a Prince!] -01:38 May 15 [Kabriel Had to get dressed in a cor!] -01:42 May 15 Maria: Maria had little trouble dressing…or undressing… in a car. Her problem came from being so crazy nervous that it was… well… crazy! But that’s why this was the perfect idea. If they had […]

  • Mediterranean Misadventure 009: Yvaine’s Crazy Plan

    [Maria spent most of her week watching armenian soaps, eating ice cream, and occasionally getting tackled by Yvaine’s guards. She has now, very reluctantly, agreed to go OUT. Maybe going out and getting some meaningless ass is what she needs. ] -01:17 May 11 [Kabriel spent most of the week avoiding the castle, In his […]

  • Mediterranean Misadventure 008: Maria’s Meltdown

    Maria: The days had fallen in to a simple routine. Breakfast in bed, watching silly shows on tv. A morning drive or visit to the horses or lake. Lunch on the grounds, or curled up by a fireplace, and evenings back in bed again. Not even always with sex. Just curled up together talking about […]

  • Mediterranean Misadventure 007: Soaps In Bed

    [Maria is awake in the morning, and found she could walk in the morning, thought it still hurt like hell. …However….] -01:34 May 10 [Kabriel missed her trying her leg out but bursts into the room with honey-smothered oatmeal for her and last night’s leftovers for him.] -01:36 May 10 Maria: Maria was back in […]

  • Mediterranean Misadventure 006: Promises

    Maria: After a rousing start with totally hot, unexpected carsex, Maria was able to shower in a castle bathroom that was bigger than her apartment living room. Which was -amazing-. She wore the red dress Kabriel picked out for her and was more than ready to spend an evening with him. …More excited to than […]

  • Mediterranean Misadventure 005: The Love of Cars

    [Maria woke up in an Armenian hospital and it took hours for staff to convince her she was actually IN Armenia. And now a couple days later, and without a single sighting of that Prince, Maria was checking herself out of the hospital and ready to get back to her normal life.] -12:55 May 07 […]

  • Mediterranean Misadventure 004: The Island Part II

    Maria: She was waking up again. This time under more pleasant circumstances, though she still had a big headache. Grumbling under her breath, she found her skin touching silken sheets and more surprisingly she was wearing clothes and not covered in sand or seawater. Some nice island dress.. wasn’t hers… Didn’t remember putting that on. […]

  • Mediterranean Misadventure 003: The Island Part I

    [Maria didn’t know what hit her. more ways than one!] -01:28 May 05 [Kabriel remembers great sex, being lost, more great slow oddly sweet sex then talkign in his sleep as he lay next to Maria] -01:30 May 05 Maria: Maria was -pretty- sure she nearly drowned. So why she was hanging butt-ass naked […]

  • Mediterranean Misadventure 002: Nothing Like the Others

    [Kabriel is wrestling with the gps that says they’re in the middle of the sahara desert when they are clearly lost ing the middle of the ocean… and hes sure its not the medeteranian even though they never passes Gibraltar.] -01:17 Apr 30 [Maria is stretched out in a chair on the yacht deck, wearing […]

  • Mediterranean Misadventure 001: A Confused Wakeup

    [Maria is still in her bridesmaid dress, wrinkled, discheveled and is all sticky with…. champagne? She’s not even awake yet, she doesn’t know.] -01:53 Apr 23 [Kabriel Its the person wakign up next to Marian in his hotel room with several empy bottles scattered around and his shirt torn on the chest but still on… […]