Repairing Destiny 001: James’ Big Surprise

[Britt got a weird phonecall from her BFF. She’s assuming James is having another grades flipout or someone slipped him a daterape drink again and he’s hallucinating. Either way, she’s headed to his place to slap some sense in to him!] -12:59 Apr 14
[Jane used to be knows as James and has stormed off to thier room after an argument with thier scatterbraiend dad.] -12:59 Apr 14
Jane: It had been a baaaaaaaad week, sicne the accident everything had happened so fast, and there was no "cure". In fact it would be unsafe to try so the gender swirch wasn’t going away any time soon. Garry, thier father was under orders not to let aanyone in, not that he’d listen and Jane was under her duvet wishing the world would end… phone still in hand. -01:03 Apr 14 Jane
Britt: Britt was not taking to being ignored very well, even by James’ dad. Thus, that was why she was pounding on the front door. "I mean it! Open the door! I don’t care if his ARMS are falling off, he’s not switching schools." Britt took a step or two back from the door, giving the windows an examining stare. Hmm… -01:07 Apr 14 Britt

the door opened and a middle aged man stood there with a small smile on his face. “Britt, here to see Jane? Upstairs bedroom… Anythign I can get you? Juice? Sandwich?” he stood aside to let her in. Jane needed friends, no matter what happened. -Jane 01:11 Apr 14

Britt: Jane? Britt ignored the name mixup, sometimes James’ dad was a little weird. She stepped inside with a small huff. "No thanks, but I bet he could use some coffee." Making herself right at home, she brushed past the man and climbed up the stairs two at a time. "JAMES! I’m going to drag you out of bed by the feet. We’re not doing this AGAIN." -01:15 Apr 14 Britt
Jane: "Do not come up here." the text came through on Britt’s phone and Jane attempted to stop her, futilely as Garry mentioned getting them both apple juice and headed for the kitched. "I’m serious… if you see me not you’ll lose your wierd attraction to me. Don’t come in." -01:20 Apr 14 Jane
Britt: Britt pulled out her phone to see the text out of habit. Then rolled her eyes as she stopped in front on his bedroom door. "You jackass! I’m not attracted to you!" She tried the door handled and found it locked. Another roll of her eyes. "You KNOW I know how to open this. Why don’t you stop being crazy and just open it?" Britt was already standing on her toes trying to reach the handy little door lock pick that was on the doorframe. -01:24 Apr 14 Britt
Jane: "Don’t…" the voice was a far cry from Jame’s normal and sounded forced and aat that moment there was a heavy tread at the top of the stairs and twin thuds aas two glasses were put on a sideboard next to the door. "Daad, stop her." -01:32 Apr 14 Jane
Britt: "Your dad isn’t going to save you, James." Ah ha! She got it and it only took a second to get the lock undone and swing open the door. The first thing Britt did was march to the window and push open the curtains. "What’s the matter with your throat? Are you sick? It’s been over a week, you’re not contagious anymore. You need air and exercise." Stepping over to the bed she grabbed the edge of the blanket he was hiding under and tugged! -01:35 Apr 14 Britt
Jane: There was a scrabble of freshly exposed limbs as a t-shirted and boxered figure scrabbled to brab and hug a pillow. "I told you to stay away." face bburried to hide as much as possible even though it was now useless. -01:40 Apr 14 Jane
Britt: "I can’t understand a word you’re saying. What’s the matter, did some girl give you mono?" Britt climb on the bed, reaching to grab for the pillow. That’s about when she noticed those legs weren’t a guy’s legs and neither were those arms. "…Who are YOU? James, are you under the damned bed, this isn’t funny!" Britt plopped on the matress, hanging upside down over the edge to check under the bed. -01:45 Apr 14 Britt
Jane: The pillow was thrown across the room. "This is me, Britt. Okay? Have a good look." there was an angry glare. She had been told to go away. "THis is why I have to change schools and why I didn’t want you to see me." another pillow was grabbed and hugged. "My life is over…" -01:48 Apr 14 Jane
Britt: "Right and my name is Princess Brittany." Back on her knees again, she glared right back at the girl. How did James always lure such pretty girls in to his bed? Why did his dad even let him get away with this? …she did look suspiciously like James. "Okay, I can solve this." Without explaining what she was after, Britt shoved the girl over and was pushing up her shirt. James had a birthmark on his back and when it wasn’t there, she was going to ‘politely’ throw the girl out and then torture his Dad for information. -01:53 Apr 14 Britt
Jane: "Hey!" "The girl" struggled against Britt. "What are you doing?" and arm shot back to shove Britt off along with an angrey glare. "Just because you’re a princesss doesn’t mean you can get yoou hands all over me… I can’t believe I just said that to a girl…" -01:58 Apr 14 Jane
Britt: The girl received a good hard shove back and Britt might have smacked her too if she didn’t feel sorry for her. But once she got her shirt pushed up, Britt wasn’t seeing what she expected. That was definitely James’ birthmark along with that scar he got in highschool during some stupid after school fight. Britt’s hands were off her in an instance and she scooted to the farside of the bed, almost toppling off the edge on to the floor. "What did you DO?! Get drunk and get a sex change?!" -02:01 Apr 14 Britt
Jane: Free again with shirt pulled back down two eyes glared at Britt. "No, I got a job. Lab intern at my dad’s… work." Secret government labs wern’t somethign you talk aabout. "He’s a scientist and there was an accident. That’s all. Now I’m stuck like this and… why would you think I would let this happen even if I was drunk? Don’t you get it?" Jane’s voice was rising to a hysterical pitch. "I can’t live like this… I don’t knwo the first thing about… what to do." -02:07 Apr 14 Jane
Britt: "They just let you walk out like that? Does your dad work for idiots?!" Didn’t they have procedures and protocols? Let alone the HOW it happened. Britt couldn’t wrap her mind around it. She didn’t blame him for sounding hysterical. She also couldn’t stop staring at him. "So you’re just…a GIRL now? Are they going to fix it? Are you going to sue them?" She shut her mouth, biting in to her lip. "…I guess the first thing you should do is shave your legs…" -02:13 Apr 14 Britt
Jane: "After three days of pokign me and prodding me and telling me it would probably kill me to try and reverse it… yeah, they let me go. So yeah, I’m a girl now and how the hell am I going to get a lawyer, let alone a judge to believe me…?" Jane ignored the shaving comment. "They got me into a different college on short notice and apparentky change my name in record time without even asking me so… what the hell can I do?" -02:17 Apr 14 Jane
Britt: "Deal with it… I guess..?" Britt sure as hell didn’t know what to do, she couldn’t imagine what SHE would do. Probably hide in her room in the dark too. She shifted her leg and moved her foot across the matress until she experimentally poked his leg with a toe. And another poke just to make sure she was still actually seeing a girl. "Why didn’t you just tell me? I’m your best friend." -02:21 Apr 14 Britt
Jane: "One, would you have believed me? Two, you’re a girl. Your hot guy best friend just turned into a girl… I don’t know… It’s a little wierd that you’re not freaking out over this." Teh leg pulled away from her as Jane leaned against the wall and sighed. "At least you didn’t see me crying…" -02:29 Apr 14 Jane
Britt: "What makes you think you were hot?" she teased. This was just too weird. Of course she wouldn’t believe it, she still sort of didn’t believe it. But what else was she going to do? Britt sighed, shifting to crawl across the mattress. She plopped down next to him with a frown. "Freaking out isn’t going to change anything. You’re lucky your bestie is a chick. If you had a guy BFF he’d be trying to grope your boobs right now." Hmm. Speaking of, she leaned closer to him to try and take a look, but with that tshirt he had on, she couldn’t see. -02:34 Apr 14 Britt
Jane: "Pfft yeah, not it’s really never ever going to happen between us." With Britt closer Jane falt is was safe to flop back down and stare at the ceiling. "I guess I am lucky you’re a girl. You know things I’ll need to know like… ugh… I don’t even want to think about it. I should bully them into letting you into my new school…" -02:37 Apr 14 Jane
Britt: "I’m not switching schools for you just because you’re scared of being a girl." She leaned over him, hesitating a bit before she reached down to pluck at his hair. Jeezus, he really was a girl now. "So you’re just going to dive right in to it? Full Maximum woman? I don’t think you can handle it." She cast a cheeky grin. "How are you going to pick up dates now? You don’t know what girls want out of a woman!" -02:44 Apr 14 Britt
Jane: Her hand was swatted away. "I didn’t say that… I don’t even know how to do that. And I can’t go to the same school without questions being asked so if you don’t want to go to tthe same scholl a me then fine." Jane rolled onto their side and stared at the wall. "I don’t want to think about girls right now, okay… I still have to tell my girlfriend about this." -02:47 Apr 14 Jane
Britt: "Ah, right… I forgot you managed to keep one this time." He wqas having himself a pout fest now, which was pretty typical of him. At least this time she could understand why. It was the only reason she wasn’t bullying him out of bed and make him stop. Britt scooted close again and draaaaped herself over him. Just because he had a girl body didn’t meant she was going to stop being his bestie. …Holy crap, he still had those kickboxing muscles under slender arms, though. Britt squeezed one of his arms. "I’m going to be in the middle of finals soon. And you know my parents will kill me if I try to switch schools." -02:53 Apr 14 Britt
Jane: "So that’s it then… no more hanging out at school…" as expected… again Britt’s hand was swatted but this time there was no glare. "You really like poking me, don’t you… fine." With a shove against the matress Jane sate up and then a second later thier shirt came off. "Take a good look…" Janes face was red and was quickly hidden behind the shirt. May as well get this over with… Not like Britt woulf think anything like that. -02:58 Apr 14 Jane
Britt: Shirt off..! Not once had she ever cared about James being shirtless or even naked. He paraded around enough that Britt had an eyefull more than once. She just didn’t find him that attractive, but then Britt was pretty sure she was a bit broken anyway. …of course right now her cheeks were flushing and it suddenly felt a little too hot in the room. He had very nice… Britt turned her head to the side and kept her glare focused at the dresser. "Would you stop that! You don’t have to act like a shameless hussy. I hope you’re not gonna whip them out for everybody at your new school…" -03:04 Apr 14 Britt
Jane: "You’ve never thought much of it before… and no. I don’t even… do You know hoe uncomfortable having these things where they wen’t there before is. It doen’t feel like me." the shirt was back on and Jane wass back to staring at the wall. "I’m going to be alone at a new school and if everythign goes well I’ll be avoiding attention. Not going after it like some girl." -03:08 Apr 14 Jane
Britt: Britt refused to explain why it made her uncomfortable. She didn’t even want to think about it. Her face was probably still tinged with pink, but at least now she could look at him. "I’d go with you, but I can’t. Not until after the semester is over. …and you don’t have to act like it’s the end of the world. I’M a girl. It’s not the worst thing in the world to be." -03:11 Apr 14 Britt
Jane: "You’re…" there was no way to say it without sounding like a woman hating asshole… "Maybe it is for me. who is going to take me seriously like this? You know how much I like kickboxing. Nothing I do is girly… I’m going to come off as a total rug muncher…" -03:15 Apr 14 Jane
Britt: "Oh because a girl liking girls is totally awful right?" Sonofa-! Britt punched him in the arm as hard as she could, and sadly that probably hurt her own hand more than it hurt him. She hook out her hand and huffed, only to start slapping at him. "You asshole! Stop acting like a little bitch and suck it up like a woman! So what if you have boobs now. You can do all the same things. And if someone doesn’t like it, you tell them to suck it!" -03:21 Apr 14 Britt
Jane: Jane shoved her away and caught her wrists. "You know what? Fine. Anyone who thinks I can’tbox gets hit in the face. I’ll handle think as me, not as some woman… and is anyone calls me a lesbian they’ll get two punches and a kick to the face. Why are you so angry anyway? Are some of your other friends into girls?" -03:27 Apr 14 Jane
Britt: "Some woman…!" Eeerg! She wanted to punch HIM! In the face! Her. Her in the face. Britt clamped her mouth shut and struggled to keep that sudden surge of emotion contained. She was not the kind of woman that got hysterical about stuff, but he. She was hitting on something a little close to home. Enough that not only were her feelings hurt, it was pretty clear that telling him her secret was never going to be an option. "And if they were? You’re such an asshole sometimes…" -03:33 Apr 14 Britt
Jane: "Yeah.. I am." Britt was let go and Jane was standing up to stretch with the popping of joints. "Nothing… I guess you just have an open mind about things. Which is why you’re still here. It’s pretty cool you stand up for people that are different than yourself. I know I’m never ever ever going to be attracted to guys so… am I lesbian? I guess that depends on if I’m really a girl or not." -03:38 Apr 14 Jane
Britt: She still wanted to hit him. But now her arms were crossed and she was trying to remind herself she was seriously pissed off with him, and that she was supposed to be glaring him, not curiously eyeing him up and down. His height hadn’t changed much. He was still taller than her. But instead of broad shoulders, he had wider hips. There was still all that muscle, but much softer now and curvy. Really pretty… "You like what you like. It doesn’t matter. …You’re going to need clothes that fit, though." Whyyyyy was she imagining him in a tight pair of leather pants and a silky red blouse! Britt fell over on the mattress and covered her head with a pillow. -03:48 Apr 14 Britt
Jane: He turned to look at her before sitting down on the edge of the bed. "That is your first job then. I have no idea of everything I’ll need so you’re coming with me to get somethign that fits, several somethings. It’s a pity my denim jackets are too big now… I can borrow somethign of yours while we go out… Nonthign I own is comfortable anymore." -03:55 Apr 14 Jane
Britt: "So I’m in charge of all this now too, then! Figures!" her voice was muffled. Helping run James’ life was nothing new for her. He was painfully irresponsible, and she often wondered how he even survived before they met. …which had her wondering about his name. Britt sat back up and blinked at him. "What am I supposed to call you now? Please don’t tell me it’s Jane." -03:59 Apr 14 Britt
Jane: "My dad went ahead aand changed it to Jane without asking me. We had an argument about it just before you got here." there was an angry look shot towards the door. "I don’t care what you call me, and you’re not in charge. I’m asking for your help becauseyou’re the only person I trust for this." -04:02 Apr 14 Jane
Britt: "Your dad has the worst taste." Britt was so used to calling him James, and she wasn’t sure how she felt about Jane. Nicknames weren’t quite her style… she would figure it out. Huffing, she threw her arms around his neck and hugged him. He needed one, and she was over being pissed at him for the time being. -04:06 Apr 14 Britt
Jane: Jane petted her arm before hugging her back, usually he’d make some form of inuendo here but it didn’t seem as fun anumore. "He cares, enough to leave us juice on the landign anyway… I should go get it before it gets warm… We’ll still be friends, right? Even if you can’t change schools next semester?" -04:19 Apr 14 Jane
Britt: "Unless you’re going to be a total bitch, you being a girl is not going to stop us from being friends." she grumbled in his ear. Being a girl sure didn’t make him any smarter. She pulled back just far enough to kiss his cheek. No scruffy face and soooo soft. Britt very quickly let go and cleared her throat. Seeming to find interest in going to look out the window. "What are you going to do with your girlfriend? Didn’t she have some kind of stripper name? Yasmin or Crystal or Sparkles or something…" -04:28 Apr 14 Britt
Jane: She turned away and sighed. "I’m going to tell her and if she’s unhappy with it I’ll break up with her, or accept her breaking up with me and I know you’ve never liked my girlfriends but can you at least remember thier names. Just because you havn’t dated in a while… This is probably going to be bad for her either way. Could you imagine if one of your boyfriends suddenly turned into a girl?" -04:32 Apr 14 Jane
Britt: "I’ve dated. I just don’t introduce them to you." Britt was offended again. Crossing her arms and glaring over her shoulder. If he knew… "You never kept any of them around long enough for me to remember them, anyway. And the ones I DID like were gone in a week." In fact it was completely his fault that she didn’t get to be friends or close with some of those girls, cause he dated them, dumped them and they dumped her by association! "…if it helps, I hope she doesn’t break up with you." -04:39 Apr 14 Britt
Jane: She slumped. "She’s too… traditional to date me like this." Her hands came up to her face and stayed there. "I thought that was a good thing. Someone who wasn’t a complete… my usual type… keep me in line and help me settle down and she desurves better than this… I should get it over with…" -04:44 Apr 14 Jane
Britt: "You had the right idea, anyway… I didn’t realize you were. um.. you know… tired of being a manwhore." Britt chewed on her bottom lip, swaying slightly by the window. She didn’t want to tell him her secret, but she could at least talk about some of it. "I just had a breakup with somebody. I didn’t tell you about them, I… have been kinda trying to date different kinds of people. Not the usually guys I go out with and I didn’t want you driving me crazy about it. Anyway, it sucks. Breaking up, that is." -04:49 Apr 14 Britt
Jane: She shot Britt alook at the manwhore comment but sighed. "Once I get new clothes I’ll go see her. I think that’s the best. At least we havn’t done anything yet… major that is. I’d feel bad about talking her into bed then having to break up with her like this… it would make it a lot more awkward. Sorry about you and your boyfriend though You should have told me about him. I’m not going to fly into a jealous rage you know… especially not now…" -04:55 Apr 14 Jane
Britt: "Right because you tooootally got jealous of who I was dating, and now that you’re a girl you don’t care anymore?" Jeezus, he acted like being a girl stopped him from being him! She hadn’t noticed a single difference in him yet. Aside from being really, really, reeeeaaaally cute. With such long legs..! Britt huffed again. "I guess we should get you some new clothes as soon as possible." -05:01 Apr 14 Britt
Jane: She gave Britt a hard shove on the shoulder. "Maybe they’ll all be attracted to me instead and I’ll have to tell them I’m into girls then they’ll alll the the wrong impresion about you too. And yes, all I have it tshirts and boxers… and some stuff my dad got me that I wasn’t going to mention because it’s… fine I’m just mad at him right now." -05:08 Apr 14 Jane
Britt: Britt was flushing again. She shoved back at him so it would seem like she was annoyed and not something else. "Now you think you’re prettier than me too! Glad to see you’re still yourself. At least show me what your dad got you, it can’t be that bad." -05:13 Apr 14 Britt
Jane: She stood and disappeared out the door, and soon there was the sound of two small thuds as she drak both of thier juices and then from just outside the door pulled in a shopping bag then she upended into Britt’s lap. Inside were new socks, a pair of shoes, a skirt and a couple of simple blouses and a set of underwearm all still with the tags and never been worn. -05:19 Apr 14 Jane
Britt: She pulled out some of the blouses. Britt was worried that maybe his dad picked out something trashy and kinda disturbing for a dad to pick out for his kid, but these clothes were perfectly respectable for a young woman. Britt would have worn them, anyway. She gave her that look again, then ‘you’re being dumb’ look. "So what’s wrong with these? They’re kinda pretty." -05:22 Apr 14 Britt
Jane: "They’re… girly." she complained. "And liek I said I’m pissed at him for the name thing. I know he’s trying but…" she sat beaavily on the edge of the bed making it bounce. "I’m just frustrated and pissed off and… wish this wasn’t happening." -05:26 Apr 14 Jane
Britt: "It’s happening, so we’re gonna deal with it." Britt picked out her favorites and shoved them over to her. "Put these on, I want to see. Underwear too! You need -something- to wear when we go out, and I don’t think my clothes are going to fit you." …and Britt totally wanted to see her in them! -05:30 Apr 14 Britt
Jane: "The clothes were snatched out of Britt’s hands and Jane walked over to the dresser to dump them there. Sure she could to to a bathroom which would probably be more conciderate to Britt but Jane had never been shy about bare chests around her best friend so it was easto strip off her shirt and then pick up the bra and turn it around a few times until she figured out which was on it went and pull the straps up her arms and try to reach back to do up the clasp, takign several attempts to get it right before pulling on the cups. "This feels wierd." -05:35 Apr 14 Jane
Britt: Britt tried to look at anything BUT her, and that did not turn out so well. Did the idiot not have any sort of consideration? Huffing, she was on her feet and stomping over. Slapping her hands out of the way to adjust the shoulder straps and untwist the back strap to hook it in the right loops. "Haven’t you had plenty of bra experience with taking them off? Is this better? I think it might be a size too small." Britt was having to bite her tongue and resist from being too touchy familiar. It was easy to be touchy with James, but as a girl it was just..! "Shirt." she mumbled out. -05:40 Apr 14 Britt
Jane: The chosen blouse was pulled over the top before the boxers were pushed down and kicked away once her back was turned. Not even Briss got to see THAT. Then the pantied were pulled up quickly, knees bending so the blouse didn’t lift too much and the skirt following right after. "… you kno I should have done the skirt first, it would have kept everything covered but hey, I’m donr." Jane turned to face Britt and watched her face carefully. "Do I look like a girl?" however she looked her face was red. THis was really wierd. -05:44 Apr 14 Jane
Britt: "Yeah." Britt caught a glimpse of her ass, and she was pretty sure her face was red again by how hot it felt. Her arms crossed, she twisted her mouth this way and that, pretending to give some sort of thoughtful critique of the outfit when really she just wanted to DIE. James was so, sooooo pretty. Glamorous woman pretty. That handsome sort of pretty that powerful women had. Britt turned away quickly, scooting to go grab the shoes before she fainted. "Shoes too." -05:53 Apr 14 Britt
Jane: "Socks too then, I’m not wearing new shoes without socks." they were grabbed and pulled on before Jane was walking in them experimentally. "So this is my life now? Skirts and…" a thought occured to her and shuddenly she leg shot out with a small yell and a high kick that caushed her to over balance, stumble, and come crashing down on her front. "Ow… come on that was basics. Why did I fall?" -05:57 Apr 14 Jane
Britt: That seemed to do the trick of breaking her spell over Britt. She started laughing so hard, she had to hold her stomach and try to catch her breathe. "Your whole center of gravity is different now. You’re gonna have to get used to that." Britt inched to her side to lean over her. "Don’t wear socks with heels. And don’t put all you weight down on the heel… you have to be a little more graceful than stomping around." -06:03 Apr 14 Britt
Jane: She got up and glared at the shoes before walking a few steps. "I will…" which part that was to was left a mystery. "This thing is still uncomfortable… you say it’s soo small That will have to be the first thing we buy."? -06:07 Apr 14 Jane
Britt: Oh jeezus. She had to take her shopping for lingere. She was already imagining all of the things she’d her her try on and model. Britt nearly choked. "I- um, right. Bras and stuff first. …and then shoes, because I don’t want you to break your neck." -06:13 Apr 14 Britt
Jane: "So, when do you want to go?" that was the next question, with just the one outfit Jane need to make sure it stayed clean enough to go out in/ "Huh, my first time out a a girl since I gpt back…" -06:21 Apr 14 Jane
Britt: "You need new stuff as soon as possible… If you miss any more school you’re going to fail your semester." Britt was twisting the hem of her shirt up in her hands. Why was she so pretty, this was stupid. She had NEVER thought James was good looking. "Um… Today? Later? Then we could go out for dinner, you know as your thank you to me for blowing me off all week…" -06:25 Apr 14 Britt
Jane: "Fine, I’ll take you out to dinner so long as YOU aalso wear something you don’t normally wear to make it fair. Just something nice…" there was a cocky grin on her face. "Doesn’t have to be anything flashy… it’s not a date." -06:29 Apr 14 Jane
Britt: "Are you kidding?" Uggh, yes. Same James. Britt was ALMOST amused. "Ffffiiiiiine. Since I’m going to be helping you out with this whole new girl wardrobe, you pick something out for me at the Mall. As long as it’s not totally slutty I’ll wear it." -06:33 Apr 14 Britt
Jane: "I was thinking you’d just get somethignf rom home bit if I get to [ick somethign out then… better. I’ll get money from my dad and we’ll head out later… I guess I should thank you for helping me out." her arms slipped around Britt in a hug, not somethign she did often without Britt starting it. -06:36 Apr 14 Jane

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