Mediterranean Misadventure

Mediterranean Misadventure 010: Plans for the Future

[Maria Martin has eloped with a Prince!] -01:38 May 15
[Kabriel Had to get dressed in a cor!] -01:42 May 15
Maria: Maria had little trouble dressing…or undressing… in a car. Her problem came from being so crazy nervous that it was… well… crazy! But that’s why this was the perfect idea. If they had a real wedding, she’d never had made it through it. Now she was pulling in to the city, fingers tapping on the wheel and hoping this idea wasn’t born in insanity. -01:47 May 15
Kabriel: He pulled his shirt on and started buttoning it up when she was already driving into the city. "So wheres the nearest…" he pushed a few buttings in the gps and the display changed to english then he started scrolling through for what the needed. "To think you’ll be a princess… here we go!" he was nearvous too but happy, happier than he had been in a long time. "Hvae I told you I love you today? Thats wasn’t part of an orgasm…?" -01:51 May 15
Maria: There -were- english settings on that blasted thing! He could have done that for her earlier! Maria cast him a wry grin. "Possibly… You might regret making me a princess, though. I am already a diva, now I will be one with power." -01:53 May 15
Kabriel: "Kept in check by your ever loving and just as powerful Husband." he pointed out. "I never thought I’d get married… but you surprised me. Only fair I surprise you back." -01:57 May 15
Maria: "I want to be surprised." she admitted. "…with a good kind of surprise." Maria was casting him another side glance again, in between following the directions on the city streets. "Monogamy will be interesting, won’t it? The same person everyday. I haven’t thought of anyone else since I met you…" -02:00 May 15
Kabriel: He did up the last button and smiled at her. "I havn’t either. Its a strange feeling but I think… I think you stole my affections and made off with them in the night.. and now you’ve done the same to me. Kidanpping princes and forcign them to marry you. Oh Maria it suits you." They were close and he straitened his collar and did what he could for his hair. "You know when they hear my name they’re going to flip right?" -02:03 May 15
Maria: "I lack scruples and I am totally unafraid to admit it!" she chimed back. There was finally that big green arrow pointing to the destination and before long Maria was parking the car and turning off the ignition. She took in a deep breath. "It’s not every day a Prince shows up at random to get married. It’ll give them something to talk about that’s for damn sure." Maria leaned to look at her reflection in the rearview mirror. She looked tired and over-loved. …she was having difficulty seeing any problem with that. -02:08 May 15
Kabriel: He leaned over and kissed her cheek before getting out of the car and tucking in his shirt. He looked crumpled and tired but happy. "Shall we tie the knot? We’ll but rings when the shops open tomorow. I’m thinking we get married and then find a hotel to hide until morning." he took her hand and started walking to the offices. "I’m thinking we keep my surname but our first child gets your maiden name as a middle name…" -02:16 May 15
Maria: "Thinking about children already, prince?" she walked with him, and to Maria’s surprise the thought of kids didn’t seem to bother her. Obviously she wouldn’t want them -now- but… that did sound like a good future! "How about we worry about being married first, and let the argument of our first born’s name come later. Because if we have a daughter, I’m not making her middle name Martin. That’s ridiculous." -02:20 May 15
Kabriel: He smilled at her and they entered. "I’m a member of a royal family, children are expected. I just never thought I’d find someone I’d want them with." he put his arm arounf her and her aproached the counter. "Maria Marten. Do you take this crazy prince to have and to hold, to kiss and to lame love to and race and help him choose his next car as long as you both shall live?" he shook his head after he whispered. "Well here we are…" he sat down and leaned over the counter. "Marriage.. a happy one." -02:28 May 15
[Kabriel has just asked for a daculent that if he and Maria sign will mean they’re married, legally and binding. And hes not looking back… only wonderign if hes crazy.] -01:20 May 16
[Maria is actually not freaking out. That’s a good sign!] -01:21 May 16
Maria: Maria was watching Kabriel again. Maybe to see if he had any indication of second thought. She didn’t. But that didn’t mean he may not… How often did a woman say lets do it now, especially to a man who hadn’t thought twice about marriage. This trusting business was hard! -01:26 May 16
Kabriel: He looked down at the paper and the pen lying across it, then picked it up and wrote in thier name in a flanboiant looping hand, one he always used on official donuments. It was in German, French and English and he read it though. Then he looked a ther with a smile on his face. "We’re doing this arn’t we?" he grinned then looked back down at the paper.. then signed it and slid it towards her. -01:31 May 16
Maria: Maria took a deep breath and picked up the pen. One signature and they were married. If it all went south, she probably would try to stab him and the woman he cheated with… but if it went perfect? There would be nothing in the world she wanted more. Without hesitation she scribbled down her name and the date. Then set down the pen. "…done!" -01:36 May 16
Kabriel: Not quite done, the official behind the dest got a couple of people to sign and witnesses and then with his glasses pushed up his nose began checking it over. "Well Maria Urza.." he said putting his arms around her and kissing her forehead lightly. "How does it feel to be married?" -01:40 May 16
Maria: "…kind of a relief!" Even her stance had relaxed. That was done. All over and there was nothing more to be afraid of. Whatever happened from there on, she would deal with. Maria laughed softly, sliding her own arms around him. "There are going to be a lot of disappointed people in the world now that we are unavailable.." -01:45 May 16
Kabriel: "Let them be disappointed. We’ll be happy together and there will be ne scandal if we’re seen in public together. Trush me the press in Armenia is a lot better behaved than in Rhineland." the official was looking at the names on the form and at them… then back at the names. "And the penny drops." -01:53 May 16
[Maria enters.] -01:56 May 16
Maria: "Armenian Prince runs away with Ballerina. That whole production will be rumored as royal charmers." Maria grinned wide. Tabloid gossip was the least of her worries. "But now that we’re married we can go home." -01:58 May 16
Kabriel: "Home.. to the castle." he sighed "Does it really feel like home, you were there for… a month?" he teased her as the Official hand the document, put the details into the computer then shook Kabriel’s hand. And just like that they were free to go. "We should get rings on the way. Then email a picture to Yvaine.." the last sentence was followed by a chuckle. "Unless you want to save thaat surprise for when we return the car in… a month?" -02:02 May 16
Maria: "It was oddly comfortable there, yes…" she responded in amusement. "Not to say we won’t have to spend some time in America…. but, ah Yvaine. She’s going to flip her shit about us running off without a wedding for her to go to…" Maria tilted her head as she considered. "….do you think we can get away with vanishing for a month?" -02:07 May 16
Kabriel: He grinned as he took her arm and began walking out of the office. "Just who do you think you’re married to? The castle is the perfect place to disappear to for a month, or more. That or pick a part of the world…" -02:17 May 16
Maria: "Hmm… Russia sounds nice. I’ve always liked Russia." Maria linked her hand with his. Who knew that signing a simple piece of paper would leave her with that fuzzy-warm contented feeling. "We haven’t even met each other’s family. That’s going to be a fun surprise." -02:21 May 16
Kabriel: He stopped at the car and looked at her "So.. Moscow for a few days and then to surprise my parents in London. I could have yours flown there too?" -02:28 May 16
Maria: "Somehow, I love the idea of having my parents kidnapped by royal guard without any sort of explination whatsoever." Maria cast a wide grin. Stopping next to him to lean up on her toes and kiss the corner of his mouth. "I love you, Kabriel." -02:38 May 16
Kabriel: "And I love you.. as crazy as that might sound from a man like me. But you gave me a change and we ran away to get married and screw the consequences. Not the usual way for things to be done but… its our way. And so long as we keep doig things our way. Nothings going to stop us." -02:43 May 16
Mediterranean Misadventure

Mediterranean Misadventure 009: Yvaine’s Crazy Plan

[Maria spent most of her week watching armenian soaps, eating ice cream, and occasionally getting tackled by Yvaine’s guards. She has now, very reluctantly, agreed to go OUT. Maybe going out and getting some meaningless ass is what she needs. ] -01:17 May 11
[Kabriel spent most of the week avoiding the castle, In his condo in Moscow watching soaps on sattelite and telling himself hes not thinking about Maria. Then he gets a visitor and gets bragged all the way to rhinemant for stag night… Whats wrong with moscow?] -01:22 May 11
Maria: Dressed in low cut black and playing with the yellow diamond at her collarbone, Maria’s usual amused excitement at loud music and moving bodies was completely gone. She wasn’t interested, and occasionally would cast dark looks towards Yvaine who seemed WAY more excited about clubbing than a married woman should be. “I feel like I’ve gone out man hunting with Mary Poppins.” -01:24 May 11
Maria: Yvaine wasn’t detered. After all, this was a genius plan. All she needed was Maria to stay a little while! “What about dancing, then? Lets dance for a bit and get drinks? Then you can grab someone cute and you’ll forget aaaaalll about the nice sweet prince you’ve been grumbling about all week?” -01:28 May 11
Kabriel: Strobe lights, pounding music, twisting bodies, stiff drinks. And Kabriel was at the bar next to hans tryign to pretend he was ok. “But you know after the rejection adn then the running… having your chest ripped open like that twice in one week…” he didn’t even looks at the women of offer. “So why here, Moscow has a scene too?” -01:31 May 11
Kabriel: “Because I’m married Kabriel, If I’m going to go clubbign without my wife it should at least be in the same city as home…” Hans replied. “Though you felt somehtign for her, if you say it hurt. I never thought I’d see the day..” Hans sipped his soda water and looked out over the dance floor. “Kabriel with the same girl for a month, she must be something.” -01:33 May 11
Maria: “I COULD forget, if you’d stop bringing him up every ten minutes!” Maria was dragged to the floor, and wasn’t cooporative at all when Yvaine started dancing and was trying to bully her in to it too. “I just want it all out of my head so I can go back to normal.” -01:36 May 11
Kabriel: “Shut up! Shes a girl right… there won’t be another like her but neither of us wanted commitment.. you know the deal I know theres still some of the Hans I used to know in there… the one saying he’d never be tied down and it woulf just be the amigos for life…. we really had no clue how royalty worked back then.. though your dad.. I understand why you didn’t want to any more after that.” -01:36 May 11
Maria: Yvaine twiiiirled under Maria’s arms. It didn’t matter if Maria was just going to stand there, she was trying to keep her busy! “Uh huh? I you’re still wearing the necklace he gave you! Kinda hard to forget somebody when you’re carrying them around with yooou.” Yvaine thought it was so sweet. She had never seen Maria act this way before, it made the plan really important. “Why couldn’t you have just stayed and tried it out? You love him, don’t you?” -01:39 May 11
Kabriel: “Hey stop making this about me. Its abour you, you and a club full of women.. but since you’re still sitting here next to me I guess it must be true. You liked her. I’m happy for you, cheek sex gets old after a while.. though get off your ass and follow me, I’l be your wingman and introduce you to someone.” -01:39 May 11
Maria: “Yeah, I do. And I loved somebody before too. A lot like him, and I’m not doing that again…” There was that desire to shake the hell out of Yvaine again. “Not everybody gets a perfect flawless husband, okay? Just drop it!” -01:42 May 11
Kabriel: Kabriel followed but he had different Ideas. “You know just take me to a hotel I don’t fell like dancing. You find that one girl.. then shes gone and you eel like no one else will do for you anymore. For the month she was with me I didn’t even LOOk at another woman you know.. and now I still don’t want to.” -01:44 May 11
Maria: “Fine, fine! One dirty creepy stranger, that you would slap ME for leaving with, coming right up.” Yvaine was grinning wide now. That cat eat-canary grin as she turned Maria in circles enough to have the woman too dizzy to know which way they were going. Then Yvaine pushed Maria at the first guy she spotted. Thankfully it was one of the guards dressed casual and playing a role for her, but Maria didn’t know that! -01:49 May 11
Maria: The old ‘accidentally run in to a guy’ trick. Yvaine was sly for someone who never dated seriously. Maria apologized to the guy, casting Yvaine a glare over her shoulder. …and then he made with the awkward hitting on her. Which might have been real cute a couple months ago and she’d have love to toy with him a bit… now it just made her wish she was with someone else. At least Maria was polite and kept up a polite smile. She’d kill Yvaine. Kiiiill heeeer. -01:53 May 11
[Maria enters.] -02:04 May 11
[Kabriel enters.] -02:12 May 11
Kabriel: Hans linked his arms with Yvaine’s as he stepped up behind her. “Hey honey I didn’t know you’d be here and… oops.” -02:13 May 11
Kabriel: Kabrien pushed past Hans not even seeing Yvaine his eyes focused on Maria and what looked like her latest aquasition of meat. He pushed the guard over with on shove and then turned to Maria “How,… could you.. How could you wear what I gave you and rub up against this…. avanak like that?” -02:15 May 11
[(Timeout) Kabriel was sacrificed to the roleplay gods by a tribe of wild newbies.] -02:16 May 11
Maria: “Oh! Hans! I had no idea you would be here!” Unlike Maria, Yvaine was a terrible actress. …but it seemed that neither Maria or Kabriel were paying attention to HER now. “Whatever are you doing here at this club at this very moment?” -02:16 May 11
Kabriel: “Saving you from overacting now…. lets dance.” he pulled her away so that they were in the background and not interfering and what was looking liek an angument but close enough to intervene if needed. -02:19 May 11
[(Timeout) Maria doesn’t post enough.] -02:33 May 11
[Maria enters.] -02:33 May 11
Maria: The guard wanted to shove back just on instinct, but one look at his rulers and he was just backing away with his hands up. Maria on the other hand, had no problem shoving Kabriel. “I’m not rubbing up against anyone, not that it’s your business! If you’re going to spy on me, you could at least pay attention.” Maria turned away, every intend to turn her glare at Yvaine… Pointing a finger at the woman and making a strangling motion at her. -02:37 May 11
Kabriel: “I’m not spying on you I’m trying to forget you…” he snapped back “But you don’t make it easy, you don’t make anythign easy and the one time I tried you threw it in my face and then a week laver ran off for no reason. Am I that scary when I’m not after emotionless sex?” -02:42 May 11
Maria: “YES! You are! You’re terrifying and I can’t deal with it!” her shouting was almost loud enough to be heard over the music and drew more than a few curious stares. Hissing under her breath, she shoved past him to leave. Escaping was what she was good at. -02:46 May 11
[(Timeout) Maria was consumed alive by feral plot bunnies.] -02:51 May 11
Kabriel: He followed her determined not to let her go until he had answers. “Maria!” he caught up with her outside. “I havn’t been able to look at another girl since I met you, You’re the first person whose done that to me, made me want her and only her so either you tell me why you keep running or you tell me how to forget you.” he hasn’t drunk, he hadn’t even taken a sip thier whole time here. “And if you can’t do either of those then… I guess I’m going to spend the rest of my life on Moscow unable to go back to a castle, to see the cars.. so see the sea or anything that reminds me of you..” -02:51 May 11
Maria: Maria stopped, halfway down the sidewalk. It hurt knowing she could do that to him… but it would hurt more in the future if she didn’t cauterize it and make sure it was done! Maria turned around slowly, fists and her sides and her eyes squeezed shut. If she didn’t look at him, it was easier. “I made this mistake once. I was… like Yvaine. So blindly and stupidly believing that we were in love and that was going to make a difference. I knew what he was doing, and I ignored it… He was choosing to marry ME, right? He slept with my friend on the day we were getting married. The DAY. And it just… I’m not gonna make that mistake again. I’m not enough and this is what I am now!” -03:01 May 11
Kabriel: “So one man hurt you and you’re broken forever… you’re a soiled dove and not good enough for anyone? Thats bullshit Maria. You said you loved me, theres no love without trust… and I do think you love me so you must trust me, not enough it seems. If you did you’d be willing to take the risk. So you like alone your way and I’ll live anone my way. Is that what you want?” -03:09 May 11
Maria: “It’s NOT what I want but it HURTS!” Maria almost wished they were somewhere she could throw stuff at him. As it were, she just had to stand out there on the sidewalk feeling like a cornered animal despite having all the space in the world to just walk away. “I love you, but the last time I loved somebody I was wrong! I was so fucking wrong and I let him get away with shit. That was MY fault. And you… you have been amazing… but what if I’m wrong. What if I stay with you and months from now, a year from now, I’m not enough anymore. If I lose you now I can survive… but if I lose you then… I can’t take it…” -03:17 May 11
Kabriel: “There will always be what ifs maria.” he snapped back not letting on how much it hurt to hear her say what she did. “I’ve never let myself fall in love because Ive seen far too many women only after expensive toys and a title. But I never break a promise, and I promise you that if the day ever comes that my eye strays from you it will be a cold day in hell. You are all I want and I don’t know how that happened or why… but you can’t show me what I’ve been missing and then take it away.” -03:24 May 11
Maria: “What am I supposed to do…! Just off a ledge and hope that you catch me?!” He never broke a promise, but trusting was the most difficult thing in the world. “Tell me what to do, because I don’t know. I don’t know how to go from this person to someone who isn’t going to freak out and stab some bimbo for looking at you, or smothering you while you’re sleeping, or… hell I don’t know! I don’t know how to be with you and not be insane!” -03:34 May 11
Kabriel: He stepped closer to her “Be you, be Maria Martin, let go of the fear, because you know what. I’m out here with you and not in there. And after that you can pick a city, any city in the world.” -03:38 May 11
Maria: She didn’t run, which was a good sign. Maria rest her hands on her hips, eying him with a debious expression despite the sparkle of tears in her eyes. “Do you still want to marry me, Kabriel? Seriously. Want to marry me. Knowing that the minute to get upset or pissed off, I’m going to either walk away or stab you?” -03:43 May 11
Kabriel: He met her gaze his arms folding “If you’re crazy enough to stab a prince in his own castle then I’m crazy enough to send all the king’s horses and all the king’s men out looking for you.” he replied. “And you are the one I want the only one who can make me forget theres even others to concider. So come with me or break my heart, again, theres no third option.” -03:49 May 11
Maria: That shouldn’t have made her crack a half smile. The thought of him sending an army after her. …could she do this? Take the risk? Maria took a deep breath. “Okay. …..Okay! But you have to marry me now. Right now. No waiting, no ceremony. Lets go and get married right now before I freak out and change my mind.” -03:53 May 11
Kabriel: He raised an eyebrow and closed the rest of the distance between them his hands pulling hers from her hips and holdign them. “Now… right now… An interesting challenge.” he pulled her hand up to checked is watch… “Then we’d better run.. now.. find a car and we’ll think of soemthign on the way.” -03:58 May 11
Maria: “Can a prince get away with stealing a car?” she smirked. Maria joked, but she was also terrified. Her heart beating way too hard and making her feel more like she was about to jump out an airplane than simply going to sign some papers and marry someone she really did love. She held tight to his hands, because she wasn’t kidding about freaking out and running again. -04:01 May 11
Kabriel: “Diplomatic immunity.” he said. “But its not stealing if I tell Hans’ guard he said I could use it.. they can ride home together.” he waved to the guard and got the key from him in with a smooth line about Hand lending it to him. “Is this what hes driving? I’m going to have to talk to him about this… You drive.” -04:07 May 11
Maria: “I suppose you’re afraid I am going to jump right out of the car if you drive…” she mused. Taking the keys, she was in the car in a second. Her hands were shaking, making her drive was a dumb idea. ..but maybe the smart! “Now am I driving to the nearest Rhineland courthouse or do you have something else in mind?” -04:10 May 11
Kabriel: “As I said, pick a city, we’ll go where no one knows who we are and I’ll get you a ring and you’ll get me one and we’ll sign up together without anyone seeing or knowing. Then comes the fun part.” -04:16 May 11
Maria: “The fun part. I can’t wait for the fun part.” Because this was the nerve-wracking part. Maria drove, and she was greatful that Hans’ car had a GPS on it, cause she knew fuckall where she was driving to. She behaved with Hans car, griping the stirring wheel almost too tightly. How could she want something so much, and still be so nervous! Fearless Maria, jittery as hell. They were well out of town before she spoke again, casting him a sideglance out of the corner of her eye. “…would really send all the King’s men after me, because I am tempted to make a run for it later just to see that happen.” -04:27 May 11
Kabriel: He looked at her the landscape speeding by “You? I think you would need the personal toutch of me going myself..” he grined “Because if anyones going to kidnap you and drag you kicking and screming into my dungeon its going to be me… and where are we going?” -04:31 May 11
Maria: “Belgium, if this thing doesn’t stop speaking in german at me at give me some decent directions. Otherwise, on wrong turn we might just end up in the carribean again.” Maria was smirking, casting him another quick look. She could say everything start from one insane vacation, but she was pretty sure she was hooked with morning after shower-sex. “Still going to chain me up in your castle? That’s a promise I’m still waiting on.” -04:37 May 11
Kabriel: He grinned at her while shaking his head. “It would be strangly apropriate though explainin gto Hans how we got his car there would be tricky.” then he put his hand on her leg and smiled “If I’m going to chain you anywhere it will be in the bedroom….” he was nearvous, of course he was but it was an adventure they were on wasn’t it.. and he was on it with HER. He pulled out his phone and turned it off before puttign it back on his pocket. “I never break a promise.” -04:46 May 11
Maria: “And I hope you never do. I’ll hold you to every promise you make, and in exchange I will give you more love than you could handle in a lifetime.” And she most definitely meant it with the naughty tone and wicked grin she cast. Tapping her fingers on the steering wheel and starting to wish it was him driving just so she could have her hands on him. -04:51 May 11
Kabriel: “You might be surprised how much I can take. I’ve been gentle with you so far, doesn’t mean I can’t be rough if I’m in the mood… but you… with you everything is different, even since that first time in your office. What is it about you…?” -04:59 May 11
Maria: “Honey I know you can be rough.” So rough and so hot. They had tumbled around on his boat enough to give her bruises and… God damnit. Maria almost slammed on the breaks, pulling over to the side of the road. It was dark and it was some back country street. No one was going to care. She had the car off and her seat belt unbuckled, shifting awkwardly in the closed confines of the car to straddled his lap and kiss him hard. -05:05 May 11
Kabriel: The stopping caught him by surprise but not as much as the straddlign and the kiss but his arms flew around her and he pulled her aganst him kisssing her back. He didn’t even unfasten his seatbelt as he moved his hand to grip the back of her head and pull her in deeper. He hadn’t even known how badly he missed her toutch until she was all over him. -05:19 May 11
[Maria enters.] -05:26 May 11
Maria: She missed him. She didn’t even miss the sex, it was all him. Maria just wanted to feel him, know he would be there. Commitment was an oddly titilating thing…! There was precious little room to manuver and it was an awkward position there on his lap. But Maria didn’t care. She had her mouth against his, invading it with her tongue as she pawed at his clothes. Making no ceremony about trying to get them off. -05:29 May 11
Kabriel: His tongue greeted hers as he tilted his head back pressign his mouth against hers pulling her dress down her body to toutch more of her back.. “mmm I missed you Maria..” he whispered against her before sighing into her, he had and now his entire body reveled in her return. -05:34 May 11
[(Timeout) Maria was sacrificed to the gods of Roleplay by a vicious tribe of rampaging plot bunnies.] -05:43 May 11
Maria: “I don’t know what I was thinking… Everytime I’m with you, I’m home.” she murmured. It was like dropping a match on gasoline. All he had to do was run his hands over her skin and she was lit. Maria had his shirt and jacket gone, then reaching between them to tug hard on his belt and pants. Her mouth didn’t leave his, nipping, nibbling, biting. Reminding herself how much she missed the taste of him. It had only been a week…! -05:43 May 11
Kabriel: He had her dress off in a flash pullign it up and over her head and crawing at her back with his nails, “I need you Maria..” he half whispered and half whimpered as he pilled off her bra and let it fall where it pleased. If there were more room he’d be on top of her in an instant bu as it was his ahnds kept hitting things. -05:50 May 11
Maria: Thank god she was flexible. There was no way to move in these european cars. Her hand slipped in to his open pants, pulling him out and gripping with none too delicate fingers. He was still strapped down by the seatbelt and that amused her. The slight curve of her grin forming at the corner of her mouth when he moved and couldn’t get far. Fingers stroking him with a maddening slowness. She wanted him revved up hotter than one of his fancy ferrari. -05:58 May 11
Kabriel: Its was maddening, so maddemning that he clenched his teeth when the mechanism of the seatbelt caught and he was seddenly restrained beneath her. Weather she planned it or not he cursed her and pulled her tighter against him harder. “You’re going to make me finick before getting me inside you at this rate.” he growled and bit her lip. -06:37 May 11
Maria: Maria laughed softly. “Poor Prince at my mercy. I can’t have that…” She was still slow about it, not in that sweet way, but definitely out to drive him insane. Guiding his tip beneath her, waiting an excrutiating moment before taking him in and sinking on to his lap. Maria sighed in to his ear. “Only way you’re finishing is with me.” -06:47 May 11
Kabriel: HE bit her shoulder as she sunk down, harder than he intended to his clawing becomign holding as he sighed. “I think we have this backwards..” he breathed but by his voice he didn’t mind at all as he nipped up her neck “Ride me hard Maria.” -06:50 May 11
Maria: Maria more than happily obliged, letting that week of confused anger and frustrated tension release with the grinding movements of her hips. Maria griped his hair tight, not pulling him away from her neck but keeping him closed. She had to curl over him just to keep from hitting her head on the car roof. -06:58 May 11
Kabriel: He breathed hard, his hot breath running over her shoulder and down her back as he pulled her agaist his harder their chests crushed together. “I love you..” he breathed again and again begroe there was a twisting jerk in his hip “No… too soon.” -07:02 May 11
Maria: “Oh gods, baby, I love you so much..!” Why’d he have to -say- it! And why’d it have to amp her up so fast? Maria could feel the whole car shifting, but the was so focused on him that it didn’t even come as a passing thought. She braced her hands on the roof just to give herself that better leverage, groaning out his name against his lips when she kissed him. -07:10 May 11
Kabriel: He grabbed her fair and pulled her deeper into the kiss he lips bruising hers with the forse he used his tingue searching to wrestle with hers. His abbs tensed as his hips battled to rise to hers and then he released, white hot fire burnign under his skin as his eyes screwed shut, his chest heaving against hers. -07:18 May 11
Maria: He was hers. Even thought she was crushed in his embrace, he was all hers. To love and to keep… her sudden orgasm left her crying out against his mouth. Her arms dropping to dig her hands in to his shoulder as she tilted her head back. The release was a torrent of relief. Just washing away all those worries and fears. Reveling in her prince. -07:27 May 11
Kabriel: He lavished attention onto her throat and shoulder in the form of a thousand little nips and kisses before nuzzling his face and cheek onto her neck. “Don’t ever leave me Maria.. I don’t know if I could take it.” -07:30 May 11
Maria: “Never again. The minute that ring is on my finger, never again.” She smiled, a lazy wicked smile as she teased. “So you better marry me quick, Prince. And I’ll be yours until the day I die.” -07:34 May 11
Kabriel: he ran his fingers though her hair and moved to kiss her lips. “As soon as we’re in Belgium… You’ll be my princess… and get diplomatic immunity from stealing the king’s car and making love in it on the side of the road. -07:38 May 11
Maria: She laughed! “Hans will forgive me for that. I’m more worried about what he’s gonna do when he finds out I tried to beat up his wife…” Kabriel’s princess. Maria couldn’t care less about the title. The only title she cared for was being his wife. She kissed him again, softly. That teasing expression having shifted to something soft. “I love you, Kabriel. I really do… and I’m glad you chased me down and gave me another chance.” -07:41 May 11
Kabriel: He kissed her back just as softly. “I love you too Maria. Thats why I did it. When you cond someone worth holding onto and thay’re as right for you as you are for them. You don’t let them go. Not without a fight.” -07:44 May 11
Mediterranean Misadventure

Mediterranean Misadventure 008: Maria’s Meltdown

Maria: The days had fallen in to a simple routine. Breakfast in bed, watching silly shows on tv. A morning drive or visit to the horses or lake. Lunch on the grounds, or curled up by a fireplace, and evenings back in bed again. Not even always with sex. Just curled up together talking about nothing important and it was… not going to last. Today was the last night. She was with Kabriel at his funraiser, dressed in dark purple and far more reserved than was typical of her. At these things she would be flirting, hitting on handsome rich men. But so far, the entire evening all she could do was smile at Kabriel, even when he wasn’t looking her way. He was everything she wanted, and it was going to be gone. -07:18 May 10
Kabriel: Kabriel twood behing the podium as the nem in suits have a respecablr effort at blapping and waves. But his eyes fell on the girl standing behing the seats. He had given a speech about the hospital needing to be built and had pledges a sizable amount of money, more than the next car he had his eye on cost.. the car that has made Maria narrow her eyes and grin when it had come on tv… “Princess.” he said rejoining her and smiling as he put his hands on the waiste. “I hope I wasn’t gone too long.” -07:24 May 10
Maria: “You speak well in these long boring speeches, for someone who can barely growl out a word in english when he’s making love to me…” Maria straightened his jacket, smoothing her hands over the collar. It was really just an excuse to touch him. “I think you set an amazing standard tonight. It will be hard to follow you..” -07:29 May 10
Kabriel: He grinned at her, “Now you’re just flattering me.” he said leaning forwards and kissing her anyway. “Still hoping for that car then?” he grinned nuzzlign the tip of his nose against hers. “And I have more practice with speaches than I do with love.” -07:32 May 10
Maria: Her grin was affectionate, and she had forgotten they were were out in public when she slid her arms around his waist under his jacket. “I am always honest, remember? I like seeing you up and speaking. Being serious and commanding is very attractive.” -07:37 May 10
Kabriel: “Then its a pitty you con’t see me during the military inspection next month. Big parade, the prince in ceremonial uniform giving commands, I get to wave a sword around.” he kissed her again his hands sliding around to rest in the small of her back. -07:41 May 10
Maria: “Oh honey, that sounds like something I don’t want to miss… you swinging your sword around in front of a bunch of soldiers.” Her grin turned a bit wicked as she rest her head against his cheek. “Sounds like something amusing to write a play about.” -07:46 May 10
Kabriel: “The one you seem to be talkign about will stay shiethed during the parade.” he teased as he cradled her against him like a couple in a slowdance. “And I’m going to look for you in the crowd.” -07:49 May 10

Yvaine was attending that fundraiser. After all, she was crowned Queen of Rhineland and now she had a responsibility for public appearances. But imagine her surprise to find Maria at one… with the very same man she left her reception with! For the first half of the event she was watching, just to see if Maria was using her date to meet someone new… but… here they were being so adorable that Yvaine had her hands covering her mouth not to squeal. She finally couldn’t resist, sneaking up behind Maria and chiming in to their obviously intimate conversation. “Are you planning another date? Though… it seems the last one isn’t over…” -Maria

Maria: Maria froze, very slowly pulling away from Kabriel to turn and look at Yvaine, like she was some sort of child caught red handed at doing something bad. Yvaine… Maria retained her composure. “It went a little longer than expected… Anyway, I’m surprised to see you here.” -07:59 May 10
Kabriel: Kabriel stepped up next to Marian and smiled to Yvaine. “You’re catchign us on the last night of our date actually, tomorow after lunch you can have her back, even though I still light chain ehr up..: -08:04 May 10

“This has been a -really- long date.” Yvaine responded with a big grin. Was Maria blushing? It looked like she was…! “I don’t think Maria has even spend longer than two days with someone before… it’s been how long? A month or so?” -Maria

Maria: “Time flies when you get lost at sea, spend a week in a hospital or nearly break you ankle. Yvaine, where is your husband? I miss seeing his handsome face.” Changing the subject! Had it really been over a month with Kabriel? Maria hadn’t even realized…! -08:10 May 10
Kabriel: Kabriel nodded. “And a week in my palace was all she needed to recover.” he smiled but his tone was as if he was telling himself and not Yvaine. “I wouldn’t want to steal your best friend forever.” -08:16 May 10

“Oh, Kingly business, he is somewhere having a meeting with people that I can’t even remember their names. This has been a lot to get used to, but I like it a lot.” Yvaine was watching the expressions Maria made. Maria was very good at hiding what she thought, but tonight… tonight it was totally different. Yvaine was grinning wider. “I don’t think she minds being stolen by you. Maaa-rriiii-aaa, do you like him? I’ve never seen you smile like that before.” -Maria

Maria: Now would be a really bad time to slap her hand over Yvaine’s mouth and drag the tiny little woman out the side door. Maria could see her lurking bodyguards over by the wall. But if Yvaine didn’t quit talking, she was going to die. “He is a man,, and he… is here…” Christ, she didn’t even know what to say. That she loved him? She fell in love with him at some point between hot boat sex and him calling her princess? And tonight would be the last night of no-regrets sweetness before she had to cut the ties, just because she was afraid he’d fuck her bridesmaids? Maria finally shook her head, giving a shakey laugh. She stepped away from Kabriel and Maria, and was walking off quickly without even excusing herself. -08:27 May 10
Kabriel: He watched her go.. then looked at Yvaine.. then looked back.. “Excuse me..” he dashed off after Maria and caught up with her just outside the door. “Maria.. where are you going?” -08:31 May 10

Yvaine looked a little surprised. She broke Maria! But if that wasn’t a tell tale sign of something… Chewing on her lip, Yvaine was quick to signal her very nice escorts… she needed to fix this! And time to do it! -Maria

Maria: “I’m going…. somewhere! But not home with you.” …she said home with him! …What was she thinking! She was crying, she never cried. And if she ran, she’d just end up repeating that week all over again… “I can’t do this with you anymore!” Maria finally blurted out. “I can’t love you! I can’t stay with you and pretend like it’s all real, and beautiful and going to last. When someday you’re going to realize one woman isn’t enough and fuck some Russian slut with great tits but a shitty conscience! I don’t want to go and trust and then be heartbroken when it all falls apart..” -08:37 May 10
Kabriel: He looked at her, it hurt seeign her like this, it hurt that she didn’t seem to trust him and its hust seeing her plain. “Then go with Yvaine… You need a friend.” he said. SO they would get a night adn a morning less “You were leaving tomorow anyway, so go with her and I’ll go back to armenia…” he put his arms around her and brushed his lips against hers weather he wanted him to or not… “I won’t say I love you, because you don’t want to hear it.” -08:41 May 10
Maria: “Just stop. Stop being good to make and making me wish everything was different.” She had to push him away. Every time he kissed her, she only wanted to stay. Beg for forgiveness and stay longer than she should. “Just let it go.” -08:49 May 10
Kabriel: His face was a mask as he stepped away and closed his eyes for a moment, turning to see Yvaine watching them “You will always be welcone to visit my country Maria.. to visit me.” then he was walking away not giving her a chanve to respond, or to see the wetness om his face. -08:52 May 10

Yvaine was there immediately taking her friends arms to whisk her away. “Oh boy, don’t cry…! You can tell me about it on the way to my hotel. You can tell me everything.” -Maria

Maria: “I am so stupid.” About what she meant was a mystery. Maria watched him walk away, before she finally gave in to Yvaine tegging her away. It was done. Over… and she should be relieved… -08:57 May 10
Mediterranean Misadventure

Mediterranean Misadventure 007: Soaps In Bed

[Maria is awake in the morning, and found she could walk in the morning, thought it still hurt like hell. …However….] -01:34 May 10
[Kabriel missed her trying her leg out but bursts into the room with honey-smothered oatmeal for her and last night’s leftovers for him.] -01:36 May 10
Maria: Maria was back in bed again curled up with a pillow and scowling to herself. Now that she found out she was fine enough to walk out and leave…. she was suddenly disappointed? Had she totally lost her mind? …When it was Kabriel making a grand entrance with breakfast, Maria was surprised. She pushed the pillow away and sat up. She HAD to tell him she was fine! “Good morning?” -01:38 May 10
Kabriel: “Morning!” he said plaving the tray table in front of her, takign the cover off of the toast and and butter and trying to find palce for eboth the tea and the coffee next to the orange juice before sitting on the bed and takign hsi leftovers. “I though you should eat well while you’re here. Since you won’t have royal kitchens when you’re better.” -01:42 May 10
Maria: “You really don’t have to wait on me, it was all my moment of stupid.” Royal kitchens wasn’t going to be what she missed. She took the glass of juice for a sip. “I’m surprised to see you awake this early…?” Telling him she could leave could wait until after breakfast. -01:45 May 10
Kabriel: “I’m always up early.” he said takign a bite and chewing “And what kind of person would I be if I made you use you injured leg to get food?” he asked “And where better to spend the morning than here with you…. how is your leg feeling?” -01:50 May 10
Maria: “A little painful for I’ll surive.” It… wasn’t a lie! It really did hurt. Except she was leaving out the part where she was fine. She had the bowl of oatmeal in hand now, gently stirring before taking a bite and sighing… Why did food have to taste so much better here? She was silent for a few moments, ever so often stealing a look at him. “What will we do this morning, Prince? I can’t imagine keeping you locked up in here with me all day.” Well, she could. But what she imagined was all rowdy sex. -01:54 May 10
Kabriel: “Theres a remote on the table next to your bed.. theres somehtign coming on channel thirty seven I usually watch.. or tivo maybe you’ll like it.” he moved over to lean against the headboard next to her and shoved more pasta into his mouth. -01:58 May 10
Maria: This was good for her. A cool, completely dull morning watching television and having breakfast. Maria leaned to take the remote and turned on the tv. Flipping until she had the right channel. After a few commercials, she was greeted with… what she was pretty sure was a soap opera. Maria nearly choked on a bite when she laughed! -02:06 May 10
Kabriel: Kabriel kept eating but looked maria when she laughed… obviously for him this was serious. It was all in Armenian and he listened to every word and didn’t seen to notice that half the characters were wearing what looked liek ren fair reect costumes.. because they were from an alernative fantasy dimention from a time apradox two seasons ago. -02:09 May 10
Maria: When Maria finished her breakfast (when she finally stopped smirking) she set the tray aside. Following the show took a bit… she couldn’t understand the words, but for a soap opera the acting was really good. They knew how to emote through expression and body language. And Maria was finding herself sucked in to an absolutely crazy storyline! Before long she was leaning draped over his legs, staring at the tv with intent and ever so often asking why someone did something, or where another person came from! -02:15 May 10
Kabriel: He was running his fingers though her hair as he watch the empty bown put aside and the and his eyes glued to the screen. He was happy to explain where the character cane from or what thinsg meant.. and then came the last line of the episide, a man standing on the edge of a building ready to throw himself off as a woman watched asking his why.. “vorovhetev yes sirum yem dzez ishkhanuhi…” and then the screen faded to black without a resolution. -02:21 May 10
Maria: “No..! What?! Damnit…!” This was why she hated soaps, the damned things always ended on cliffhangers. Maria was huffing, swatting at the covers on the bed. At least she was picking up common words… kinda. That last line had several she heard Kabriel speak to her before. “What did he say? He wasn’t going to jump, was he? Because that’s going to piss me off.” -02:25 May 10
Kabriel: “Kabriel was still starign at the screen, then slowly shook his head. “No.. he was telling the princess he had to jump because he was in love with her. Vorovhetev yes sirum yem dzez ishkhanuhi means I love you my princess. Hes her bodyguard.” he looked down at her “We’ll find out next week, or I will…” -02:28 May 10
Maria: “Sirum is princess?” That he said often, and she had gotten the general idea of. But the rest… She did hear him say it before. On the island when he was drugged up and she was trying to get him out of that crazy doctor’s lab. He had told her he loved her, days before his sudden proposal and she had no idea. …Did HE even realize? “…You’re going to have to watch with me, so I know what’s going on…” THAT’s what she settled on saying. Why couldn’t she just -tell- him! -02:39 May 10
Kabriel: “Its on this time next week.” he said “Not even I can make it come on any sooner… you’ll be here then?” maybe there was too much of a hopeful tone in his voice but he was determined to ignore it. “I know I can keep you occupied until then with or without you on your feet.” -02:43 May 10
Maria: “I… might be… I don’t want to rush the healing process…?” Of course, that could have meant anything from her ankle to a broken heart. Maria hid her face at his leg for a moment. Why was she even doing this to herself? …a test! It could be a test! She did need the time to rest, and surely after a few days she’d get completely bored of him or he’d finally show his real, asshole nature that every foreign playboy had. He couldn’t keep it up eternally. Maria finally tilted to look up at him. “I could leave after next week’s…” -02:50 May 10
Kabriel: He looked down at her “You’re welcome to stay that long.. if you want to.” he said “Though on friday I have a fundraiser to go to.. it your be the ngith before the show so would you like to try out yout neg and go with me then?” -02:54 May 10
Maria: “Hmm… I could go with you, yes. Since you’re taking care of me… As a thank you.” It was crazy that she missed those moments before everything suddenly turned strange. She almost wished she could just throw him to the floor and screw him just to take the tension off. Maria rubbed her head. “How will you keep me entertained in the meantime?” ..she meant to make that sound like an offer, but instead she just sounded tired! -02:58 May 10
Kabriel: “Well theres craft markets and beaches, the forest, horses, cars, the castle itself.. and making… sex.. “Have you even been out falconing?” -03:01 May 10
Maria: Maria was instantly going to comment on making sex, because she was sure that wasn’t what he intended to say. But he caught her confusion with the last one. She shifted to sit up, leaving a hand braced on his legs. “I’m not even sure what falconing -is-. And the first thought that comes to mind is some crazy person jumping off the roof of your castle trying to fly.” -03:06 May 10
Kabriel: “Well you take a falcon, and a horse… and you ride around with the falcon letting it fly when you see small game for it to hunt.” he said.. “He have a few birds but I havn’t been since I was a child.” he grinned at her “We’d be alone in the countryside for hours at a time and its easy to make the birds come back..” -03:11 May 10
Maria: “I can say riding a horse is one of the few things I haven’t tried… You’re going to have to help me.” She’d be more concerned about the horse than about him. It would be perfect. -03:14 May 10
Kabriel: “You could ride with me until you get used to the movement of the horse, e can to that in ythe courtyard before going out into the forest. You’ll be galloping on yout own on no time.” -03:17 May 10
Maria: “How about I just stay with you and your horse, and cut out the risk of me having another insane accident before the week is over.” It was an impulse that she leaned forward to kiss his cheek. Almost regretting it when she caught that scent of cologne and lingered close for too long. “If you don’t mind?” -03:20 May 10
Kabriel: Worse still was when his arms closed around her and held her there. “We wouldn’t want that, you’d ahve to spend even longer in my gilded cage forsed to do unspeakable acts by a power mad prince.” he nuzzled into her and brushed his lips against hers “How terrible for you.” -03:24 May 10
Maria: The fact that she responded instantly, melting in to his embrace and returning his kiss with one of her own was proof that she had absolutely no will power. The relief at having that tension broken was astounding. Maria smiled, curling up against him. “You forget that I’m not a damsel or a princess. I bite.” -03:29 May 10
Kabriel: “I know you do Sirum, my neck will never be the same again.” speaking of necks his hand went up to rub the back of hers like it always did. “I wouldn’t have it any other way.” -03:32 May 10
Maria: “Then we can go back to the way things were before.” she mumbled softly. Her arms curling around his waist, so she could much more comfortably stay there. “Some biting, some shoving… long talks in my office?” -03:36 May 10
Kabriel: The way his lips slid over hers, lazy and content made it seem like he was happy to just kiss her. “Better be here, on the bed. keep you off your feet.. you need to heal.” he slid his hand down the side of her neck his nails raking her skin. “But lang talks sound nice.” -03:39 May 10
Maria: “Talks about why a playboy prince likes romance soap operas.” She was grinning, gently nipping at the corner of his mouth. Reaching to caress her fingers against his jaw. “That definitely counts as a secret.” -03:42 May 10
Kabriel: His fingers sliding down her side he nipped her lip as his leg curled around hers. “That means I get one of yours.. so tell me Maria what do you like most ut of all the gifts you’ve been given?” -03:46 May 10
[Maria enters.] -03:53 May 10
Maria: “That’s unfair. If I answer honestly, you’ll think I’m playing favorites just because I am comfortable in your lap.” And she was. There was anything heated about it, just soothing and warm. Brushing her fingers over his neck in soft touches, while giving brief kissing inbetween quiet words. “I like this gift right here. There’s been nothing like it..” she hadn’t even realized she let that slip out before nuzzling against his cheek. -03:56 May 10
Kabriel: He smiled wide and pessed his lips into hers for a long moment. “I wouldn’t ask if I didn’t want honesty.” he whispered “Its good to know you’re hoest with me, which is more important than the answer. You’ve always been honest with me…” -04:00 May 10
Maria: “I will always be honest with you. Even when stupidly walking out the door in heels not made for stone stair cases.” she grimaced just a bit, but when she shifted it was to be closer to him. To pull his head in to her hands and plant a kiss over his mouth, A tentative movement of her lips that seemed to mirror her thoughts. “You scare me and turn everything upside down. I don’t know what I can do about it.” she murmured, her voice soft. “I can’t stay with you, but you make me want to…” -04:08 May 10
Kabriel: His eyes closed as much from her words as her kiss and he moved his hadn to her cheek to kiss her back. “I would say I’m sorry but the reason you can’t stay is not my fault… is it?” he kissed her back his teeth just catching her lip. “You are leavign anyway so while you are here.. we could try and see what happens. Theres no risk, we noth know when you’re going an how long you have here.” -04:12 May 10
Maria: “I’ve already stayed too long already.” Even while trying to talk about it, to tell him, Maria couldn’t stand the thought of leaving. It was definitely his fault. She slid her arms around his neck, flicking her tongue against his lips in a faint frustrated sigh. “A week or so more.” Whether or not she was reminding herself or him, she didn’t know. -04:20 May 10
Kabriel: “A week or so more… for us to be together then you go. So whats the harm spending that week how we want to?” he asked before catchign her tongue between her lips and sliding his against it. “You’re leaving in one week, so be my princess for the week be have left.” -04:23 May 10
Maria: “Hmm, for a week. I am your princess for a week. No complaints or second guessing…” She could do a week. A she wasn’t caving in just because she had wanted an excuse to stay longer, or because kissing him made her feel like there wasn’t anywhere else in the world she wanted to be. She came up against his mouth hard, as if she had been starving for it. Digging her hands in to his hair to hold him close. -04:30 May 10
Kabriel: He pushed back against her just as hard rolling away from the headboard onto her and resing his body on hers his breathing already more rapid than normal. “What a week its going to be…” -04:35 May 10
Maria: “I remember you saying something about keeping me in bed…” How could he do this to her, she wanted to strangle him… just as much as she wanted her hands all over him. She caressed his hair, the back of his neck… Brushed her hand against his cheek and pulled him down again to ravish his mouth. Every minute he could make her feel something else, and it drove her crazy. -04:39 May 10
Kabriel: He ran his fingers though her hair as he ravaged her back then slipped his hands under the bottom hen of her dress to lift iy up and run his hand over her stomach. “Have to rest your ankle..” he said almost breathlessly “So I’m on top..” hand pushing further up under her dress he cupped her sliding his thumb over her nipple. He always tanted to toutch her, feel her, rub and caress her rather than bend her over and fuck her… and be toutched in return.. -04:44 May 10
Maria: “So very commanding of you, prince.” If they did this all week, she’d never leave. She kissed him, the motions only stopping when she’d smile and laugh at a ticklish spot or sigh when she just couldn’t keep that pleased sound to herself. Gentle fingers were plucking away at his shirt to steal it off him. Taking time to touch bare skin when she found it. -04:50 May 10
Kabriel: He fulled her dress over her head and let the soft fabric flow over his fingers onto the bed before moving down to brush his lips over hers. “And once we’re done I’m going to run you a bath and carry you to it, a princess should be pampered after shes been ravaged..” -04:54 May 10
Maria: Maria laughed softly, pushing him up just a bit so she could take his shirt. Tossing it somewhere above her head and out of her way. “I don’t feel ravaged, prince… I feel something else entirely..” She would have liked to shove him over and roll on top of him, and the thought crossed her face too when she ran her hands over his chest. -05:02 May 10
Kabriel: He was sliding his hads slowly across her stomach and over her chest. “Either way you’re getting pampered afterwards..” he grabbed a pollow from the head of the bed and lifting her hips slid it under her before leaning bown to kiss her stomach, then higher between her breasts, then her throat, then her lips. “For no other reason than I want to.” -05:06 May 10
Maria: She was nearly purring and if she smiled any wider her face was going to end up sore. She gripped his shoulders, squeezing a bit before running her fingers against the nape of his neck. “You are being too good to me… what can I do for you?” Maria doubt she had ever asked someone that question. He made her want to give him anything, and all he had to do was pet her..! -05:14 May 10
Kabriel: He reached down to undo his belt and button pressign his hips against her panties. “Just treat me how I treat you and everything will balance out.” he said “Be honest and if you want to do somethign nice just do it.. without worrying about keeping score or being even.” he moved down to kiss her neck he his hand pushed her panties down. “I like you plenty without you changing or doing anything special..” -05:19 May 10
Maria: “I’m not worried about keeping score…” she mumbled, curling her arms around his shoulder and nuzzling against his ear. “I wish you’d stop making me fall in love with you…” She didn’t realize she said it out loud. It had simply been what she was thinking. Shifting slightly under him trying to stay close to his body without having to move her foot too much. -05:24 May 10
Kabriel: The smile pressing into her shoulder was so wide it felt liek his face would fall off. Then he nipped her neck and moved to nuzzle her ear. “Tit for tat Maria…” he pulled himself free and pressed into her sliding in gently my quickly. “Its going to drive me crazy.” -05:31 May 10
Maria: There was a short gasp from her, mostly because she wanted to wrap her legs around him and the movement was a bad idea! She was left pulling only one leg up to rub a foot against the back of his calf. Hands petting through his hair as she grumbled. “You’re already crazy. So am I…” She tilted her head until her mouth found his again. The less he could talk, the less she would fall. -05:39 May 10
Kabriel: He kissed her hard as he rocked his hips agains her finding thier position and pushing. He was crazy, wanting to and trying to turn the perfect stringless sex experience into a comitment. But he couldn’t help himself, not what Maria was involved. -05:43 May 10
Maria: When in this vacation did they go from tantric, rough sex to this sweet, wordless love… This was love, she didn’t want this. With her arms around him, a hand running up and down his back in a soft caress. And her kiss meeting his in a deep and passionate sigh. She did want this… she wanted this every day! -05:50 May 10
Kabriel: One week, one week of this and then she would be gone. That though made him pull her against him harder. One week of making love, not simply fucking, one week of Maria then… he couldn’t think of it and push into her at the same time so with a praintif whimper he let the thought go and melted into the moment, the now.. her. -06:19 May 10
Maria: She forgot the pain in her ankle, curling her legs around him anyway when he pulled her tight. He really did make the world vanish, just with the touch of his skin. She nibbled his lips, mumbling his name, mumbling that she loved this, worse muttering that she loved him and how much she didn’t want him to let go. -06:32 May 10
Kabriel: He flicked his tongue against her and pressed his body in harder. He wanted to hear more and his own voice was whispering sweet nothign in both english and armenian, his english tainted with a thicker accent he usually managed to hide but now with his defences completely vanished it surfaced. -06:36 May 10
Maria: She was almost gone, tilting her head back in the reverie every moment her hips twist to meet him. Every whisper against her ear leaving her in shivers. That mounting pressure coiling tight when she locked her arms around his shoulder. “Gods, Kabriel, i love you, why do I love you..” she murmured out in a sudden gasp, when it hit her. Making her squeeze her eyes shut as she groaned and tensed. -06:49 May 10
Kabriel: He barely heard her as he gasped into her he wasn’t done yet but would be in moments. Heer workds, the wonderful dooming joyous words were what jushed him over the edge and made him opene his mouth in a shuddering gasp. He filled her with an orgasm enlike any he could remember… “Dammit Maria.. say things like that and I will have to chain you up and never let you go.” -06:53 May 10
Maria: She didn’t mean to say it. She would pretend she didn’t. Arms still around him as she nuzzled against his face and brushed soft kisses against his cheek. “Then when I am chained up, just remind me why I am still here…” -06:56 May 10
Mediterranean Misadventure

Mediterranean Misadventure 006: Promises

Maria: After a rousing start with totally hot, unexpected carsex, Maria was able to shower in a castle bathroom that was bigger than her apartment living room. Which was -amazing-. She wore the red dress Kabriel picked out for her and was more than ready to spend an evening with him. …More excited to than she should be. -04:58 May 09
Kabriel: He was dressed in a light blue white with button’s collar and cuffs and navy pants, maybe overdressed for a meal for two but you did not scimp on a date wihen you were trying to wow a girl with the fact and evidence that you were a bonafied prince and wanted to keep her for longer than she wanted to be kept. The dining room was enourmout, easity able to fit 20 people and all decked out so that it looked like a hotel or fantasy movie. He however was directing the lating of the table hinself, two seats oposite eachother near the edge of the table, he was also trying to convince his staff to give them privacy and eventually strucj a compromise with them that they would be waited on when the bell was wrung. -05:03 May 09
Maria: Maria hadn’t bothered fixing her hair up, leaving it down and over a shoulder in a twist. No jewelry. Most of her jewelry were gifts and in this case… The only gift she was wearing was the one he bought for her. One stepping in to the dining room, led by a overly curious attendant, Maria was impressed. It was beautiful, and for the evening it was hers. “A little much for a promised meal, don’t you think, dear Prince?” -05:08 May 09
Kabriel: He was holding one of the candlesticks when she walked in adn ti was immediatly whisked away from him and placed between the placed set out for them by an aged butler. She had caught him setting it up himself and he looked at his shoes for a second. “It was no trouble. Its always like this.. um… for starters.” he pulled out her chair for her and took her hand to guide her into the chair. In her plate was a box containign a simple diamond necklace, there was a slight yellow to the gem, a rare kind. “I promsed you a present for the cruite, and now we’re even, so from now on we’re starting again, give and take and for the food tonight I only want the pleasure of your company.” -05:14 May 09
Maria: “You make it sound like a date.” she said slowly. Her attention drawn to the gorgeous stone. He had no idea how much she loved yellow diamonds. Another lucky guess. She lift the necklace carefully, admiring the glint, and then hooked it around her neck. …it was so very hard to cool that cool bemused expression, when she wanted to beam and dance. She couldn’t stop playing with it even while it was on. -05:20 May 09
Kabriel: He sat and looked over the table at her. “So food will be served when we ring the bell, until then its just us.” the room had cleared awefully fast when she had arived. “Though I should ask you something first. How does a girl like you be so into cars and not let anyone know? You know if theres one thing I spend more time in than a clud, its a car and you have no idead how much for attractive you became yesterday, though you were PLENTY that before. Its a wonder I don’t have thay very sexy dress off of you right now. But I find myself wanting the answer more right now.” -05:26 May 09
Maria: Maria leaned her elbows on the table and rest her chin on her hand, casting him a wide enigmatic smile. “There is Public Maria, Lover Maria, and Private Maria. Very few people get the last one. It was an accident… you made the mistake of giving me keys. I’ll try not to divulge anything else.” Though whether or not she meant it as a tease, or was serious, that was debatable. “Are you sure you don’t want this dress off me? A kitchen table with servants lurking at the door might be entertaining.” -05:37 May 09
Kabriel: “The night is young Maria, and I don’t lie to myself that you hadn’t been with many men, and while I may or may not be the forst price I do want to be the first prince that has given you a nice meal without expecting anything in return.” he picked up a bottle of wine and a glass and poaurd it to a centimeter from the rim before handign it to her. “And maybe you will se new sides to Kabriel befor eyou leave. We do what we can to be remembered by those we will think of.” -05:47 May 09
Maria: He caught her a bit off guard. Maria took the glass and sipped, using the motion to mask her expression. He was the same as her. Someone who enjoyed what they did and who they were with, without regrets. …but that was never done without the game aspect. She had already made several mistakes with him already, if she let her guard down now… “I can honestly say, you won’t be a man I ever forget. …but since you insist. Now that you know a secret about me, it’s only fair to share.” -05:52 May 09
Kabriel: He poared himself some wine and sipped it, putting his glass and the bottle down. “You want a secret.” he said looking at her over the table. “A secret passion or passtime… maybe..” he looked down and shoot his head. “Or a secret like the fact that I’ve never said ‘I love you to a woman, now wanter to’ but then thats not a secret.” now wanted to until he said that he had never done it. “Alrigt I took piano lessing when I was a child and have kept in practice. Not much of a secret but not somethign I advertise and never something I do for a woman.. just like I don’t bring them into my parents’ home until today.” -06:21 May 09
Maria: “Hmm, two was two secrets, now I have to share another, for fairness sake.” The prince played piano for fun and not to impress women. Much like she drove cars because she loved them, and not because it was hot to guys… Maria took another long drink of wine. Not watching him now, but the color of the liquid in the glass as she swirled it. “You can ask me a question, any question you like and I will answer. No rules, no take backs.” -06:28 May 09
Kabriel: He looked at her and then at his wine. “Thatd not fair, I got to choose what I said, and now you’re letting me ask.” he drained his glass then looked a ther, filling his glass and offering her the bottle. “You play the game so well but I have to wonder, has fearless Marian ever loved a man?” -06:32 May 09
Maria: She sucked in a breath through her teeth and grimaced, though she did so with good humor. She took the bottle to refresh her glass. “Ooo. I should have thought that one through…” Maria cast a half smile, shrugging one of her shoulders as she traced the rim of her glass. She said she would answer now she had to. “I did once. It was… a mistake on my part. One that I haven’t made again.” -06:35 May 09
Kabriel: He raised his glass to his lips just wetting then and licking the liquid away. “I’ve sometimes wondered what its like but.. never found the girl who could take me off the market. Not like Hans, he and I used to do everything together, amsterdam, berlin, paris, new york.. I’m happy for him though, he was taken off the market as much by his father’s death as Yvaine… it was then that he stopped fooling around. Its kind of weird how that happens sometimes.” -06:40 May 09
Maria: Maria was glad that the focus had shifted to someone else’s life. It was almost a relieved laugh that slipped out of her. “I met Yvaine at the Arnuad School of Dance… we were nothing alike. Absolutely nothing in common, never partnered at school, never hung out after practice… But she was… genuine? Nice. So many of the dancers were catty and she was the only one that ever actually meant it when she asked how you were or gave you a compliment. I was pretty surprised to find out her Prince turned King was real… With every intention to steal him.” she added with a grin. It was the truth after all. “I stole a lot of men from Yvaine. Proof that none of them were worth her time…” -06:48 May 09
Kabriel: He leaned forwards. “That makes him the one that got away and me the conselation prize.” he picked up and rang the bell and immediatly the door opened with serbants drining in moussaka and stifado and various other delicasies. “Saved by the bell?” he teased “Hope i’m not too much of a compromise.” -06:55 May 09
Maria: She laughed again, taking an interest in what he had magically rang up for dinner. Service in a royal palace was definitely a huge step up from her usual outings. “That’s if he was a prize to begin with. No, I’m really glad he blew me off. Yvaine loved him so much and I am thrilled he loved her just as much. Very few people get to enjoy that, and I couldn’t think of someone more deserving.” Maria pulled her arms off the table, leaning back in her seat to allow for the flurried quick movements of still very curious servants. He wasn’t kidding about not bringing women here… she could spot the looks, and it made her smirk. “You, Prince, are in an entirely different league of your own.” -06:59 May 09
Kabriel: “That Maria is a two-sided remark.” He pointed out “But I will treat it as a compliment.” He gave her a look before he helped himself a what looked liek a pasta-based dish. “While you Maria are unlike anyone I’ve ever met.” he gave her a wink “And I’m glad I found that gem, it sets of fyou skin tone beautifly and with that bress you’re all fire and hold the ice.” -07:05 May 09
Maria: Her hand was at the stone again, this time not remembering to hide her smile. “You stumbled over another secret love of mine by accident. I’ve adored yellow diamonds ever since I saw one in a Marilyn Monroe movie. So I really, really do appreciate this gift.” -07:11 May 09
Kabriel: “And here I was just hoping to see that…” he said not hiding that his gave was falling on her lips and then he turned away. “I won’t tell you how hard it was to find it and get it set in time. Because it is what it is.” -07:20 May 09
Maria: “This is a custom?” She paused in the middle of dishing something fantastic smelling on to her plate. Yellow diamonds were rare to get, and getting a custom design even more so on short notice. …she needed to change the subject! “This is, ah…. Tell me how many women you manage to charm with these very thoughtful presents?” Better. Maria herself was focusing on her food again. -07:27 May 09
Kabriel: “Usually there is no thought to it, an off the shelf necklace, a common as mud.” he wasn’t meetign her eyes on purpose distracting himself with eating “but for you.. I wanted somethign that draped over your collar bones just right and was simple but elegant with a toutch of rarity, because thats how I’ve come to see you.” -07:33 May 09
Maria: He was making it really hard not to smile. Maria picked up her wine glass to sip and hide the smile. “Kabriel, if you’re not careful I’m going to start thinking you’re serious.” -07:38 May 09
Kabriel: “A great crime I would have to punish with the full authority of a prince of the realm.” he said “But..” and he said with with a grin and a glass raised half to his lips. “The gift fits the receiver adn I am happy with my work.” -07:41 May 09
Maria: “Ah, I see now… a Prince’s pride in his accomplishments!” It was easier to call it that, and safer too. Maria took a bite of dinner, that soft happy sigh of a woman who definitely enjoyed the moment. “So then, beside pleasing ladies and helping to run a country, what does a Prince do?” she asked curiously. -07:52 May 09
Kabriel: “We attends classes to learn how to rule and does his best to behave well for the camera.” he said in a sarcastic tone. “Other than that if you stay long enough you’ll find out.” he leaned back in his chair smiling at her. “Starting with a track day let you try out a few of the cars.. horses another day, they need to be run. Theres so much to do here you’d be surprised.” -08:19 May 09
Maria: “Horses too? I am intrigued…” Maria liked the idea of staying far too much. Maybe she should leave straight in the morning, instead of lingering… However… She lift a foot up to rub gently against his leg. She was leaning an elbow on the table again and grinning. “Driving and horses and dinners… what else, then? Do I get a full tour of the castle and the grounds too?” -08:25 May 09
[Kabriel enters.] -08:38 May 09
Kabriel: “Only if you are willing to suffer me as your guide.. we might find an interesting place thats not on top of a car.” he said his grin hidening, “Though I think you have a particular room in mind?” -08:42 May 09
Maria: “I am very fond of the showers… but actually I was wondering how many fireplaces you have in such a big palace. I’d hate to knock over all the candles you took so much time to prepare in here.” Sex in every room in his palace was definitely a nice option. Now how could she accomplish that -and- take a proper tour? ….she’d find a way! -08:46 May 09
Kabriel: ‘Fifty seven not counting the ones in the kitchens. Nost of them are never used but except in the winter besides the ones in the bedrooms. I hope you’re happy sharing mine, you may learn more about me by it’s contents than you could with a thousand questions. Like I said I don’t bring women here so its filled with … whatever I’ve found to fill it with over my life.” -08:50 May 09
[(Timeout) Kabriel was consumed alive by feral plot bunnies.] -08:57 May 09
Maria: There was that wide smirk again. Why not. She had this under control, didn’t she? Letting him learn a little bit about her wouldn’t be a big deal, and learning about him would be fine. They were both friends to Hans and Yvaine and they bother understand how these things worked out. This wouldn’t get strange later… “Hmm, how about, for every secret I discover, I will tell you one of mine?” -08:57 May 09
[Kabriel enters.] -09:15 May 09
Kabriel: “You are generous…” he teased “I’ll have to trust that you are honest about the score.” he pushes his plate aside having eaten his fill. “You know you’ll be the talk of the castle for months. No way to stop my parents learning of you now.” -09:18 May 09
Maria: Maria was drinking the last of her wine, casting him the sideways smile. “I’m the topic of conversation everywhere I go. …But I can say this is the first time someone has ever mentioned their parents.” She tapped his knee with her foot. “Should I be a big diva and give them some interesting stories?” -09:22 May 09
[(Timeout) Kabriel was sacrificed to the gods of Roleplay by a vicious tribe of rampaging plot bunnies.] -09:25 May 09
Kabriel: “You be who you want to be, its how I like you best.” he replied his hand slipping under the table to rub her foot. “Its not what they thing that matters, its what I think, and what you think.” he slid his nail across her skin. “And I never break a promise so I hope you’ve kept track of the ones I’ve made you.” -09:25 May 09
Maria: She jumped, enough that she hit her own knee on the table and started laughing. It seemed he hit a ticklish spot. “Oh honey, that’s a lot of promises. I don’t think you want me to write all those down. A vaguely recall a drunken moment of revelry where you promised to make me your princess.” A wicked smirk, and she was snatching her foot back before he went tickling her again. -09:28 May 09
Kabriel: He smirked shaking his head as her skee hitting the table. “And now you’v reminded me of it does that mean you want me to keep it?” he smile faded and he looked out the window. He did want to keep it.. maybe. “But then I’d lose a friend, and lide it or not my best friend is married to yours and …” and what Kabriel… “I’d like you to wear that necklace if you know I’ll be there when you meet up with her.” -09:33 May 09
Maria: Alarming where his train of thought was leading… and how hard that made her heart beat. A miracle that he mentioned the gift and seemed to return her thoughts back to reality. Maria slipped out of her chair, slowly walking around the table until she was next to him and holding out her hand. “A request that will be a pleasure for me to grant. I’m not so sure I’ll ever take it off. …C’mon, show me your castle and your fifty seven fireplaces.” -09:38 May 09
Kabriel: He took her hand with a wide grin and rose from his seat pulling her closer and and putting his arm around her. “Well the one on the wall there is one.. for the others.. walk with me and I’ll give you the tour…” -09:41 May 09
Maria: Maria leaned up on her toes to brush a kiss at the corner of his mouth. “One of fifty seven.” She pulled back, keeping his hand to tug with her, over her head as she turned, finally resting it on her waist around her. Maria held a finger ticking it back and forth until she picked a direction. “Hrrrm. That way. And they better be the most amazing fireplaces I have ever seen, or I will be very disappointed.” she grinned. -09:46 May 09
Kabriel: He had a large grin on his face as he walked with her in her chosen direction. “We have one three meters wide in the old hall, set in the senter of the room in a circle, there were feasts held there before the castle we stand in was even built…” he stopped and pulled his hand away from her his smile fading as he slowly put his ands on her waist. “Maria.. I need to say something…” the enthusiasm from talking about the castle was replaced by somehting he had never experiences when talkign to a woman.. fear, hesitation. But when his eyes rose up to hers they were filled with determination. “Zuygvel ayn!” he cursed.. “Maria.. I have a crazy idea, and you’re probably going to hate it but.. stay.. be here with me without ever havig to leave, be my princess, be my fiancee.” -09:54 May 09
Maria: That was the last thing Maria was expecting to come out of his mouth. That almost elated surprise quickly switched to a panicked shock. “Have you…. Have you lost your mind!” She wanted to shake him. To kiss him. ….to turn around and walk out the door! Which is what she ended up doing in her panic. Stepping back, turning around and heading for the door. With that bewildered look on her face! “…I can’t be someone’s fiance again! I just can’t do it!” -10:00 May 09
Kabriel: He was confused and hurt, but he wouldn’t just let her walk away like that. Not without going after her. “Maria!” he called out breaking into a jog. “Then don’t be.” he said. “Be my wife, you’ll be with me all the time and have pull permosion to slap me if things go wrong. You’ll be royalty. You’ll be … DAMMIT MARIA! Yes sirum yem k’yez…” he grabbed her shoulder and pulled her into his arms not giving her a choice in matter. “I never break a promise.” -10:07 May 09
Maria: “Don’t marry me just for a promise, Kabriel. I am not that woman.” She was confused and hurt. She shouldn’t have even brought that comment up. Now what could have been a clean break was a total mess and it was feeling so much harder than it should. Maria pushed him back, trying to look cold and impartial despite that rush in her chest. “Thank you for everything, and I really do mean it… But I don’t belong here and I really need to go.” She was swatting him away again when he got close, and continuing her escape. -10:13 May 09
Kabriel: “Its not for a stupid promise.” he said still following her. “You are unlike any other woman I have ever met and I would rather start a war than see you manhandled by some of the so called nobility I have had the displeasure to meet in my life.” he spat “You are something special.. soemthign I can’t buy or define of fup myfinger on about you just works for me… where are you going to go…?” -10:17 May 09
Maria: “And we will magically stop being who we are, then away on a fairy tale we go where everything is just love and glitter and happy endings! I thought you knew better than this?!” Maria growled in frustration, throwing her hands up over her ears so she didn’t have to hear him. She wasn’t thinking with sense. Sensible Maria would at least go to fetch her things first. But panicking, angry Maria was marching down the halls intending to walk right out of the castle and back to town. -10:23 May 09
Kabriel: “Then call Yvaine, I’ll have you on a plane to Rhineland within the hour.” he yelled following her outside into the courtyard. “I’ve been using cheep fucks as a way to keep women away so the wouldn’t just want what I can give them, at least I can face my fears.. If you’re not willing to try it then you’re afraid… and you’re not running from me, you’re running from your own fear.” -10:28 May 09
Maria: “You have NO IDEA what I fear, so don’t even -try- to assume that y-…!” Maria was at the bottom three steps to go cross the courtyard, but in her shouting had spun around to make sure she got her point across. Mid-turn and mid-sentance there was a snap of a shoe heel and her surprised yelp. Next thing she knew she was staring up at the sky with all the wind and the sense knocked out of her! -10:37 May 09
Kabriel: He was at her side in an instant kneeling down and brushing the hair from her face… then even though hi lip quivered he said nothing and he offered her his hand. “I won’t stop you doing what you want to do.” -10:39 May 09
Maria: That was stupid…” she mumbled in embarrassment. Taking his hand to sit up. Maria couldn’t remember the last time she had been so angry at a man that she didn’t think before she went storming off. Her hand brushed over her head and that was fine, but when she tried to stand, the pain in her ankle was so sharp she gasped! “Shit..!” That was not good, not good at all… then there was a panick for a whole new reason! -10:43 May 09
Kabriel: “Shhhhh..” he said kissing her forehead before moving to her feet and slowly, gently, lifting it and then feelign the joint. “Its not broken..” he said “Thats more than could be said for your heel.” he held up the peice of her shoe for her to see. “I will carry you inside.. get ice.. a bottle of something for the pain and I’ll have the best doctor out here in the morning.” Without waiting for her to refuse he lifted her into her arms and was carrying her back inside. “You’ll be dancing again in no time.” -10:47 May 09
Maria: “Are you sure it’s not broken…?” Because she tried to move it again after he lift her up, which once again had her stiffening and gasping in pain. “I really love my job, I can’t have this happen now!” The pain wasn’t too bad, but the thought of breaking something and not getting to dance… Maria was tearing up in frustration. All because she couldn’t keep her temper under control…! -10:51 May 09
Kabriel: “A pulled ligament and a sprain..” he said “I’ve seen a few, though if what you were just saying was true you will never know why or how..” he turned to move her through the door. “Na petk’ e sarruyts’y nra koch.” he said to the servants who had gethered before walking up a flight of stairs and down a corridor to stop in front of a door. “Can you get and handle? My hands are full.” -10:55 May 09
Maria: Maria leaned, turning the handle of the door and pushing it open… She didn’t even want to think about him proposing and her very uncoordinated flight at the moment. Maria was more concerned about keeping her job, than how afraid she was to tackle the subject. “Can we forget what I said for a few hours until I know my whole life isn’t over?” she mumbled darkly. -11:02 May 09
Kabriel: “You’ll be fine.” he repeated carryign her inside and putting her on the bed then a servent came in with an icepack and he took it putting it onto her ancle. “If you don’t believe me I could get a grumpy doctor who doesn’t speak english up here.” -11:03 May 09
Maria: “I believe you. ….but I also want a grumpy armenian doctor to make sure.” There were still tears in her eyes and she was quickly trying to brush those away. He couldn’t know how much her career meant to her. “…I’m sorry.” -11:07 May 09
Kabriel: “Bzhishky , na mi paruhi yev nra votk’y…” he said to the survent to disappeared. “You have nothing to be sorry about.” he said grabbing a cuttion from the chair in the room and putting it under her ancle. He was quiet until a middle aged man in a gown appeared in the door and moved tot he corner of the bed pushign Kabriel away who moved up to sit next to her. “I should be the one saying sorry, for putting you in a situation we agreed wouldn’t happen. I should leave you alone so you can make arangements.” -11:12 May 09
Maria: Maria was anxious, but more than that she was just feeling stupid. Stupid for letting it get this far, stupid for hurting him, and stupid for wishing she could take the past twenty minutes back! “Don’t go. I… even if it isn’t bad, I don’t want to take the risk. Would it be an asshole thing for me to ask if I could stay a few days…? Until I can walk on my own feet?” It wasn’t an excuse not to leave and make up for her scene. Right? -11:17 May 09
Kabriel: “Na petk’ e k’aylel minch’yev arravot , bayts’ yerek’ or ankoghnum klini lavaguyny. the doctor’s words were all he seemed to offer before standing head heading back to bed. “A few days would do you good, the doctor agrees, so, I’ll let you stay until you’re healed and you can dance from sunrise to sunset.. I know you enjoy it.” -11:23 May 09
Maria: Maria nodded and cast a weak smile. “Thank you. …and I promise the next time I walk out the door it’s not going to be in a fury.” -11:26 May 09
Kabriel: “At least you’ll remember me.” he said “The prince of saying the wrong thing.” he leaned down and kissed her forehead. “Though I’m not leaving your side until you’re walking.” -11:28 May 09
Mediterranean Misadventure

Mediterranean Misadventure 005: The Love of Cars

[Maria woke up in an Armenian hospital and it took hours for staff to convince her she was actually IN Armenia. And now a couple days later, and without a single sighting of that Prince, Maria was checking herself out of the hospital and ready to get back to her normal life.] -12:55 May 07
[Kabriel was in a private ward, with good food and a 24-hour guard.. and a huffy nursemaid telling him to staw away from that “tramp” and just recover like a good prince.] -12:56 May 07
Maria: Of course he was a Prince. He was no doubt whisked away by guards or soliders, or caretakers immediately. Who knew how long they were lost out at sea! Maria just vaguely remembered being so tired and falling asleep in the escape boat. At least the doctors were kind enough to explain that he was -okay- for a bit there, Maria was worried. …kinda disappointed she couldn’t say goodbye. But it was much MUCH better this way. A clean break. Maria was still frowning to herself as she finished signing up her paperwork. -12:58 May 07
Kabriel: The very, very nice and oh so expensive Merchialago pulled up outside the hospital. It was the kind of car you just didn’t see on the streets. Back in a shirt, sunglasses and jeans Kabriel was odviously dressed to impress when he hopped out and walked into the hotel loby… seeign the person he was looking for and sliming. “Just in time it seems, did you think I forgot my promise?” -01:04 May 07
Maria: Maria looked surprised, and quickly hide that expression with a dubious grin. “I do vaguely remember demanding you make it all up to me. But seeing as it was a promise made under weird circumstances, I’m not gonna hold you to it.” And if she had sense, she’d be walking away. Instead she was standing there lingering and grinning back at him. “I’m glad to get to say goodbye, though. Outside of nearly dying, it really was fun. …I need to make arrangements to go back home.” -01:08 May 07
Kabriel: “Well how about you say goodby over a bottle of wine at my place? Its a very big place, maybe you saw it on top of the hill?” he said in a joking tone. “And I still need to give you your present. You can worry about getting home tomorow, or in a week, I’ve already got the visa sorted out and everything.. I’ll let you drive…” -01:13 May 07
Maria: “Hmm…” Maria pretended to think about. He had her with bottle of wine. A present was a bonus… but getting to drive. There was a slow wicked look spreading across her face. “All right. Tonight to say goodbye. Hand over the keys, Prince. I’mma take you for a ride.” Both hands out, Maria was eagerly awaiting those keys! -01:15 May 07
Kabriel: He looked at the look on her face and held the keys up out of her reach. “If you scratch her you stay for a month..?” he grinned then dripped the keys into her hands. “She gets tail happy in the corners, remember that if you want to go fast.”… yes, it was a v12 lamborghini… going fast was an option. -01:20 May 07
Maria: “Scratches are the last thing you need to worry about.” She let him lead the way outside, spinning the key loop around her fingers. The sleek little monster parked out front was a very expensive surprise. A very nice, very fun looking surprise. Maria slipped in to the driver seat with keys in the ignition like a pro. There was barely enough time to put on seatbelts before she was peeling out out of the lot with a surprising amount of control for going so fast. With a look on her face that suggested she might be driving them straight to hell! -01:25 May 07
Kabriel: The fact that she could handle a car was surprising, the fact that she could handle a big lambo was even moreso. They were notoriosly hard to drive fast without finding yourself skidding everywhere. Still Kabriel was no stranger to going fast.. he was more used to being the one doign the driving while doing so though. “Maria..!” he exclaumes in a mix of surprise, abrenaline and liking this side of her personality… “The palace is the other way.” -01:30 May 07
Maria: “Oh, is it…?” she laughed. She knew. But who was going to give up the opportunity to drive a lamborghini through city streets? Not her! So the Prince was going for a little ride before she turned around. maria was deliberately choosing those difficult streets. The ones that threatened to throw pedestrians in your path, or sharp corners. She finally cast him a side glance and a smirk. “My older brother races cars for a living. You can stop looking alarmed.” -01:35 May 07
Kabriel: He looked back at the trails of tire smoke, onlookers, and cars that was swerved to avoid them before flopping back into his seat. “Take a right here.” it was both to see if she was on her toes and to take her to the biggest fassion mall this side of Berlin. she had lost a lot of clothes on his yatch.. time for her to experience the joys of a deep bank balance. -01:39 May 07
Maria: A sharp right. Other than startling people on the street, she could at least handle the car. And with all the amusement of a child with a toy. What she wouldn’t give for one of these! Where on earth would she put it… Maria was casting him another grin. “What, no begging for your keys back?” -01:43 May 07
Kabriel: He looked at her. “The whole point of a supercar is to make you feel like you’re nine.. It seems so be working.” he was grinning, clearly enjoying the look on her face and the wak her shoulders moved.. “There, the big mall, find us somewhere to park before you strip the rubber from my tires.. she doesn’t come with a spare.” -01:46 May 07
Maria: “I’m certain you can have somewhere here in ten minutes to fix it, love.” She responded in amusement. Parking. At least at the mall parking lot, she was a little more considerate about speed and poor shoppers. Yet, she deliberately wasted a bit of time finding a ‘perfect’ spot just to play with his car. …she did feel like she was nine. Maria parked and with a sigh, pulled out the keys and dropped them back in to his hands. “Now, why are we here? I’m fairly certain this is no palace, and if they sell wine here… Well. That’d be interesting.” -01:51 May 07
Kabriel: He pocketed the keys and lifted the door swivelign it upwards before getting out. “I owe you clothes, I owe me clothes, where better to get clothes than here. Its got more variety than New York, trust me I’ve been there.” he gave her a grin “And I think you’re the kind of girl who likes to drag a man around a mall to carry your bags..” he bowed to her. “Me and my credit card are at your service.” -01:56 May 07
Maria: “Men buy me presents, sweetie, and promptly exit themselves from my presence.” Maria smirked again. Honestly, she had no intentions of letting him buy her new clothes. A present was one thing, replacing clothes from something that was clearly an unfortunate accident was over the top. But… spending the day with him wasn’t too bad. She was out of the car and taking his arm. “You realize giving a woman your credit card is financial suicide, right?” -02:00 May 07
Kabriel: “I’m not giving you my credit card.” he said defencivly “I’ll be the one using it to get you what you want..” he made it sould like there was a difference “Do you think I’m some weak willed colledge boy who will lef you drain me dry? No I’m here to see that smile and make sure you have somehtign to wear while we drike later. If you’ll be wearing anything.” -02:03 May 07
Maria: “Aaah, and here I thought I had you wrapped around my little finger and ready to worship the ground I walk on.” She remembered why she liked him so much. He wasn’t one of the simpering men that thought they were in love the minute they saw her. Her Prince knew this was an affair. …it was an affair. She needed to stop thinking her Prince! “I guess it’s only fair that you get to pick out what I’ll wear… you’ll be the one having to take it off, after all?” -02:08 May 07
Kabriel: “And you’ll be the one taking it home where I’ll never see it on you again.” he said steppig out of the sun adn into the airconditioned mall with her “But I’m sure theres something in here we can agree on…” he looked at her and then at the window displays “Sundress and lingerie…? Hmm…” he was grinning wickedly clearly picturing Marian in differnt outfits. -02:16 May 07
Maria: “I see the plot now… dressing your mistress in sexy underthings for a last evening in bed.” Maria couldn’t help but grin back. If that’s what he wanted… Maria grabbed his hand, tugging him in to the first store that had clothes appropriate to her sense of style. Elegant, but young and very sexy. She was not Yvaine’s brand of pretty, pretty ballerina, but she had no desire to walk around dressed like some skank either. “Now, Prince… are you looking for mistress of the night, or mysterious foreigner…?” -02:21 May 07
Kabriel: He looked at her as she dragged him away. “I don’t know if you have any secrets left for me to explore.” he said his eyes falling to her rump. This was why he liked her. She understood what no attatchment meant. “Or we could get both and have an ancore in the morning.” she was somehtign else, something special… and he would have to let her go. “And laybe soemthing to wear to a fancy lunch…” -02:26 May 07
Maria: “So dinner tonight, breakfast and lunch… This is going to be a very long date, love.” Not that she minded. There was no rush to immediately go back home, right? Not if she was getting a free place to stay and a little entertainment. It would be nice for a vacation away from her vacation… Maria pulled a few things from a couple racks. She was very selective, knew exactly what she liked and what she didn’t. Only once did she stop holding up two dresses. One in a very bright red, but a conservative cut and the other in black, with a dangerously low neckline and nothing in the back. “Choose. And choose wisely, Prince…” -02:33 May 07
Kabriel: He walked up to her and taking them each in turn and putting them against her tilting his head and grinned. “The black works better with yout hair.” he said “But I like you in red..” he mulled over the choice in his head before holdign up the read. “The black would get you too many looks at your chest and I would have to kill a lot of people…” -02:39 May 07
Maria: Maria leaned forward bracing a hand on his shoulder to whisper in his ear. “Jealous thoughts already, sweetie? I thought you weren’t going to fall for me.” she teased gently. Maria was almost tempted to take the black anyway, just to see if he’d make good on that thread. But red it was, added to the small selection of things that would adequately take care of her missing clothes and give her something than a towel to wear incase she did end up lingering in the country a few days longer than planned. “This should all do fine for me.” she finally said after pulling away. She hadn’t meant to linger close to him for that long. Especially not in public. -02:44 May 07
Kabriel: He felt almosy disappointed when she moved away and prabbed up her sellection to take to to the checkout. “You’re with me while you’re here right? And I can make sure it stays that way..” that wounded too much like he was possesive so he added “At least until I make up for the trip.” -02:48 May 07
Maria: Maria laughed out loud! “You realize, I just imagined you calling up super secret royal soldiers to kidnap and ‘make disapear’ anyone that dares to talk to me.” -02:53 May 07
Kabriel: “You never know what might heppen when one man has absoute power.” he said giving her a wink. as the clothes were processed and he payed he kept his back to her, the last thing he needed was to feel that possesivness again. -02:56 May 07
Maria: “I’d by lying if I said that wasn’t sexy as hell. …when you find a wife.” The last part she had to tack on. For a second there, she was almost thinking about him being protective and possessive about -her- and that was a situation she just wasn’t looking to get in to. Once he was done, she took the bag. He wasn’t her servant! “So then, what next?” Anything to change the subject! -03:01 May 07
Kabriel: The first part made him smile, and the second made him not. “You;d be pretty useless to you then.” he said before allowing her to take the bag and leading her from the shop. His mood had for some STUPID reason taken a punch to the gut but he wasn’t goign to allow himself to be that silly. “How about a bite to eat.. right now. You can’t have had good food in hospital so.. my treat.” -03:04 May 07
Maria: “I admit, it wasn’t the kind of meal I was looking forward to after being stranded on a boat for three days.” Aw, she must have hit the right button, because he wasn’t as smilie anymore. Now Maria wanted to fix it, but… but this was for the best. The less pleasant the experience, the less likely he would get attached. …still, she hated that slight frown. Maria stepped to lightly bump against his shoulder, offering him a grin. “I am pretty sure you promised me the best dinner I’ve ever had, right in your big and fancy castle.” -03:08 May 07
Kabriel: “I did..” he said looking at her but not smiling. “Even though we said no promises.” he wanted to turn away from her for this to be a good place to leave it, but… “But the climax should be memorable.” -03:14 May 07
Maria: “So one night. A great, comfortable, fantastic evening, safe within the privacy of your home. With one promise.” Maria took his hand leaning close as they walked to mumble softly at him. “That I won’t leave until you are so tired and so satisfied, that you’re begging me to go so you can have a break…” -03:18 May 07
Kabriel: He looked at her and lifted her chin to look up at him “That will never happen so don’t make promises you can’t keep, unless you want to stay longer than you planned.” -03:20 May 07
Maria: There was that moment again, when he slipped something in that was brazen or crass. Was all too sweet, that she wanted to slap herself for even blushing. Maria laughed softly, shrugging her shoulders in a sheepish moment. “I’ve never broken a promise in my life, I’m not about to start now.” -03:25 May 07
Kabriel: “Well then this is going to get.. interesting..” he said with his face full of anticipation and challence. “But I hope you are willing to put in the distance to get what you want.. because I don’t cave easily. Just like I don’t give up what I want easily either.” he pushed her back “Now want to see how I drive?” -03:31 May 07
Maria: The distance helped. She was able to take a breath and get her senses back. The give that sarcastic, humored grin. “I’ve never lost a challenge in my life either, sweetie. So this will be interesting. Lets see if you can drive better than me, hmm…?” Practically dancing on her feet, she was leading the way, casting that grin at him over her shoulder. -03:34 May 07
Kabriel: “Neither have I… because I never give up.” he rattled the keys in his hand. “I was we take the mountain road.. it will add an hour to the trip but what an hour, you’ve enver seen views… ir corners like this.” he opened his door and climbed in turning on the ignition. “You’re about to see what a lifetime of gettin any car you ever wanted can do..” he pulled away going slowly in the parkin lot, but hitting the strait road out of town that wound into the mountains he hit the gas takign the first corner sideways the back bumper anlost scraping along the guard rail… then the vie opened up ot the valley below. -03:39 May 07
Maria: Being in the passenger side when someone else was driving was a hella lot harder to handle, especially when you were used to being the one in control. Maria held on to her seatbelt, but she was still tilting to take a good look at the view. Amazing! It didn’t matter how many place she saw in the world, she loved traveling and seeing the landscape. That gave her a little more ease at trusting someone else to drive. “So impressive. That is, of course, if you don’t drive cars like you drive boats, hmm?” -03:44 May 07
Kabriel: he flored it snapping the car out of the corner and sinding it flying down the road. “I was born in a car, I used to do formula 3000 a little while back but they didn’t want the royal family of one of the host nation competing to keep thing impatial. I would rally but state matters means I can’t staw away more than a couple of weeks.” into another corner the back snapping out like clockwork and flying around the corner. “The rallies actuall come down this road when they’re here…” Back out and accelerating down the strait the two massive airscoops folding out feedign the engine for more power. “I wouldn’t be surprised if your brothers been down here a few times….” And back around the view ot the city from above visible though maria’s wondow. “If you fiddle with a satnav a bot you can bring up the track.. I programmed it in there myself… and heres a little secret…” thew were almost completely sideways as they want around a hairpin bend. “This is why this is my favorite car… better than any Ferari.. and I should clow I have all the good ones.” -03:52 May 07
Maria: Maria was delighted. Which was really hard to surprise a high pitched laugh every time he turned a sharp corner and she had to held on. It was like being terrified you were going to flip and die, yet being thrilled with it at the same time. Better than any rollercoaster, and almost better than sex! “I have no idea if he has, but I am sure as hell going to tell him about it.” She was leaning closer to him, casting that wide smirk. “Do I get to drive all those cars? I think that’s worth an extra couple of days…” -03:59 May 07
Kabriel: “It would take you the better part of a week.. I have a lot of cars..” he said with a grin. Cars were his thing.. much more so than boats. “I should take you out to the track with my bugatti veyron… they say its the fastest production car in the world… and I believe them.” he grinned at her between gear changes and then they were rocketing down the strait again. “Here you have to watch out.. when the rally is on we have a warning up, and… there.” there was a dip in the road then a slight curve with a sheer clif. “Go too fast and it a loong way down… now… There she is…” the palace was enormous and perched on top of a hill overlooking the city, they could have driven along the vellen and been there in minutes but where was the fun in that?” -04:06 May 07
Maria: There was no way she trusted anyone else to drive this street if it wasn’t herself. …and now him. Which earned him a lot more of her interest than even the castle. …Which she still had to admit, was a quite bit more than she was expecting. It was hard not to look amazed by it. “A week here then. That shouldn’t be too unreasonable – if you can keep me entertained?” -04:13 May 07
Kabriel: “I could do that even without the cars.” he said grinning as he shifted down as the road started to descend. “I didn’t know you have a thing for cars though… it makes me want to give you one of mine so you have reason to come back… But I’ll settle for showing you my garage when we park this girl here…” she did have a thing for cars and knew how to drive them. He had risked his favorite because it was one of the hardest to handle correctly and she had passed. -04:18 May 07
Maria: “There are a thousand mysteries about me that you have yet to discover, dearest prince.” Maria responded with an enigmatic grin. Ones he wasn’t going to discover. The fact he learned this tid-bit and that she had a brother was just an accidental fluke. He presented something she enjoyed by chance and the information just sort of.. slipped out. Her momentary lovers were supposed to know these things… Wait, focus! “Now I am disappointed, I could have had a nice new car instead of clothes! Totally worth driving around naked…” -04:22 May 07
Kabriel: “Wake my up before sunrise and if you can walk I’ll let you drive aroun naked while I watch more than the sunrise. If you want a car I’m going to need more than a week, every single one of them I picked out for a reason and I trasure them more than I do my women.. and maybe my horses too… so if you want a car… how long are you willing to hand around for?” -04:30 May 07
Maria: Maria laughed. He was joking. …he had to be joking. She rolled with it, because there was no possible way he could be serious about anything more than wanting to see her driving naked. “For a car… I could be patient until you found the right one for me. It would have to stay here, since I don’t have a garage for it… So I’d have to come back when I wanted a drive. And that wouldn’t be a problem for a busy Prince?” …not that intend to come back! It was just all part of the flirting! Right? -04:33 May 07
Kabriel: He glanced at her with a grin. “You like the corners, not a lot of american cars do.. ” he turned sharply and they thundered into a thick forest. “I see you in somehtign Itallian, somethign made for the mountains.. a thouroughbred tarmack eating beast….” he looked over the dials of the car lovingly. “Theres this… or the Ferari enzo… both mid-engined… but theres nothing crazier in the corners than a lambo…” -04:40 May 07
Maria: Maria just tried to keep reminding herself he wasn’t serious. He liked to talk about the cars, and she loved hearing him talk about the cars. Way, way too much. So it was probably not the wisest thing for her to be tilting closer to his seat and resting her hand on his leg to squeeze his thigh. Or casting him that wicked smirk of hers. But oooh, did he deserve it! “I might even let you drive it too, if you’re a good Prince.” -04:46 May 07
Kabriel: He looked at her for maybe a little too long when they were going way over any sane speed limit. “Would be difficult if we were racing..” he said with an equally wicked grin. “Winner gets to set the terms of the post-race sex…” -04:48 May 07
Maria: “Racing?” Oh no, he hit another another interest which drew that all too wicked look on her face! She was a dancer by career, but to race a car… that was for pure fun! “Honey, you have no idea how much I want to drag off your clothes right now and make a very big mess in your favorite little car…” -04:52 May 07
Kabriel: “Hold that though..” he said putting his eyes back on the road and turning up towards the castle “Because it would be a lot better to wait until you see the others.. then pick us out a bonnet to have sex on” he slowed as they neared the gate.. “Then we’ll see about dinner.” -04:55 May 07
Maria: Squeezed his thigh again, letting her fingers dance on the inner side of his leg. There was that bluntness. Sex was a perfect, perfect distraction… “Oooh, going to tempt me with all of the shiny things… but it’s going to be you on the floor begging me to stop and regretting letting me loose in that garage…” she almost purred the words. Leaning to mumble them in his ear. They were off the dangerous parts of the road, she could get away with it now. -05:02 May 07
Kabriel: He responded by putting his arm around her, the hand ending up on her far leg. “You’re not winning that easily.. not with how worked up I am right now. You don’t stand a chance.” the gat opened and he drove into the castle turning into the garrage enterence that spiraled down before opening up into what looked like a car museum. “And I’ve never brought a girl back to my palace before.. I have a lot of things I’ve been waiting to try…” -05:06 May 07
Maria: “Sounds to me, I am winning regardless!” Maria was ready to challenge why she was the first to be brought back to his home. After all, she knew damn well he had lots of woman, and it had to be easier having those affairs outside of the world’s view. …but she was momentarily stunned by the garage. So many nice cars… such shiny, fast, fantastic cars… She was so going to stick around long enough to drive them…! “One, two, three… four… Hrrm… If I drove one car a day, so I could get a real feel for it… Completely skip having sex in order to drive… A couple weeks here…” The fact she was mapping it out in her head was totally insane. -05:13 May 07
Kabriel: “Hey.” he said lookign at her. “I’m over here…” she definatly had a thing for cars and there was no way she could hide it now. “See that? That is lancer tommie makkinen drove in 1999.” he pulled the car into it’s place and them pulled her into a kiss with his hand on the back of her head. “You don’t know how long I’ve eben folding this back…” he said against her lips before pulling away a teasing smile on his lips and getting out. “So what do you think of my cars?” -05:21 May 07
Maria: Maria was serious about having a good fuck IN one of his cars. So she was looking a bit like a predator when she climbed out herself. …Resistance! He must have figured her out. Maria crossed her arms and played coy. Tapping her chin as she looked around, using those skills at acting to look a lot -less- impressed than she actually was. “I don’t know… seems something is missing here. And you are sure you have -ever- amazing fast car…?” -05:32 May 07
Kabriel: “Everything short of a formula one car.” he said with a confident grin. “I even have the Barhurt.. tuned for rally in australia its an amazing car and my choice is we were going to race on dirt.” he leaned against the lotus begind him and tilted hes head at her. “So you seen one you want to claim yet?” -05:41 May 07
Maria: Maria walked a few paces, turning slowly as she glanced around the room. How was she supposed to pick just one? That was like taking a child to a candy story and only giving them a dollar. “Hrrm. How many days do I get to decide? It’s the most important decision in a girl’s life, you know.” She turned back to smirk at him, striding up to pause before him just out of arms reach. “Unless you mean for the sex… and that’s just a matter of where we land first…” -05:48 May 07
Kabriel: “I was talking about the one that I go and get the keys for and you never have to give them back.” he said turning towards her. “Though if you need to take your time deciding then you have as long and you’re here to choose.” he looked around the garage then back at her “Though for sex.. not a lot of these have back seats…” -05:51 May 07
Maria: “Finding the perfect car takes a lot of thought and a lot of test driving… Imagine taking one home and finding out it wasn’t right for you at all.” It was just as true for men as it was for cars. There might’ve been the briefest of strange looks on her face before she shook it away. Stepping closer to him to grasp the fabric of his shirt and tug it gently. “And who said we needed to be in the car…?” -05:56 May 07
[Kabriel enters.] -06:17 May 07
[(Timeout) Kabriel was sacrificed to the gods of Roleplay by a vicious tribe of rampaging plot bunnies.] -06:24 May 07
Kabriel: “Me? I put it to the south side of the garage and but myself another one…” He ran his fingers though her hair and then cupped the back of her head in both handspulling her over to the murcielago they had just driven and pushing her against it. “And then you find that one car.. with the drive, the power, the exquisite looks, and just that right toutch or crazy that shivers beaneath your hands and makes you wonder if you could ever drive anythign else again..” he leaned ofrwards to push his lips roughly into hers. “The one thats to surprising it just has to be the one… the one you know you’re going to keep and maintain adn never, ever, let out of your sight and you just want to hold onto her..” his grip slid down her nack to her shoulders where they tightened. “The one that screams ‘I’m the one you’ll treasure forever…” -06:24 May 07
Maria: Thank god they were talking about gods. If they were talking about people… No, no. This was cars. Really sexy, really amazing cars that made her feel like she was falling off her feet and humming all over. Her fingers were far too gently plucking at his shirt. Especially considering she wanted to rip it right off him. “This…. is exactly why some thought has to be put in to it.” she mumbled against his mouth. Pausing in her response to nibble at his lips. “Avoiding that dissappointment at the wrong car, stuck with something that is completely inadequate… In favor of one that makes you just want to drive right off the end of the world…” -06:32 May 07
Kabriel: “Mmmmmm.” the sound was followed by a chuckle. “I know I’ve already found her…” he nipped her lip before lifting her shirt up and tossing it aside “And the way I feel when I do its like nothing else…” his hand slid up his stomach and over her breasts then over her shoulders and up the back of her neck “Makes me forget there are others out there I could be trying…” -06:36 May 07
Maria: “Kabriel, I think you’re getting off the subject…” she whispered soft, though damn herself to hell for wanting to hear more of it. His shirt came off next, twisted in her hands a moment before she let it drop to the ground. Maria leaned forward, sliding her arms around his waist, pulling herself against him to nuzzle her nose against his chest and give a quick harmless bite with her teeth. “You and me doing very terrible things with your poor cars…” Back to the original topic, where she wasn’t in danger of becoming infatuated. -06:42 May 07
Kabriel: He was grinning too wide as he lightly tickled the abck of her neck with his fingers. “I wasn’t joking when I said I’d neve brought a woman here, I have other places for that.. but I made a promise.” he nuddled into the top of her head and then moved down to her ear “So lets do terrible things.” -06:45 May 07
Maria: Maria grinned up at him. A wicked teasing smile. “You’ve made me a lot of promises. I’m not so sure you can keep all of them…” Yes. Terrible things. Like her unbuckling his belt and pulling it loose. Undoing his pants with adept fingers, and letting her hand steel away inside to touch and tease. “What sort of terrible things would you like to do, Prince? Or do I have to go vroomvroom and ask you to ride me around your palace…” -06:50 May 07
Kabriel: He put his hand on her breasts and moved to nuzzle his lips against hers. “So this is the accelerator…” he squeezed one “.. ANd this is the break?” he asked squeezing then other… well I want you full throttle so..” he teaser her breas at his other hand moved down to unbutton her pants and push her zip down… “Give me all you have..” -06:53 May 07
Maria: “All it takes is the right touch.” she laughed softly, giving and example of her meaning with a caress of her hand against his sack. Her hand rose at his back, running her fingers up his spine, a soft dragging of her nails against his skin. -07:04 May 07
Kabriel: He nipped ner neck before nezzlign into her “I really really like it when you toutch….” he said his hand going to push her pants down and bub her ass as his other envouraged her “maybe someday I’ll figure out how you do this to me..” -07:07 May 07
Maria: “”Enchantments, love, enchantments…” she murmured in a breathless whisper. Odd that moments ago all she wanted to do was have him pull over so she could bang his brains out. Amped up, turbo drive, fuck the hell out of him… and now… Now she should make good on that threat to have him pleading! It only took a little bit of pushing to switch positions. Him getting shoved up against the car and she swatting his hands away. Her kissing and teasing his chest and stomach with her mouth as very all too slowly dropped to the garage floor on her knees. She had him gripped in her hand as she cast a wicked look up at him. “Vroom, vroom, baby..” And then he was in her mouth, that soft humming included. -07:14 May 07
Kabriel: “Love……” he repeated her word as his wolrd was rocked by the lips and tongue and jesus christ that hum. He pressed himself against the car and he mouth opened in a gasp before he looked down at her. No.. nothign had ever felt that good before.. ever… he was battlign to hold onto the strands of his blown mind already. “Fucking hell Maria….” -07:18 May 07
Maria: She could have any man on HIS knees, and yet it was her on the floor, thrilled with the way he churned at her touch. Taking every inch of him in to her mouth and sucking hard before pulling back, leaving it wet and slick. She kissed the tip, flicked her tongue over it, and repeated the process. One hand braced against his hips and the other, every so gently rubbing a thumb at the underside of his shaft. -07:23 May 07
Kabriel: The word love was driven righ out of his mind as he gripped the car to stop his knees going weak. His back was pressed agaist the car as his hip moved with her, begging for more. He had to bite his lip to stop himself from exploding and crying out right then and there. “Don’t stop…” he said breathlessly “Don’t…. ooohhh you ARE the best fuck ever… best woman ever…” -07:29 May 07
Maria: Oh, if she could beam her thoughts to his head without having to open her mouth… He’d be on the floor so fast. Maria continued, lavish movements with her tongue. Such a slow and relaxed contrast to his frenzied movements. Her hand slipping to cup him and knead gently. Leaving only her mouth circling him and pulling him in deep. -07:34 May 07
Kabriel: He could feel it building, fast. ‘I fucking love you.’ was on the tip of his tongue but he held it back instead biting his lip again and looking down at her… why did she have to be so good? “Shit.. its coming…” Why did she have to go? -07:38 May 07
Maria: She hummed again, most of it being a soft laugh. She loved this, really sincerly loved knowing she was giving him something he’d not ever forget. She coaxed him with her mouth, circling her tongue over the tip in slow subtle movements. Her hands teased the inside of his thighs, softly brushing up and down before rising up his legs to run her fingertips over his stomach. -07:44 May 07
Kabriel: He screwed up his face and cursed her, his hips movign forwards and he finally let go with a long drawn out sigh that mented into a contented cooing sound. “You are amazing Sirum… best ever…. I should chain you up and never let you go.” -07:49 May 07
Maria: Maria drank him in, and even after she was still on her knees, nuzzling against his stomach with a soft laugh. Brushing her fingers over his skin. “Is that another promise, dear prince?” She was unconcerned about being chained in a place like this… she was still so amused with the way his body responded to her. She was still tracings circles over his skin and nipping gently at his stomach with her teeth. -07:53 May 07
Kabriel: He looked down at her and smiled “It might be… Its not kidnapping if the prince does it.” his hands went to the back of her headn and plwed with her hair as he breathed heavily. “One things for sure… I never want to forget you or what you just did..” he looked down at her again and grinned wickedly “Ever been eaten out on top of a v16 engine while its on?” -07:57 May 07
Maria: There was no hiding that sudden look of wicked, predatory desire. It might have been the best suggestion in the world, and surely made up for the fact that for a split second she was entertaining the thought of being his kidnapped princess. Maria rose to her feet, deliberately making sure to slide her body against his as she did so. “Now let me see… which one can you turn on faster, I wonder…” -08:02 May 07
Kabriel: He sircled his arms around her grabing her ass with both hands “You already seem to be turned on..” he said brushing his lips against hers “Wait right here…” he pressed his lips against hers then disappeared to the table next to the elevator and picked up the keys to one the the feraris.. the one with the wngine under a clear glass pannel in the middle of the car behind the cabin. He was also carrying a tool box when he patted the glass. “Its strong enough for you don’t worry.” he had the most wicjed grin on his face when he put the toolbox down and opened the door and purned on the engine the entire car vibrating as he gave it some gas making it shake under her then setting it to just above idle.. enough to feel it before getting out. “Vroom vroom..” -08:09 May 07
Maria: “Uh hummm…” Maria was watching him like some crazy jungle cat. The way he walked, the way he turned on that car… turned on her. She was ready to jump him on the spot… but ooo. The car was almost better than him. Sitting on it and glancing down through the clear panel to see the engine at work… Such a nice car, she might take it for a drive next. Her toes were already curling and Maria was biting her lip as she leaned back and braced her hands on the door. Her head tilted to the side as she grinned wide at him. “And the tools, honey? We gonna work on your engine?” -08:18 May 07
Kabriel: “No.. just yours.” he said opening the toolbox and pullign out two bungies.. then walkign up to the cat he picked up her foot and kissed her ankle. Then he tied the cord around it so that teh knot wouldn’t slip and hooked the cord under the wheel arch then crossed to the other side picking up her other foot and repeating the process. “Wouldn’t want you falling off…” -08:22 May 07
Maria: This had her curious, and this shouldn’t have been so damned hot. “I see…” she was already breathless. Tapping her fingers on the glass of the hood, still watching him with that heavy-lidded look. “Looks to me like a kidnapping…” Still breathless, damnit…! But she was smirking, ever faintly licking her lips and find the entire thing so weirdly erotic… She hadn’t sexed someone up on a car before. -08:28 May 07
Kabriel: He walked back around to back of the car and climbed over the spoiler kneeling on the bodywork with his hand of the glass next to her, then his eye on her he flicked his tongue against her stomach lightly nipping the skin putting against her in the same pitch as the idling engine. “Kidnappign means I never have to let you go.” he kissed further down “I think I like the sounds of that.” -08:33 May 07
Maria: She flinched, sucking in a breath. Really, really sexy… even if what he said was setting off alarm bells in her head. “And you think you can keep me from fleeing, dear heart..?” Those eyes. She might just stay for those eyes… Maria was chewing on her lip again. -08:38 May 07
Kabriel: He grinned at her hen kissed her navel stroking his tongue against it. “I can give it a try but if you’re going to go then there noting I can really do excep give you somethign to remember me by..” he nipped further down then kissed still further, his hands going to rub her inner thighs. -08:44 May 07
Maria: “That’s um… that’s a tall order…” So slow, the purr of the car and the touch of his mouth. He was making it really hard to think, and if her ankles were bound she’d be poucing on him. “Not a man yet has made me look back…” Except him…but… she would have had to of left him first, right? -08:47 May 07
Kabriel: He kissed further down and ran his tongue along her hairline. “Theres a first time for everything.. I’ve never had any regrets either..” he moved to slide one finger over her clit and down her lips, just dipping it between them as it reached the other side. “But it takes someone really special for me to do this…” he kissed her clit and flicked his tongue against it. teasing her further. -08:52 May 07
Maria: Maria groaned, tilting her head back enough that her hair slipped from her shoulders. Her legs shifted, but there was really nowhere for her to move. “Tell me… is your mouth as good as your hands…?” she taunted, her tone just a bit higher than normal. -08:56 May 07
Kabriel: He didn’t answer with words he simply dipped his tongue and ran it upwards to wriggle it’s tip against her clit while his fingers ran up and dows either side of her. “You do taste as good as I thought you would…” but her groan was far, far sweeter. -08:59 May 07
Maria: The sigh that followed was almost a pained whimper! Her hands slipped (or rather it was so good her elbows went weak) and her back was against the car. She swore his breath against her delicate skin had her vibrating more than the engine at her back, though. Maria couldn’t even formulate a response, she was having to bite her own tongue. -09:04 May 07
Kabriel: He put his lips to her and sucked spreadign her lips be flattening his tongue before dipping it deeper his other hand circling around and rubbing small circles on her clit. The sounds she was making made it all worth it as he let his breath roll over her. Damn if he didn’t have to fight the temptation to ask her to stay. -09:07 May 07
Maria: Maria wanted to beg him to stop, but never wanted him to stop…! Murmuring his name under her breath, there was nothing for her hands to grasp on to. leaving her arms to rise and her hands to dig in to her own hair as her hips shifted and those normally ignored muscles twitched at the attentions of his tongue. -09:14 May 07
Kabriel: He moved his lips against her even as his tongue explored her depths as his fingertip rubbed her hood lightly agaist his thumb. He almist regretted tying her legs down wanting to feel them move against him. ‘Come on Maria..’ his urged her in his head glanging at her his eyes peircing hers. -09:18 May 07
Maria: Those eyes, she loved him and those eyes…! Her has had slid down from her hair, over her own body to curl in to tight fists over her stomach. Her body flexing and back arching when she let out a sudden gasp. Her whole body was humming in tune with the engine, and she let go so much sooner than she wanted…! Biting her lip to keep from crying out loud as her hips jerked. -09:24 May 07
Kabriel: He gave her a few more dips and a wriggle then pulled back a grin plastered all over his face as he moved up his hands either side ofthe glass as he pusind his lips into hers. “If this glass was stronger I’d have you right here.” he whispered “But for now I should let my captive princess go.” -09:27 May 07
Maria: She could taste herself on him, which didn’t stop her in the least from kissing him deep and sliding her arms around his neck. “You did promise me dinner… and this wasn’t what I had in mind.” she mumbled with a smirk. -09:30 May 07
Mediterranean Misadventure

Mediterranean Misadventure 004: The Island Part II

Maria: She was waking up again. This time under more pleasant circumstances, though she still had a big headache. Grumbling under her breath, she found her skin touching silken sheets and more surprisingly she was wearing clothes and not covered in sand or seawater. Some nice island dress.. wasn’t hers… Didn’t remember putting that on. In confusion her hand rose up to rub her head as she slowly sat up. “…um… Fuck..” Everything was a bit fuzzy. -04:36 May 05
Kabriel: Kabiel rolled over and pulled the first thing that came to hand into his arms pressign it against him body. It was good to be home with silk sheets and air conisioning and … wait, he wasn’t home. He was on an island with.. “Maria?” he sat up the pillow fallign from his arms and landing on the bed with a ‘poof’ “Maria!?” -04:40 May 05
Maria: Thank god. She hadn’t realized she was holding her breath, and let it out in a relieved sigh. “I’m here… where ever here is.” she muttered, looking around the room. It didn’t really look like a hospital room, but it sure wasn’t a hotel either… Maria slipped out of the bed, a little wavering on her feet, but quickly crossed the room to crawl in to his. “…we shipwrecked, right? I didn’t like… dream that up? What happened to you?” -04:44 May 05
Kabriel: He looked at her then tossed the pillow agaist the headboard and pulled her into it’s place in his arms. “We were.. I guess. There were these.. things. I don’t know what they were. Then rushed me and them.. I was here.” he said his hand going to pull on her dress playfully. He had been dressed in a white linnen buttong up shirt and black pants.. but by who..? “Where are we?” -04:48 May 05
Maria: She hadn’t realized she needed the comfort too. So she didn’t mind the tugging at her dress, as she dropped her head against his shoulder and grumbled. “I think I saw one… I think. I’m pretty that’s probably sunstroke or something.” Obviously there were people on the island that cared enough to take them back and dress them. As… kinda of creepy as that was for Maria to think about someone messing with her unconcious body. “But you’re okay, right? Lets get out of here and find a phone.” -04:52 May 05
Kabriel: “Big… upright animal thing?” he asked, looking at her them leaning in and brushing him lips against hers. Having her in his arms was nice and relaxing and he lelt like he could go back to sleep right then but hshe had a point. “Once I tell whoever found us who I am and promise a rewards for our safe return I’m sure we’ll have a helecopter taking us wherever we want to go.” he said. “And they won’t mind us having a look around.. right?” -04:57 May 05
Maria: “Animalish, something… I’m not all that sure now, I was kinda freaking out.” she admitted, kind of glad he didn’t realize how concerned she had been. A man screaming and a bloody rock didn’t exactly leave the best to an imagination. She pulled herself away, briefly brushing a hand against his cheek before she was giving him the room to get up himself. “Well, I doubt we’re here to be eaten by cannibals, anyway. Someone is probably around here somewhere to talk to.” -05:01 May 05
Kabriel: He pushed himself up and tried out his legs finding them stable. “No, someone likes the goodlife…” he jerked his head at the view where there was nothign but jungle outside the window “And the lonely life. Whoever they are they have to but things from off island. And that means they have a way to get us off island.” -05:05 May 05
Maria: “Good! I think I am totally done with island paradises! You love, are not so great with vacation destinations.” she chimed, finally grinning as she was back on her feet too. It was true that the place was really nice. Whomever lived here, lived well. So their momentary lapse of trouble was soon to be over. Maria was at the door first, pulling it open to peek out in to the hall. “Heeelloooo?” -05:08 May 05
Kabriel: “I’ll make it up to you by giving you a week in my palace, no yatch, no danger just five star service and a hundred servents at your beck and call.” he said coming up behind her. “And the mose delicate doimind necklace you ever set your eyes on and replacements for all the clothes you lost and…” he stopped and sootsteps were heard in the passage. -05:16 May 05
Maria: He was making a really tempting offer. Enough that she was grinning at him over her should. But ah… footsteps! There were people after all! …not that she was doubting it! Maria opened the door wider, resting a hand on her hip as she stepped in to the hall and frowned. “Your house guests are awake and have a reque-eeeest.” she chirped out again, a little confused. Glancing in both directions down the hall. They were close enough to hear, right? “…There’s a lot of rooms in this hall. Maybe it’s a hotel after all?” -05:24 May 05
Kabriel: He followed her out and looking in the direction the footsteps. He had half a mind to frab maria, find a boat and run but that wouldn’t be right to the person who had dressed and bathed them. Still it didn’t prepare him to see one of the creatures rounding the corner. -05:44 May 05

At the end of the hall appeared one, then two of the creatures. Much taller than a human, yet still having the body shape and structure of one. It was the face and the hands that looked so completely different. More like an animals, but what sort was hard to tell. The first beckoned with it’s massive hand for them to follow. The second was poised to jump, if necessary. -Maria

Maria: …so that wasn’t heat stroke! Of course he first response was to jump backwards, bumping in to Kabriel. The second was an attempt to scream, but all that came out was a startled gasp and the clamping of her mouth shut when she realized they weren’t trying to attack them. …there was a slight battle between her instinct to run, and her want to scream what the fuck is wrong with your face. “I…uhm… Hi.” -05:55 May 05
[(Timeout) Kabriel was sacrificed to the gods of Roleplay by a vicious tribe of rampaging plot bunnies.] -06:17 May 05
[Kabriel enters.] -06:21 May 05
Kabriel: The Kadriel saw the creatures his first reaction was to Grab Maria’s hand. His second was to step half in front of her protectively. HE was wiery but they were not attacking… yet. They could run but those things were damn fast. “I’m right here..” he said to maria and roved to follow. What choice did they have? -06:26 May 05

They pointedly waited until sure they were being followed. The first leading the way down the hall, while the second waited for them both to pass before bringing up the rear. It had leaned forward to take a curious sniff of them, but neither creature made any attempt at conversation. -Maria

Maria: “This is… really freaking me out.” she whispered to Kabriel. Maria had his hand tight. She wasn’t one of those girls that scared easy. But this was kinda… unnatural? And if it was makeup or special effects, it was -really good-. -06:30 May 05
Kabriel: It didn’t occur to Kabriel for a second that theye things were anything but what they appeared to be. But they were alive and clothed and maybe there would be foor that wasn’t them. “I don’t think these things own this house.” he said “Theres a human somewhere around here and what better chance to find them than to be taken to him… it I’m wrong and we die you can have my titile, I abdicate to you Princess Maria.” -06:33 May 05
Maria: “That’s not funny, Kabriel.” she hissed out. Dying on her vacation was not on her agenda, as a Princess of not. Their hosts led them down a staircase to a second floor, another hallway opening up in to a rather large room. It wasn’t well lit as a whole, but there were areas with examination tables and extra lights. -06:39 May 05

Leaning over a table where a form was unconcious, there was a much older man in a long white labcoat doing the final touches of a bandage on the… strange humnish looking creature’s arm. When done, he looked up at his guests. No smile, just an acknowledgement and an adjustment of his glasses. “So you are awake. That’s good. Occasionally my staff forget to be gentle.” -Maria

Kabriel: Kabriel spoke up squaring his shoulders his voice takign on an authorative tone Marian hade never heard in it before. “I am Kabriel Usra, crown prince of Armenia. We were wrecked on your island and need transport tot he nearest settlement, I can compensate you well.” -06:43 May 05

The Doctor, didn’t seem impressed nor interested in the Prince’s title. In fact, he display very little interest or care at all as he picked up a towel to wipe his hands and stared at the pair of them. “That is unfortunate. There will not be a boat here for another three weeks.” For several moments that seemed like it might be the last thing he would say, but he finally spoke up again before the prince or Maria could. “I have food. Would you care for something to eat? Yes, you should eat something first.” He gestured towards to two lingering creatures. “Bring food. Now.” -Maria

Maria: An authorative Prince was definitely a huge difference from the flirt she had spend the past few days with. Were they not in the weirdest place, Maria would be completely amused. “Three weeks is a hell of a long time to wait.” Maria muttered. She was eying the person… creature… on the table. “This is your… clinic?” -06:51 May 05
Kabriel: Three weeks was a long time. Too long for Kabriel’s liking. “Is there some way to talk to my government then so they don’t have a crisis from my disappearence?” really he was going to tell them to send soldiers and helecopters right away! -06:58 May 05

“Yes, this my clinic. No, there is no way to make contact.” And that was the only reply on the subject that he gave. He didn’t even offer his name. Instead, choosing to beckon with his hand for them to follow him over to a table set. He gestured for the Prince to sit, then pulled out a chair for Maria on the opposite end of the table. “Sit. There will be food in a moment. Your name? …Do you have any illnesses?” The odd question also came with the very brazen, uninvited touch to her forehead and her hair. Though the Doctor’s expression hadn’t changed. -Maria

Maria: Maria had sat down in the chair, but she was immediately leaning to the side when he started getting all weird and… in her space. “Maria Martin… and I don’t really think that is any of your business, but thanks for the concern?” -07:01 May 05
Kabriel: Kabriel was visibly agitated. But he sat, food was good right? “One question… two questions.. What are things and why are you in the middle of nowhere three weeks from anywhere?” the hair in the back of his neck was tingling and he didn’t like it… and he CERTAINLy didn’t like that creep puttign a hand on Maria. -07:04 May 05

The Doctor seemed to get the hint and retreated, sitting in to the seat next to Maria and leaving the Prince on his own on the other side of the table. “They are my staff. I am cannot do my research with too much human traffic.” He was turning to Maria again. Far more interested in eying her than speaking with the Prince. “You are… atheletic? Naturally active? Have you had any children?” -Maria

Maria: “I’m a dancer and no I haven’t. — Can we not ask me awkwardly personal question, please?” she responded with some annoyance. “What’s YOUR name, and what exactly do you do here?” Three weeks in this place. There was no goddamned way. -07:16 May 05
Kabriel: Kabriel was gripping the table so hard his knuckles were white and clenching his teeth so hard together they were bared in a frozen snarl as he stared daggers at the “doctor” no fuck three weeks here… he’d kill him first. -07:19 May 05

“Doctor Moreau. You are right, these questions are unnecessary.” With that, his ‘staff’ returned to the room pushing in a small cart. Still with a bit of interested and completely odd sniffing at the people sitting at the table, they presented the trays and sat out plates. As well as setting down full glasses. “We do not eat meat on this island, it’s strictly forbidden. However, the gardens provide an ample variety of fruit and vegetation. Help yourselves.” said the Doctor, and as if to alleviate any distrust of the meal, was the first to begin eating. -Maria

Maria: “Not unnecessary, simply rude.” Maria had no problem correcting their gracious host. When had she EVER had a problem speaking what was on her mind. However, she was -really- greatful for food. Having a mix of fruit salad on her plate, there was a fork in her hand and she was sighing in relief just to get something to eat. “Uum… So… I am curious about your work, Doctor. What sort of research are you doing here?” -07:33 May 05

“Research on genetics and social conditioning of a small tribe.” He reached out a hand to place over Maria’s, but this time he paused looking to her for permission. “…which is the reasoning behind my questions. May I see you hand? My interest comes specifically from genology. Humans descended from apes, then how might other creatures also envolve in to humans and perhaps interbreed…” -Maria

Maria: “That’s, um… Honestly I’m not sure how you can get that research done here in the middle of nowhere.” Maria reluctantly gave him her hand, using the other to take a sip of her drink. It was a mix of juice, and surely some sort of alcohol by the taste of it. -07:40 May 05
Kabriel: Kabriel was still staring daggers but damn if he wasn’t hungry. He ate his fork making all too much noise against his plate. But his hand on hers and his crazy talk were too much and to stood, swayed, blinked, gripped the table, pointed and slured out a series of words. “Shtand and fite I’m not go going to let you touch my… MY Maria..” he hadn’t drunk anything… WHAT THE Fuuuck.. his gaze dropped to his food and he swore… then he hit the floor. -07:44 May 05

The Doctor didn’t even bother looking up as the Prince hit the floor, he was taking Maria’s hand, and before she jumped up from her chair, he was plopping her back down again to continue turning it over and looking at her palm. “Don’t be concerned. It was simply a strong sedative. My staff will be taking care of him. Tell me, do you have any Russian descent? I have not had a female to work with in quite some time.” As he suggestion, his two creatures were already lifting up the Prince by the arms and carrying him across the room where the examination tables were set up. -Maria

Maria: “Are you fucking crazy?!” The questions were weird enough by themselves, but the man just -drugged- a total stranger! Maria snatched her arm away and was rising from her chair. Pushing away from the table to stalk after the beasts carrying away her prince. THE Prince. Damn him for saying ‘my’ Maria. -07:53 May 05

He was on her heels, however, he didn’t grab for her. He just brushed past her when his two creatures lift up the prince on to one of the examination tables and strapped his arms down. “Fetch me… My vials, please. And a few clean utensils. Ah, and one of the jaguars from the kennel. That will do for this one.” He didn’t seem be concerned about the woman, now pulling over a tray of instruments to the table. -Maria

Maria: “Hey! Hey, goddamit!” So he was going to what now?! As far as she could tell, cut up Kabriel right on the spot for god knows what kind of crazy. Maria didn’t even want to -know- what the jaguar was for. The minute his ‘staff’ was out of the room to fetch what he ask for, Maria grabbed the doctor by the coat and shoved him out of the way. She snatched up one of the scalpels and pointed it at him. Threatening him every time he got closer. “…you know what, I really don’t give two shits about what you’re doing here, but you’re NOT doing it to him. So here is how this is going to go. You’re going to tell me how to wake him up, and I won’t stab you. And I WILL stab you.” She made that threat clear when he got too close and she swiped a good hole in his sleeve. -08:05 May 05

Now the Doctor was scowling. The first actual expression he’s made. Standing at a fair distance he gestured towards a vial and syringe on the tray. “Not that it makes a difference. There is no way off this island, and in time you will be right back here. It would be beneficial if you cooporated. This research is quite important.” -Maria

Maria: “Yeah? Then I guess you better go over there and have a bite to eat! Off HIS plate. Right Now.” Threatening her with that crap, she wasn’t some horror thriller damsel idiot! To make sure he started moving, she was prodding at him again. Watched him, pointedly, unless the Doctor was very reluctantly crossing the room. Taking a bite to eat. There was several awkward moments of silence, before the man was bobbing and weaving… then hitting the floor with a thump. Maria turned back to Kabriel, slapping at his face. She wasn’t so sure if she trusted that vial. “Kabriel! HEY! Wake up, now, baby! I’m not carrying you across this island!” -08:13 May 05
Kabriel: He moaned and his eyes flickered. Then his hand swisted in the restaint as he thought to put it on her cheek. “Are you asking me out?” he said he a small smile. “Becauese ..” he slured the word “You are the prin..cess.. to me..” -08:21 May 05
Maria: “That’s cute, but we gotta get the fuck out of here.” Maria undid the straps, half pulling, half dragging him to sit up. “You can stand right? Hell, come on..” Whether he could stand by himself, she was helping him slid off the table and giving a soft hmmph when trying to brace his weight. “You owe me a really good date for this one.” -08:25 May 05
Kabriel: He smiled and tried to put his arm around her but just ended up resting hiw wieght on her. “ANywhere you want to go.. anywhere in th-e world.. just not this here..” he said “Because.. Because… Yes thike dzez ishkhanuhi.. yev ayd teghy sarsap’yeli… terrible.. the service is terrible.” -08:31 May 05
Maria: “Honey, I don’t understand a damned word you’re saying, but you go ahead and keep talking.” Bah! Thank god she worked hard…! Maria had to hold both her arms around him, just to keep him steady enough and moving quick enough for them to actually get -out-. She guided him to the door, pretty wary to listen for foot-steps in case those creatures came back. She wasn’t so sure how they’d respond to finding their ‘boss’ knocked out, and Maria was fiesty, but she wasn’t a monster slayer. It took her way too long to find the door out. And that she could see was a path through the jungle. “…right now that palace of yours is sounding really, really good.” -08:37 May 05
Kabriel: His head had cleared slightly and he had become aware of a splitting headache. “I smell the sea.” he said then looked bows at Maria feintly aware of what was going on. “You.. You’re saving me.” he said “Not fair I’m meant to be your knight..” he was still talkign nonsense but at least he was suppoting more of his own weight. -08:41 May 05
Maria: “People are always saving princesses, I figure princes need a rescue now and then too.” They were in the cover of the jungle now, but that didn’t make the loud piercing howl back from the building sound any less terrifying. Maria nearly tripped and dropped them both when she cringed. “I think the beach is down this path. Then you’ll have to sit tight while I…. figure something out.” They needed a boat, and Maria was really, really, hoping that the Doctor was lying about there not being one! -08:46 May 05
Kabriel: The howl sent a chill down his spine and he wanted to pick her up and run.. “Shitt…” he could see the sea between breaks in the trees and hurried more taking his weight off of her and only using her to keep his balance.. Fuck his head hurt and he wasn’t rememebring anything but the fact that they were running. “We’ll figure something out..” -08:50 May 05
Maria: “Already said that!” The reached the beach and she was trying to breathe. This wasn’t the same stretch of beach they had been on before. It was somewhere on the otherside of the cliff she ran in to. …which was good -08:55 May 05
Maria: …which was good, because not far down the beachline there was a dock. And a boat! The boat wasn’t much bigger than a small two or three people fishing boat with a motor. But ANYTHING would be better than staying on the damned island of monsters. -08:56 May 05
Kabriel: They were saved! Or so it semed. Without food or water it was a dangerous attempt but anywhere was better than here. He was stable enought to push the boat from the sand into the water, struble around the dock to find fuel, flare gun, and what might be a canteen of water.. then he was done, falling into the boat and groaning. -09:00 May 05
Maria: …she could have done that! If she thought of it… At least he had his senses coming back him, or they’d have been pretty screwed. When she spotted those creatures stalking out of the jungle, she was quickly in the boat and jerking the chain on the motor. The minute it roared to life she was jerking off the tie line and they were headed out to sea. The Island shrinking behind them. Once she had her breath, she turned back to him, leaning peering down. “…I’m driving the boats from now on.” -09:05 May 05
Kabriel: He pushed himself off of the deck and and rolled over looking up at her. Just remember what I tolled you about the sun, the moon, and the stars princess and we’ll be in wonderland in no time.” -09:07 May 05
Mediterranean Misadventure

Mediterranean Misadventure 003: The Island Part I

[Maria didn’t know what hit her. more ways than one!] -01:28 May 05
[Kabriel remembers great sex, being lost, more great slow oddly sweet sex then talkign in his sleep as he lay next to Maria] -01:30 May 05
Maria: Maria was -pretty- sure she nearly drowned. So why she was hanging butt-ass naked in a tree was a pretty big surprise. …ah! Her wrap. Reeeaaaching precariously, she snatched the piece of fabric off a branch. Thankfully it was big enough to wrap around herself as a skimpy little dress. Last thing she needed was to roam around….wherever she was, totally naked. Oh Christ, was she here -alone-?! “Kabrieeeel!” Maria nearly toppled out of the tree twisting around to see if there was any signs of life. -01:33 May 05
Kabriel: Kabriel was lying in the sand rubbing his head having woken up by fallign out of one of the trees. “K’ristosi… Yes spanel whoover patkanum ayd kghzin.” he cursed loudly nefore he heard Maria.. “Hey!” he called out “Baby!” -01:40 May 05
Maria: How the fuck.. was she going to get down. “That was some great sailing, Prince. Really great!” Maria didn’t bite back her sarcasm, despite the fact she was relieved to know he was still alive. She slung her leg over the branch and took a deep breath… then jumped! She landed in the sand below with an oomph and a roll and a groan. “Uuugh… what the hell happened!” -01:44 May 05
Kabriel: He was stark naked and covered in sand, his head was trobbing and his temper was short. “Miguts’ye yes t’voghnum yem k’yez aystegh el mahanum.” he muttered getting up and stepping torards her but his mood changed to relief to see ehr alive. “So Gravich, what happened to the boat?” -01:48 May 05
Maria: “Oh? You’re asking me, sailor?” Unngh, she hurt! Maria coughed a bit. There was clearly some water still in her lungs. Or sand. She glanced up at the trees. How they even… Maria finally stood, a little shakey on her feet, but nothing seemed to be broken and there were only a few bumps and bruises. “We’ll have to go find it. Or pray to go this island is inhabited.” -01:51 May 05
Kabriel: He held out his arms indicatin he, unlike her had nothing on before sighing. “Beatch is the best place to start.. it he were washed this high then it could be in the sand. We could at least find something to wear and eat…” -02:00 May 05
Maria: Maria cast a wide smirk at his naked form. Were they -not- potentially shipwrecked on some godforsaken island, she might have given him hell for it. “I’d give you mine, but well… try some palm leaves.” She laughed, the sound coming out a little weak and not all too enthusiastic. She felt like hell, and this…. kinda put a damper on the whole sexcation thing! She dust off her arms as she head for the tree line towards the beach… but didn’t get far before she was hopping on one foot and yelping! “Arrgh…! I can’t walk through this without shoes! Honey, c’mere and carry me!” -02:05 May 05
Kabriel: He oblidged, talkign up to her ignoring the sticks and twigs beneath his own feet and hooking an arm around her shoulders and the other around her legs and liftinf her bridar style. Though weather it was for her of because his head hurt enough without arguing was a mystery. “Its just a little beach.” he said carryign her through the trees. “You can’t tell me you’ve enver walked through a palm grove before..” it hit him and he turned around examining the layout of the trees and he smiled. “We may be in luck… these were planted.” -02:12 May 05
Maria: Wow. He actually did it. Maria hooked her arms around his neck for balance. “My career is spent on my feet and dancing. I don’t go anywhere without shoes.” She followed his gaze at the trees, but as far as she was concerned, it just looked like a jungle to her. “Good then! We’ll find some human beings and get out of this mess.” -02:16 May 05
Kabriel: My career is spent naked on top of woman, I don’t go anywhere without one.” he teased back. “Even here in the middle of nowhere I have one in my arms.” he turned abck to and beach and carried her out over the sands where his “And I have to say shes a good one..” He stopped talking as he saw the sea.. avound half a kilometer out there was a whilte line… a reef that ran paralel eo the shore as far as he could see in any direction. They were lucky to be alive. “If we walk along the beach, in the shade of the trees we should find someone.” -02:23 May 05
Maria: Maria was amused, as was clear by that raise of an eyebrow and the half smirk on her lips. Some career. “Better get walking then. I’m starving and I could use a bath. ….Besides, walking around naked like this, you’re gonna end up with those sensitive areas all burned… And then how will you work?” She cast a cheeky grin. -02:27 May 05
Kabriel: He chose a direction and falked along the tree line still carrying her and he grinned. “Well I’d have to step back into your office but I’ll manage.” he had taken to callign the shower her office ever since thier first morning together. “What I’m worried about id my poor delicate flower and sande makign grinding a little too literal.” -02:36 May 05
Maria: Her arms tightened around his neck until she was nuzzling his cheek and muttering in to his ear. No reason why she couldn’t take full advantage of being carried around. “If we don’t find my office, there’s always ocean tides, hidden island pools, someone else’s office… Not that I would call your… heh… a delicate flower.” Maria very easily turned that endearment around on him. She wasn’t a delicate anything! -02:43 May 05
Kabriel: “You’re proven you can take it rough.” he said catchign her lips in a kiss for a brief moment. “I just meant that in I’m going to take ccare of you until you spread your wings and fly away and enjoy your bloom as long as I can.” -02:47 May 05
Maria: It was an unexpectly sweet comment, leaving her a little stunned with that fluttering in her stomach. Maria was mentally kicking herself, and having to hide her face at the crook of his neck. Christ, she shouldn’t be getting fuzzy over a short term sex-friend! “…what we should be discussing is whether or not there’s any sign of your boat, Captain Prince.” she mumbled against his skin. -02:55 May 05
Kabriel: “I don’t see any.” he said “No hull, no wreckage… it could have been carried further inland for all we know…” but the trees were still standing, the undergrowth was undesturbed and the leaves lay where they had fallen and some had obviously been lying there for a while. There had been no wave. “Lets see if I can get milk from these coconuts and we’ll look in the other direction. -03:04 May 05
Maria: Maria suddenly started laughing, her thoughts obviously being less than appropriate when it came to coconut milk. Thank god! Being a freak was so much easier to deal with than infatuation. Once she paused, Maria slipped out of his and back on to her feet. The sand was soft, so as long as there werent’ any sharp shells or crabs lurking around, she wasn’t concerned. “We’re gonna need more than coconuts if we don’t find somebody soon, though. Gods, I’m seriously wishing I paid more attention in Girl Scouts.” -03:07 May 05
Kabriel: As soon as she stared laughing he laughed too catching where her mind had taken her. He his eyes did go to her ‘coconuts’. “Its not that hard.” he said putting his hands around the trunk of the nearest tree and pulling himself up and them locking his legs around the trunk and movign his hands further up. “Haven’t you ever done rope climbing?” Once at the top he crabbed on of the green nuts and twisted it from the tree and dropped it down, then dropped another, and another. Now.. getting down… -03:17 May 05
Maria: This was entertaining. Maria had her hands resting on her hips, watching a naked man climb a tree. Very few things came close to being as hilarious as that. “Not for survival, no. Just a lot of stage work and performing. I think you should have taken my suggestion for some leaves. There’s no way you’re getting down from there without busting your balls. And I am -so- not being figurative.” -03:20 May 05
Kabriel: He looked down at her and spuck out his tongue. “So long as you’re enjoying the view one of us it happy..” he loved around the trunk and so that the tree was leanign towards him and he could get a little distance from it and hen degan to lower hilself the same way he had climbed. -03:27 May 05
Maria: “So childish for a Prince.” she smirked. Maria didn’t stop eying him until he was on the ground, half hoping to see him topple, though not really wanting to see him get hurt. Safe and sound, she was stretching her arms above her head and turning to take another look at the beachline again. There really -wasn’t- anything there. Surely there would be signs of a storm somewhere… “Maybe I should walk around a bit. If there’s houses here, they’d be pretty close to the beach, wouldn’t they? Or there’ll be a boat dock or something…” -03:30 May 05
Kabriel: He looked at her. “I’m still sure this grove was planted, that means a path leading from it somewhere. At the other end of the path there will be houses. Depending where we are thing might be hodden to keep outsiders from nosing. A lot od natives just want to be left alone.” -03:34 May 05
Maria: Maria made a face. Walking through that path again didn’t appeal to her at all. But she wasn’t going to be able to have him carry her all over the island, that wouldn’t be practical if they really were stranged. She’d just have to be careful… “I am officially ready to be back at civiliation again, with a sangria and some air conditioning.” Maria finally approached to lean over him and watch his progress. “…because you clearly have no idea what you’re doing.” -03:39 May 05
Kabriel: He was bashing a coconut with the inti thing he had, another coconut and was only namaging to buige the green hairs encasing them. “I didn’t do to boy scouts alight.” he said “I can rise a host in a military parade but.. ” he pushed his fingers into the split in the hairs and pulled the away finally exposing shell. “Boiling seawater would be easier.” -03:43 May 05
Maria: “Looking for freshwater on the island would be easiest. In a house or not.” Watching him amused her. He had a very nice body for movement. Maria definitely appreciated a nice body and sunkissed skin… “Do you want me to go looking, while you bash that poor coconut’s brains in, sweetie?” She mused with a smirk. -03:47 May 05
Kabriel: Tell me if you find a path.” he sais tearing more of the hair from the coconut. Then stopping to put his ahdn on her cheek. “Just be careful alright, I’d hate to see my flower with a broken stem.” -03:53 May 05
Maria: “Don’t worry about me, honey. I’m not a princess.” Maria cast him a grin, leaning to give him a brief kiss. She was just going to have to pretend like she didn’t appreciate the concern. Breaking, she started down the beach back the way the came to see if there was anything else in the other direction. If there were people on the island -surely- there would be a boat dock somewhere. -03:55 May 05
Kabriel: With the shell exposed he searched under the sands for a stone and exentually found one. Five strokes and there was a hole in the shell and he was glad Maria wasn’t close enough to hear his yell of triumph.. or was she? -03:59 May 05
Maria: At least the beach was beautiful, there was that. Maria was over heated, hungry, and starting to get pissy in general with the situation. But it -was- beautiful. She was too far away to hear anything now, even when she turned to look over her shoulder, he was out of her sight line. The island was fairly large. She still wasn’t finding any signs of people, though… no washed up trash. Left over beach towels… but there was still more beach to cover, so she tried to pick up the pace a bit so she could get back without being gone too long. -04:02 May 05
Kabriel: He lifted the coconut to his lips and tipped it back to drink some of the milk. He’d open another for Maria. With a rock he could do anything. He sighed and shook out his hair. It felt good to actually drink somethign even if it wasn’t the best tasting coconut he’d ever tasted. He heard soemthign behind him and turned. “Baby.. you found somehting?” he stared whatever was looking at him wasn’t Maria.” -04:09 May 05
Maria: Maria had to stop walking when she hit rocks and a cliff side. Looked like, there was no way to circle around the entire island by the beach. If the other direction didn’t continue all the way, they’d definitely have to search around in the jungle to get to the otherside. She grimanced. That was going to suck so bad! Grumbling to herself about not-the-greatest vacation, Maria turned to return back to her very un-survival-savvy prince. -04:13 May 05
Kabriel: There was more than one.. they looked huge in the half light of the grove. He looked at the rock in his hand. They were spreading out cornering him. He threw the rock at the closest of the creatures. It struck it above the eye but it didn’t even flinch, and when they rushed, he screamed. -04:16 May 05
Maria: That she heard! And probably never felt more startled in her life as she froze in the spot. Regaining her senses, Maria took off running down the beach. She almost missed the spot, simply because she couldn’t see Kabriel anywhere. But the sudden breakage of trees where she hadn’t recalled seeing any… Maria stopped, gasping for breath as she leaned on her knees. Looking around to find him. “Kabriel? Hey…! What the hell is going on!” -04:20 May 05
Kabriel: The coconuts were there, the rock was there a red smeer of blood on it, a few trees lay broken on the ground but of the prince, there was no sign. He was being carried though the jungle to the other side of the island, for the home of Dr. Moreau. -04:24 May 05
Maria: Frowning in confusion she stooped to pick up the rock between her fingertips… that couldn’t be blood could it? Worry set in as she rose back up to her feet, shifting to look around again but… her eyes met someone that wasn’t the Prince of Armenia. Expression frozen in shock, Maria couldn’t even let out a scream before everything went black! -04:29 May 05
Mediterranean Misadventure

Mediterranean Misadventure 002: Nothing Like the Others

[Kabriel is wrestling with the gps that says they’re in the middle of the sahara desert when they are clearly lost ing the middle of the ocean… and hes sure its not the medeteranian even though they never passes Gibraltar.] -01:17 Apr 30
[Maria is stretched out in a chair on the yacht deck, wearing nothing but a bikini top and a slinky wrap around her waist. ] -01:19 Apr 30
Maria: It was pretty clear to HER that they weren’t in the mediterranean. The ocean looked completely different. With a leg cross over a knee, and her foot bouncing to some tune in her head, she offered the best help she could muster. …teasing sarcasm! “Problems, Captain Prince? Should we pull over and ask for directions?” -01:21 Apr 30
Kabriel: “I promised to show you as much of the world in our two weeks as I could and wock your every step of the way.” he said leaning over the charts. “So once we get there you’ll see why its worth the trip.” he grinned…. they were lost, hoplessly so, ge was down to checking his watch and estilating the angle of the sun… and accoding to the compass it had rissen in the north this morning.. something was wrong. -01:28 Apr 30
Maria: “You promised a Mediterranean adventure, and I am fairly sure we’ve long since left that sea.” Maria was still amused, anyway. What was it with men and not wanting to admit they totally screwed up? Maria turned over in her chair, propping her head up on her hands and kicking her feet up in the air behind her. Gave a perfect view of her boobs, and she knew it. The grin, though, was for a different reason. “It’s been several days, I’m pretty sure we should have hit land by now.” -01:37 Apr 30
Kabriel: “Did you see the straits of Gibraltar? No? then we’re still in the med.” he looked over at her and found the view maybe a little too distracting. It had taken him a suprisingly short time to abandon the thought of wearing a shirt for the cruise and his already bronze skin was now tanned dark and he knew hos to make his muscled flex as he worked the rigging. “If we keep going north we’ll hit Itally, Northwest, Greace, whih is where we’re going.” … or England at this rate. -01:45 Apr 30
Maria: Such a handsome man… it’s no wonder they were lost, really. Maria was pretty sure they’d spent way too much time screwing around and not enough figuring out where they were going. “Oooor, I’m guessing we’re out in the south Atlantic. But what do ~I~ know, I am just a dancer.” -01:51 Apr 30
Kabriel: “Then we will his Africa and sail around from there.” he said. “Either way there should be radio trafic before we sight land.” There hadn’t been for several days. It got lonely out in the blue so many pilots, skippers and Captains spoke to other ships over thier adios to pass the time. To not hear anything for this long was strange. -01:55 Apr 30
Maria: Maria didn’t know anything about -that-. And for the time being, she was done with sunning and looking for something more interesting to do. …or someone! She shifted until she was rolling off her chair in a fluid motion and stood. Stretching her arms above her head to loosen up her body. “Maybe you should let me drive, sweetie. I might get us there faster.” -01:58 Apr 30
Kabriel: “We’re heading strait theres not much driving to be done…” he looked at her “Unless its not the boat you’ll be driving…” he grinned again stepping aside so she could take the wheel, the compas was still spinning slowly and being agrivating but he was going bt the sun. “You’re welcome to.” -02:04 Apr 30
Maria: Maria crossed the deck and was in no time taking the wheel. Giving him a rather wicked look as she did, and making sure to bump him further out of the way with her hip. The compass was definitely going nuts. Weren’t there sciency reasons for that? Bah! At least she knew which way the sun set. “After all this time with me and you’re still asking me to take your stick? Such an insatiable man!” -02:09 Apr 30
Kabriel: “I know what I like and you have plenty of it.” he said slapping her ass and positioning himself behind her his hands running up her back. “Besides I have to make the most of my time on this trip with you since you’re not staying after its over.” -02:18 Apr 30
Maria: “My charm, my beauty, my incredible sex..?” Maria was not conceited, but she did know what she had and how to use it. Of course he would notice and appreciate it. They always did. She jumped when he smacked her ass, turning only long enough to swat at him in revenge. “I’m driving, honey, unless you want me to drive us in to the nearest pyramid?” Maria smirked. His GPS was definitely screwed up. They’d be smashing right in a pyramid were they sailing the Sahara. -02:23 Apr 30
[Kabriel enters.] -02:36 Apr 30
Kabriel: “All of the above?” he asked grabbing her hips and pulling her closer. “Theres nothign to drive into out here, Just you and me and I wouldn’t mine driving me into you.. over, and over, and over again.” He brushed his lips against her. “Unless this is the first time Maria says no to me…” Her name in his accent, it seemed to work on her as well as it did on anyone else. -02:42 Apr 30
Maria: “You make it sound like a challenge to say No.” Maria loved a good challenge. A cocky Prince believing her had her wrapped around his finger could use a little reality check. …so she let him do his touching, and she did her ignoring. Completely with wide, wide, grin! “I could easily spend the rest of this trip resisting you, I think.” Challenge accepted. -02:45 Apr 30
Kabriel: He flifted hsi hands from her and stepped back. “Fine I’ll be here, handling myself while watching you steer.” he was teasing, of course but true to his word he sat down and pulled out his dick. “Lean over a bit more.” -02:47 Apr 30
[(Timeout) Kabriel got too distracted for their own good…] -02:51 Apr 30
Maria: “Really?” How easy it was to forget how blunt he could be, and Maria loved it. She cast a smirk over her shoulder, and as requested leaned forward on the steering wheel. Resting and elbow on it to prop herself up more comfortably. No longer watching forward, she was much more interested in peering over her shoulder with a arch of her eyebrow. “Now why did you even need me on this cruise if you could handle yourself, sweetie?” -02:51 Apr 30
Kabriel: “Eye candy.” he said winking. “Lots and lots of eye candy.” he made himself comfortable and stroked his fingers up his length. “But if you want to helf out its not too late…” he tilted his head taking in the angles view of her chest. “I do like it when you do.” -02:57 Apr 30
Maria: “Helping would be totally against the idea of saying no to you…” So was tugging at the strings of her top, and tossing the little slip of fabric at him to expose skin and breasts. …but that was more for comfort’s sake than giving in. Right? Right! Maria turned to face him, resting both of her elbows on the wheel behind her, which made a very nice posture for staring. “I think you have everything under control, so far, hmm?” -03:06 Apr 30
Kabriel: He caught the top andshook his head. “Saying no hmm…? Its a long swim back…” he chuckled tossing the fabrix aside as his eyes focused in on one stop.. well two that were really close together. “Squeeze them together…?” he said as his fingers brushed over his tip “And don’t be afraid to give youorse;f soem love.” -03:11 Apr 30
Maria: “Oh dear… threatening to toss me off the boat. I think I’ve been captured by a Pirate Prince.” It was almost impossible to say that with a straight tone. She was already smirking ear to ear. If that was the game, who was she to refuse? Maria leaned back to make sure the wheel was set and wouldn’t go twisting wildly anywhere. Then, obediently, she was wrapping her arms to clutch her elbows and push her breasts together, leaning ever so slightly forward. “It’ll do you well to remember, I’m not afraid of a thing! Else you’ll find yourself in some real trouble, Pirate Prince…” -03:17 Apr 30
Kabriel: “Thats very good because I have a thing, and its throbbing and as hard as a rock. Why don’t you loop the rope over the wheel and come and proove you’re not afraid?” he was grinning too “Otherwise if might get you in the middle of the night wheil you’re asleep.” -03:20 Apr 30
Maria: Resist or not to resist… especially when faced with a new challenge… Maria opted for the new challenge, if only because he so sweetly posed the invitation. The wheel roped, Maria moved forward, tugging off the wrap from around her waist to let the colorful fabric drop down to the deck. She stopped in front of him, not reaching out to touch, but merely leaning down so she was eye level with him. “Molesting sleeping women too? You ARE a wicked man. Now why should I risk my bodily saftey for someone so, so bad…” she murmured softly, with a smirk. -03:26 Apr 30
Kabriel: “You do make me sound like a pirate..” he said “ANd some of the women I’ve done it so were happy with the results, you’re not goign soft on me are you?” he decided to unleash his not-so-secret weapon, on that seemed to work on her more than anyone else, though it would work on him too if he wanted it to or not… a kiss, leaning forwards and pushing his lips into hers sliding them across and then pulling away. “And because you liek it.” -03:30 Apr 30
Maria: Maria just did not understand how a simple kiss could do her in so quickly, when not a kiss in years had ever made her feel anything more than disinterested amusement. There just must’ve been something about his. “Hmm, never said I didn’t like it, baby.” Ah, fuck it. Maria dropped on top of him so fast and with her entire weight that his back was hitting the chair with her on top of him. Her mouth planted firmly on his even while a hand was running down his chest. -03:37 Apr 30
Kabriel: It worked… maybe a little too well! there would be a bruise of his back and there was a small “Umf..” his pain as wood knocked against bone but it didn’t stop hism from pushing back and putting his hand on her neck to pull her in deeper. -03:42 Apr 30
Maria: Kissing a man shouldn’t be so sweet. Maria sighed, melted. Nipped at his lips and teased him with her tongue. Braced on her knees, she had full reign to caress her hand over his chest and stomach. Reaching down to grasp his member, he had been so kind enough to pull out to greet her! -03:47 Apr 30
Kabriel: He helt her hand on him and his hand tightened on the bakc of her neck. Usually kissing was done in public in front of cameras, showing the whotld which actress, model, or princess he was banging at the time and making them blush for the press. But there was no press here and it felt better than… almost as good as sex. He reached back to grab her ass and met her tongue with his… this was almost too good! -03:52 Apr 30
Maria: Her response was a soft purr. Maria pressing her body against his, and reveling in that warmth he seemed to put off. Who cared that they were near the tropics, the heat was as intoxicating as the way he kissed her! She was running her hand up and down his shaft, with a relaxed grip. Nothing more than a teasing touch to drive him mad while she captured his tongue with her teeth. -03:58 Apr 30
Kabriel: If was enough to make his leg twitch and his hand slide around to her crotch to rub it lightly to his tongue pulled lightly against her grip. She shouldn’t feel this good to where the lightest toutch set fire to his skin and his mind melted and aever part of his ached to toutch her… it was dangerous. -04:03 Apr 30
Maria: Maria pulled his tongue deeper in to her mouth and sucked hard on it… Only to release it with a hiss through her teeth when his hand slipped between her legs. Bikini panties or not, any little touch of his fingers had her swimming. The man wasn’t lying when he said he was good with his hands. She tightened her grip on his dick, leaning her body harder against his when her mouth broke away to nuzzle against his cheek. “All this ocean water and it’s your hands getting me all wet.” she murmured against his cheek. -04:10 Apr 30
Kabriel: He nuzzled into her too once the kiss was broken and his hand slipped from her neck down her back. “All this air and you’re threatening to take my breath away.” he responded before sliding his hand up to her stomach and pusing it under her panties to rub her there. “Lets see how wet I make you.” -04:14 Apr 30
Maria: Ever so often, between all the crass bullshit they’d throw at each other, he’d say something that actually did take her breath away. Of course, as quickly as it came, it was gone again – and thank goodness it did. Maria wanted to stick with reality, not crazy notions of romance. She laughed, the sound stumbling over the sound of her gasping. Gods, if she could take his hands with her…! Maria kissed his cheek, ever so often flicking her tongue against his skin, before her mouth made it’s way to his ear. Gently nipping and sucking at the lobe. Her hand never left him, gently stroking and petting with lazy attention. -04:22 Apr 30
Kabriel: The sloppy attentions was fine… it was better than fine it was good! But somtimes a man needs to knoch it up a notch. He tightened his hand aroung her and pushed with his hips rolling them both onto the deck and then went to kissing and biting her neck rolling onto her. Some would call this ‘caving’ he would call it taking control. -04:28 Apr 30
Maria: There was a yelp as they hit the deck, followed by her loud amused laughter! Could it be called having a tiger by the tail? Oh, but his mouth had her by the next and it was so luxuriously good, Maria couldn’t retrain her pleased mumbling. In fact, mumbles of affection was all she seemed to give, instead of that biting sassy commentary she had been taunting with him before. Her hand had released him, if only because she wanted to touch the rest of him. Circling around his hips to grab his ass, and softly dancing her fingers up his back. -04:35 Apr 30
Kabriel: His body slid against hers as he rubbing hsi chest against hers and flichked his tongue against her neck, his hand wondering down between them to push panties down her thighs. Her pleasentries made him move softer instead of attack her full on in agressive passion like he might otherwise. Could it be that she had tamed him… or that he was simply enjoying her and not the sex. -04:40 Apr 30
Maria: She could fuck his brains out in two minutes and it would be done. …but then it would be done, and for once… Maria was rather glad for all the time to fill lost out at sea. She loved his touch, and just as much touching him… She was already running a hand over his shoulder, admiring how the sun had colored his skin over the past few days. It was the backs of her fingers that brushed over his arms. The motion could so easily be mistaken as loving, were the situation different. -04:53 Apr 30
Kabriel: He pulled his lips away from her neck and lookes down at her his hand brushign though hair hair adly as his stomach rested against hers. The look in his eyes and soft smile had to be from getting to be on top this time. Had to be. And as he leaned back down to push his lips againt her as he symaltaaniously pushed into her his hips sliding up agaist hers to moove excrusiatingly slowly in her drawing out thier time together the gasp that passed though his lips certainly wasn’t somehting he had never given anyone else… right? -04:57 Apr 30
Maria: “Hmm…” how many different ways could she purr and sigh? The sound was soft and low. One of her hands gripping his arm, while the other rested against his shoulder. Her fingers teasing gently at his neck while she returned his kiss with something totally unlike her usual frenzied passion. This was different and she loved this…! Slow and lazy, and so deliciously sweet… Maria shifted beneath him, drawing another sigh from her. Her knee rising allowing him entrance that much deeper. -05:08 Apr 30
Kabriel: He welcomed the etra depth he could reach and pushed into her with his tongue flicking against her lips. How could somehtign this slow feel this good is was impossible. Resting on one arm his other hand slid slowlu up her bent leg from knee over the thigh and hip and up her side to her shoulder where he slowly rubbed it. -05:12 Apr 30
Maria: Her eyes fell closed, relishing the feel of his hand against her skin. She could feel him pulsing in her, the smooth, relaxed motions having that same massaging feeling as his hand on her shoulder. As if it could put her to sleep, just as much as it was electrifying and sending her senses in to a rush of feeling. Maria brushed her hand against his cheek in a soft caress. Her thumb sliding across his jawline before she hooked her fingers in to his hair at the nape of his neck. Maria met his lips with hers, murmuring in a whisper against his mouth. “I remember something about taking breath away, Prince…” -05:21 Apr 30
Kabriel: Her attention to his jaw made him move his lips against hers more but not harder. His hips shifted to give him the angle he liked but he didn’t hurry “Seems its both of us…” he said in barely a whisper and so very much a purr.” -05:27 Apr 30
Maria: “Is that so…?” she smiled, something that might usually look alluring wicked, now just coming across as overly pleased. And she was…! Maria was near cooing in contentment. Brushing her mouth against his in a deep, but soft kiss. Breaking away only to nip at the corner of his mouth and nuzzle against his cheek. Her hand was stroking his hair with affection, despite that subtle rising and falling of her hips to meet his movements. That swelling feeling had it surging all the way down to her toes and it was so nice…! -05:34 Apr 30
Kabriel: He pushed faster but not harder his movements never becoming frenzied as he caught her lip between his teeth and pulled then pusshed his lips back against hers his tongue seekeing her outs as a lip purr sounded in his thoat and his toes curled. -05:38 Apr 30
Maria: Too much, too much… she could bite him, scratch him. Shove him over and ride him like a wild pony… Anything that’d make that feeling of sweet affection go away…! But no. Maria was sighing. Curling her arms around his neck and shoulders. Pulling him in to her embrace and a deep kiss. Even a leg curled around him, that mounting passion taking precedence to common sense. She just want to feel him everywhere…! -05:45 Apr 30
Kabriel: He kissed her harder and closed hsi eyes finally feeling it building within him… “Soon.” he whispered agaist her lips before his hand burried itelf into her hairand caressed it softly… then it happened “hhm” such a low purr as his intire body pushed and relaxed at the same time.. “Maria…” -05:49 Apr 30
Maria: “Hooo christ…!” Crazy, quick insanly passionate sex would always come with such a violent response… but this…! Maria was biting her own bottom lip as her body tensed, but released almost instantly in such a sweet flood of bliss that once the shivers subsided, she was left more limp and exquisitly content than any hard fuck had ever given her. “You are… pure love…!” she breathed out in a long breathless sigh, not even realizing the words she chose. -05:56 Apr 30
Kabriel: “So are you..” he whispered rollign off ot her and molding his body to hers, “Never another sex kitten like you…” his hands were still caressign her hair in an all too loving way.” -05:59 Apr 30
Maria: Maria curled in to him, slipping one of her legs between his. After sex snuggling was not generally her style, but that was so…! Just so nice, all she really wanted to do for the rest of the day was lay there with his arms around her. Even her fingers were tingling with the feeling, and she was more than happy to revel in it as she drew circles with them against his chest. She had her face tucked comfortably at the crook of his neck, breathing the smell of him every time she took a breath. …this was far too comfortable. -06:04 Apr 30
Kabriel: His attention to her neck continued as softly adn an unhurredly as before and acompanied by a slow all too tender kiss and a sigh. When he wasnn’t getting dressed and leaving what Kabriel usually did after sex was to roll over but this, this… “… Can we sleep out here tonight…?” -06:35 Apr 30
Maria: Maria laughed, the sound a bit muffled as her breath fell against his skin. “Out in the sun for the rest of the afternoon… I’d not mind.” Why did this feel so good! Buggar this man. It was going to suck going back, but she’d forget him soon enough. She always did! -06:40 Apr 30
Mediterranean Misadventure

Mediterranean Misadventure 001: A Confused Wakeup

[Maria is still in her bridesmaid dress, wrinkled, discheveled and is all sticky with…. champagne? She’s not even awake yet, she doesn’t know.] -01:53 Apr 23
[Kabriel Its the person wakign up next to Marian in his hotel room with several empy bottles scattered around and his shirt torn on the chest but still on… his belt will never be found.] -01:56 Apr 23
Maria: Holy shit, what a hangover. Maria didn’t even want to move. The moment she did was hurting like hell all over. Her hand knocking a bottle off the bed while the other smacked in to what she guessed was her man of the evening. Oh yeah. Prince Whatshisface. Niiiiice. ….wait, what did they even DO? Maria sat up slowly with a groan. -01:59 Apr 23
Kabriel: He felt someone od female proportions mover against him to get up.. sneaking out in the morning? Typical wait… it had been the girl… Hans’ wife’s friend. She had looked like great sex waiting to happen. But had it? Drinks at the wedding, then out to that clus with the strobes and dancing.. back to the hotel.. kore drinking and… “Leaving already?” he opened his eyes and regretted it.. how much had he drunk last night? He sat up and put his hand to his temple… MM… ,,,, “Mary… Don’t you want to stay for… ow…” -02:05 Apr 23
Maria: “Honey, you don’t even remember my name.” Maria cast him a wicked smile over her shoulder, but she was just as cringing as he was. …as a matter of fact, she couldn’t remember his name either. Maria slid off the bed, the room spinning as she stood. And ran her hand over her arm and chest trying to figure out what the hell that sticky stuff was… She was SO going to need a shower before she walked out of here! -02:09 Apr 23
Kabriel: “Baby…” so her name wasn’t Mary.. well then it was time to shoot a comemnt her way and join her in the shower. “Its not like it was your name you were screaming last night.” perfect! What has she said? He got up and once hsi head had stopped throbbign shot her another. “Look I’m sorry for spreaying it all over you..” he’d chuckly lateer over that one “But you did ask me to.” -02:13 Apr 23
Maria: Aaah, she remembered now! She liked this one cause he wasn’t all coy and bashful. He got straight to the point… and apparently pretty well! “Oh, it’s fine… I mean it never hurts for a man to get in a little practice before the main event, and that was… show stopping, eh?” Damn, she couldn’t even remember what the ‘main event’ was. But at least she smelled like champagne and men’s cologne. Maria was already trying to peel off her dress as she wandered to the bathroom. What a room…! -02:18 Apr 23
Kabriel: “Yeah… you were fantastic… like no one else..” he felt as if she were calling his bluff, he wishe he DID remember what happened. He followed her into the bathroom where he saw his bowtie draped over the light fitting… he REALLY wished he rememebred. -02:22 Apr 23
Maria: “Hmm, that’s the first time I’ve recieved that compliment from a Prince.” Maria tossed her dress to the bathroom floor, stopping to lean over the sink and pull… leaves? From her hair? Outside too, huh? “Feeling is mutual though, Prince Sexypants. Can’t say many have left my world still rocking even in the morning.” -02:26 Apr 23
Kabriel: Even with his head heavy and the light too bright he got a look at her without her dress on. “Not many who can still walk after what we did.” he stepped up behind her and brushed her hair away from her ear and spoke in a soft pur “You know what I mean..” he hoped she would, she obviously had a better idea of what happened than he did. “.. in this room.” -02:32 Apr 23
Maria: Seriously? That much sex and they still had their clothes -on-? …well, she didn’t know where her panties went, so that was a no brainer. But damned, did he have a sexy accent! “You forget that I’m a ballerina, sweetie. I can bend in just about every way imaginable.” Vague enough to bullshit like she remember what they did. Maria was turning around to push him back with a finger, then stepping away for the shower. She was popping her bra off to toss at him before moving to run the water. -02:39 Apr 23
Kabriel: He caught the bra as it bouced off of him… he liked this girl, but then he knew that from last night. He put his hand on the wall next to the shower his eyes on her “So graceful but still able to take a pounding.” he remarked “I might have to keep you around a little longer, I think I mentioned a cruise in my yatch at the wedding…? “He was sexy there was no doubting it and he did want to sex her and remember it. And if her bosy could cash the checks her mouth was writing… “Just you, me and the deep blue sea.” -02:50 Apr 23
Maria: “Hmm, I dunno… isn’t one night in heaven more than one guy should ask for?” The comment was thick with innuendo, and she didn’t hide it! Once her water was hot, Maria stepped in to the shower and audibly sighed. SO much better! Poor guy was infatuated with her already. Which wasn’t really a bad thing if she got a free vacation out of it… “I’ll think about it.” -02:54 Apr 23
[Maria enters.] -02:58 Apr 23
Kabriel: “Its not like there are any string attatched.” he said “Sex cruise on the medeteranian then back to america with stories to tell your friends. If you think I’m liek Hans and will fall in love with the first pretty face I take on my yatch… I’m not Hans and you’re not the first.” -02:58 Apr 23
Maria: Maria laughed out loud so suddenly, that she was then cringing and holding her head. “Ow, oh gods… You…” Maria got her snickering under control, enough to lean against the shower door as she poked her head out and grinned. “I don’t go seducing virgin Princes, sweetie, you don’t have to worry about that. I’m just worried you used up all your special tricks last night. I don’t wanna get bored.” -03:03 Apr 23
Kabriel: “I still have plenty of tricks don’t you worry.” he said with a smirk “For everything I have it will take longer than one night. I don’t see any bruising in you at any rate.” That was trie, other than that large on on her back. That on looked fun to make, but how. “Just think it over… and its not every day you get to be taken out by a prince.” -03:09 Apr 23
Maria: Maria had already decided she’d go, but there was no sense in agreeing right off the bat. He had to work for it! “There are plenty of princes out there, and my best friend is married to a King. You’re gonna have to do way better than that.” Maria flicked some water in his face before resuming trying to get her hair washed out. “I was going to visit Spain with a Duke this weekend… is your boat better than a vista in a vineyard?” -03:15 Apr 23
Kabriel: “It has more wine too.” he said wiping the water from his face “And whats better than islands and sunsets? The sea air and cool breeze, spain is way too hot thise time of year.” -03:18 Apr 23
Maria: “Are you going to be sailing that boat naked? Because a body like that is such a waste all covered in a suit. …Or have you forgotten how much I like your clothes off?” He was getting a pretty good second look at her, not that she minded… but without remembering what happened last night, Maria was a little unsatisfied. “All right… I’ll run away with you. But you’re going to have to get me some clean clothes. Something nice.” -03:23 Apr 23
[(Timeout) Maria was sacrifices to the gods of RPGs by a vicious tribe of rampaging plot bunnies.] -03:28 Apr 23
[Maria enters.] -03:28 Apr 23
Kabriel: “Something nice…” he was already imagining her in something alright. “I think I can get somethign sent up.” he pushed away from the wall and stripped off his torn shirt. “That explains this too.” he said sticking his hand through the hole. “If you’re going to do that again I might need something new too. Or no clothes, not problem.” -03:31 Apr 23
Maria: Maria wasn’t above ripping a man’s clothes off, but for the life of her, she couldn’t remember how that one came about! She rinsed her hair, cringing when she managed to find a bruise on the top of her head too. Really? That rowdy? “‘Course, you might have to lighten up a little bit on me… any more bumps and bruises and I’m not going to be able to go back to work.” -03:34 Apr 23
Kabriel: “Then I’d get to kidnap you longer.” he teased “But that would be selfish and it would be easier to bribe you into staying. You like shiny things right?” he grinned again teasing her mostly to see how she’d react. He would buy her somehting right before he let her go, he always did. -03:38 Apr 23
Maria: Kidnapping? That brought a wicked look to her face. “I’m not above bribes… I like diamonds, rubies, gold. I’ll need something with a little more fabric to walk out of this hotel, though. Indian silk?” Presents were always nice, even better if she got to specify. Maria was leaning out of the shower again. “We could discuss details better here in my office.” -03:43 Apr 23
Kabriel: It was his turn to grin and hurredly strip his pants and step quickly into the shower. “Nice office, little small I might end up rubbign against you.” he said still grinning. “I could see you in silk easily, could see you out of it just as easily…” -03:47 Apr 23
Maria: “Dunno, sweetie, you couldn’t seem to get me out of my clothes last night…” Amazing how a small shower was even smaller once he stepped in. Maria made enough space for him, pressing a hand against his chest to keep him a good distance away. “All of that fun, and with our clothes still on. How many girls give you that?” -03:52 Apr 23
[(Timeout) Maria doesn’t post enough.] -03:59 Apr 23
Kabriel: “I don’t see you wearign anythign right now.” he said raising an eyebrow. “And so you wanted to keep the clothes on, something about feelign like a princess.” he was reaching, “And I made you my princess last night and you put on a royal performance.” He stayed back and let the water splash over him before cupping his hands and splashing Maria. “You’re right to want to get clean.” -03:59 Apr 23
Maria: She swatted at him and laughed, pushing him back with her hand, despite the fact there was little room to push him. “A girl has to rise to the occasion when perfoming for a Prince. …and now it’s your turn! What are you going to do to impress me, Prince? Because swinging upside down and rolling around a playground park is only impressive the first time…” Park would explain the leaves, right? She turned her back to him looking for the soap. -04:03 Apr 23
Kabriel: He grinned and stepped forwards grabbign her shoulders and fressed his fingers into the muscle where the neck and shoulder met on the pressure point. “It theres any tension left in you after last night I could massage it away.” he whispere in her ear, “I have expert fingers… or so you found out when you made a mess all over them.” he rubbed along her shoulders and down her back still pressing hard “And you can look forwards to more of this on the boat.” -04:08 Apr 23
Maria: Maria almost sighed..! She could believe his hands were magic, and damnation that she didn’t remember a moment of it! Maria turned just enough to glance over her shoulder. “I’m glad your hands aren’t tired. I did keep them occupied most of last night. None broken at all?” -04:13 Apr 23
Kabriel: He lifted a hand and wiggled the fingers “Not even sore.” he said with a grin “So if you’d liek me to wash your back I’m right here so long as you’ll return the favor.” he gave her ass a slap from behind, may as well “How about your throat? your worked it pretty hard if I rememebr… your tongue too.. never seen one work so hard when I was so deep.” -04:19 Apr 23
Maria: Any typical woman would be horrified, and Maria almost.. -almost- looked surprised! But she was just as quickly laughing. For something she couldn’t remember, it must have been one hell of a night. Especially since he still hadn’t called her out on her bullshit! ….did HE even remember? Time to find out! “Well, I did have to make up for catching it with my teeth after you were spinning it around like a helicoptor, hmm?” She handed him the soap. -04:25 Apr 23
Kabriel: He lathered the soap on his hands glad she couldn’t see his face, that had happened? Couldn’t have and he shook his head before rubbing the soap into ehr shoulders and down her back. “Payback for you making engine noises with your mouth while fingering yourself and daring me to ride you like a motorcycle.” he said. No there was no way that happened, god they were screwed if it had. -04:31 Apr 23
Maria: Oh, no way in hell… She’d at least have been riding him first! He definitely had to be as clueless as she was. So how long could she bullshit before he finally caved? …hopefully not before their shower was over cause getting bathed by a Prince was pretty damned nice! “Next time, how about we not do that in your fancy car, though. We’ll try it on your boat where I have room to bend, hmm?” -04:37 Apr 23
Kabriel: “And I thought you were worried I was out of tricks, but you’re requestion the old ones again.” No they hadn’t done anything in the car he was sure of that.. “But that waterbed idea of yours I could do, we’ll have to make sure we have the proper equipment and nothing other than you pets punctured.” -04:42 Apr 23
Maria: “It’s not an old trick if done in a new way.” Oh, she was going to enjoy the hell out of this vacation. If they did even half the things they were making it, it would be a blast. Maria turned around to face him and confiscated the soap back to lather up in her hands. “And if you’re really good I’ll show you a little something they call the Upside Down Ballerina. I promise it’s nothing Hans or Yvaine has ever heard of.” -04:47 Apr 23
Kabriel: “You’re a ballerina and U’d seen you upside down.” he said turnign around and presenting his back to her.” still sounds like something worth beign good for, if I were capable fo being good.” he grinned again baracing a hand against the shower wall. He’d really hit the jackpot with this girl, sex sex sex sex more sex and no complications before dropping her off at an airport. -04:51 Apr 23
Maria: “I’m going to be spending a weekend with an evil prince? This HAS gotten interesting.” And Maria was more than happy to get her hands on him. All thoughts of a hangover were long gone. She had her hands on his back, taking her sweet time at admiring his form and… yes, grabbing his ass too. For the amusement of it she was pressing her chest up against his back. “Of course, that’s if we make it out of this shower.” -04:56 Apr 23
Kabriel: He laughed and looked back at her. “I knew you weren’t a delicate little rincess the moment I saw you but you just keep getting better and better, and its hard to top last night.” no he wasn’t lettign that go. MMmm MMMMMmm MMrrrrrrrr what wa …. “Maria… I do think its time we put this office to good use.” -05:01 Apr 23
Maria: “Oh! So you remember my name after all!” Maria smirked, setting the soap aside so she could sneak her hand around him, for a little surprise! “Here I thought I was going to have to remind you which name you spent all night begging to marry you.” -05:04 Apr 23
Kabriel: “Champagne does that to a man.” He said But he was running out of taunts to throw at ehr beleavable or not. “But theres no excure for screaming that you agree to then your’re on your back and I’m balls deep inside you…” wait where was her hand going? -05:09 Apr 23
Maria: “What did you expect? A girl to turn down a proposal to a rich and handsome Prince? Don’t worry, I won’t hold you to it… I’ll hold something else though…” Speaking of balls, she grasped his with no amount of shyness. Her body still leaning against his back. She was a good bit taller than Yvaine, but Maria was still barely peering over his shoulder with her wicked grin. “No champagne to hide behind today, honey.” -05:14 Apr 23
Kabriel: “hh..! mmmm.” This girl was something else. “So you thin you’re going to hear me beg?” he asked turning and circling his hands around to grab her butt and pull her closer. “No royal hostages today I’m afraid babe.” -05:19 Apr 23
[Maria enters.] -05:20 Apr 23
Maria: “Beg, plead, whimper, cry… The full range. And then the only name you’ll ever be able to think about when you’re off charming women and running countries will be Maria Martin.” In fact, just with a little caress of her hands, she was making sure to revive that memory of his already! -05:25 Apr 23
Kabriel: “Ohhh MAria.” he cooed with less sarcasm than he intended. “And what about you going back to america? frequenting bars, hearing of the explaits of your friend knowing you’ll never had another prince liek Kabriel of Armenia.” his hip her moving closer to hers as he pulle her to his too and his member was getting harder. No hangover was going to slow him down. -05:29 Apr 23
Maria: “There are millions of men in this world. And plenty of single, unattached princes.” she retorted, curling her fingers around his shaft and raising up on her toes to murmur in his ear. “I think I’ll manage just fine. Unless, of course, you think you’re gonna miss me?” -05:34 Apr 23
Kabriel: His hands on her ass squeezed and lifted her up and he stepped forwards pressing her back into the wall. “I might think of you from time to time, and if I see you again I’ll be sure to say hello… but Kabriel doesn’t like attachment.” he said ha his body pressed hers harder against the wall and he lowere her slowly letting her guide his dick. -05:39 Apr 23
[(Timeout) Maria was sacrificed to the roleplay gods by a tribe of wild newbies.] -05:46 Apr 23
Maria: “That’s good, because after our very nice vacation, I’ll be loooong gone.” Knowing there wasn’t going to be any awkward goodbyes afterwards was the best part. Maria guided him to her, releasing to run her hand up his stomach. “No regrets or promises, hmm?” -05:46 Apr 23
Kabriel: “Nothing holding us back…” he pushed in and lowered her onto him bafore pinning her in place and thusting deeper. “Its good to find a girl who can keep things simple… no strings.” -05:48 Apr 23
Maria: Soap, hot water, and the fact he was damned sexy as hell, all had Maria more than hot for him. “Except the ones I tied you up with last night?” she sighed with a smirk. Maria hooked one of her legs around his waist, while wrapping her arms around his neck. …and still smirking licking his cheek. -05:53 Apr 23
[Kabriel enters.] -06:16 Apr 23
[(Timeout) Kabriel got too distracted for their own good…] -06:21 Apr 23
Kabriel: He nuzzled into her his hips sliding against hers as he penetrated deeper. “I’ll have to return the favor…” he pushed her against the wall and nipped her able to feel she was as familair with this as she claimed to be and a shower quickie was only the begining… because who was he kidding, nothing happened last night beyond 2nd base. -06:21 Apr 23
Maria: Maria groaned, her body shaking as she laughed against his cheek. There was no way she’d forget something like this. She licked from his jaw all the way to his ear, ever so often pausing to kiss or graze her teeth over him. “Tie me up, chain me down, rock me like a hurricane on that nice big boat of yours.” -06:27 Apr 23
Kabriel: He pushed harder nipping her neck and definatly leaving marks as well as nuzzling his unshaven jaw into her cheek. “You feel good… ” he said. “And we’ll make that boat rock… rock it until it turns over. Just….” his pulled on her ass with one hand and braced the other against the wall .. she was good! -06:36 Apr 23
Maria: “Less talking, more showing.” He was strong enough, he could take it! Maria wasn’t kidding about being flexible. That same leg she had hooked around him, she pulled upwards and straight to rest against his chest and her her ankle over his shoulder. Made such a small little shower so much easier to maneuver in! -06:43 Apr 23
Kabriel: He wasn’t expectling that and… it made it better! He pushed harderpulling her up the wall so where her coulf ger the deepest, work the fastest…. fuck… it would soon be over and his lips against hers causing his sheek to rub against her foot. -06:47 Apr 23
Maria: Sex AND kissing? That might get complicated! The fact a kiss could make her give such a wistful sigh, while she was also swallowing a groan from hitting just the right spot… was insane! Maria had her hand in his hair, holding his mouth tight to hers. With him pushing her up, she no longer had any footing. Which was just find for her to wrap her other leg around his waist. -06:53 Apr 23
Kabriel: He pushed his lips home as her pull demanded and put his hips into overdrive his breath pushign into her with the effort and rising feeling in him, with her braced against him and his hips hitting hers each time it was hard not to climax right then but her held of just a little longer … -06:57 Apr 23
Maria: There was no way she’d had forgotten a night full of this! Maria had him gripped tight, nails running down his chest as she ravished his mouth with hers. Even with her sudden gasp and moan, she didn’t break away from him. Both of her legs curling around his hips to lock him close when her body started shuddering. So too soon…! -07:07 Apr 23
Kabriel: He ravages her back for tongue teasign her lip as he shuddered and came too. He remained pressed int her for a few seconds as the water washed over them and carried on kissing her an he pressed close. Fuck she was good, and this was just quick sex in a shower… maybe even.. “The best shower sex I’ve ever had.” he murmered against her lips. “Well Maria good thing I have one of these in my yatch.” -07:12 Apr 23
Maria: Right about now she should be untangling herself from him and demanding her present. But Maria was pretty content to have her arms around his neck and sharing a few inappropriately affectionate kisses. “Never repeat the same thing twice, I always say…” -07:17 Apr 23
Kabriel: “Well theres always different positions… different meathods…” he was winding her hair around his finger as he kissed her back “I allow happen to have a bunk, a mast, a locked drawer you can have the kep to if you’re a good girl… or a very very bad girl….” he chuckled, “I’m going to enjoy thie cruise.” -07:27 Apr 23