Repairing Destiny

Repairing Destiny 012: Britt’s Busy

[Britt is at school today. Finals are coming up and there is a Parent meeting today, which is ALWAYS a nightmare.] -05:22 Mar 11
[Jane it limping into Britt’s school to surprise her!] -05:22 Mar 11
Britt: Right now, Britt was in the library surrounded by several books and trying to cram as much information in to her head as possible. She hated this class. Hated it soooo much. But this was what kept her parents happy, and if her parents weren’t happy she was made absolutely miserable. A page was turned and notes were scribbled. -05:26 Mar 11 Britt
Jane: "You look like you need a hug." Jane eased herself onto the bench next to her and put her arms around Britt. "Or a hard fuck." she added in a low voice. "Surprise, I can’t do gym so they let me out early." -05:28 Mar 11 Jane
Britt: "Hard fucking is what got me in to this mess in the first place." she said with some exasperation, but at least cast Jane a smile. "I can’t hang out today. All my tests are coming up and I’m behind in EVERYTHING. Not to mention the Mister and Missus are coming to the school today, and THAT is just going to be a delight." -05:32 Mar 11 Britt
Jane: "Soooo… no sex in the janitor’s closet?" Jane pouted. "So… Britt…" she trailed off. "No it’s nothing, I get it if you’re busy" she shifted away from Britt and grunted as her rib moved. "Do I at least get food?" -05:35 Mar 11 Jane
Britt: "You can if you go out and get it yourself." she replied, closing her book only to grab and drag over another one. "I HAVE to study. If I don’t pass these tests, I’m not going to graduate on time and then my parents are going to start pushing me about getting married to some rich guy again." -05:38 Mar 11 Britt
Jane: "One, you’re smart." yeah, Britt was smart… she wouldn’t rush into a relationship, right? But Jane had… "You’ll pass easily and if they threaten to marry you off tell them you’re alreayy banging a hot girl and if they want to disinherit you over that then you can stay with me." she nudged Britt. "Come on, don’t stress. You’re the brains… I’m the muscle… rememebr?" they had fantasized about being outlaws they were kids. -05:42 Mar 11 Jane
Britt: "They’d probably try to have you killed if I told them…" she muttered. Britt wished that was a joke. Sometimes she wasn’t entirely sure what her parents were capable of when they got something in their head. "And I guess we would live with your whacky dad? Not really ideal, I think…" -05:48 Mar 11 Britt
Jane: "No they wouldn’t, besides I’m a tough guy. I can take on a couple of old people no sweat. And come on my dad isn’t that bad. I mean how many dads do you know who would let thier only son go into MMA when they tried to groom them to become and academic… and still support them after a major body changing accident." -05:54 Mar 11 Jane
Britt: "You don’t know my parents at all." Britt stopped trying to read, to turn and give Jane a critical look. "Your dad is great. I mean, seriously, an awesome dad. He supports you and you get to do pretty much anything you want, even when it’s not practical or makes any sense. Mine aren’t like that. I got to go to college because they picked my courses. I got to hang out with you because they never believed I’d be interested in someone like you. Being tough doesn’t get you anywhere with them." -05:59 Mar 11 Britt
Jane: "Sooo… you’re never going to tell them about me?" Jane looked away. "You’ve never actually tried being firm with them, have you." it wasn’t a question. "I’m limping over to the vending machine, want anything?" -06:03 Mar 11 Jane
Britt: "If I tell them, they won’t let me see you anymore. I know you don’t understand HOW they can stop me, but they will." Britt sighed, leaning back in her chair. "No, I’m okay. I really do need to focus on studying…" -06:06 Mar 11 Britt
Jane: "Sooo… we’re just NEVER going to tell them. Even if you’re already living in my place. I can work part time… I can win matches… I can help pay your tuition…" she latched onto this point and hung on for dear life. Without a future… she flinched as she stood "I’ll get you a chocolate bar." she stood and moved away. It was fine, Britt felt she needed to study. It wasn’t her choosing school and her parents over Jane. -06:14 Mar 11 Jane
Britt: Britt opened her mouth to say Not Never!, but Jane was already walking away. She huffed and dropped her head against her books. Britt was GOING to tell them, but she had to plan carefully first! She had to make sure both she and Jane were in a position where her parents couldn’t touch them. There had to be money and power struggles and… it was like dealing with the mob! Jane wouldn’t ever understand. -06:17 Mar 11 Britt
Jane: Jane say down and dumped the promised bar in top of Jane’s book. "I really shouldn’t be eating this…" she said at her own. "Not being able to work out properly and eating junk… this is not good." she didn’t want to talk about Britt’s parents anymore. Britt’s mind was made up. -06:30 Mar 11 Jane
Britt: Britt took the car and opened it up to take a bite. She supposed she DID need the energy to get her through studying. "One candy bar is not going to get your ass kicked. Why not just spend some extra time doing easy exercises?" She grabbed another book to open up and started reading. -06:34 Mar 11 Britt
Jane: Jane grabbed the bookand held it up and away from Britt. "Because I wanted to see you, because I love you and you’re my girlfriend." Jane replied. "What are you studying tha you can’t study at home anyway? Civil rites after 1950?" -06:38 Mar 11 Jane
Britt: "Jane!" Britt hissed, trying not to raise her voice in the library as she reached and swatted trying to get her book back. "It’s Advanced Calculus and I came here because it’s supposed to be without distractions. AND my parents are coming here today too. So you pretty much picked the worst day ever to suddenly want attention!" -06:43 Mar 11 Britt
Jane: "IF you want me to go you can just say so." Jane huffedputting the book back on the table and tunring aorund to but her back to it. "Your parents are coming… good. I’ll tell them." -06:46 Mar 11 Jane
Britt: "Ugh..!" She was exasperated! Why did Jane always have to pick the worst times to be a pain in the ass? "If you tell them, we’re going to be over and I won’t be MY fault." -06:47 Mar 11 Britt
Jane: "If you reaally wanted to be with me your parents wouldn’t be able to do shit." Jane hissed. "And really if they’re really suck horrible people you should be telling them to get fucked anyway." Jane stood and slid the book over to Britt. "Yoou never got like this when we were just friends." and Jane was off heading for the exit of the library. She was going to wait for Britt’s parents and tell them. -06:53 Mar 11 Jane
[(Timeout) Jane was consumed alive by feral plot bunnies.] -07:25 Mar 11
[Jane beats up the bunnies adn becomes thier queen.] -07:26 Mar 11
Star: Before Jane got very far out the door, a tiny ebony haired, glasses wearing nerd ran right in to her. After apologizing profusely, Star finally recognized who she rammed in to. Her face lit up in that happy-hopeful way. "Jane! I thought you already transfered schools?" -07:34 Mar 11 Britt
Jane: "Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow." Jane said holding her broken rib. "Star…? I did I just skipped out of gym… broken rib." She sighed.. she couldn’t limp last enough to get away but didn’t know if she wanted to talk to Star. "So… umm… how have you been?" -07:39 Mar 11 Jane
Star: "Oh, did you have a rough time in practice?" she looked concerned, and really wanted to reach out and give a hug! She kept her arms to herself though by hugging her books. "I’m doing okay, I guess. I’m passing all my classes, and oh! I am now the Galactic Empress in my LARP! So that’s pretty cool. Uuhhm." she hesitated. "I missed you?" -07:46 Mar 11 Britt
Jane: "Still doing that nerd stuff." she teased. "Yeah… I’m starting to realize what an idiot I still am at… stuff… and… I got beat up pretty bad. I don’t have the wieght I used to have… or the shoulder strength." She shrugged. -07:49 Mar 11 Jane
Star: "Oh don’t worry. Logically speaking, it was only natural for you to take a few months to get used to a new body. I mean, even with the physical transformation going tit for tat, your brain chemestry still has to link up with the rest of you. It’s not like the BRAIN changes." she laughed, understanding a joke that clearly wasn’t obvious to anyone else but herself. Star smiled and rocked on her heels. "I really did miss you. Just because we’re not dating doesn’t mean we can’t hang out sometimes, right? Oh! You wanna get some coffee with me? I’m aceing all my glasses, skipping one day of studying won’t hurt." -07:55 Mar 11 Britt
Jane: "I was going to out my… girl… actually I’m free." she said. She was really going to out Britt? "I feel like my brain is changing and I am losing control of my life… I don’t know what to think or feel anymore and I don’t act… rationally." -08:00 Mar 11 Jane
Star: Her eyes went wide. "Fascinating! I bet that’s the difference of the female hormones interacting with your brain chemistry. Do you think it’s making you a different person or is it just highlighting different things in your life? Ooh, I guess that is super personal… but it’s really interesting, you know." Star turned to lead the way out. They could have coffee somewhere on campus. -08:05 Mar 11 Britt
Jane: Jane limped after her. "Or it could just be messing with my brain until I reach a new equilibrium… I hope I’m not like this forever. Wait is all of this really interesting to you?" -08:09 Mar 11 Jane
Star: "Of COURSE it is! I might be an astronomy major, but human biology is just as interesting. After all, we’re all made up of stuff that came from stars." Her nerd was showing, but she didn’t mind it one bit. The great thing about James- er, Jane, was that she listened and actually seemed interested in what she blabbered on about. "I’m sure it will even out eventually once your body chemistry tapers off in to a new normal. I mean, it’s not changing your core personality is it? You are still you?" -08:17 Mar 11 Britt
Jane: "Maybe you should taalk to my dad then, he’s been doing a test a week and it’s his research that… well… caused the accident…" she pointed to a free outside table and limped towards it. "i -08:19 Mar 11 Jane
Jane: "Maybe you should taalk to my dad then, he’s been doing a test a week and it’s his research that… well… caused the accident…" she pointed to a free outside table and limped towards it. "I am still me, I still love to fight… still mess up everything from romance to math. Still awkward around girls, the ones I like anyway and still way into girls." -08:20 Mar 11 Jane
Star: "See, nothing to worry about!" Star was pretty confident. She plopped in to a chair, setting her books and bag aside. Then waved at the coffee guy, holding up two fingers for her regular. Americanos with sugar and cream. "I think that’s my grandfather’s company. Even if I wanted to, he really doesn’t want me in the family business." -08:33 Mar 11 Britt
Jane: "It my dad worked for your grandad I’d know about it… and besides I was an intern and I don’t work there anymore so it’s none of thier bussiness even if it was thier company. It’s my lifem not thiers." Jane ordered a regular coffee. "I am sick of people not doing what they want to because of thier families. It makkes me waant to slap their parents. -08:39 Mar 11 Jane
Star: Star giggled, covering her mouth when she did. "It’s not always that easy, especially with old money families. It’s okay though! You don’t have to worry about me! My dream is to be an astrophysisist. They don’t do a lot of that there." She grinned wide. "You’re always so passionate about stuff. I’m glad you’re still chasing your dreams too and aren’t letting anything stop you." -08:43 Mar 11 Britt
Repairing Destiny

Repairing Destiny 011: Kim Moving In

[Kim is wearing a loose backless shirt and a short pair of cutoff shorts. She’s carrying her school books in one hand and looks like a run way model, not like a brutal kickboxer.] -07:47 Feb 17

LATER THAT WEEK -Jane 07:48 Feb 17

Jane: Jane was limping, even now, she had had a broken rib and that meant she was carrying her bag in her hand rather than slung across her shoulder but other than that it was bussiness as usual. Jacket, work open, shirt, and skirt with stockings. Britt seemed to like that look… -07:50 Feb 17 Jane
Kim: "That fight didn’t go as plan?" Kim chimed, stepping out from the threshold of a doorway and falling in step with Jane. "I probably should have stuck around to warn you, but Roy sticks in my craw." -07:53 Feb 17 Kim
Jane: "He’s always been a creater." she said irritatedly without even realizing who she was speaking to. "But attaackign after a time out is called is a new low even for him." her pride wasn’t hurt from the loss but that didn’t mean she wasn’t pissed about it. I… oh, hello Kim." it took her aa second to realize who it was… -07:57 Feb 17 Jane
Kim: "Shits like him won’t fight fair. All he cares about is looking good." She rolled her eyes and sighed. Finally she smiled and bumped gently against Jane’s shoulder. They were both almost exactly the same height with Kim being just a bit taller. "I’m glad he didn’t mess up that pretty face, though. I hate it when people think I beat my dates." -08:01 Feb 17 Kim
Jane: "My face is fine and I have a girlfriend, remember." she said with slight irritation. "Unless that’s just your way of being friendly then that’s actuaally pretty funny, but I’ve taken a lot worse beatings to the face and hey, I’d beat you back." -08:05 Feb 17 Jane
Kim: "Your little rich girlfriend has an obvious type." Kim commented with a shrug. "She dated that shit, right? And I herd how she was cheering during your fights. She likes em mean." She tilted her head and looked Jane up an down with a soft examining gaze. "You seem more like the romantic girly type. Does she sweep you off your feet?" -08:09 Feb 17 Kim
Jane: Jane stopped and leaned against her car, rubbing her forehead. "Head she’s rich and likes watching fights, you go that part right but I’ve known her since I was like nine and we only started dating recently… before that I didn’t even think she liked girls since she has a history of dating idiots who I want to punch so it’s…" she lost track of where she was going with her sentence. "It’s not some fling, we know each other better than anyone." -08:14 Feb 17 Jane
Kim: "See, life time friendship is even worse." she commented, also leaning on the car, but doing so inappropriately close. "You know all her past people were assholes, and now she’s dating you. Someone safe, that of course she loves. But you know… is safe. But I’m sure I’m wrong and it’s actually sudden true love." Kim shrugged her shoulder and reached out to brush some of Jane’s hair behind her ear. "Women like us, we’re strong, but people kind of take us for granted sometimes." -08:18 Feb 17 Kim
Jane: Jane glared, fire in her eyes. Here was someone who knew nothing about Britt talkign shit about her. "All the guys she dated were assholes, not the girls, or some of them anyway… not that I knew them, obviously since she wasn’t out to me but I was a bit of a prick back then too alwasy teasing her for not dating me and calling her a…" dammit that next word wouldn’t made sense. "Cocklover…" that was worse, waaaaay worse than calling Britt a lesbian. "Look are you going to talk about my girlfriend all day or what?" -08:24 Feb 17 Jane
Kim: Kim put on an innocent expression and laughed! "I’m sure she’s sweet and a great girl! I’m just pointing out that your relationship might not be as strong as you think it is, so I can convince you that a date or two with me isn’t such a bad idea. Once we face down in the ring, you might be too mad to go out with me." -08:26 Feb 17 Kim
Jane: Jane expected to be more annoyed but instead she laughted. "Oh come on, you meet me once and you want to go out with me? YOU!? I mean… you could get anyone, you’re an amazon and yoou go for the new kid who already has a girlfriend and well…" she gestures at herself. "I mean if you want to look good by comparison I get it… and I broke a rib so there’s reason for you to believe you fight better than me too. I don’t see what you’re getting out of this…" -08:34 Feb 17 Jane
Kim: Kim look surprised! Was even stunned enough to be rendered silent for a moment. "Uh, have you looked at yourself in the mirror? You’re gorgeous. And what’s so wrong with me hitting on any hot girl I meet? Guys do it all the time." Kim pulled away from the car and opened up one of the notebooks she was holding. With a pen pulled out of the back pocket of her shorts, she scribbled down her phone number, ripped it out and handed it to Jane. "When you’re back to full health, we’ll try a spar again. I fight a little dirty, but not like that shit Roy. Until then… call me? No reason why we can’t hang out sometimes as friends." -08:39 Feb 17 Kim
Jane: Jane stood, number in hand and stared. gorgious? Did an amazon godess of the ring just call her gorgious? Jane shook her head and stuffed the number into her pocket. "Cool, as friends… I don’t have many here yet and we obviiously have a hobby in common." her face was redder then she’s like but she hoped it wasn’t noticable. "We could meet at the gym… I still go there after school to do light excercises, the oned that I can with a broken rib." -08:44 Feb 17 Jane
Kim: "How about we stop and have some dinner right now? I’m sure you’re still pretty sore and could use a sit down." Kim grinned like a chesire cat. "You’re adorable when you blush." -08:47 Feb 17 Kim
Jane: Jane’s fade went redder but her expression changed to one of disapproval. "If you stop that. Friends, remmeber." Jane took a deep breath and hit the reset button on her emotions, rieghning them in. "I’m not interested in replacing Britt. If we broke up then maybe but I don’t see that happening soon." still… Kim brought up some good points and Jane would need to talk to Britt… instead of just having sex with her all the time. -08:55 Feb 17 Jane
Kim: "A maybe already." Kim leaned closer to whisper in Jane’s ear. "I think you’re warming up to me." she giggled lightly and straightened. Back to normal and nothing flirty about it. "There’s a great place for sushi and sake down the street. The walk is short and it’ll keep those muscles loose." -08:57 Feb 17 Kim
Jane: Jane’s fist banged against her car and she clenched her teeth, she wanted to tell Kim that that was over the line but the girl changed her tune and Jane let out a breath. Good, that was over. Part of her wanted to abck out but that would be rude and Jane really did want a friend at school. "Walking? Okay…" she opened the car door to drop her bag into the footwell where it wouldn’t be too visible before closing and locking the door. -09:11 Feb 17 Jane
Kim: Kim wiggled a finger, beckoning Jane to follow. "This way. What are you studying at school? I’m majoring neurosciences." The question was nice and innocent. It seemed she was going to hold true to the agreement and not spend the entire time hitting on the girl. -09:17 Feb 17 Kim
Jane: "Looks, athleticism and brains…" Jane muttered feeling smaller and smaller next to this girl. "I… I want to be a professional fighter." she admitted. "I’ve alrea…" no, JAMES had participated in tournaments and won awards. JANE had to start from scratch again. "So health and Fitness major. Worst case scenario I end up coaching or workign in a gym…" -09:26 Feb 17 Jane
Kim: "I wouldn’t call that a worse case. My coach is who inspired me to enter tournaments and encourages me to keep up with studies too." she grinned, bumping Jane’s shoulder again in a friendly way. "Not that I think you’ll have a problem going pro. Any girl that can handle a fight from Roy is a tough broad to beat." -09:30 Feb 17 Kim
Jane: "If he didn’t cheat I could beat him." she growled. "I used to be able to…" James had gotten into more than one bare knuckle fight with Roy and every time James has come out on top. "I’ll have to wait until the next tournament and there’s refarees around I guess. Start getting my name back out there…" -09:34 Feb 17 Jane
Kim: "Have you fought him before in another city?" Kim asked curiously. As far as she knew, she never heard of Jane in any of the circles SHE fought in. They arrived at the resteraunt though and Kim opened up the door for Jane, guiding her inside with a hand placed gently as her back. -09:39 Feb 17 Kim
Jane: "Oh… yeah." she said stepping inside, assuming that the hand on the back was a girl thing. She smiled at the greeter and was shown to a seat where sje sat down, carefully and let out a breath. "And now I can’t train…" that DID irritate her. "I bet if he found out my rib is broken he’d be smug… sorry I should stop muttering about him I just really don’t like that guy." -09:44 Feb 17 Jane
Kim: "He is the biggest douche on the planet, so I don’t blame you. I’m just wondering what kind of freak your girl is for dating him." she made an icky face, to go along with her disgust, because seriously. Kim couldn’t imagine it. She ordered water with lemon right off the bat before looking at a menu. "You’ll heal fast. I you want, I could give you a few lessons? Not that I reccomend trying to fight him again. He’s not worth the time." -09:47 Feb 17 Kim
Jane: Jane ordered team she wanted soemthign hot for herself. "I always do heal fast." she said with a smile. "And sure… couldn’t get a read on your style from the short time we sparred but mine is based on simple kickboxing… though it’s more kick than boxing these days. I used to just be a boxed but tackling opponents above my wieght class… well… I wanted to be more versatile." this she was enthusiastic about. "It’s tricky unlearning everything and trying to change your style." -09:53 Feb 17 Jane
Kim: "Oh yeah, you can’t just rely on one thing. Men have it easy, they all come in the same shapes for the most part, but women are varied as hell. And you can never tell when that stocky bitch is going to be fast as hell or extra flexible, or if the scrawy one can hit harder than she looks. You have to adapt right there in the ring." Kim rest her chin in her hand and smile wide. "Your eyes light up when you talk about kickboxing. You really are passionate about it." -09:57 Feb 17 Kim
Jane: Jane smiled wider. "Nothing beats the feeling of thinkign of a combo, executing it and having it work. Nothing. Not even sex… though sex comes pretty close…" she was red again and looking away. "You have to know that. What I do know it you watch your oponents and that you vary your style, like I do. You never know what might work. The other day I did kickboxing, ground fighting… and if we hadn’t been interupted and if you actually fought instead of… showing off…" what other way was ther to explain Kim putting her body on display like that. "We would have had… maybe the best fight ever. The fight is won in the head for me and that’s what Britt doesn’t see… she just likes to watch people punch each other and boobs bounce." she felt bad for talkign about Britt that way but it was true. -10:03 Feb 17 Jane
Kim: "Sounds like you need better sex in your life." she teased with a wiggle of her eyebrows. "A fight is more than just the hits for me too. I gotta be in to it. I’ve got to have some fun. A little show and dance is what makes it a real sport. Anyone can wail on each other for five minutes. But it takes talent to do what we do." She reached across the table to take Jane’s hand, her smile still innocently friendly, but the touch not feeling it. "We ARE going to have THE best fight, you better believe it!" -10:08 Feb 17 Kim
Jane: Jane has missed this, when for secrecy’s sake she ahd tut ties with her old fight friends and old coach she had let go of the only ones she could talk to about her passion. "She looked down at Kim’s hand in hers then back up at her face. She was too caught up in the euphoria of het art to notice the nature of the touch for more than a moment. "What do you do?" she asked. "You have th emind of a boxer but what do you base you moves on. Fair is fair you know mine so I should know yours." she ignored the sex comment, fight talk was important. "Also to research if you’re going to show me a few moves." -10:14 Feb 17 Jane
Kim: Kim grinned and shrugged a shoulder. "A little bit of it all? You’ll have to watch me and tell me. I’m always switching it up and trying new things. Of course, I save my tried and true moves for IN the ring. When we practice I can show you." She held Jane’s hand twisting it this way and that to examine the palm and fingers. "Your hands are really strong, but they have a delicate structure. Very graceful." -10:24 Feb 17 Kim
Jane: She looked down and swallowed. "Really? I hadn’t really noticed…" ho her everythign other then her previous hands seemed delicate. "I don’t use them for must that would be concidered graceful, unless that’s what you want to caall my first work but I don’t know if I would. My handwriting sure isn’t." -10:28 Feb 17 Jane
Kim: "You really don’t know how pretty you are." she commented with surprise. "Doesn’t anyone ever tell you? Or your girlfriend? Or is she too busy getting all the attention to ever think about you?" -10:31 Feb 17 Kim
Jane: She pulled her hadn back and run it through her hair. "I’m not exactly the girliest girl, in case you haven’t noticed…" she said adamantly, still not sure if she should be taking being called girly things as compliments or not. "Britt knows that, and how I feel about it." -10:35 Feb 17 Jane
Kim: Kim laughed. "You’re not? You walk like a girl, you dress like a girl, you blush like a girl when someone gives you a compliment. You don’t give yourself enough credit. If she knew that, you’d be well used to simple compliments by now." -10:39 Feb 17 Kim
Jane: There was no way to explaain this without it someong out wierd so Britt just looked at her. "It’s not that simple. I’ve never been fully… cofortable with being girly until very recently." as close to the truth as she could get. "I’ve been trying to be more girly lately so I guess that’s working? Just please don’t get the wrong idea about Britt." -10:47 Feb 17 Jane
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[Kim was looking unconvinced about this stuff!] -05:50 Feb 19
[Jane is startign to get a little narked.] -06:48 Feb 19
Kim: Kim shrugged a shoulder. "Do I really have the wrong idea, though? I can tell just by looking at her that’s one of those rich girls. And you said yourself she really doesn’t understand you." She paused when the waitress arrived with their drinks and to take their orders. She ordered her favorite roll of sushi and a bowl of miso. -06:51 Feb 19 Kim
Jane: Jane didn’t really want to order anything so she just got salmon. "She doesn’t get one of my hobbies, big deal. I don’t get some of her stuff either. You don’t need to be into everythign the other person is to make a relationship work." she put her face in her hands. "We made being friends work for ever so…" -06:54 Feb 19 Jane
Kim: She laughed, reaching across the table to tug gently at a strand of Jane’s hair. "Don’t get mad. I’m just saying, friends-turned-lovers are kinda cursed with this thing where they can’t let go, even when it’s pretty obvious they’re just hanging on for dumb reasons." Kim leaned forward on the table to whisper. "The sex is great, right?" -06:59 Feb 19 Kim
Jane: Jane reached up to take her hand and pushe it away from her, holding it on the table, her face going red as she looked down. "Yeah… of course it is. She…" is Jane’s first? Knows a lot more than Jane does? No those would be taken the wrong way. "Makes it fun… " -07:02 Feb 19 Jane
Kim: "Aaah, snatched up your virginity, huh." she responded, not looking surprise. "I can tell from your face. That’s cute, though! I’m glad you got to do it with someone special to you. My first time was total shit." she gave a wry grin, and patted Jane’s hand. "You shouldn’t be so embarassed to talk about this stuff." -07:06 Feb 19 Kim
Jane: Jane looked away, was it really that obvious? "I just don’t get why you’re so intersted in my relationship We barely know each other but…" Jane sighed. "You make Britt sould like some sort of wutch taking advantage of me or something." Jane was lass and lass into this outing and she wanted to call Britt, talk to her… -07:14 Feb 19 Jane
Kim: "I’m sorry, I don’t mean to do that." Kim said, sounding genuinely sincere. She retracted her hand to grab her glass and take a sip of water. She gave snother shrug of her shoulders, and looked embarassed. "Sometimes I’m too aggressive. I like you and I don’t like to take no for an answer. How about we stop talking about her and you tell me about you? I’d love to know why you’ve got a sudden interest in being ‘girly’. You make it sound like you were forced in to it!" -07:18 Feb 19 Kim
Jane: "No, it’s okay I know you don’t mean to." she said lookign up at Kim. she sighed trying to think of a good lie. "I… am trying to get my life together, be a better person. You alreaady guess I was a virgin not so long ago and truth is I wasn’t out until recently either and didn’t really care how I looked since I never put much effort into my relationships and acted out, I was a bit of an asshole but you know… my life changed when I… came out so if I’m going to be a girl who likes girls I should look attractive? Or take care of myself at least… it’s a lot to get used to but it’s better than throwing on whatevers on top of the clothes pile and intimidating everyone who complained… right?" -07:26 Feb 19 Jane
Kim: "Trying to discover who you really, are right? That I completely understand." Kim smiled, settled in her seat. She rolled her eyes and that embarassed look fell across her features again. "I was way younger, but instead of going girly I went total tomboy. Jeans and flannel and guy stuff. It’s even why I got in to kickboxing. It took awhile I figured out I don’t have to BE anything, I just have to do what I love. It kinda fell in to place after that, you know?" -07:33 Feb 19 Kim
Jane: Jane shrugged. "It’s kinda fun, no makeup though… I never reaally thought skirts would be comfortable." she brushed her hair out of her eyes and smiled. "I’m glad you ended up liking kickboxing, would suck to do something you hate just to try and be someone you’re not. I don’t remember why I got into Boxing, maybe too many times watchign Rocky… I just remember begging my dad to take me to lessons. He wanted me to focus on learning but I begged and begged and eventually he gave… mayne he though I’d give it up after being hit in the face a few times…" -07:38 Feb 19 Jane
Kim: "It’s great, right? Makes you feel powerful and in control. That’s why I like it anyway. Along with the showmanship that you seemed to be so put out by." Kim griiiiiinned and winked. "Getting in the ring with you is going to be great. I love partners with personality." -07:44 Feb 19 Kim
Jane: "Showing off your muscles? That’s not sport it’s modeling." Jane said and as she did she couldn’t help but stare. "I live the fight and I love to win, but not if I have to be a dick to do it. MY dad gets that from his stuff, I get it from mine." -07:46 Feb 19 Jane
Kim: "You try to show me a sport that doesn’t have a little flash and I’ll rethink giving my opponants a good look at the bitch that’s about to beat them." she giggled, not taking any offense. "If doing what I have to do to win and be entertained at the same time makes me an asshole, then I’m glad to be one." she shrugged a shoulder and took another sip of water. "I won’t cheat though. Maybe I’ll get a little dirty, but I’ll never cheat a fight. When you’re good, you don’t have to." -07:51 Feb 19 Kim
Jane: Jane rolled her eyes. "Yeah, fine. You have your little ego boost and I’ll stick to keeping the sport dignified." she said, teasing the other girl. "But just so you know even if I don’t have the looks I’ve got just as much meat as you do, maybe more and when you get in the ring with me flash and dazzle won’t matter." -07:54 Feb 19 Jane
Kim: Kim laughed. "You’re so cute when you get fiesty. But I don’t think you can handle me." The phrase sounded flirted, but she wasn’t putting the moves on her this time. It was just a matter of fact statement. -07:58 Feb 19 Kim
Jane: Jane went red, then folded her arms. "I’d take you in a fight rigth now but I have a broken rib and my doctor would probably punish me with needles if I got into another fight right now… you know how they are." -08:01 Feb 19 Jane
Kim: "I’m patient. When we fight, I want it to be good." she was smirking again. "We’ll make sure you’re healed and even have some proper training practice first. And then maaaaybe you’ll last long enough to get a few hits in." -08:09 Feb 19 Kim
Jane: "You should save your big mouth for the ring, so I can punch you in it." she said, flicking warm tea at Kim with a smirk. So you might want to wear aa mouth guard." -08:11 Feb 19 Jane
Kim: Kim flinched and laughed, making sure no tea ended up on her blouse and dabbing at one with a napkin. "Cheeky bitch! I’ll remember that later. You need a few good lessons on respecting your superiors!" -08:17 Feb 19 Kim
Jane: "Superiour? Prove it." she was much happier with britt not being a subject and was actually starting to relax. "Not that you can until I’m back in fighting shape…" she pouted, sighed and then thumped her head on the table. "Not being able to fight sucks." -08:22 Feb 19 Jane
Kim: "I’d go around or two with you now, but I’d rather not make you cry." she teased, resting her elbows on the table. "A few days and you’ll be fine for practices. It won’t be too long. You and I can do some exercises in the meantime. Weight training?" -08:29 Feb 19 Kim
Jane: "Sounds fun." she said lifting her head. "I usually just train aline but maybe I can make an exception… it’s not often I find someone who fights the way I do." she sat up to train her mug and smiled. Maybe she had made a friend. -08:36 Feb 19 Jane
Kim: "You get a lot more out of training with partners than by yourself. More of a challenge, you know? Not to mention the pleasant company." Kim smiled, especially when the food finally arrived. "We’ll probably intimidate everyone at the gym. The Champion and the Beauty. It has a nice ring to it." -08:42 Feb 19 Kim
Jane: Jane raised an eyebrow. "So you admit that I, as champion fight better than you." she said with a self satisfied smirk. "Good to know. Gooood tooo knooow." the raw salmon was dipped and eaten, not Janes favorite but she wasn’t much of a sushi person. -08:46 Feb 19 Jane
Kim: "That means you think I’m the beauty." Kim matched that smirk with a wiggle of her brows. She favored lots of wasabi, and the sharp heat didn’t seem to bother her a bit. "I love that you rise to challenges. You’re going to be so much fun to play with." -08:51 Feb 19 Kim
Jane: "i’ve already said so more than once." Jane pointed out. "And that’s another thing that’s not really girly about me. I am a sucker for challenges… probably why I agreed to fight that asshole…" -08:55 Feb 19 Jane
Kim: "That was less like a challenge and more like a royal mistake." she mused aloud. "I mean, seriously. Fighting people like that so isn’t worth the time and effort. You could have gotten yourself hurt a lot worse." -09:06 Feb 19 Kim
Jane: "People like that have this supernatural ability of making me want to punch them, and have you heard the way he talks to Britt… even you went to have words with him." she looked away. "I can’t control myself sometimes… it’s a problem. I shouldn’t have fought him and… never mind." -09:09 Feb 19 Jane
Kim: "I’m not saying you shouldn’t have. Cause, hell I did it myself. Next time you should be prepared though." Kim tapped her fingernails on the table to get Jane’s attention back. "Hey, don’t feel bad about being passionate over things." -09:11 Feb 19 Kim
Jane: "I’m not just passionate, I feed on the passions of others and that can get me in trouble too." she said rubbing her temple. "And I though I was prepaired… I probably could have won if I wasn’t already tired." -09:15 Feb 19 Jane
Kim: "I do love a girl that gets in to trouble." she laughed and shook her head. "Don’t fret over it, okay? Next time you’re going to be better prepared. You’re going to be trained by the best, you know." -09:23 Feb 19 Kim
Jane: "I thought it was bad for me to train myself." she said with a smug look. "And it’s not that I’m worried about so don’t worry about it, I’m fine… or I will be after orange juice." -09:26 Feb 19 Jane
Kim: Kim popped her last piece of sushi in her mouth, chewed and grinned. "We’ll meet up later this week for our first practice. All the bruising and soreness will be gone by then, we’ll just need to be careful of your ribs." -09:32 Feb 19 Kim
Jane: "you’re acting like this is my first beating." she said before sticking out her tongue. "I’ve been hurt before. I’m just irritated by who did it so you can stop telling me I’ll be fine, I know I will me. Going to take more than a peice of trash like that to keep me down. Just because I date a princess doesn’t mean I am one." -09:37 Feb 19 Jane
Kim: "Oh, but I bet you’d love being treated like a princess!" she laughed again. "Hasn’t anyone swooped in and saved YOU from anything?" -09:43 Feb 19 Kim
Jane: "Noooope, never." she said. "Never needed it, too rough, too reaady, never being pretty enough for people to want to. Never really being interested in being rescued and punching my way out of things before anyone can try. Have you? You don’t exactly look lik you’d ever need it." -09:45 Feb 19 Jane
Kim: "Who me?" Kim gave a mysterious grin. "I’ve never been the princess type. I’m a Queen. If someone wants to fight for me, or try to rescue me, I allow them to do it. Allow being the key word. I’ve always been capable of handling my own business." -09:48 Feb 19 Kim
Jane: "There’s where we’re different, I don’t know if I’d allow anyone to come to my rescue. I mean it would be flattering but I like taking care of my own stuff… Maybe if they were a friend and let me keep point then it would be okay, then again it’s never really ahppened so who can tell?" -09:51 Feb 19 Jane
Repairing Destiny

Repairing Destiny 010: Ass-Kicked

[Britt has visited Jane’s gym to see some kickboxing action. It’s WAY hotter seeing a bunch of sweaty strong girls than boys! ] -01:33 Feb 17
[Jane is just stepping out of the changing rooms in a tant top, shorts, trainers, gloves and headband, bashing her gloves together as she steps into the ring in anticipation.] -01:35 Feb 17
Britt: "YAAAAAY! Wooo! Punch that bitch!" squeaked Britt, who was happy to show support AND be obnoxiously embarassing at the same time. And if she made any of the girls made, Britt was sure her girlfriend could handle it. -01:38 Feb 17 Britt
Jane: She stood, shaking her limbs loose, running through her long hours of practice in her head. "New girlfriend…" she explained quietly, a little mebarresed before lifteing a glove to wink at Britt. "I’m a kickboxer… but I understand if you want to restrict this to punches." -01:42 Feb 17 Jane

Her first practice opponant just laughed and shrugged it off. “That’s okay hun! My little sister is like that too. Don’t hold back, let’s see what ya got?” The girl was sweet and polite. But as soon as the signal went off, she was FAST with the punches! -Britt 01:44 Feb 17

Jane: Arms together she blocked the punches and danced away… so this girl went agressive early… rookie? She could use that to ger advantage and hold back. The next punch looked weak and Jane deliberately let it connect even though she could have blocked it. Let the girl get over confident and make that one critical mistake… -01:48 Feb 17 Jane
Britt: "HIT HER, HIT HER, HIT HER!" It didn’t really matter who hit who. Britt thought it was amusing either way and knew no one was going to get seriously hurt during these practices. -01:51 Feb 17 Britt

Assuming that it was Jane that was the rookie, the girl was trying to end things quick. She seemed to be trained specifically with boxing and speed. Aiming for ungaurded spots and hoping to wear Jane down. -Britt 01:53 Feb 17

Jane: Jane continnued to let herself me pushed back, carefully taking note of every shot that he recieved and how it would affect her, until her chance came… she had traned for this. Out of nowhere she deflected a punsh, exposing her side, then her knee came up in a perfectly aimed kideney shot followed up with with a kick to the side of her knee to slow her down, then she sprung buck and aimed a roundhouse kick right for the girl’s head. More legwork than she usually did but with her new body she needed to. -01:59 Feb 17 Jane

The girl went down hard and with a long groan and a little bit of rolling. She might have agreed to “anything” but she hadn’t expected it coming. At least she had a good attitude about it, because when she sat up and pulled her mouth guard out, she was laughing. “Damn, hun… I didn’t give you enough credit! Next time won’t be so easy.” -Britt 02:02 Feb 17

Britt: Her loud giggling was thankfully not that noticable with how loud it was in the gym. Britt bounced and clapped. "That’s MY girlfriend. Asskicker." -02:03 Feb 17 Britt
Jane: Jane reached down to help the girl up. "Sorry, I havn’t been in the ring for a while nad I got excited to be back… really shouldn’t have pulled that combo during a fiendly match…" with the girl up she waled over to the ropes to grab a bottle of water from the floor at the edge of the ring and down half of it. "Good match though… you don’t believe in hoding back and assessing the other person’s style before attacking do you." she was teasing, she know it was her school of fighting that did that because it focused on counters and combos where styles like krav maga… she did NOT want to face a krav maga fighter. -02:10 Feb 17 Jane

“I’ll bring my A game next time, hun!” she winked at Britt before she hopped out of the ring and left to meet her next match partner. -Britt 02:13 Feb 17

Britt: "And you were worried that your hot girl body sucked for fighting." Britt giggled, tugging at one of Jane’s legs to pester her a bit. "How many more matches do you have?" -02:14 Feb 17 Britt
Jane: She sat down with her legs under the roped and leaned against them to tug at Britt’s hair. "A few… and the only reason I beat her is because I’ve been training my ass off with this new body. With my old one I would have used my wieght to pushe her attack aside and my reach to pummel her like she was trying to pummel me… it feel good to be abck in the ring though… -02:18 Feb 17 Jane
Britt: Britt grinned wiiiiide and leaned close to giggle. "It’s a lot more fun watching you like this. Your boobs bounce every time you make a swing." -02:20 Feb 17 Britt
Jane: Her face went red and she pulled back to pull her top down. "Dammit… don’t say that. I was sexy back then too… and… shut up." he bopped Britt on the head with her glove and pouted at her. "I’m a well oiled amching of pain an deadliness… not a sex object. Though if we did go to one of those con things a tekken inspired outfit…" -02:27 Feb 17 Jane
Britt: Britt giggled some more. "You didn’t have boobs before." He giggling ceased though and she frowned just a bit. "You don’t go checking out the boobs around here, do you?" -02:29 Feb 17 Britt
Jane: "I try to respect my fellow fighters since they’re here for the same reasons I am, because it’s fun, it’s healthy and you get to punch people and still be friends with them. YOU may come here to oogle boobage but I come here to participate in my favorite hobby. Nothing feels better than making a plan on the fly and it ending with a win." -02:34 Feb 17 Jane
Britt: "Good! Because then -I- would have to punch some girls." she paused, tapping her chin a bit. "Does that mean I MAY stare at other boobs while I’m here?" she teased. -02:35 Feb 17 Britt

Jane’s second opponant was ready. This girl was considerably more muscular and serious than the first, and didn’t say a word besides casually nodding to show she was ready for her match. -Britt 02:37 Feb 17

Jane: She rolled her eyes and with a gloved hand pulled Britt’s head into her chest and holding it there for a moment. "That’s the only pair you need." she said before scooting back and standing to face her opponent and step into the center. "So… any ground rules?" -02:38 Feb 17 Jane

“No.” was the curt reply. This girl was a lot more reserved, and when the signal went off, she didn’t attack first. She kept her guard up and circled, waiting for Jane to make the first move. -Britt 02:43 Feb 17

Jane: Jane circled to, her eyes takign in everything, every twitch, every iregularity in step. Her oponent had an injured knee, peobably an old injury that woud never fully heal but she radiated danger. Jane struck, a quick jab not meant to cause damage but to probe the girl’s reactions, make make her act too. -02:45 Feb 17 Jane

The girl blocked and dodged, but didn’t swing back. Only shimmying away and continuing to watch and wait Jane to act. It was clear she was doing the same as Jane, sizing up her opponant and looking for the best way to attack. -Britt 02:49 Feb 17

Britt: Britt rest her elbows on the floor of the ring. Probably closer than she should of been, but it wasn’t like she couldn’t jump out of the way if she needed to. Both of them were all tense and stalking each other. And taking forever. "Kick her in the head! Punch her in the cooch!" -02:50 Feb 17 Britt
Jane: She jabbed again, for the same reason. The third jab however was a distraction for a hook aimed at the hirl’s head. A low risk attack to knock her out of her comfort zone. -02:52 Feb 17 Jane

SPRING! Her assessment complete, the sturdy girl took the hit, but she moved in turn. When she swung a punch it was HARD and distracting enough to swing out a leg to sweep Jane’s. -Britt 02:56 Feb 17

Jane: Jane was stumbled by the sweep but she recovered quickly and charged to tackle the girl. If there were no rules she ceertainly wasn’t going to let her take advantage of gaining the initiatoge. Pulling the gitl to the ground with her she wasted no time in straddling her and sending a series of punches into her face. she was fighting dirty as hell but it should make this girl more cautious… -03:01 Feb 17 Jane

The girl guarded her face as best she could with one arm, but aimed some pretty nasty punches to Jane’s ribcage as she tried to throw her! -Britt 03:03 Feb 17

Jane: Evetually Jane was forced off but not before battering the girl up pretty good and getting a few nasty shot in return. analize that, you bitch she thought to herself knowing full well that they other girl was trying to figure her out all over again, so she started the entire thing over again with a jab. -03:07 Feb 17 Jane

This girl didn’t have the speed. So now that she knew how Jane worked, she went for brute force. She came at the girl hard with some nasty punches and kicks. Aiming for areas where it was going to hurt the most and not be as easy to guard. She had a lot of stamina and even though she wasn’t fast, she could just keep going! -Britt 03:11 Feb 17

Jane: Jane dodged away, light on her feet as ever but she couldn’t keep doing that forever… think… think Jane… she baited the girl into a hard left punch and then dodged to the leftstepping past her before she could reover her balance before she switched from punches to kicks. She had been sacing her legs to use as a surprise and it was not to be wasted. Same with the last girl she kicked the side of the knee to slow her down for the rest of the match before she struck hard into the soft part of her back before retreating and waiting to see what her tactic had done, a grin on her lips. -03:18 Feb 17 Jane

She got hit in her knee, which really WAS a weak point for her. She was on the ground, growling out a few pained curses and waving a gloved hand that she conceeded the match! -Britt 03:20 Feb 17

Britt: "Oooww. That hurts." This one made her do a long of cringing. Britt was surprised either one of them was still standing after wailing on each other so hard. -03:21 Feb 17 Britt
Jane: Jane let out a long breath… that could have gone a lot worse and she needed a break. She signalled this by taking off her gloves before moving to help the other girl up. "You almost had me." she panted before floppign against the ropes. -03:26 Feb 17 Jane

“Yeah.” she grumped. She wasn’t very talkative. But she also just had the shit beaten out of her face and was trying to open and flex her jaw a bit to make sure a tooth wasn’t knocked loose. -Britt 03:27 Feb 17

Jane: "Owwww." Jane complained sitting back down aand lifting her top to examine her bruises. "I feel baad about that fight… I played dirty… but… Owwww." she make a pathetic face at Britt, obviously trying to get love from her before she slipped out of the ring and started towards a bench. "Five minutes… then i’ll be ready." -03:30 Feb 17 Jane
Britt: "It really is way more exciting and intense than I was thinking it would be." Britt admitted. When Jane sat down, she was throwing her arms around her, neglecting the fact the girl was probably sore and bruised as hell. "When we get home, I’ll rub you all over?" -03:33 Feb 17 Britt
Jane: "When we get tome I’m having a hot bath and chocolate." she said. "Or hot chocolate in the bath… This is my last match anyway…" she stood and stretched, not allowing her muscles to get cold and tense up. Then she hopped in the spot and few times and turned. "Time to go back in…" -03:38 Feb 17 Jane
Britt: Britt hopped too before reaching up to grab Jane’s face and tug her down for a quick kiss. "Kick that bitch’s ass!" -03:40 Feb 17 Britt

Jane’s last opponant was already in the ring and stretching. She was tall, well toned, and with a face that was WAY too pretty to be a boxer’s face. “Is that little thing your girlfriend?” she asked casually. -Britt 03:42 Feb 17

Jane: Jane slid inder the ropes and pulled on her gloves. "Yup, we grew up together." she grinend, looked like she ahd another experienced fighter on her hands and this tme she wouldn’t resort to dirty tricks. It was a friendly match after all. "But i’m new to this gym so Hi, I’m Jane." -03:50 Feb 17 Jane

“You can just call me Kim.” She appraised Jane with an appreciative air as she stretched her arms over her head. “You’re too pretty for her. Hmm, I’m betting she’s rich.” -Britt 03:53 Feb 17

Britt: "Sshhh! She’s trying to distract you with hotness! Don’t fall for it!" she squealed. This was classic tactics and even Britt knew that. This was how girls fought. -03:54 Feb 17 Britt
Jane: Jane didn’t like the tone of her voice but that was the nice think about being in a ring, punching was almost definately goign to happen aand no one woulf get bad about it. Jane warmed up further, hopping on the spot and shaking her arms. "Ooorrr we grew up together and decided we liked seeing each other naked." she said without moving her eyes away. "Naked and sprawled out all over my bed, dripping in sweat and each other…" who cares if she was going to die from embarresment (and be killed by britt) later, two could play the distraction game. Jane’s mind was on the fight! "Now… any ground rules you want to put in place?" -03:59 Feb 17 Jane

Kim grinned real wide. “Your girlfriend thinks I’m hot. Do you?” she posed, giving a nice back view and flexing all the rights muscles. Then she was turning again to make sure he gloves were on good and tight. “No hits to the face. I wouldn’t want to ruin those pretty features of yours. As for everything else… whatever makes you comfortable.” -Britt 04:01 Feb 17

Britt: "Jaaaane." Britt hissed! She was red as hell and wishing she could reach out and swat her girlfriend silent. -04:02 Feb 17 Britt
Jane: Jane wasn’t facing a woman, she was facing an amazon. Her muscles didn’t make her look less femining but accentuated every feature until she appeared like a goddess… Jane didn’t realize the same could be said for her and it was intimdating! "I’m here to fight, not to oogle pretty girls." she said flatly. "I didn’t reaalize we were on a catwalk instead of a ring." -04:04 Feb 17 Jane

“You DO think I’m pretty!” she exclaimed, sounding pleased about it. Kim took her position, gloves up and smile sweetly smug. “When I win and your girlfriend dumps you in shame, would you like to go out for some coffee?” -Britt 04:07 Feb 17

Jane: Jane laughed. "Sure, but that’s not going to happen. Britt wouldn’t break up wit me if I lost." this girl was seriously getting on her nerves so she moved forwards and put her guard up before jabbing, opening the match the same as the previous one. -04:11 Feb 17 Jane

Kim expected as such, blocked, and then perfectly mirrored the move. “Are you sure about that? She seems to get riled by the strong woman. And you, well, you’re more like a swimsuit model. Pretty, but not strong.” To accentuate the point, she threw some hard punches towards her ribs. And she was quick too! -Britt 04:17 Feb 17

“Aw man, so the girls aren’t done yet. I’m not surprised to find YOU here drooling over all this vag, though.” An arm wrapped itself around Britt’s shoulders and gave her a hugging squeeze. “You know, you’re a chick after my heart! What do you say we take on the champion of this match and have ourselves a threesome in my jeep?” -Britt 04:20 Feb 17

Jane: Jane sidestepped and aimed her knee at the girl’s side. "She gets riled up be me…" she threw a punch even knowing it was better to move back and wat for the next trade, right for her throat. -04:20 Feb 17 Jane
Britt: "Ugh, Roy, getoffame!" she swatted her ex away. Britt didn’t know this was HIS practice gym. She might have told Jane to try somewhere else! -04:21 Feb 17 Britt

She took the knee kick and it didn’t slow her down. Kim leaned out of the way of the throat punch and swung a punch right for Jane’s face. Apparently she didn’t care about following her own rules. “Looks like your girlfriend has a boyfriend. You might want to leave with me after all.” -Britt 04:23 Feb 17

“Why you gotta be so coy, Brittany? You loved this dick.” he got her by the chin just so he could squeeze her cheeks together and make her do his favorite fishy face. “Aw hell, is that lesbian cunt the one up there? Don’t tell me you’re after those butchass bitches when you can have a real dick. Jeeze!” -Britt 04:25 Feb 17

Jane: Jane took the panch in the face and staggered back, shaking her head and glancing over at Britt. "She’s already chose me over him once… Hey fuckface, I’m the one who cocksocked you." she took waved at Roy before squaring her shoulders and circling. There were too many distractions, Jane needed for focus and flay to her strengths and that meant… she stepped forwards and Aimed a kick right at the bitch’s face, it she wasn’t following the rules then neither was Jane, the kick was followed by another and another. Face, stomach, face, throat knee. Keep her guessing where they were aimed. -04:27 Feb 17 Jane

Dodge. Dodge. Dodge. Kim finally just caught Jane’s arm and flung her back bodily. But it seems she was getting irritated with this interuption too, because she was signalling to Jane that she was done and then moving over to the ropes to lean and scowl at said interuption. “Hey, you shit. Maybe you should stop picking on little girls and screwing up my fights.” -Britt 04:30 Feb 17

“Don’t be sore ’cause I rammed your twatgobbling face in the ring, Kimkong.” He was still pestering Britt, who was now trying to furiously swat at him and shove him to leave, and finding this the most hilarious thing on the planet. “You bitches done pretending you can fight, or can I get the ring now?” -Britt 04:36 Feb 17

Jane: And now the other girl was rushign to Britt’s rescue and Jane moved up to dive out of the ring and pull Britt away from both of them. "You masoginistic…" even if she waas still a guy Jane would have seen red. They trained every day probably harder than this grinning douche did. "You can wait your turn like everyone else…" Still… Jane needed to kept away from him. "Don’t worry Kim I’m sure he’s just jealous that he can’t look half as good as you do…" wait.. did she just say that? -04:40 Feb 17 Jane
Britt: "Why do you have to be such an asshole!" complained Britt. She put herself nice and safely behind Jane. She had already tried slapping the shit out of him before, and that entertained him way too much. -04:48 Feb 17 Britt

Kim rolled her eyes at Roy, but for Jane she smiled real wide. That compliment wasn’t missed. “You know what they say. Big mouth, little dick.” She swung herself out of the ring, taking off her gloves and snatching up her towel and bag that were waiting nearby. “I’m done for today. Give me a call, Jane. I’d love a private spar without all of the distractions.” -Britt 04:48 Feb 17

Roy made a pfffting sound and a snort. “How about I give you a turn, JANE? You’re a real bad bitch when you cheap shot a guy, but you’re not shit in the ring.” -Britt 04:48 Feb 17

Jane: Jane wasn’t about to pass up a chance to take a punch at that face. "Really? I’ve just gone three rounds, if I’m so bad and have that kind of handicap wouldn’t any fighter worth thier salt want to fight someone who’d be more fun? You know a challenge, unless you’re a coward who picks on easy targets to win." Jane was still confident she could beat him so she hopped right up into the ring and grabbed the rest of her water to pound it down. "Bring it." -04:57 Feb 17 Jane
Britt: "I don’t think this is a good idea!" warned Britt. Not that she didn’t think Jane could handle herself. But she DID just have a few fights, and in the ring it was a LOT different. -05:03 Feb 17 Britt

“Don’t worry Brittany, I won’t mess up her good parts. We need ’em for later, right?” he chortled, climbing up on the ring and rolling his shoulders. “Tell you what, how about I let you go without gloves? Make shit a little more fair for the weaker sex, huh?” -Britt 05:03 Feb 17

Jane: Jane shook her head. "You either respect me as a fighter or you’re not really one yourself. No handicaps and a clean fight." she dropped the empty bottle out of the ring. She was going to use her feet anyway, and trainers were a lot less padded than gloves. -05:10 Feb 17 Jane

“Just trying to give you a chance.” he laughed and shrugged. Roy pulled on his gloves, since he didn’t want to KILL a girl. He punched them together when he was ready. “Let’s see you put that pretty mouth to the money, bitch!” -Britt 05:15 Feb 17

Jane: She got loose and stepped into the center of the ring and waited for him to get ready before circling and then jabbed. She wasn’t going to give him a chance to talk, ever time his lip so much as twitched she attacked or fiented but this was going to be tricky. He had wieght and reach on her… -05:29 Feb 17 Jane

Roy took the hit like it was nothing. And like SHE was nothing, instead of punching, he pushed forward and his elbow flung out with all his weight behind it to crack her in the face. -Britt 05:33 Feb 17

Jane: She danced out the way before sending a kick at his face on the same side that his arm was out of position on, the same comdo that had worked on the second opponent only without getting behind her first. He was heaavier adn that meant slower… usually. -05:35 Feb 17 Jane

Roy took that kick too. It even split his lip a little bit, but all he did was grin smugly. He opened up his arms, leaving his chest and stomach exposed to any hits she wanted to make. “Can’t you hit harder than that, bitch? Just like a fucking girl! All blah blah blah but still hits like a kitten!” He kept pushing and stepping forward, herding her towards a corner. -Britt 05:40 Feb 17

Britt: "Jane!" As always he was fucking around, Britt knew it cause she could recognize it. Now she was covering her eyes. No wait, she HAD to watch, Jane was a badass and would kick his ass! -05:41 Feb 17 Britt
Jane: She scanned his body, he was tenced and read to absorb punishment but there were several weak points that were impossible to protect that way. Knees, genitals, and throat. Only one of those were a legal target… she moved to the side ducked under his arms and sint the ball of her foot sailing into the side of his knee before dancing away. If she could do that a few time he’d be hobbling rather than walkign and she’d be able to finish him off. -05:50 Feb 17 Jane

Roy groaned out loud through his teeth, but it didn’t wipe the smile off his face. Probably because he DIDN’T play by the legal rules, so when she tried to bounce out of the way, he blocked it. By throwing his arm out to clothesline her right across the throat and shove her back towards the ring corner. That got followed up with a nasty punch to the stomach. -Britt 06:01 Feb 17

Jane: That… hurt and was against the rules. She swallowed and glared at him. "What happened to a clean fight?" she asked through clenched teeth. She was cornered but just because he played dirty doesn’t mena she would. Her pride was on the line. Tackling him would be useless anyway he was heavier, and a ground fight could only go one way. Attacking his privates would only give him ammunition later. She lashed out, shoulder, knee, chest, face, temple, ear, neck, knee, hip… aiming to cause buising, slow down him down and make it painful for him to move, but she was tiring… -06:07 Feb 17 Jane

He probably laughed, but it was hard to tell with him taking hits and keeping his body tense. He rarely swung out to hit her, but when he did, it was a solid breath-taking punch right in the side stomach. Right in the same damn spot every time. Finally when she tried to swing another kick, he grabbed her leg and flung her behind him. Using the lack of balance to get her on the floor. He pinned her stomach-down on the floor with all his weight holding her head down and the position… a little crude! Roy socked her in the side. “Awww yeah, I think I like you like this. I bet you like a good hard THRUST-” he grunted and punched her side again. -Britt 06:15 Feb 17

Britt: "STOP IT! GET OFF HER, YOU SLIMEY SHIT!" Britt thought Jane had him, but like always he was stronger than he looked and a huge douchebag bully about it. She grabbed one of the ropes and tried to climb herself up in to the ring, and was doing to kick him right in the jewels. -06:16 Feb 17 Britt
Jane: She should have seen it coming… really she shoulder have and now his pull wieght was on her and now it was a ground fight. She growled in frustration trying to thing of a way out of this… He was too far back to elbow or punch and… wait… "Time to see if this female flaxibility is worth anything." she hissed before flattneing herself agaist the ground complete and with all her strength… her legs came up behind him and both feet hooken on his throat and she have a grunt of triumph pulled with off her might to throw him backwards before pulling away and kicking him square in the side a few times before pushing hiself up and turning before… she staggered and fell against the ropes. The move that freed her also pulled a muscle and her side, the muscles were dead. She rased a hand, rolling until her back was against them and brough the other one up to form a T for time out. -06:25 Feb 17 Jane
Britt: "YES! FUCK YOU ROY!" she shrieked. As far as she was concerned this fight was good and over! -06:32 Feb 17 Britt

“SonofaBITCH!” he cursed. For him it was WASN’T over and the dumb bitch wasn’t going to get to pussy out. She WANTED this fight, she was going to get the full deal. He was to his feet and on her like lighting. Relentless slamming punches with full force, to the head, to the sides, anywhere unguarded and open to assault. He was bigger and stronger, and he made sure to prove it. -Britt 06:32 Feb 17

Jane: All she had wanted was a break before continuing. She couldn’t stand, she could barely move and his attacks landed easier. "Time… ow…" she was pinned agaist the ropes and couldn’t escape and evantually her body slipped though two of them, her head cracking on the floor below while her foot remained tangled leaving her hanging upside down, limp and unmoving. -06:36 Feb 17 Jane

Roy spit to the side when he stepped back. He wiped his mouth and that smug grin returned. “Maybe you oughta come back to guys, Brittany. A pussy will always be a pussy.” He hopped out of the ring and strutted away. -Britt 06:43 Feb 17

Britt: "Nunununu, Jane." And here was EXACTLY why Britt didn’t approve of fighting EVER. No matter how hot it was to watch, when it got nasty, people got HURT! She rushed over to untangle Jane’s leg, then she was very carefully tapping at her cheek to make sure she was concious. "Baby, hey baby… please, pleeeease don’t need a hospital. Tell me you’re okay?" -06:43 Feb 17 Britt
Jane: Jane blinked and put a hand on Britt’s shoulder. "It’s assholes like that that give the sport a bad name." she muttered before closing her eyes. I’m fine… just… shower. That bath sounds great about now." she did not feel bad about losing, she had stuck to the rules. She re-opened her eyes and petted Britt’s cheek. "Unless I look like I have concussion… either way can you help me up?" -06:49 Feb 17 Jane
Repairing Destiny

Repairing Destiny 009: Jane’s Birthday

[Jane is in Brit’s bed having snuck in at about 3 AM.] -01:02 Sep 09
[Britt is sleeping late, because that is what one does when staying up late studying to make up for too much time with your girlfriend!] -01:03 Sep 09
Britt: With no morning classes, she had no reason to get up. ….aside from Jane’s birthday! But she would be seeing Jane later in the afternoon, and Britt needed all the sleep she could get. She streeeeetched and rolled over on to something snugglie warm an curled up with it. -01:08 Sep 09 Britt
Jane: Jane’s lips pressed against Brits and her hand moved down to squeeze her but as soon as she started moving. "Morning Princess." said before pulling brit’s face against her chest. "Not disturbing you, am I?" -01:30 Sep 09 Jane
Britt: "Hmmm, hello boobies…" she mumbled, still half asleep and nuzzling in to Jane’s chest. Wait, Jane wasn’t supposed to be here! Britt hopped up to a sitting position and swatted at the girl. "You!! You’re not supposed to be sneaking in here, do you know how much trouble you’re going to get me in to?" -01:34 Sep 09 Britt
Jane: Jane rolled onto her back and strethced before eying her girlfriend. "I missed you, and it’s my birthday. I always use my borthday to get away with things… like that kiss. The boney I had to hide after that… well that won’t be a problem anymore." -01:43 Sep 09 Jane
Britt: "Now I’ll never know when you’re hot for me." she mumbled sarcastically, pursing her lips and trying her hardest to give Jane her most serious of angry glares. That wasn’t going over so well. Jane was so damned good looking and Britt’s resistance really sucked. Sitting on her knees, she leaned to pluck coyly at Jane’s hair. "We should get up and out before anyone in the house notices. I know know if my parents are still home. Whacha wanna do for your birthay?" -01:46 Sep 09 Britt
Jane: Jane sat up and grabbed grabbed the front of Britt’s pajamas and pulled her into a long, deep kiss. "That give you a clue?" she asked before springing to her feet and looking out the window. "Seriously though…? Why don’t you to take a shower and I’m sure I’ll think of something." -01:56 Sep 09 Jane
Britt: "Hmmph. Okay. But we can’t do anything here!" Britt rolled out of bed, tugging her pajamas off on the way to her bathroom. The nice thing about being filthy rich was getting your own bathroom! "We can do anything else you want today, though! The Britt Birthday Promise is always fullfilled!" -02:03 Sep 09 Britt
Jane: As Britt was in the bathroom Jane was wandering around poking at things until she got to Britt’s bedside drawer and opened it. She expected rick people stuff. Jewelry… maybe an old book or somethign but instead saw rubber and plastic. Reaching in she picked it up and stared at it. It took her an embarressingly long time for her to realize what it was… -02:11 Sep 09 Jane
Britt: Britt left the bathroom door open, and got the shower running before she hopped inside. She fussed with washing her hair as quickly as she could. "Jaaa-aaaaane. You could at least be thinking out loud and telling me where you’d like to go. Maybe lunch somewhere super cute! Sushi?" -02:13 Sep 09 Britt
Jane: "Well I’ve apparently just found your boyfriend." Jane called back dropping it on the bed. "Ugh I didn’t even realize you had one of those." she honestly didn’t kno what to say about it though. "Do all girls have one?" -02:16 Sep 09 Jane
Britt: "My what? I don’t have b- ooooohhh shit." Oh god oh god, that snooping bitch. Stupid Jane! Britt fumbled to get herself rinsed off, flipped off the water, and stumbled out of the shower. She snatched the nearest towel to wrap herself in and while still sopping wet she dashed in to the bedroom. Her friend was snatched up off the bed and hidden behind her back, despite the fact the damage was done already. "Guys do thiiiings, and so do girls! It’s not that weird!" Didn’t stop her face from being red, though. -02:20 Sep 09 Britt
Jane: Jane’s face was equally bright but she faced Britt with her hands on her hips. "I’ve been able to do things without one since… you know. What is that even like?" there was a passing look of curiocity before it was burried under dubiousness. "You know what? We have sex so there’s no embrresment to knowing how you masterbait." -02:27 Sep 09 Jane
Britt: "Yeah, but you’re not supposed to know that I… youknow. It’s not ladylike!" Britt huffed, backing up and around Jane in a circle to make it over to her dresser so she could stash the thing without Jane seeing it again. She didn’t care if it didn’t make sense. "Fingers get tired and it has settings and hum. HMPH. I will buy you one!" -02:33 Sep 09 Britt
Jane: "Is it ladylike when you’re screming my name from me being wrist deep inside you?" she asked with the biggest grin on her face. "Or molesting a virgin when she’s just been dumped? Is that ladylike? That ship’s sailed, princess." she reached out to pull Britt’s towel away from her and grab her butt. "See? And you don’t have to get me one… it would feel wierd." -02:41 Sep 09 Jane
Britt: "Just because YOU are a wild sex goddess doesn’t mean I’M not a lady-eeep!" There went her towel, and she had to spin around to slap Jane’s hand away from her butt. Now it was a very naked Britt standing with a hand on her hip and pointing a jellydong at her girlfriend with a big scowl. "Feel weird, or feel GREAT? Boys are useless things, but their attachments are just fine. Maybe you will like it…" -02:45 Sep 09 Britt
Jane: "I am not and never have been attracted to men or thier… attachments." Jane said, taking a step back raising her hands defencivly. "Fine, maybe once with you but that’s it. Only because it’s you." -03:11 Sep 09 Jane
[Jane doesn’t want a penis in her. >=(] -01:10 Dec 19
[Britt finds Jane’s penis problem very entertaining. ] -01:11 Dec 19
Britt: "You had one FOREVER! Don’t be scared of it!" Britt was trying not to laugh, but it was hard not to when Jane had that look of disgust and near-horror on her face. It was difficult for Britt to take any situation seriously while holding a jellydong. Worse, when she advanced forward, poking the thing at Jane. "How did you think lesbians get it on!" -01:15 Dec 19 Britt
Jane: "Exactly how we’ve been getting it on, of has that been in my imagination?" Jane retorted grabbing a pillow to parry the sex toy. "And that was different. That was part of me and not made of plastic." She threw the pollow at Britt’s face and folded her arms. "What if it hurts?" -01:18 Dec 19 Jane
Britt: "Hurt! Why would it? It’s not any different than shoving anything else in there!" This was adorable and ridiculous. Britt swatted the pillow away, then took the opportunity to pounce and shove Jane towards the bed. "You’re scaaaaaaaared. It’s cuuuuute. All those fights you get in to, and you think a little toy is scary. It’s name is Prissy, by the way. Say hello to Prissy." She was being terrible, wiggling the thing towards Jane’s face and barely containing her giggles. -01:22 Dec 19 Britt
Jane: She grabbed Britt’s wrist and ith the limited amount of Judo that she had picked up sent the girl sailing onto the bed and with her hair falling over her face she glared. "You would too if you had to step into the ring with someone. That’s how out of my depth I am here and you’re not helping." she should probably be keeping her voice down with Britt’s faamily being around but she was frustrated with the girl. "And don’t first times with somethign that size always hurt?" -01:30 Dec 19 Jane
Britt: There was a bounce and a squeak from Britt as she landed in bed, followed by even louder giggling. She was completely forgetting the need to keep quiet and all too amused with the entire thing. "You didn’t pay attention in High School Health at all, did you? It doesn’t hurt if you do it riiiight, and you’ve already had plenty of experience already. It’s just a big vibrating finger… and less messy too!" Now Britt was waving it like a tempting magic wand. "You said you’d try it once with me." -01:36 Dec 19 Britt
Jane: "Ugh you’re like… like you’re twelve." Jane huffed. "We’ve just had sex and you want more?" she folded her arms and smirked. "So you can’t get enough of Jame… Jane can you?" she was changing the subject om purpose, of course. "Were you this much of a slut with all your girlfriends?" -01:49 Dec 19 Jane
Britt: "You’re just mad because I’m the sex goddess and you’re my innocent virginal princess." Britt stuck out her tongue. "If you don’t waaaant it, I can just get dressed and we’ll start your birthday spectacular. Breakfast and maybe I will buy you your very own Prissy if you’re especially good." -01:53 Dec 19 Britt
Jane: This had Jane rolling her eyes and clicking her tongue. "No, Britty. That’s not how it works. It’s my birthday so I get to say who is who and what is what." she said with a cicky grin. before crawling up next to her on the bet and slapping her butt. She was still looking at the thing in Britt’s hand like it was about to bite her though. "And fuck calling it prissy if you get me one. That’s a terrible name." -02:01 Dec 19 Jane
Britt: Britt made an unpleasant face and rubbed her now stinging skin. Her friend Prissy was momentarily set aside on the mattress so Britt could use both her arms to throw around Jane’s neck. "Fine, Bossy Bitch! What DO you want me to do first for your birthday?" She nuzzled against Jane’s cheek and nipped gently at her ear. There was still plenty of time before things opened and it was Jane’s fault for waking her up early. -02:06 Dec 19 Britt
Jane: She grabbed Britt’s hair to pull her away from her ear roughly. "You are horny.. aintcha?" she said, now amused as her other hand went down to cop a feel of Britt’s folds, unashamedly not helping the situation. "Fine… I’ll give your boyfriend a try… that way you don’t have to waste your money if I don’t like it." Hand planted in the center of Britt’s chest she shoved the girl away and sat up to fold her arms and legs and stare at her. "Just make sure you do it right…" -02:11 Dec 19 Jane
Britt: If she wasn’t horny before, she sure was now. Jane had a wonderful way of being fiesty and it made it all the more fun for Britt. She was giggling again, crawling back across the bed towards her. She reached out to grab a knee to tug her legs back open again, and then her hands her sliding up her thighs and tugging at the fabric of her clothes. "It’s just like a girl to make sex sound like a chore. Don’t I always do everything right?" -02:17 Dec 19 Britt
Jane: She kicked her foot at Britt with a grin, she wasn’t going to make this easy for her. "Sometimes." she said eyeing the girl and making a skeptical face. "Sex… usually…" She continued to blick Britt with her foot as she pretended to concider her words. "Am I really that much of a girl? I’m not sure I I should feel about that… concidering…" -02:22 Dec 19 Jane
Britt: "If you miss being a boy, we can always get you a strap on." Britt fussed at the kicking, swatting Jane’s feet or shoving them out of the way while trying to get the girl’s clothes OFF and on the floor where they belonged. She finally gave up on that battle and opted for pounce-flopping on top of her and biting sharply in to her shoulder. "If you don’t fighting, you’re going to get it rough!" -02:28 Dec 19 Britt
Jane: Jane was a lot stronger thaan Britt and Britt should have remembered this. Lifted boodily off of Jane and held aloft above a grinning gace she was tutted at. "What was that? You want to fight me?" Britt was tossed aside again as Jane laughed and then pulled off her own shirt and then slithered out of her jeans to resule her cross legged cross armed pose. "And since you like plastic penises so much that can be if I don’t. Though I’d still have these." On the word ‘these’ she squeezed her boobs together and stuck her tngue out at Britt. "I guess that’s what would make it okay for you? Hmmm…?" -02:33 Dec 19 Jane
Britt: After an oomph and a huff, Britt was crawling back over to straddle Jane. "Tools attached to hot girls are always nice. You’ll see." Since Jane was so nice as to offer them up, with both hands Britt reached to cup her breasts… and tweak a nipple! "I want to do a little less fighting and a little more seducing. If you keep throwing me you want get nice things liiiiiike.." Britt leaned down and flicked her tongue over the tweaked nipple. -02:41 Dec 19 Britt
Jane: "You’re like a cat who just won’t stay off of a lap." Jane complained but at the same time she couldn’t help but mean back and place her hands on the matress to stop herself from falling over and giving Britt all the access she could ever want to her chest as her legs straitened and opened. "I’m just trying to figure it out… if it’s not what goes inside you that’s the issue then why don’t you find guys attractive?" Jane waas showing her ignorence an she knew it. -02:48 Dec 19 Jane
Britt: "Hmmm. I told you already? Girls are soft and pretty and curvy. I like the way the walk and the way the move and the way they look." Like now, Jane was so incredibly pretty it was easy to forget she was trying to molest the girl. Britt trailed her fingers over Jane’s collarbone and nuzzled against one of her breasts. "Why do YOU like girls?" -02:54 Dec 19 Britt
Jane: "Just always have… and…" she lifted a hand to stroke the back of Britt’s neck lightly. "The way you smell, the way you smile, the way you always try to hide your burps with a tiny fake cough and think I don’t notice… that look in your eyes when you look at me like I’m the only person in the world…" she leaned forwards and whispered. "That’s how I know when you want sex, Britt." She tried to think of anyone other than Britt for more examples but it was impossible. "Speaking off… arn’t you meant to be seducing me?" -02:59 Dec 19 Jane
Britt: All of that was way too specific… and Britt was a total sucker. A hopeless, infatuated sucker that couldn’t carry out an aggressive seduction because her girlfriend was accidentally enchanting! Britt’s hands moved up Jane’s neck to cup her face and she swooped down to gently brush a kiss over her lips. She nibbled softly before deepening the kiss and letting her fingers get tangled in Jane’s hair. -03:06 Dec 19 Britt
Jane: The sudden change of pace had Jane’s toes curling as she kissed Britt back and ran her hand over her hip, gripping it. Her tongue flicked out and wriggles it’s way between Britt’s lips as she sighed happily and moved hand to squeeze her butt. "Not what I was expecting but… good…" he pulled back needing to breathe, hea heavy lidded eyes fixed on Britt’s. -03:14 Dec 19 Jane
Britt: "You say things and I just melt…" she mumbled, petting her fingers through Jane’s hair and brushing her thumb against her chin. There might have been other words to say, but Britt was pressing in to her again. Kissing a bit harder and using her body to lean Jane back in to the pillows and mattress. -03:27 Dec 19 Britt
Jane: She colapsed under Britt’s wieght, her body writhing against her as her hands found her hair and burried themselves in it. Tnen she was rolling over and pinning Britt’s arms to the matress as she left a trail of kisses across her cheek and nipped her earlobe her hands sliding up her arms to squeeze her breasts as she straddles her hips, her tongue running up behind her ear before she broke away, a leg coming up to pin her chest down as she sat up, still on Britt’s hips and looked aorund, reaching out to grab ‘prissy’ and hold it in her hands, turning it over, making sure Britt was securely pinned. "So… you’re going to use this on me? Show me how a real girl does it?" She was still unsure of the ideaa but she was turned on and committed to it, and she wasn’t so scared of it that she couldn’t torture Britt a bit. Girls with toys were hot to her after all. "I guess we should lubricate first, hmmm?" she asked leaning forwards and running her tongue up its length. No… this was not something she ever expected to ever do and it tasted wierd. "Come on, open up…" -03:37 Dec 19 Jane
Britt: It was completely unfair that Jane was still so much stronger, but any protests about that died on her lips when Jane licked prissy. Jane had to know where that thing had been. Everything seemed to clench, from toes to biting in to her lip, and Britt squirmed uncomfortably but completely transfixed. "You… um! Open up what..? she muttered, the statement probably being nonsensical. With her hands free, Britt splayed her fingers over Jane’s stomach before gripping in to her hips. -03:47 Dec 19 Britt
Jane: She grinned ear to ear at Britt’s reaction, wondering if she could make her do it again. "Let me demonstrate." she said parting her lips and pishing the tip of ‘Prissy’ between them, then after a deep series of breaths pushed it in further, probably putting more effort into making sure she didn’t gag or choke then she needed to. Then with an exagerated pleased moan and making sure there was slurp she pulled it out, saliva trailing down her chin as she slid her foot off of Britt’s chest and pacing a hand hand next to her head leaned forwards to put the tip of the toy against her lips. "Your turn… then you get to use it." -03:53 Dec 19 Jane
Britt: Britt couldn’t decide if it was really gross or really, really hot. But with Jane having that look on her face, Britt was completely helpless to refuse. The girl was just crazy sexy at everything she did. Britt grabbed Jane’s wrist helping guide her hand as she pushed the toy in to her mouth. Ironically she didn’t have a probably at all with gagging, being able to take in a good length of it. Meanwhile her hand slid down Jane’s stomach and underneath her. Fingers gentle probing in to her sensitive flesh. -04:03 Dec 19 Britt
Jane: Jane giggled, probably with more gilishness than she would have liked before she lid herself further up, givng Britt better access before she pulled the toy from Britt’s mouth, took her hand and wrapped it around the base of the shaft, giving her control. Leaning in she whispered into her ear, as soft as she coould with it still being audible. "Now you got to show me what all the fuss is about." she said, releasing her hand and sliding off of her, sitting on the bed with her legs outstretched and hands on the matress. "Mostly because I have no idea how to do this…" -04:09 Dec 19 Jane
Britt: "There’s no special trick to it…" So cute! From vixen to shy, Jane was always interesting. Britt shifted on the bed, sliding up between Jane’s legs and bracing a hand at Jane’s shoulder. She adjusted her grip on the toy, closer to the tip, then teased at Jane’s lips by running it up and down the length of them. Not quite pushing it in, but occasionally slipping her thumb between her lips to test for wetness. -04:17 Dec 19 Britt
Jane: She hips lifted from the attention as she bit her lip and watched what britt was doing. "If I were using it on myself I’d manage but on someone else…" she WAS blushing, and flushing and a hundred other things. "Doing it right…" Britt seemed to forget that so many things were still kindaa new to Jane. Her Body… sex… letting go and trusting someone eough for them to put a vibrating plastic dick to her crotch… "Just turn it on…" did she just… beg? -04:25 Dec 19 Jane
Britt: "Not yet. I thought you wanted me to do this right?" she murmured softly, leaning down to nuzzle against Jane’s cheek. Britt stroked with the tip, agonizingly slow until Jane was good wet. Then she pushed in gently, dipping between her lips and pressing in to her opening, but only just barely inside. She held it there without moving, circled her thumb around her clit. -04:30 Dec 19 Britt
Jane: There was a moan before her hand dashed up to grip Britt’s hair to pull her into a deep, hungry kiss. This was insane. She had a fake penis inside her and becaise Britt was so adorably sweet she was… enjoying it though it probbaly felt deeper than it really was. "I love you." she whispered before she bit her lip and pulled back, letting her haid trail from her hair down the back of her neck. -04:41 Dec 19 Jane
Britt: Britt giggled, burying her face in to Jane’s neck and nibbling the soft, sensitive skin. She finally pushed it in again, then pulled back. Everytime she pushed in, she pushed a little bit deeper, and when she pulled back it was all the way to the tip. The rythm remain slow and steady, and slipped in and out with ease. And every time her thumb would slid up and against her clit with it, teasing the bud with the movements. -04:47 Dec 19 Britt
Jane: A long, low pleased groan escaped her as she relaxed into it. Concentratin gon the attention and not on what was happening. It was intoxicating, frustrating and toe curlingly sensual. She kept runnign Britt’s neck but she was getting distracted, her movements slowing as she turned her head to the side and and letting out a long shaky breath. "You reaally have to keep melting my brain with that clit action don’t you." she teased her legs straining to open further. -04:58 Dec 19 Jane
Britt: "Um hmmm…" Her tongue flicked out to lick against her skin. Teeth gently nibbling their way down to one of her breasts until he lips circled around a nipple in a sucking kiss. Britt increased the speed of her pushing, her grip shifting to the base of the toy shaft. It was slick and hard, pushing in and out quickly enough to have Jane slightly bouncing on the bed. …and then Britt flicked on the vibrator! -05:06 Dec 19 Britt
Jane: "Oh… fuck!" she was just getting used to it and not the game changed. It wasn’t just the stimulation of the movement anymore but everywhere ‘prissy’ touched was tingling. "She bit her lips and when that wasn’t enoug pulled Britt to her and bit her shoulder, harder than she meant to. She wasn’t lyign about her brain melting and she wanted to give something back to Britt too. -05:16 Dec 19 Jane
Britt: Britt yelped and it was followed by a muffled laugh as she buried her face in Jane’s neck. There was no greater satisfaction than driving Jane wild. She had to shift to get her grip back, and brace her knees in to the mattress to spread Jane’s legs wider. Then she was pounding harder, making sure every time it slide out that it was grinding and vibrating against Jane’s clit. -05:20 Dec 19 Britt
Jane: There was a cry that came out as a growl against Britt’s skin and then Jane’s leg kicked out, bouncing on the matress three times before curling up and with a shake every muscle in Jane’s body shook as she clamped around the toy, her mouth breakign away from the monstrous hicky forming on Britt’s shoulder as the orgasm tore through her. "Oh fuck… oh fuck… oh fuck…" she panted sweat beading on her face and running down her cleavage. With a groan she collapsed, arms spread and chest heaving. "I know what I want for my birthday." -05:30 Dec 19 Jane
Britt: "Yes!" Britt chirped, way too pleased with herself. She pulled out and flipped it off, then scooted further up to rest on and elbow. With a terribly wicked grin on her face, she tapped the thing against her mouth before giving it a lick. "And you were scared of Prissy." -05:34 Dec 19 Britt
Jane: "Shhhhhh." Jane insisted. "Don’t ruin it." she was in an increadaable after sex buzz and all she wanted to do was pull Britt against her and put her arms around her and kiss her. So that’s what she did. "Still a dumb name… unless… it’s a girl." she smirked. "Then it works. I’ve just been fucked by your first girlfriend." it made sense, to Jane anyway. If part of Britt had always been aware of her preferences. -05:40 Dec 19 Jane
Britt: "Prissy isn’t my first… poor things get worn out after awhile." she muttered with amusement, curling herself around Jane and snuggling in to her. Britt yaaaaawned. "Sleep now, birthday dong later." -05:44 Dec 19 Britt
Repairing Destiny

Repairing Destiny 008: Families and Exes

[Jane if at the gym, in the ring with a ginger 1st hear college student who is beating the CRAP out of them.] -09:45 May 22
[Star is not dressed like normal. In fact, she looks like she got a make-over on one of those “Dress me Like a Hooker!” shows.] -09:47 May 22
Star: Wearing a tight, tube dress, six inch heels and some contact lenses, Star looked liked she walked out of a Las Vegas whore house. Her goal was simple. Be irresistable and seduce her ex back. She refused to give up on love, that’s not what a good girlfriend does! She strode in to the gym, scanning around looking for Jane. -09:51 May 22 Star
Jane: DAMN! Even with her guard up punches were still getting through. Jane stepped back and dodged to side to throw a jab only to have a kick get through the opening. She staggered back holding up a hand. "That’s enough for now…" she said as the other girl grinned her short hair bouncing as she did. "You should use your legs more." she said before retreating to her corner to grab a bottle of water. And seriously, sports bras are your friend. Much better than what you’re rearing… unless your plan is to distract me." there was a wong that earned a glare from Jane. "No, just havn’t gotten around to it yet… maybe in the shop across the street once I’m out of here…" -10:07 May 22 Jane
Star: Star flashed a nervous smile as she passed a few girls by, and got more than a few curious stares. She asked a couple girls if they had seen Jane and got pointed in the right direction. She caught a bit of the fight. Outside of appreciating awesome battle tactics she was totally going to try and use in her LARP group, she tried to appreciate Jane’s… body! Jane was a statuesque beautiful woman and anyone would be lucky to have her as a girlfriend. "Ahem..!" She cleared her throat and did her best hands-on-hips-tits-out pose. "Jane…" -10:12 May 22 Star
Jane: Jane turned and blinked, taking a second to realize who had called her. Leaning against the ropes with a bottle of wating in one hand and drenched with sweat, a few peices of hair having fallen out of the crude punytail she had created to keep it out of her face. "Star…? Are you wearing contacts." she climbed out of the ring and started unstrapping her gloved with her teeth, the sound of velcro drowning all else out for a split second. "What are you doing?" she started heading for the locker room, this called for some place private… why did Star have tot ry this? -10:19 May 22 Jane
Star: Star was hoping for the jaw-dropping sort of scene, so when Jane started walking away, her confidence faltered a bit. She scurried after her, holding her hands out to help keep her balance on her heels. "Yes, they’re my new contacts. Do you like them? I actually came to see YOU, Jane. You know, we parted on, um… unfinished terms! I’ve missed you." -10:22 May 22 Star
Jane: This was almost heartbreaking and when Jane entered the locker room she grabbed her bag to stuff the gloves into them. "I know what you’re doing." she said turning to Star, then in a moment of reckless impulse she ripped off her tank top and stuffed the sweaty garment into the bag too. "You’ve always been really pretty, Star and you don’t need to dress like a slut to prove it, you look a lot cuter in your jeans with that pink bow in your hair… but that’s not the point. I’ve missed you too…" how the hell was she going to do this? -10:38 May 22 Jane
Star: "You’ve missed me and I’ve missed you and we’re in love. That’s all we need isn’t it? So many couples go through LOADS of things and work out in the end." Star made sure there was no cringing, blushing, or looking away. She chose this outfit for the confidence and the role she was trying to play. A sexy, sexy seductress that no woman would say no to! She scooted over to Jane, to slide her hands up her sides. "There more I thought about it, the more I just knew I couldn’t be without you." -10:43 May 22 Star
Jane: "yes you can, you’re only saying that because I was like your first boyfriend." she sighed. "I’m sorry I got turned into a girl, I know it’s a problemfor you even if you pretend it isn’t and I don’t need to feel like my new body is holding me back, like it’s a problem. I’ve going through enough with it as it is without seeing your eyes when you look at me. I really am going through a lot right now, redefining myself and realizing that I wasn’t as good a person as I could have been, I have a new school coming up and if anything I want to be with someon who makes me feel good about being a woman… I cant deal with it being a shadow hanging over everything we do together." -11:00 May 22 Jane
Star: "I am telling you that I am okay! It isn’t a problem!" Her voice rose a little higher, a mix of anxiety and fear. Jane didn’t believe her, and Star hadn’t expected her too. That was why she was prepared with heels high enough to reach, and going on the offensive. Without warning she grabbed Jane’s head and kissed her! Jane thought she couldn’t handle it, and Star was going to prove she could. -11:04 May 22 Star
Jane: Jane’s strong arms tore Star’s away before she pushed her back and Jane turned her head away before she closed her eyes. "It’s going to take more than a week for you to decide you like girls if you ever can, Star, and even if you did I can’t be with you." she had to do this. "You’re starn, amazing and wonderful and you’re going to make someone very happy but… I already have someone else. I didn’t plan on it but I won’t make excuses. She makes me happy and feel amazing about my change. It might not work out between us in the long run, that’s something you always have to remember in any relationship." -11:19 May 22 Jane
Jane: she took a breath "But I want it to, she knows I used to be a guy and she doesn’t care." -11:20 May 22 Jane
Star: "It’s Britt, isn’t it." Jane might as well have punched her, it hurt so much! She always knew James and Britt were super close, but she thought… "I’m smart and wonderful, but I’m not Britt! I never could have been Britt and I guess that was a pretty easy choice to make." Maybe it wasn’t fair to say so, but it all made sense. Tears were now streaming and Star struggled to wipe them away without smearing all of her makeup or knocking out one of her contacts. "How long did it take? A few days? How much did you actually love me!" -11:29 May 22 Star
Jane: Jane watched it all unfold with a look of growing horror on her face. "It’s not like that…" she said. "This isn’t easy for me either. In a perfect world I wouldn’t need to have become a girl to realize what an asshole I was and I sure as hell wasn’t looking for Brit to to have sex with me. Who knows maybe it’s just rebound from you breaking up with me. You also hurt me you know but I knew you couldn’t change who you are and I never asked you to. I loved you, I still love you and you even trying proves that you’re sweet and wonderful but I can’t trust you to be attracted to me the way I need you to be. Maybe all of this makes me an asshole, a bitch, a cow, if that’s the case you can do a hell of a lot better than me, and you could have even when I was a guy. I’m sorry… that’s all i can really say." -11:40 May 22 Jane
Star: "It’s not fair…" It’s all Star could think to say. She had a perfect boyfriend and they were in love. Everything was perfect. …but then it clearly wasn’t really perfect. "I don’t think you’re and asshole… But I just." Star huffed, all full of tears and not knowing what to do with herself. "I really am going to MISS you!" Oh, her makeup was screwed! She just started sobbing! -11:52 May 22 Star
Jane: Star was pulled into a hug and Jane sighed. "It’s not your fault, okay?" she said softly wishing she could make it all better but she really couldn’t. "Maybe when it’s not all fresh we can hang out?" she knew that wasn’t the best thing to say. "You know you’re the first girl I actually put effort into dating. You really mean a lot to me and I wish things could be different…" why was this so much more difficult that previous relationships? Maybe it was a bad idea to bate Britt until this wasn’t all so… ugh. -12:01 May 23 Jane
Star: She sniffled and sobbed until it was finally nothing more than a few sniffles and hiccupping. "I want to be friends." she mumbled, pulling back to try and wipe at her face, which just made the smearing of things even worse. "…but I need time, I think." She was having a hard time looking directly at her. This just hurt too much! Her heart was broken. -12:08 May 23 Star
Jane: "Well you can use everythign here to clena yourself up and by the time I get out of the shower you can be gone." jabe said pulling away from her. "i’ll wait for your call, however long it takes.." -12:15 May 23 Jane
[Jane is not a very happy girl.] -12:52 May 23
Britt: After a long day of extra classes to make up for the few that she missed, Britt was home tugging off some of her clothes so she could plop in to bed in her underwear and just relax. Most of the soreness in her body had long worn off, but spending the entire day studying was a mental pain, and then of course coming home to her family and the millions of questions asking where she had been. Britt NEVER told them where she’d been. They’d probably disown her forever and call her a dirty whore. She snatched a pillow and siiiiighed comfortably. -01:03 May 23 Britt
Jane: Britt’s window slid open and in contrast to how Britt entered her room Jane janded on the floor like a cat and then also like a cat barely a second later she was crawling onto Britt’s bed and falling down next to her, arms capturing her girlfriend and pulling her tightly agaist her, almost queezing the life out of her as Jane’s face burried itself against Britt’s shoulders. "I’m sleeping here tonight." -01:17 May 23 Jane
Britt: Britt almost shrieked! Who -wouldn’t- when someone snuck in your bed and grabbed you? There was a bit of flailing and huffing, but she finally shushed herself quick and clung to Jane. It didn’t erase the frown on her face, though. "You can’t just sneak in to my room! You know how my parents are! And that was when you were a dude!" -01:22 May 23 Britt
Jane: "Well if they don’t know you’re lesbian they shouldn’t mind firls in your room." her muffled voice still conveyed the huffiness she was feeling. "Star tried to seduce me in the gym today and I told her about us… I broke her heart and I wish that I didn’t have to so can you just stop complaining and hold me?" -01:31 May 23 Jane
Britt: "I guess I should feel bad for stealing someone’s girlfriend." She wasn’t complaining, she was being responsible and smart! Jane really didn’t understand what her family was like. Britt curled her arms around Jane anyway, stroking her fingers through her hair and nuzzling her cheek. This was the other thing she really loved having after class. Warm snuggles! -01:34 May 23 Britt
[(Timeout) Jane was sacrificed to the roleplay gods by a tribe of wild newbies.] -02:04 May 23
[Jane isbringing to her girlfriend.] -10:55 May 24
[Britt is happy to have her girlfriend, but concerned about family!] -10:55 May 24
Jane: "I feel bad." Jane said her face remaining thouroughly hidden. "I really wanted that relatonship to work and then in no time I’m in another and so there’s so much sex and feeling and I think I might even love you, hell I’ve always liked you and it’s all overwhelming but I don’t want it to stop for the world." -11:01 May 24 Jane
Britt: Britt frowned, running her fingers through Jane’s hair. She really didn’t have any good advice about the whole thing. It was crazy and weird and none of it really made sense. "It is what it is. People breakup all the time, she’ll be fine?" -11:05 May 24 Britt
Jane: It’s like Britt didn’t want to hear what Jane just said and she pulled away to stare at her, then a hand reached out to grip Britt’s shoulder firmly to shake her. "She will but I just said I love you and you just… I’ve never felt this way before so quickly." -11:09 May 24 Jane
Britt: She squeaked, blinking at Jane for a moment in surprise. Not because she admitted to loving her. That really wasn’t a surprise at all. But because she seemed to think she care or something! "Jesus, Jane. I-" KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK! "Brittany, dinner is going to be soon. You are not going to skip it again today. Brittany? I hear voices in there!" Cursing under her breath Britt untangled herself from Jane and hopped out of bed. The she snatched up and pulled on a houserobe just in time for her bedroom door to swing open and her mother to step inside. "Oh darling, I didn’t realize you had a friend over. Pardon me. Dear, dress proper for dinner and of course your friend is invited. I am Mrs. Everett, and you are…" -11:15 May 24 Britt
Jane: Jane was standing before the door opened and was about to way ‘Britt’s girlfriend’ when she remembered that Britt wasn’t out to her parents but it was tempting to say it anyway. "Ummm… Jane Beckert Mrs. Everet. I’m Britt’s g… friend. We were… My boyfriend. We just broke up and Britt was helping me." Yes boyfriend! They were all trat here, right? -11:24 May 24 Jane
Britt: She probably looked pale as death and was so worried that Jane would spill the beans. "I’m not sure if Jane is up to staying for dinner, because of the breakup, y’know." Her mom dismissed the comment with a wave of her hand. "Nonsense. A woman can handle anything. Get dressed, I expect to see you both downstairs in fifteen minutes." Mrs. Everett didn’t leave much room for argument. She was already gone and closing the door behind her. Britt was in a panic! "Oh god, I can’t do this! …we’ll jump out the window, I think there’s time!" -11:29 May 24 Britt
Jane: Jane turned on Britt and eyed her. "No, not dressed like that anyway… your parents are strict, like Englich upper middle class strict but we can handle one meal with them. If you run they’ll just get suspicious but if you want me to leave I can? You can say I went to rip that cheating bastards dick off to shove up hiss butt?" maybe that would get a giggle? -11:35 May 24 Jane
Britt: "That is so gross!" She might have aaaalmost smirked. Maybe. Britt huffed again, fussing with the robe belt around her waist and debating whether or not this was a good idea. "It’s more like, think they’re the royal family strict… You know how much I hate bringing people over. And worse I’ve been out of the house for days, they’re going to start asking questions!" -11:39 May 24 Britt
Jane: "Well you wouldn’t be lying if you blamed me." Jane said before stepping over to untying Britt’s belt to slip haer arms aorund her waist underneath the robe to gently kiss the corner of her mouth. "Do I stay or do I go. I’d like to be here for you if they do decide to get awkward but if that’s just going to make thinsg worse…" -11:43 May 24 Jane
Britt: Britt was now imagining a fun moment of Jane stripping her and dragging her to bed. She had to push the thought away and get serious. ..after she slid her arms around Jane’s neck and nuzzled in to her cheek. "Stay. It’ll be even worse if you left. We can’t say anything about us, though. They’re not gonna understand…" -11:46 May 24 Britt
Jane: As much as I’d love to fli[ them the bird as I pushed you down on the dinner table and gave them a demonstration of what we do to each other just so they’d get thier sticks out of thier butts I won’t. I know how you are about your parents and if the plans still of to move away from here and be "best friends" in another city after we graduate then that’s what we’ll do." Of course that plan had been made when they’d still been best friends and had never really been completely serious but now it was if Britt wanted it to be and they’d be moving in together if they did… -11:50 May 24 Jane
Britt: "Fine. Don’t embarass me either." Just because Jane was a girl now didn’t mean she trusted her not to be her usual self and push all the boundaries. You just couldn’t do that sort of thing with snobby rich people, and Britt would like to still be able to see her! She squeezed her neck and hugged her, not really wanting to let go and get her clothes on for the stupid dinner. -11:53 May 24 Britt
Jane: "since when have I ever embarressed you?" there was a cocky grin that was quickly pressed against Britt’s lips before Jane pulled away. If she stayed close… hell… All it took was on looka tbritt in an open robe and she was pressed back agaist her, her hand cupping britt’s breast as he kissed her again, just barely not haard enough to leave evidence before she pulled away for real, a subtle pull on Britt’s nipple as she did so. "You should… really get brothes on before my ladyboner tears through the front of my jeans." -11:57 May 24 Jane
Britt: Britt wrinkled up her nose and took a swat at her. "See, this is why you don’t get invited to fancy dinners." She stepped away to shrug off her robe and stalked unhappily over to the large walkin closet. Compared to Jane’s place, Britt’s room was ginormous and her closet was big enough to be another bedroom. She snatched the first ‘appropriate’ dress she saw and pulled it over her head to smooth over her hips. Shoes were just a matter of slipping on a simple pair of heels. "Hmm… maybe you should borrow some of my clothes…" -12:01 May 24 Britt
Jane: "She says, stripping down anked in front of me, the delicate fabric of her robe sliding over her statuesque curves… Just… put something on before neither of up are going anywhere… besides me in fancyfancy clothes? Really? Can you imagine that in a non-i want to hit thaat so bad way?" -12:04 May 24 Jane
Britt: Britt out right laughed, stopping by a mirrow to make sure her dress was tugged on properly and adjusted the skirt. "I CAN imagine you in fancy clothes. I bet I have at least one dress you can fit in to. The skirt part might be a little short, but I as long as you don’t bed over anywhere, I don’t think it will matter too much." -12:13 May 24 Britt
Jane: Jane had always been amazed by just how BIG Britt’s house was, and just how shit the security was btu she had never seen any part of it other than Britt’s room. "Maybe I’ll do a little bending over when we’re back here." She stepped over to the closet and paused in the threshhold. It helf strange entiring a shrine to clothing… -12:18 May 24 Jane
Britt: She pushed Jane in to the closet, and since she was staring at all her clothes like they were going to eat her, Britt went ahead and starting shoving hangers around looking for something in a good size. "I don’t want to think about sex all through dinner! Here, try this on." She held out a nice, conservative black dress. The skirt was always long on Britt, so on Jane it would be shorter and fit about right. -12:24 May 24 Britt
Jane: Jane pulled off her shirt and let it fall to the floor before wiggling her hips out of her jeans and kicking off her sneakers. "Do you always ahve to dress like this for dinner?" she asked snatching up and dress and pulling it on back to front before realizing the mistake. "I’ve eaten topless in boxers… before you know… Your family is wierd." -12:27 May 24 Jane
Britt: "It’s this whole deal about respecting your family and dinner being an important meal of the day and whole lot of other crap." Britt was now stuck imagining Jane downstairs in the dining room, topless at the table with all the fine china and crystal and her family trying not to stare and still eat dinner like nothing strange was happening. She grinned wide. "Backwards." She fussed with helping Jane get the dress off and turning it the right way. -12:30 May 24 Britt
Jane: Finally dressed properly, except her unbrushed-from-the-gym hair and her feet Jane stared at the full length mirror. "If yo had told me a month ago I’d be wearing this I wouldn’t have believed you." she sighed. "And I repeat, your family is wierd… then again dinner wasn’t that big of a deal with just me and my dad. I think he tried for a while but it reminded him of mom." -12:33 May 24 Jane
Britt: She took Jane’s hand to pull her out of the closet, and over to her vanity to push her down in to a chair. Then she was snatching up a brush to do something about Jane’s hair. "Everything around here is a big deal. I like it better over at your house, even if your Dad is a total whack." -12:35 May 24 Britt
Jane: "Hey don’t call him that." Jane said, fussing as Britt brushed. "You sound like one of those kinds in the sound of music… only instead of a singing nanny you got a lesbian lover who doesn’t sing." Jane hadn’t even triiiieeeed since the chenge and was afraid to. She knew her voice was different and it had taken getting used to and she nondered if she’d be any good. She had been okay at it a a guy, runnir up in last years karaoke tournament winning her and britt a free meal but now… total mystery. -12:39 May 24 Jane
Britt: She almost clonked Jane over the head with her brush, but instead was trying to brush and arrange her hair in to a nice, tidy bun. Not a single hair out of place. "Are you going to come in here and turn my whole world upside down, then? You’re more likely going to get thrown out or something. Have the cops called… I bet women’s prisons really suck." -12:47 May 24 Britt
Jane: Jane smirked and held up a fist. "I’d survive." she said before kissing it noisily and finally settling down to let Britt do her thing, those tyrants probably didn’t like being kept waiting. -12:49 May 24 Jane
[Jane is for the first time ever going to liike like she belloned in high society.] -12:42 May 25
[Britt would like to be anywhere else at the moment!] -12:45 May 25
Britt: Once Britt felt like she had Jane presentable enough (which she knew deep down wasn’t going to be enough regardless) she was very reluctantly leading the way out of her room and down the hall. She may as well of been heading towards her own funeral. "We can stick with safe conversations, like the weather or knitting…" -12:48 May 25 Britt
Jane: "Like I’m going to start talking about all that sex we havn’t been having." Jane rolled her eyes. "I know you treat your parents like the bastard children of queen Victoria and Atilla the hun but reelaaaax, okay? We’ll be fine. I’m far to girly for you, remember?" as they got further away from the bedroom she decided it was a goof idea to shut up. "The weather in detroit is horrible. I was watching a thing on the news where a lot of the flights are grounded there…" Like hell Jane knew anythign about knitting. -12:52 May 25 Jane
Britt: "That’s not even remotely true." This was going to be a disaster, Britt clamped her mouth shut and crossed her arms. They had to go down a ridiculously huge staircase to get to the ground floor, then it was turning down another long hall to head towards the dining room. Evidence of an old money family were every where, from the furniture that looked a hundred years old, to the family potrait paintings in traditional and cliche poses. -01:01 May 25 Britt
Jane: "Just how big IS this place?" Jane asked. "Jane… I had no idea just how stinking rich you were until today… unless it’s one of those, old money all gone and in debt to afford to keep up with appearences situations…" Jane was completely distrated but the size and opulance of the place. "I could probably move in not be found out this place is so big." -01:05 May 25 Jane
Britt: "There’s enough money to bribe foreign politicians, and buy a small country. It’s not really a big deal, though." Jane would turn the whole house upside, which sounded like a whole lot of fun, but probably the worst idea in the universe. Bad behavior tended to have… consequences around here! Britt stopped at the dining room door and took in a breath. Finally she pushed her way inside where both her parents were already seated at a very long, expertly set table, and clearly waiting on them before summoning dinner. -01:13 May 25 Britt
Jane: Jane wasn’t a small or ugly girl, she probably looked like an unmakeup supermodel in all but the way she carried herself as she entered, the way she did enter was like a fighter intering a ring, tense but loose, ready for anything. "Hello Mr and Mrs Everet. Thank you very much for inviting me to your table. As I said I am Jane Beckert." her voice was on it’s best behavior and her stance softened too as she waited to follow Britt’s lead as to where to sit. Thanking and introducing was the right thing to do right? -01:18 May 25 Jane
Britt: "Shame on you both for keeping us waiting. Dearest, ring for dinner." Mr. Everett picked up a little bell and jingled it. Nothing happened immediately, but the moment Britt pointed Jane to her seat and took her own, someone bustled in to the room to pour everyone a drink. "Jane is a very classic name, and Beckert you say? Are you related to that boy James? Britany, dear, where has that boy been lurking about. You haven’t amused us with his exploits in ages." Britt very quickly took a drink of water. "James is studying out of state now. Jane is um…" -01:23 May 25 Britt
Jane: "Cousin!" Jane chimed in. "Here to help James’ father out while James is away." she offered. "Also sorry for the delay Britt insisted that I look decent." this was wierd… and Britt actually talked about James to her parents? She shot Britt a questioning look before listing her glass and taking a sip. -01:27 May 25 Jane
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[Britt is living a nightmare. The only way to make it worse is if she was naked and there was a creepy clown in the corner.] -04:44 May 27
[Jane feels like she’s havign dinner with The Penguin. Britt’s family are the intimidating kind of rich people.] -04:44 May 27
Britt: "Well. At least she tried with such short notice." the insult was super subtle, but there. Mrs. Everett immediately launched in to her usual dinner topic! "Speaking of that boy, or any boy, isn’t it about time to find a nice boyfriend, Britany? College is almost over and those eggs won’t stay fresh forever!" MR. Everett didn’t say a word on the subject of boys and eggs, he was busy filling his plate with tasty looking hors d’oeuvres. "My studies are going fine, Mother, thank you for asking." Britt just refused the acknowledge the rest. "What about you, Jane? There must be a nice man in your life!" -04:51 May 27 Britt
Jane: Jane proze mid poar with the soup and looked at Britt. "Like I said I just broke up with one but there is someone I really like and they feel the same way so we’ll see what happens. Someone I’ve liked for a long time finally made their move on me… maybe they have what it takes to be the one to keep a hold of me." WOW… Jane did not mean to say all that and now regretted it, but not as much as she regretted spilling the soup. ‘And now you sound like a slut, Jane… nice…’ she mumbled… before wondering if that’s what she was with all her girlfriends. -04:57 May 27 Jane
Britt: While Britt was rolling her eyes, her mother seemed to think that was the perfect thing to say! "That’s the way to think girl! You have to make a man work for it. These day so many young ladies are behaving like filthy harlots, giving it up at the drop of the hat and not properly making sure a man is marriage material. I am so glad our little Brittany is a well behaved young woman. Of course, if she would drop her standards just a -little- bit perhaps we would have grandchildren by now…" Though her face was red now, Britt still had perfect posture and was sipping soup from a spoon like this whole dumb conversation wasn’t happening! -05:03 May 27 Britt
Jane: Jane almost choked. Britt and good little schoolgirl? She had to be good if that’s what her parents thought. She sipped her soup and gave Britt a sidelong glance. She had to keep her parents in so much dark not even cats could see. "Have children while in college isn’t smart." Jane was in way too deep to stop now. "Besides I’m sure Britt will find the right person… froooom what I’ve seen of her." She took a bite of bread and was thankful makeup hadn’t been a part of the emergency dressup. Though she was beginning to understand why Britt wasn’t out… rich family wanted babies and her hand came to squeeze her thigh as a sign of confort. -05:11 May 27 Jane
Britt: Britt wanted to hug her. Or better yet, grab Jane and just run out! But that would just mean a bigger mess to clean up later. "Hasn’t the weather been great lately? Nice and war-" "Oh, don’t be silly Jane-dear. She is only in College to meet good men. Once she’s married she won’t have to go anymore or bother with a job, she’ll be busy with the babies." Britt very nearly groaned out loud. Giving her father a pleading look didn’t meet with much help. He just shrugged in a sad defeat to this fate! -05:18 May 27 Britt
Jane: Jane face visubly twitched. A year ago she might have laughed out loud and agreed but not now, worse is it was coming from a woman. "Or she could take after you and just have one." Britt didn’t have any siblings, right? "I suppose that’s the only lady-like thing to do isn’t it? Marry a rich man and then live the good life with an ever-growing family not worrying baut silly things like dreams or aspirations." she suunded sincere. "That’s the dream, isn’t it. A life od leasure and pleasure while the men take care of business." the hand under the table on Britt was now a fist, the only outward sign of what was really going on on her head. -05:23 May 27 Jane
Britt: The elder woman sipped her wine and didn’t miss a beat. "Of -course- a woman is to have her dreams and aspirations. But it’s needless to waste time with men’s business when a woman’s heart belongs to her family. Your family and it’s bloodline is the most important thing in the world. After all, our family goes back hundreds of years and this is all contributed to very powerful women." Britt knew where there was going, the long boring lecture about the family tree. "Oh look, the next course is coming. Dinner looks fantastic tonight, Mother." -05:28 May 27 Britt
Jane: "Oh…" Jane said. "I didn’t know you were -those- Everets." she had no idea if there was such a thing as -those- Everect but every ols money family liked to have thier name recognized. "The mother is the glue that holds the family tother. So if say… she disappeared…" Jane KNEW she was being bad and working herself up. "Not that I mean that will happen to Britt or has happened to anyone in your family I’m just curious as to what you think would happen. Sorry if it’s an imposition but I’ve never been able to talk to someone as refined as you and from sucj good… stock…" -05:32 May 27 Jane
Britt: "Jane." Britt growled her name in warning, not that it did any good. It was already too late and her mother had that glint in her eye. [color=skyblue]"My dear sweet child. As a mother, I could find my daughter anywhere and any who dared to threaten or take her would, well… as you say, disappear never to be seen or heard from again. There is not a place on this world that one could hide from me."[/color] -05:37 May 27 Britt
Britt: "Jane." Britt growled her name in warning, not that it did any good. It was already too late and her mother had that glint in her eye. "My dear -sweet- child. As a mother, I could find my daughter anywhere and any who dared to threaten or take her would, well… as you say, -disappear- never to be seen or heard from again. There is not a place on this world that one could hide from me." -05:37 May 27 Britt
Jane: Jane blinked and realized the misunderstanding. "No… Sorry… my mother was the one that disappeared." she said waving her hand disisively. That misunderstanding has unintentionally defused the situation and Jane put on her most dazling smile. "You just put such a huge emphasis on family I curious about what you thought a family would be like after that but I won’t bore you." she continued eating with a shrug. All anger edding away. She was a crazy obcessed woman who had no idea what made family important… but Britt wasn’t and that’s all that mattered and the urge to kiss Britt must have shown in her eyes as she glanced her way. -05:42 May 27 Jane
Britt: "That is a sad thing, losing your mother." Mrs. Everett seemed to be placated now, though she was eyeballing Jane a lot more critically. Britt sighed in relief, a subtle sigh as she reached under the table to squeeze Jane’s leg. Big idiot had no idea how to deal with these kind of people. "Mother, I was just speaking to Jane earlier about helping her shop for some new clothes, I bet you have the best places to recommend." That seemed to perk the woman up immediately as she launched in to a review of all her favorite local shops! -05:49 May 27 Britt
Jane: By the time they were done Jane was convinced Mrs. Everet say her as a country girl taken in by Britt as a charity teach her how to be sofisticated role but she didn’t really care what that woman thought. Thankfully after desert they were excused and as soon as they were out the door Britt was pulled into a tight hug. "Now I understand why you don’t want to tell them." she said gently kissing the side of Britt’s neck before letting go in case someone came through the door. "Kind of wanted to get nasty in front of them just to make the tension stooooop and for then to know." Her voice was hushed, also just in case. -06:23 May 27 Jane
Britt: "And then I would never get to see you again and it’d be your own fault." Britt didn’t want Jane to let go, but snuggling out in the hallway was a terrible idea. Instead she took her by the hand and was leading the way back to her room. "It’s fine, though. I’m already resigned to the fact that this is my life. I’m already studying what she wants me to study, and doing everything else. But I’m going to love who I want to love. It’s the one thing she doesn’t have her fingers in to." -06:27 May 27 Britt
Jane: "Like they’d be able to stop me." Jane’s trademark cocky grin was back. "I’m Jane Beckert. It things get in my way I punch them… last time it even got me laid." She followed Britt back to her room and then sat down on the edge of the bed and looked down at the dress she was wearing. "I know I wear skirts and they’re comfortable but does this richy fancy stuff really look good on me?" She was a fighter, not a model. -06:32 May 27 Jane
Britt: "It looks better on my floor." Britt immediately giggle, shoving Jane backwards on the bed and straddling her lap. She sighed, plucking at the fabric of the dress. "You’re beautiful in everything and you wear these clothes like it was made for you. Like you were born to be in them. I dunno. I thought I would always see you as James, but this seems more like you, like it was supposed to be this way. Does that make any sense?" -06:36 May 27 Britt
Jane: Jane would have been tempted to strip if Britt hadn’t gotten there first but at her words she looked away, her face screwing up in thought. "I guess… maybe you’re just saying that because you find me more attractive mike this." a light tease as she glaned back at Britt. It was impossible not to think about Britt taking full advantage of her position. "I am handling this better than I expected…" she pluched at the stomach of Britt’s dress and looked up at her. "Maybe that’s because of you… maybe I should ask you something." she took a deep breath with her eyes closed. "How long have you liked me? Just since the change or…?" -06:40 May 27 Jane
Britt: Her mouth twisted up in thought. That was a really good question. "Asking stuff like that is dangerous. Is there even going to be a good answer? I’ve cared about you and loved you for years. …I wasn’t in love with you, though. I just… couldn’t think of you like that? Not that I DIDN’T, I did sometimes, wonder what’d be like if I had said yes to all your dumb come ons. But I didn’t want to ruin us. Things never worked out with me and guys, I didn’t want that to happen with us…" -06:44 May 27 Britt
Jane: "And they do with you and girls?" she asked propping herself up on her elbow to hook a hand behind Britt’s head and pull her down into a kiss. "It’s nothing serious I’m just curious. I’ve made no secret that I think you’re pretty but…" she pulled away and lat back down, her hands befind her back. "I was an asshole back then, and a chauvinist. You were the only girl I trustedand I don’t know if that was because you turned me down or not." -06:48 May 27 Jane
Britt: "No other girls ever turned you down, huh? What an ego!" Britt leaned down to nuzzle against Jane’s cheek, and finally just settled to lay on top of her and gently play with her hair. "With girls I was happy. I actually like sex. It was fun and exciting instead of a chore just to make everything work. And with you it’s been even better." -06:52 May 27 Britt
Jane: She gently stroked the back on Britt’s nack and closed her eyes. "Sounds horrible… I guess you was a lesbian after all." not that Jane could complain right now with the ateention being lavished upon her. "I’d hate it if yu didn’t enjoy this." she said as she settled against the matress with a content sigh. "I guess it’s a good thing I can’t go back… I’d hate for this to ever stop." -06:56 May 27 Jane
Britt: Britt settled until her face was buried in to Jane’s neck and her fingers were lost in her hair. This was comfortable. The one thing that was missing out of her life. It was a shame she had to keep it a secret. Britt knew it’d get snatched away from her the moment it all came out. "You don’t regret what happened then? You don’t miss being a guy and having a dick to sling around?" -07:00 May 27 Britt
Jane: "I miss being able to throw punches." Jane complained. "I just can’t hit as hard anymore and I’ve been training harder." that was honestly what she missed most. "Other than that I’ve learned a lot that I would neverhave otherwise and… did you really mean what you said when you felt like it’s meant to be this way?" -07:03 May 27 Jane
Britt: "Um… it’s stupid." she muttered, nuzzling against Jane’s neck. "Just a feeling is all. Nothing I ever would have thought of myself, but feels right now that it exists? Like balance has been restored to the universe or something sentimentally dumb like that. I’m just happy I have you." -07:09 May 27 Britt
Jane: "And maybe mom wouldn’t ahve left." Jane muttered quietly before both arms slid around Britt and pulled her against her. "I’m hapy to have you too." she said before kissing just below Britt’s ear. "I’ll just take that as an I love you, that it feels so right." -07:14 May 27 Jane
Britt: "Your mom is a total twat for leaving you and your dad. That wasn’t your fault." Jane never mentioned her mom. And now it was twice in one day? Britt tugged gently at the sleeve of Jane’s dress until it fell off the shoulder, and then she was nibbling at the exposed skin. "What happened with her..?" -07:20 May 27 Britt
Jane: That felt nice but the question didn’t. "I don’t know." Jane said in all honesty. "All I know is that she left for europe and never came back." she rubbed a hand up and down Britt’s back. "I don’t even remember what she looks like. It doesn’t matter. She’s never coming back and I’d much rather think about what you’re doing to my shoulder right now." -07:23 May 27 Jane
Britt: "You still think about it all the time, though, for something that doesn’t matter." Britt kept up with the nibbling, occasionally pausing to plant a soft kiss where her teeth nipped. She squirmed a bit, slipping her hands under Jane to try and reach for her zipper. This dress needed to come off. -07:30 May 27 Britt
Jane: Jane was biting her lip again. "Just coming to terms with it, that’s all." She squirmed fr a moment against Britt before turning her head to capture her lips in a kiss, her hand running through her hair. "So we can be loud then?" she asked as Britt worked on her dress and her hooked her headagain to crush thier lips together. It wasn’t fair how quickly Brtt got her woked up. -07:35 May 27 Jane
Britt: Britt kissed her and grooooaaned. Why did Jane have to be so deliciously awesome! She pulled away suddenly. "NO. No loud. No screaming, no squealing, not a peep from you!" She had to make sure that was firmly established as she tugged that zipper all the way down and was now pulling and dragging the fabric of the dress down to expose even more skin. She leaned again, nuzzling against Jane’s neck before she bit down hard. -07:40 May 27 Britt
Jane: She had to remind herseld not to make too much sounds so instead there was a sharp intake of breath and a muttered curse as the shoulder tensed. "Well that isn’t fair." she muttered though fair or not the damage was done. Jane felt it down below. -07:48 May 27 Jane
Britt: She giggled, licking the spot she bit… and then along her collar bone. "Of course it’s not fair. You’re a helpless girl." Britt wondered just how well Jane could keep quiet. To give it a test, she tok ahold of a bra strap with her teeth and puuuullled it down over a shoulder. -07:57 May 27 Britt
Jane: "Helpless?" that word got to her and she glared at Britt even though she knew who was in control this time… this time… now all sirts of wonderful images were flodding her head and she let Britt have this one with a giggle. "We’ll see." she promised mysteriously. "Hmmm I might need to do some research…" -08:08 May 27 Jane
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[Britt shouldn’t be doing this in her parent’s house.] -10:36 May 28
[Jane is getting wonderful delicious attention from her favorite person ever.] -10:36 May 28
Britt: "Heeeelpleeeess~!" she chimed. Of course it wasn’t true. Britt was the one wrapped around Jane’s finger. But that didn’t stop her from enjoying these moments of having her pinned to the mattress and making her wriggle squirm and sigh. She kissed along the bare exposed skin, nuzzling gentle against the rise of an almost uncovered breast. "You know… now that I have you here.." she let the sentence trail off. -10:40 May 28 Britt
Jane: She had to bite her lip against as her chest rose. "Dammit you make to feel good to be a woman." she cooed before pulling on the shoulder of Britt’s dress sharply. "I want this to disappear." -10:42 May 28 Jane
Britt: "I think I am going to keep it on a little longer, I’m busy right now." Busy kissing her way across Jane’s collar bone to snap her other bra strap with her teeth and tuuuug it down the other shoulder. Her hands rest at Jane’s waist, gently pushing and shimmying the fabric upwards so more and more of her legs were revealed. -10:48 May 28 Britt
Jane: She winces as the enastic snapped against her skin with a hiss. It was so tempting to grab Britt and turn this all around but Jane wasn’t confident enough with the whole sex thing to do that yet. She could feeeeeel the dress riding up and she kneeeeeeew her sex was ready. She should feel every tiny movement of her panties against it as the dress slid against them. "Busy?" she teased sureendering to the temptation of hooking her hand around and cupping the mound of Britt’s chest and kneed it. "It seems like I have your full attention. -10:53 May 28 Jane
Britt: Britt giggled and to teach Jane a lesson, she gave a sharp nip to the supple flesh above her breast. With a good hard tug she had Jane’s dress pulled down, and now she could bury her face between them, grabbing the lacy scrap of fabric there and undo the fasting with her teeth and tongue. …it was an acquired skill! "Busy with you. Do you wanna argue with me, or do you want me to screw you silly?" -11:00 May 28 Britt
Jane: There was a small yell befire Jame clapped her hand to her mouth. "You might need to gag me if we go with option two. She said in a slightly shaky voice as she slowly unclenched herself. "I really like the sounds of it though." She god did she want Britt to touch her down there so badly but she was also really enjpying everything Britt was doing and implessed with ehr tonguework… tongue… She reached down and squeezed her own breast, presingtimg the nipple to Britt. "Well done, not take them. Tonguework like that needs to be rewarded." -11:06 May 28 Jane
Britt: There was another muffled giggle as she rest her head against her chest, then finally lift it again to give the nipple just the breifest touch of her tongue. "As you wish?" She took it in to her mouth and slid her tongue around the areola, deliberately circling the nipple before capturing it with her teeth and tugging it gently. -11:12 May 28 Britt
Jane: "Careful what you say…" she said… no moaned she the hard nipple was taken. and she grinned. So many naughty ideas were flooding her head and she would have to try them out… Britt woud do everything she said. "I wasn’t joking baout gagging me if your parents are close…" she said as the thought of those two’s ownership of Britt’s life managed to crawl into her brain but who knew, they might be in florida with the size of this house! "I’d really hate to get you in trouble." -11:18 May 28 Jane
Britt: "You wouldn’t dare." Britt narrowed her eyes. Oh, she really wanted to make Jane scream and wanted to hear it more than anything. But that was definitely a bad idea in this house! It might’ve been huge, but her Mother had a way of finding out everything. She nuzzled against the second breast, nipping even harder with her teeth before she licked and sucked the pain away. "You have to be quiet." she muttered. -11:23 May 28 Britt
Jane: IT was Britt’s choice evn if some day it might not be. Alter stiflinf more sounds, her face getting a slightly desperate look to stay quiet she swallowed. "I’ll try but you Britt…" she reached out to stroke the back of her neck. "Are just so damn good at this." She eased herself back down onto her back and covered her mouth with her hand, ther other continuing to touch and fondle Brit’s neck, her breath noticably quicker and squirms every time Britt hit a nerve noticable bigger. -11:28 May 28 Jane
Britt: It was impossible not to giggle at this point. Jane was adorable and sexy and nothing was more fun that trying to make her squeal when she really shouldn’t be. Her mouth enveloped a breast again, sucking hard. A distraction for where her hand was sneaking. Down over her stomach where her dress was all bunched up around Jane’s waist, and gliding over her outer thigh. -11:33 May 28 Britt
Jane: Her back arced pushing the breast against Britt as her hand forgot to move against the back of her nack, she bit bobitth on her hand to muffle her load moan, but that was nothing compared to every nerve lighting up to Britt’stouch down below and her body twisted as for a moent she tried to see where she was beign touched. She couldn’t keep quiet during THIS. -11:38 May 28 Jane
Britt: "Sshhhh." A simple soft warning as she rubbed her hand up and down Jane’s leg. She shifted her body weight to one knee while her hand slipped between Jane’s legs, pulling teasingly at the fabric of her panties. She caressed her fingers along the lines, biting her own lip to keep from letting out even more giggles and delighting in the expressions that flittered across Jane’s face. -11:45 May 28 Britt
Jane: Jane looked around, there had to be something shecould use to keep herself quiet, the hand was woking for now as she easied down, she entire side tirching in time with Britt’s rubbing. She didn’t daaaare say anything, she just looked at Britt with a slightly desperate glint to her eyes hoping she knew what she was doing. In spite of herslef her hand left Britt’s naxk o cup and grind into her own breast. Even when she was desperate to keep quiet she wanted more when britt was like this. -11:49 May 28 Jane
Britt: Fingers stealing beneath the fabric, Britt gently stroked up and down the length of her sex. There was no doubt how much Jane liked this, she was wet and it made it easy for Britt to slide her fingers between the folds and puuuuush her way inside. She nipped again at delicate flesh, dragging her tongue along Jane’s skin. -11:55 May 28 Britt
[Britt is breaking her own house rules! Jane was asking for it.] -02:23 Jun 12
[Jane is wodering if Britt has a ] -02:24 Jun 12
[Jane death wish.] -02:24 Jun 12
Jane: ‘DEAR GOD’ Jane was shouting in her head as her entire face was screwed up with the effort it was taking her to stay quiet, why was having to be quiet so hot? Her legs whipped around, wrapping arounf Britt’s head and squeezing but at least no sound excaped. Her breathing was already ragged an heavy and her mind was racing, there was no way she was going to last long… -02:29 Jun 12 Jane
Britt: Britt was trapped! Which had her laughing out loud and her breath falling against the sensitive exposed skin that Britt was so fondly… well. Fondling. She turned her body and head, nipping her teeth in to Jane’s thigh. Being wickedly inconsistant with the thrust of her fingers. With a hard thrust, or a gentle caress. Never with a predictable rhythem. -02:35 Jun 12 Britt
Jane: It wasn’t enough to buits her up which was frustrating but it had her twinsting and turning and moaning until the pillow was tossed aside and jane was pushingherself up to sit and look down at Britt, the hand not supporting her wieght stroking the top of Britt’s head before gripping her hair tightly. "God, I love you." she said her voice resting on a moan as it flooded out. "I never imagined… being this good. How do you get me going so easily?" -02:40 Jun 12 Jane
Britt: "I think it’s because you’re a huge slut?" Jane had her by the hair and Britt nearly purred out some strange little sound. She didn’t know why she was so infatuated herself. Why everything Jane did and was could turn her on so quick that her whole body was on fire without even being touched. Her hand pulled out so she could pounce over Jane. Shoving her back down and pinning her against the mattress with the weight of her own body. She planted a hard kiss over her mouth followed by invading it with her tongue. -02:46 Jun 12 Britt
Jane: There was a small shiek that quickly melted into a pleased sigh as Jane’s tongue met Britts and she squirmed under her. The her hand whipped aorund to slap against Britt’s butt and griped it, nales digging into her skin. "I’ve only ever had sex with you and you had to just about rape me." she muttered, not that it mattered when she was sliding past to grab Britt’s earlobe between her teeth and run her tongue against the skin. -03:01 Jun 12 Jane
Britt: "Ooo.." she coooed. Britt had a more witty retort, but she was getting used to those dying on her lips and never being said when it came to Jane. She melted on top of her, burying her face in to Jane’s neck and nuzzling against the skin. "You act like you weren’t begging for it." she complained, biting hard in to her shoulder. "Now ssshhh!" Britt untangled herself from Jane suddenly, straddled over her just long enough to grab Jane’s arm and flip her over on to her stomach. Her hand ran up the back of Jane’s neck to entangled in to her hair and grip tight. Britt leaned down to whisper in her ear. "No screaming, or I will stop." she giggled softly, drawing her index finger slowly down Jane’s spine. -03:10 Jun 12 Britt
[(Timeout) Jane has been fed to the plot bunnies for failure to participate.] -03:33 Jun 12
[Jane ] -03:47 Jun 12
Jane: Jans suddenly found herself one her stomach and grabbing for the pillow again to bite it visciously complete with growling as Britts finger made her back arch and skin tingle. "and just how are you going to make me scream when i’m like this?" she asked, actually curious. How many lesbian pisitions did britt know? -03:57 Jun 12 Jane
Britt: "Lesbian positions? You are really were a virgin, weren’t you!" Britt giggled. There was a lot of fun in being the more experienced one of the relationship, and Britt had plenty of practice. Britt shifted, slipping one of her knees between Jane’s legs to spread them wide and make room. Then her other knee joined her. As she widened her kneeling stance she was pushing Jane’s wider apart too. Wickedly, she pinched one of Jane’s butt cheeks. "Remember, not a sooooouuund." she murmured with a chirp. Without warning, her hand caressed down Jane’s backside and then dipped between her legs. Fingers wiggling and gently teasing. -04:06 Jun 12 Britt
Jane: How had britt even know Jane had been thinking that? "Sooo not anymore." she whispered before burrying her face in the pillow and letting her upper body melt as her undercarriage rose sightly and she groaned. "You’re not playing fair. I’m starting to think you just like me for booty calls." -04:12 Jun 12 Jane
Britt: "Yooooou started this!" And Britt was happy to finish it! Or more specifically finish Jane. She stroked between Jane’s legs, sliding her fingers between wet lips. Using two fingers to suddenly thrust inside. Britt gripped her hair tighter, holding her head in place while she pushed in deeper. -04:26 Jun 12 Britt
Jane: if her head had been free she would have looked back as what Britt was doing, as it was she moaned a little too loud and had to quickly stifle it with the pillow. "I was… teasing. I didn’t think you’d… here… fuck… but don’t stop." Why did Britt get to her like this? Turning her into a moaning molted lump of woman who could only think about the building climax between her legs and how much she loved the girl. She didn’t want this to end! -04:30 Jun 12 Jane
Britt: Britt widened her legs, which in turn opened up Jane even more. Giving Britt a wonderful angle and range of motion as she pulled out to her finger tips and then thrust hard all the way up to her knuckles. "How much do you want it, baby?" she was trying to sound sulty about it, but it was hard when she was full girlish giggling. Jane was the seducing type, Britt just loved fucking her silly. -04:35 Jun 12 Britt
Jane: That was almost too much, Jane wuld have laughted if opening her mouth wasn’t an invitation for a moud moan to escape as she tightened atound Britt’s fingers. "Bad…" she cooed. "I want to come and…" and what? She wanted to ravage Britt but she’s want to do it away from thos crazy parents… Damn parents.. she had to keep quiet…. "Keeping quiet is hard when I want to shove you down and sit on your face…" -04:44 Jun 12 Jane
Britt: "You’re so crass and dirty!" Which was a funny thing for her to say when she was holding the woman down by the hair and fucking her. Biting her lip, she started pushing in faster. Squirming a bit from her kneeling position, wishing she’d have something to ease the clenching between her own legs, even if it was to squeeze her own knees together. …But keeping Jane open was far more important. Britt leaned down running her tongue on the length of Jane’s back. Way, way more important. -04:52 Jun 12 Britt
Jane: There was a small muffled sound with every breath, each one carrying a deceptive about of raw passion. There was not helpign it and no more talking with significant risk if screaming britt’s name for the entire WORLD to hear. Every thrust make her clench and half twist her hips. She could feel herself slipping and the more she tried to hold on the faster she slipped out of control. "feeeck." she couldn’t even swear properly as she shook. Not climaxing but almost, so excrusiatingly close. -05:01 Jun 12 Jane
Britt: Britt let go of Jane’s hair so she could brace the weight of her body on her elbow. She buried her face in to the crook of Jane’s neck, nipping and nibbling at the skin until she reached her ear and licked along the lobe. She pushed and thrust, quicker and harder until even she was breathing faster from the exertion and groaning softly in Jane’s ear. "Please come for me, Jane.." she murmured soft before sinking her teeth in to her earlobe. -05:08 Jun 12 Britt
Jane: That voice did her in and there was a cry against the pillow as Jane clenched and she let go. Stars dnaced before her eyes and she lay panting as she lost awareness of everything except Britt. Her mind was gone and it felt like her climax lafter for a full five minutes before she was done, clowing full leww there was a wet spot on Britt’s bed that would smeel like sex nefore too long. "I don’t think I can move…" she complained weakly turning half on her side to look at Britt. "You’re amazing." -05:12 Jun 12 Jane
Britt: Britt pulled out and immediately collapsed on top of Jane, curling her arms around her with a wide grin and nuzzling in to her neck. "I bet you’d think anything was amazing right about now." She was nibbling skin again, taking advantage of her clinging to get in another grope or two while Jane was too busy reveling in well fucked bliss. -05:15 Jun 12 Britt
Jane: "Shut up, you’re amazing and… mmm" Suddenly her arms were ulling Britt up agaist her and Jane’s face was burried in the crook of her shoulders. "You hair smells amazing." she commented as she curled up gainst Britt already knowing she was losing consciousness and knowing she shouldn’t. "Thank you for fucking me silly, even if I was asking for it." -05:21 Jun 12 Jane
Britt: "Are you going to selfishly fall asleep on me now?" she teased, running her hands down one of Jane’s sides. "If you are, we should at least get in to pajamas in case my mother comes barging in here." -05:24 Jun 12 Britt
Jane: She let go and rolled onto her back. "I can’t move…" she repeatedrolling her head to look at Britt. "It’s your fault… for being so good at sex. I have the best girlfriend ever…. when it comes to sex anyway. I think you’re makign me infatuated with you." -05:32 Jun 12 Jane
Britt: "Oh so I am only the best girlfriend ever for sex!" Britt chided, scooting her way over so she could curl up at Jane’s side. Not being in physical contact was torture. "Hmm, go to sleep then. I can take care of myself without you, and then I can make you feel all guilty about it tomorrow." -05:34 Jun 12 Britt
[Jane owes her girlfriend a good fuck. >=(] -04:07 Aug 13
Britt: Britt was sleeping and sleeping deep, because her girlfriend was some sort of Amazon Fuckgoddess and Britty didn’t have nearly as much stamina! And really, it was nice to be snuggled up in bed with someone for once! -04:08 Aug 13 Britt
Jane: Jane couldn’t believe they’d had sex in Britt’s room with her stuck up scary parents on the proyl and she couldn’t help but want to make it happen again. Slowly she moved her arm out, careful not to wake Britt and was soon pushing the girl’s hair away from her neck and gently kissing her on a line from her neck to her shoulder before pushing the girl onto her back and sliding down… lookign her her prize. She didn’t want her awak yet but it would be interesting to see what did wake ehr up. Licking her finder she moved it to run Britt’s nipple. No… That wouldn’t be what she used to wake her up… -04:13 Aug 13 Jane
Britt: Britt grumbled and growled under her breath, as she was apt to do when someone dared to bother her while she was sleepng. Another mutter was followed by her swatting whatever was tickling her skin and she streeeetched to roll back over on her side. -04:30 Aug 13 Britt
Jane: "No you don’t." Jane said with a smirk on her lips before grabbing Britt’s hips and turnign her back onto her back, sliding down to lean over her and kiss her sotomage, then colmb neatly over her to pull her legs apart and kiss just above the relevant spot, her hand rubbing Britt’s hip. "I want you to wake up with my face right here…" she said before greedily licking up the length of Britt’s slit. "I’ve been through a lot to be able to do this and you being asleep isn’t going to stop me." she kissed Britt’s hood ad slipped her tongue under it before pressign her lips against Britt’s skin and sucking. This was fun! -04:42 Aug 13 Jane
Britt: "Muuh, sleeping." she complained first at being turned and shuffled around again. Something cool and wet had her letting out a shrill yelp! "Yiiieep!!" Britt slapped her hands over her mouth. If someone heard… she squirmed and tried to scoot backwards. "Whatareyoudoingbeingdamnedsneaky…!" -04:47 Aug 13 Britt
Jane: "I’m fuckign my girlfriend." Jane said with a grin before sliding two fingers up then down Britt’s slit. "Now shhhh or you’re going to get us caught." she turned her head to nip the inside of Britt’s thigh as her fingers circled the hole. "I’d like to get to taste your cum before I have to head out of here. So you’re going to put your hands on your chest and show me got you like to be touched there." -04:51 Aug 13 Jane
Britt: She just woke up, she didn’t have resistance to this! Britt groaned, squirming in protest but not finding the will to move when her skin was tingling soooo nice. "We caaaaan’t." A quick glance at the clock was a confirmation that it was morning. People would be awake any minute. "If people wake up I am in soooo much trouble…" she whined. Now to move! ….in a minute! Jane had to go and look so damned sexy with that wicked grin. -04:56 Aug 13 Britt
Jane: "You don’t get a way in this Britt, if you don’t want to get caight then you’d better be a good girl and do what I say. Hands on chest." She whats still toying with her fingers aorund the hole before she suddenly pushed then in with anothed wicked grin. The sooner you do the sooned I’ll make you come and she less chance you have of someone comign through that door." -05:09 Aug 13 Jane
Britt: "Mnu!" the jolt of sensation was sharp, forcing her to clamp her hands over her mouth again to surpress the yelp. She wiggled and fussed, tried not to giggle and let Jane have that satisfaction, but was so hopelessly enamored with bossy bossy Jane. Britt bit in to her lip to keep from making anymore sounds and slid her hands down from her mouth to her breasts. "Beeeetter?" -05:13 Aug 13 Britt
Jane: "Show me how you like being touched there." jane said slideing her finger slowlun inside Britt. "I’m not going to ask again." She watched making sure she was obeyed. "Don’t forget to lick your thumb and use that." She loved it when Britt listened to instructions… she might have to do somethign about that later. -05:20 Aug 13 Jane
Britt: This was ridiculous letting this woman have so much power over her, when it could lead to so much trouble. But Britt looooved this and was so wrapped around Jane’s fingers. …literally this time! She murmured another protest, but as requested licked a thumb before gripping her own chest and running the thumb over a nipple. Oooh, she would so much rather have Jane’s tongue doing it! "Jaa-aaaane." -05:23 Aug 13 Britt
Jane: "Yes Britt? Are you going to beg for me?" Jane couldn’t wipe the grin fromher face as she leand forwards to kiss and then suck on Britt’s hood. "Do you want me to gie you more?" -05:27 Aug 13 Jane
Britt: Yes! "Dooon’t torture me, Jane!" she pleaded, refusing to beg… yet. She squirmed, digging her toes in to the sheets and mattress and taking a deep breath to regulate her pounding heart. "You… you learn quick for a virgin! Was it all that porn you watched?" she teased and couldn’t help but giggle. This was pretty much a porn scene now! -05:31 Aug 13 Britt
Jane: "For that I’m going to make you scream." she flickign her tongue against Britt’s sex rapidly as she sped up her fingers. She had the feelign that next tiem Britt wouldn’t be able to get away with that this easily but for now she was enjoying making Britt cry out in her own home and so long as Britt was talkign it meant her mouth was open enough to do so. -05:37 Aug 13 Jane
Britt: She shivvered, just barely managing to suppress a squeak by biting in to her lip again. There was no stopping the plaintiff moaning, though. Britt grabbed one of the pillows from the bed and planted it firmly over her face to muffle her squeaking! She would have rolled if Jane wasn’t pinning her in place, which left her writhing and rooted to the spot. -05:44 Aug 13 Britt
Jane: "She moved faster, pullign her fingers out to dip her tongue in and scoop rapibly. "You taste good." she checkled before resuming and pureesign har against the apenx if Britts slit with a wet thumb and pushing against it hard and grinding it in. "Goood enough to eat…" -05:48 Aug 13 Jane
Britt: Every bit of her clenched, making her let out a long muffled groan underneath her pillow. Something was muttered, akin to You would know! but it was nearly uncomprehensible. Her legs twist and pulled closer together, and she was struggling not to clamp them around Jane’s head. -05:52 Aug 13 Britt
Jane: She grabbed Britt’s legs and wrenched them apart before talking. "Come for me Britt." THen she was clamping her lips around the hole and sucking before thrusing her tongue in deep, her hand pushing up to rub her clit. BRitts struggles made it al the sweeter. Britt was… perfect. -06:12 Aug 13 Jane
Britt: She sounded so sulty, Britt was meeeelting. Flushed hot and tingling from head to toe. If she moved that pillow she’d be screaming and waking up the hole house, so it stayed firmly planted over her face, just barely stiffling her gasps and yelping. She was so painfully closed that it ached, and no amount of shifting her hips against Jane’s movement seemed to ease it. -06:17 Aug 13 Britt
Jane: "You’re beautiful." SHe said before sucking again her fingers pinching Britt’s clit and running it between them. She was taking notes too, things to try on herself after she got home. "I want to taste you…" Jane had never thought about sex liek this, touching, pleasuring nad not being touched in return… she’d been an idiot. This was love. -06:26 Aug 13 Jane
Britt: Her limbs seized and she bucked upwards. Her hands curled in to fists against her pillow, nails digging in to the fabric, effectively keeping a very loud squeal from alerting the whole household that she was being really bad. Britt shuddered and shook. Squirmed as the bolt of feeling ran up her spine and finally let out a hiiiiiss of breath when her arms and legs turned to mush. She was never eeeeever moving again. -06:33 Aug 13 Britt
Jane: Jane had the biggest grin on her face as she moved away and up to lie down Next to her girlfriend adn pull the pillow away from her face and plant a kiss on her lips. "I love you." she whispered gently brushing her knuckles against Britt’s cheek. "Abou thow long do I ahve to get outta here and then what time are we meeting at the ice cream shop later?" She couldn’t keep it out of her voice that she was up to something but she didn’t care. "I need your expertise." -06:39 Aug 13 Jane
Britt: She was flooooating on a sea of bliss, trouble be damned. Britt curled her arms around Jane and snuggled up close before planting a kiss on her. Long and deep and much more satisfactory. "I don’t want you to go. I don’t want to go anywhere. Just wanna stay in here in bed." -06:42 Aug 13 Britt
Jane: She kissed her back, just as deep and sighed. That was all she needed to know that Britt had loved it as much as she seemed to. "And by the way, smartass, Lesbian porn is hot." she sai dbefore pinching Britt’s hip. "Besides I wanted to make sure I could please my girlfriend." -06:48 Aug 13 Jane
Repairing Destiny

Repairing Destiny 007

[Britt is in bed with her best friend turned girl turned girlfriend. Life is weird.] -04:54 Apr 30
[Jane is befinately DEFINATELY not a virgin anymore.] -04:55 Apr 30
Jane: It was warm under the blankets, snuggled up against the naked Britt, thier limbs entwined as the day dawned. Both of them had gone to sleep as sweaty exhausted messes and as the day wore on there was only a little movement under the covers until Jane started to stir. She had slept nect to Britt before but never like this and her hand had to run up and down Britt’s side to make sure she was naked as with a purr Jane remembered the day before. She was Britt, her girlfriend and the one who had showed her how good being a woman could feel… Inching forwards she stole a kiss from her cleeping lover, her hand continuing to cravel her curves. -05:02 Apr 30 Jane

As much as Jane would have moved the door to remain shut so she could escalate to nibbles and bites it studdornly refused to as Garry’s long shaggy hair poked through the door adn he squinted before clearing his throat, loudly. “Britt’s parents called. I told them she was here.” he averted his eyes as Jane turned sharply, revealing what she was wearing if the clothes scattered around the room weren’t enough of a sign. -Jane 05:04 Apr 30

Britt: Britt was out cold and not going to wake up anytime soon. But the sudden jolt in the bed and a voice had her grumbling groggily and rubbing her eyes. As soon as her vision came in to focus and she realized a dad was in the doorway, she shrieked! Snatching up the blanket and making sure she was good and covered. This was the most mortifyingly embarassing thing ever…! -05:07 Apr 30 Britt
Jane: "Dad!" Jane exclaimed trying to steal SOME of the blanket from Britt to cover herself too. "Fine we’ll be down soon just for now… privacy… please?" -05:09 Apr 30 Jane

Garry was still looking intently at the Metallica posted on Jane’s wall. “Well I guess I don’t have to worry about you getting pregnant.” he said before leaving with another “DAD” ringing throughout the room. “I’ll make breakfast.” Any excuse to leave and close the door. -Jane 05:10 Apr 30

Britt: "Oh my goooooood." Britt groaned, falling back in to bed and pulling the covers up over her head. It wasn’t even being found in bed with Jane that was the most embarassing. Or that she was worried about Jane’s dad outing her to her parents. It was… well… now a parental unit knew she had SEX. She was a lady, people weren’t supposed to KNOW these things! -05:13 Apr 30 Britt
Jane: Jane thumped down onto the pillows and looked at Britt. "Don’t worry, he won’t tattle… at least I don’t think he won’t. Either way my plan to wake you up with light touches is ruined." she sighed and sat up again. "We should head downstairs soon… you have school togat don’t you?" She ran her fingers across Britt’s cheek. "Even if I’d hate to see you go." -05:17 Apr 30 Jane
Britt: "I don’t want to go.." she pouted. Finally she was with someone she actually cared about A LOT. Where she didn’t feel like she had to pretend to be something, and it was niiiiice. …If she failed her classes, though, her parents would eat her alive. "Yeeeeah, I should get up." Britt was still pounting even while she sat up. …and winced a bit. Oooooh sore. That made her grin! -05:21 Apr 30 Britt
Jane: Jane got up quicly and stretched hanfor her hand went down to her crotch and she looked down. They could still feel the effects of yesterday and that made her shoot a grin Britt’s way. "I’ll head for the shower." she said practically bounding for the door. "It might save time if we do it together." she reached the door and pulled it open to peer out. "Dad, you downstairs?" she called out and got a yes in reply. "Don’t come up we’re going to shower." she she was slipping out to walk down the corridoor looking forwards to seeing Britt in the shower! -05:25 Apr 30 Jane
Britt: "Don’t tell him we’re showering togeeetheeeer." Parents weren’t supposed to know these things! But Britt was pleased that Jane was so bouncy. That meant she did gooood. She tossed her blanket aside and shifted to the edge of the bed. When she got up, she barely made it a step away before she collapsed to the floor with a surprised squeal! -05:38 Apr 30 Britt
Jane: "I didn’t say wer were going together. Jeez." Jane’s head popped back aorund the frame and she saw Britt on the floor. "What happened?" she asked the towels she brought beign dropped in favor of rushing to britt and taking her shoulder to help her back up onto the bed. -05:41 Apr 30 Jane
Britt: This had to be even more embarassing. Britt’s face was red and she was trying to shoo the fussy Jane away. "Nothing! My body is just a little sore and I got up too soon. I’m fiiiine!" Maybe she had overdid it just a little bit last night with the endless sexing, but it was so so worth it. -05:46 Apr 30 Britt
Jane: Britt was deposited on the endge of the bed and handed a towel before Jane sat next to her and put an arm around her. "Can you walk… can you go to school today?" Jane was feeling guilty… if she had hurt Britt with her inexperience…. -05:48 Apr 30 Jane
Britt: That look on her face. Britt laughed! "I told you, I’m fiiiiiiine. I just have to stretch a bit? This is what happens when a girl spends all her time studying and avoids exercising like the plague. Um, and it’s kinds been a long while…" -05:51 Apr 30 Britt
Jane: Jane made a face. "You could always come to the gym with me." she said teasingly. "Then maybe you’ll be able to satisfy me and be able to walk afterwards." there was a kiss the to corner of Britt’s mouth before she pulled away to avoid getting slapped. "Seriously though do you need help or anythign I can get you?" -06:09 Apr 30 Jane
Britt: Britt was definitely reaching to swat at her but she moved just in the nick of time. Britt huffed, still flushed and embarassed. "You don’t have to fawn over me. A bath would be awesome though. A long soak in the tub is way better than a shower." -06:11 Apr 30 Britt
Jane: She stood. "Then I’ll go run one for us and I’ll see you there? If you’re not in the bathroon in ten minutes I get to carry you." she was up and moving to the door again, bouncing hew way out of sight. -06:14 Apr 30 Jane
Britt: "You can’t carry me!" Britty exclaimed, not taking the threat seriously at all. …But then she was picturing it and the thought was so deliciously amusing, she kind of hoped Jane could. "Not only am I not tiny, but you have girl arms now AND spent all night using up your energy with sex. We’ll just both end up on the floor." -06:19 Apr 30 Britt
Jane: She was already gone and the sound of running water came from the bathdoor down the hall. She wished where were fancy bath salts in the house but with a scientist and an athlete who both like dthe time saves with a shower she wouldn’t even know where to look. "Five minutes before I carrry you." she called "i don’t care how much you sa I can’t" -06:24 Apr 30 Jane
Britt: "Your center of balance is all weird, you know. Have you even been training with it?" Britt stretched out her legs, testing the muscles Uuurgh. She was going to be walking strange for a day or two. She really had put a lot of energy in to Jane. How could she not? Her best friend was someone she loved forever, and just by accident he turned in to the girl of her dreams. -06:28 Apr 30 Britt
Jane: "Don’t remind me." there was a note of irritation in her voice. "I need someone to spar against, there’s only so much I can to against bags." HSe appeared at the doorway, her face poking round the door frame to get a good look at her still naked girlfriend. "So no wild sexcapades tonight because you need your legs?" -06:31 Apr 30 Jane
Britt: "None at all?" the pouting was in the tone of her voice, and that sad saaad look on her face. How was she supposed to not touch and love and do all sorts of things to Jane now that she was perfectly allowed to? "That doesn’t seem fair. What if I just don’t use my legs from now on?" -06:33 Apr 30 Britt
Jane: "Then maaaybe you can get laid tonight." she said inching into the room and moving closer with a shit eating grin on her face and a look of pure evil behind her eyes. "But only because I probably woulnd’t be abe to say no to you anyway." -06:37 Apr 30 Jane
Britt: Jane was being all stalky predator-like and Britt was biting her tongue trying not to giggle. With the woman stark naked, she looked like a wicked goddess. All legs and curvy limbs, and with her hair getting longer it was even more striking. Britt was entranced and forgetting all about the threats. "You wouldn’t get much of a choice anyway. I don’t take no for an answer." -06:42 Apr 30 Britt
Jane: She leaned down in front of Britt util thier faces were inches from each other. "Is that so?" she asked poking Britt’s chest. "And which one of us us the one still standing?" she leaned forther forwards until thier lips just brushed. "And who is going to take hold of my shoulde so she can get to the bathroom?" -06:45 Apr 30 Jane
Britt: Britt swatted at the poking, and thought about the rest. Still thinking that carrying her was going to end up with both of them on the floor, she took the challenge! She wrapped her arms around Jane’s neck and nuzzled against her cheek. "Are you going to be one of those Amazon women?" -06:49 Apr 30 Britt
Jane: She turnrd to capture Britt’s lips in a kiss. "I don’t think my boobs are big enough." she said as she curled her arm arounf her and moved to stand, pulling her up with her. "But if you mean a woman who is strong and can kick butt then yes!" -06:51 Apr 30 Jane
Britt: Britt squealed and buried her face at Jane’s neck, fully expecting to hit the floor with her in seconds. But she hadn’t been dropped and no one had fallen. She looked completely astonished. "The only women I’ve seen that can lift so much are the scary ones with the creepy man muscles. …don’t ever get scary man muscles?" -06:55 Apr 30 Britt
Jane: Jane rolled her eyes. "For that I’d need steriods and no… never." she started walking, slowly towards the door. "I hope the bath isn’t overfull with hot water now… and I’ll have to come back for the towels… dammit." still this wasn’t going so bad! -06:57 Apr 30 Jane
Britt: Britt giggled and tried not to kick her feet around. So instead she very wickedly enjoying groping at Jane’s boobs while her arms were too busy to defend herself, and nuuuuzzled in to her ear. "I think I like this a lot. I’ll let you carry me to the bath every day!" -06:59 Apr 30 Britt
Jane: "So you plan on staying here every night and not being bale to walk every morning?" she asked KNOWING Britt’s hand on her breast was no coincidence. "It feels lik eyou don’t want to get clean in the bath." she added casting Britt’s hand a very obvious look. -07:01 Apr 30 Jane
Britt: "I don’t know what you’re talking about, I have every intention of getting clean." All the while she was squeazing at her breast and rubbing her thumb over the nibble. Trying very hard not to keep her giggling under control. -07:10 Apr 30 Britt
[Britt has her dreeeeaaam girlfriend!] -06:21 May 02
Jane: She bit her lip for a moment and looked at Britt. "WEll if you keep doing what you’re doing you’re going to be doing very dirty things while you’re getting clean." They reached the bathroom doon and Jane pushe it open before reaching back to slap Britt;s butt cheek as revenge for the breast fondling.. "Now where do I put you while I finish running the water?" -06:26 May 02 Jane
Jane: She bit her lip for a moment and looked at Britt. "WEll if you keep doing what you’re doing you’re going to be doing very dirty things while you’re getting clean." They reached the bathroom doon and Jane pushe it open before reaching back to slap Britt;s butt cheek as revenge for the breast fondling.. "Now where do I put you while I finish running the water?" -06:26 May 02 Jane
Britt: There was a yelp, followed by Britt sinking her teeth in to Jane’s neck as vengeance. The bite was a bit rough, but it was soothed quickly with a lick of her tongue. "Just dump me in the bath. You didn’t HAVE to carry me all the way in here!" -06:28 May 02 Britt
Jane: "AAAAH." Jane grabbe Britt’s hair to push her back against the glass wall of the shower before her hand hand slapped Britt’s hip and rubbed her fingertips over the spot. "Fine, get in." she stepped away but not before, either accidentally or on purpose her hand brushed over Britt’s sex as she retreated. "I’ll be behind you." -06:32 May 02 Jane
Britt: "Sooo bossyyy…" Ooooh, but Britt did love. It was impossible to hide that worshipping look. Hmm and now her skin was all tinglie. Britt very carefully climbed in to the tub, wincing a bit at her sore limbs but at least now not toppling anywhere in a useless heap. It took a little bit of grunting and huffing but she settled down in the tub and siiiiiiighed in relief. Hot water felt so good! -06:36 May 02 Britt
Jane: Jane clinbed in, her back to the taps and facinf Britt. She hesitated for a moment before she let her crotchsubmerge, a thoughtful look crossing her face as she settled down and sighed. "So Britt, you want to get clean?" she asked with only one eye open as she rested with ehr elbow on the side of the tub. "And since you’re as weak as a lamb…" she scooched forwards her foot coing up between Britt’s legt and gressing against her grotch. "I’ll have to clean you muself…" she pushed agaist her with her foot, grinding it side to side in a twisting motion. "Everwhere that I got dirty." -06:41 May 02 Jane
Britt: She jumped, causing water to splash everywhere, and with her best coy smile, splashed some of it at Jane. "You have the worst lines! How did you ever get a girlfriend?" It was working on her though. Or maybe it was because she was teasing her in the best way possible. Britt reached under water to tickle her foot. -06:46 May 02 Britt
Jane: "You should ask yourself that. Girlfriend." she said grinning right back at her and taking Britt’s hoof in her hand, her own foot keeping up the motion against Britt’s sex as Jane’s fingers massages up and down Britt’s tandons and slipped between her toes. "Hmmm… shouldn’t I be making you do this to me? For taking my virginity like you did…. hmmm…?" -06:49 May 02 Jane
Britt: "What? Shuddup." What was the conversation again? Britt decided it wasn’t important, curling her toes and sliiiiiding in to the water as she leaned back against the tub and relaxed. Jane had her purring and tugging gently at the toes attached the foot that was doing the opposite of helping her get clean. "Huuum, I want to take you home with me." -06:55 May 02 Britt
Jane: "What’s stopping you?" she asked rubbing the botting of the foot and lifting it out of the water to rub it gently with a soapy spongue, mating sure to get in between each toe and all that way halfway up the calf. "Other than the fact that you’re naked and…" the pushed harder with her foot for a second. "That." -06:57 May 02 Jane
Britt: "Hrm." She clenched and her thighs squeezed together with Jane’s foot in between them. It was crazy being so relaxed, and yet so, sooo frisky too. "They don’t know I like girls and won’t be very happy about it." Britt still didn’t know how that conversation would go, and she was suspected it’d end with her getting kicked right out the front door. -07:05 May 02 Britt
Jane: "Oh…" That was dissapointing and a little sad. Jane took Britt’s other foot and started on it before looking at her best friend turned girlfriend. "So you havn’t told them… you didn’t tell me… who have you told outside of exes?" -07:07 May 02 Jane
Britt: "I guess the people that have seen me with my girlfriends? I haven’t really told anyone directly. It’s not their business." With her first foot free, she rest it neatly between Jane’s breasts, being far too amused with tapping them back and forth. "I’ll tell them when I have to, and then they’ll just have to deal with it. It’s not like I am afraid to tell them, it’s just… it’s going to be a mess." -07:10 May 02 Britt
Jane: Her foot stopped moving and the gently llifted Britt’sfoot off her of to slide up and lie on her side next to Broot to plant a kiss on her lips, slow and lingering as her hand took the place where her foot was to gently run Britt’s folds. "Whever that happens I’m here for you." she said. "Even if we’re not together by that point." She sat back up to reach for ther soap with her free hand and lather it against Britt’s breasts as the attnetion to Britt’s crotch kept going at the same lazy pace. -07:14 May 02 Jane
Britt: Jane was sweet and charming and crazy sexy. Britt reached out to throw her arms around her neck, ignoring the great deal of sloshing that did and planted a rough kiss on her mouth. Who cared if she was going to be sore for a month! She pushed her tongue in to her mouth and ravished her lips. And any amount of sanity she had left was clearly gone in the way she growled. -07:19 May 02 Britt
Jane: "!!!" She hadn’t expected that reaction but she’d be lying if she said she wasn’t pleased with it. Her gasp and purr were olmost comepletely lost int the kiss a second before her fingers entered Britt and slid deeper to stay there as she deepened the kiss, morre of her wieght dearing down on Britt’s lips. -07:30 May 02 Jane
Britt: A hiss of breath escaped followed by a looooong sigh. There was no getting enough of Jane. If it could be like this forever, Britt really had stumbled in to something perfect by sheer accident. She kissed her, squirming in the water and tightening her grip around Jane’s neck until one of her hands were digging in to her hair and the other had her fingernails digging in to her shoulder. -07:33 May 02 Britt
Repairing Destiny

Repairing Destiny 006: Britt’s Confession

[Jane is trying to blend in a girl, so she’s wearing a shapely blue tshirt, back skirt, black stockings and her shoes as well as carrying a new school bag to keep her identity safe as she waits outside Britts class.] -03:24 Apr 25
[Britt is not so sure she likes her major.] -03:26 Apr 25
Britt: Britt is doing well, aside from the fact she is avoiding her best friend because she wants to bone her. At least the class she missed wasn’t and important lesson. And today she had to sit through lessons about advertising strategies. Why did she even pick this career? When she stepped out of class with her notebook in hand and bag slung over her shoulder, she was really surprised to see Jane there. …and a little irked! She made sure to keep walking even as she greeted her. "Hey…! I thought you were transfering schools. Did you change your mind?" -03:27 Apr 25 Britt
Jane: "No, I’m not meant to be here." Jane admitted before grabbing onto Britt’s arm and walking with her. "I wouldn’tneed to come here if you weren’t ignoring my calls and I have no idea why… and I don’t really care unless I screwed up somehow then I’m sorry…" she sighed. "Star broke up with me… or we broke up I’m unsure but the bettom line is she’s just not attracted to me anymore and I can’t handle that and my best friend being too upset to tal to me at the same time so whatever I did I’m sory." -03:31 Apr 25 Jane
Britt: "Ah, baby…" Dammit, of all the times for a breakup to happen. Now Britt felt terrible about ignoring those calls. She stopped her walking to tug Jane in to a tight hug. "I’m not mad at you, I’ve just been… busy with school. What happened..? Do you need me to go and beat her up? It’ll be really easy…" -03:34 Apr 25 Britt
Jane: She hugged Britt abck and shook her head. "No, it’s not her fault. She’s just not into girls and she tried to be for me. She even wanted to try having sex before she… you can’t change who you like." Resting her head on Britt’s shoulder. "She’s as sad about this as I am." -03:37 Apr 25 Jane
Britt: "I guess at least you both tried…" Britt still kind of wanted to go beat up the girl, but she didn’t have any real animosity towards her. She smoothed her hands up and down Jane’s back, then stroked her hair softly. Her hair was getting longer, and Britt really liked it that way. "How about we go home and forget about everything today…?" -03:41 Apr 25 Britt
Jane: "Don’t you still have classes?" she asked pulling away and moving her hands to Britt’s shoulders. She had just been dumped and blueballed and she wasn’t thinking strait and being too close to Britt was a bad idea. She didn’t need to freak TWO strait girls out in one week. "I can understand if you’re busy. I could head back to the gym and work off my frustrations there." -03:46 Apr 25 Jane

SLAP! There went a hard smack on Britt’s ass, right before an incredibly tall dude draped an arm around Britt’s shoulders and then one around Jane’s. Standing in between them with a smarmy grin. “Whatsuuuup sugar? Got a new girlfriend, Brittaaaaany? We gonna get a nice lesbo show or are ya going to be cool and let me get in on a bit of that?” -Britt 04:16 Apr 25

-Jane 04:22 Apr 25

“Ha, good one Roy.” came an guffaw from behind them as Roy’s two friend high fived. “Man what I wouldn’t give to pork a rug muncher.” -Jane 04:24 Apr 25

Jane: Jane stiffened and a twirl later was out of the boy’s grip and glaring at him. "For you information ROY my girlfriend just broke up with me… And another thing. So what if I’m a lesbian." was it that obvious? "Yes it’s fun to perv or to LOL lesbians just because you can’t stand the idea of girls not being interested in you. How about I walk aorund going LOL strait people. Hmmm? Do you even know what it’s like… many people have to live with secrets and when they let them out for a chance at being happy they risk losing frieinds, family… everything. I’m sure as hell lucky it wasn’t like that for me but I love wearing pants, I kick box, I’ve never ever dreamed of kissing a boy and girl are sexy as hell to me so if you want to creep on or make fun of a lesbian here I am, the biggest one you’l EVER meet." Without realizign it her left hand had come up to horl half of a guard while her right remained at her side, balled into a fist. -04:36 Apr 25 Jane
Britt: Britt was pale as a sheet, she’d just been outed by this sleezy douchebag and now Jane was going to be pissed off at her or -worse-. …but that’s not what happened. Jane assumed the idiot was talking about her and now Britt was staring at her in surprise. After all of that teasing she threw out and all of those dumb comments. Was it really how she felt or was she just looking to take out her bad week on someone who probably deserved it? Britt shifted to take Jane’s arm gently, either way, she didn’t want to see a fight no matter how hot Jane looked at the moment. "It’s fine. I can skip my classes today." -04:45 Apr 25 Britt

The guy just burst out laughing, not taking a word of it seriously. “You fiesty like that in bed too, sugar? I bet you wouldn’t be wasting time with girls if a REAL man shoved a dick in ya. Brittany knows, doncha? You like a little bit of both ways.” He chortled, thrusting his hips at both the girls and rubbing his crotch. “I gota enough for the both of ya.” -Britt 04:45 Apr 25

Jane: Britt was shoved out the way, hard and Jane stepped forwards, her guard coming aff the way up… SHIT! She was committed and if the gym had taught her anythign it was that her new body was not the same… so she stayed low. A kick to the boy’s calf to unbalance HIM then putt all her wieght of the fron foot and use it to concentrate all her wieght into her right first and drive it into his chest sending him down onto her back. Then she took two steps back, breathing steady and guard raised, hair falling over her face but she didn’t care. "Bring your slimey greaseball cock near me and that rib that didn’t broke because I pulled at the last second… I won’t pull my punch when I aim down there and kicks are a lot harder than strait punches." she didn’t come to this school anymore so she couldn’t get in trouble… but britty might… -04:53 Apr 25 Jane
Britt: The guy was on the ground groaning and coughing, slapping his friend’s hand away when he offered help. Britty was standing there staring at Jane, baffled. Girl fights happened all the time, and Britty would roll her eyes. It was childish and stupid with all the slapping and hair pulling. But it was so different to see a women in full control of herself and take someone down in two hits. Britty hated fighting, but strength was so so sexy… …she made a bit of a strangled squeak as she grabbed Jane’s hand and started dragging her away. "Okay, that’s enough of that, he gets the point! We’re going home!" -05:00 Apr 25 Britt
Jane: "Good I can’t wait to get out of here…" Jane walked quickly next to Britt and headed strait for the exit. "I was bluffing. I hit him full force and I still havn’t worked this body out to the level I’m used to." She let out a breath and pulled her keys from her pocket. She replayed the entire event in her mind and shook her head. "You know I never realized I felt like that." She said with a smile. "Lucky… I get to start over and redifine who I am and maybe let go of a lot of baggage." she opened her door and got in, opening her bag to reveal boxes of cookies, packets of chips, and other low cost high volume snacks that she had bought to make the bag look like it wasn’t empty. "It started as me trying to get a cover story together… thinking of all the things a lesbian would face so I could pass as one and… coming out would SUCK." -05:08 Apr 25 Jane
Britt: Britt slid in to the passenger’s seat, almost smirking at the bag full of snacks. But she was too preoccupied with the fact Janes was so… Britt didn’t even know how to described it. Britt leaned to brush a hand against her cheek, then kissed the corner of her mouth. "I didn’t think I’d ever hear you say something like that." -05:13 Apr 25 Britt
Jane: A kiss? "I didn’t think I would either… but I’ve been…" the engine started. "I’ve been trying to work out what it means to be me since I’m still me even after I lost one of my defininf caracteristics and if I’m still me then it obviously wasn’t that defining and… It hasn’t been easy but I’ve tried. I have to say though it feels damn food to know I can still hit someone. Maybe I should just keep doing that instead." She tried to get though that without reacting to the kiss or read too much into it becuase that would be stupid but there she was, staring at the dashboard because it wasn’t Britt and swearing there was color to her cheeks. -05:18 Apr 25 Jane
Britt: "It’s true though. The only thing that’s changed about you is your body and I’m glad adjusting hasn’t been hard. I’m sorry about Star, though…" Poor Jane. She loved Star, and it was the first she had ever tried a REAL relationship with someone. And here was Britt being a total douchebag all the time and trying to molest her. Even now Britt was itching to hug her and hold her and try to make everything better for her. "Lets get back to your place, okay? We can hop in to bed and just watch movies all day." -05:22 Apr 25 Britt
Jane: She reversed the car out and started driving the familiar rout home. "That wounds great… and don’t worry about Star, okay? I’ll be fine… I’ll just be dumb and might creep on you because you’re the nearest available girl that I actually like for a while. Fell free to slap me and remind me you’re strait and what happened the last time I made out with a strait girl." it was mostly a joke, mostly. -05:28 Apr 25 Jane
Britt: She was breaking her heart! Trying to pretend like it didn’t hurt her, and Britty just wanted to shake her and kiss her for it. Jane could be so strong one minute and then trying desperately to hold it together the next. That was something she did as James too. Britt’s fingers itched. "So nothing different than usual, hmm?" she teased softly. -05:32 Apr 25 Britt
Jane: Jane roleld her eyes. "I havn’t seriously tried to make out with you in years." she said as she waited for the light to turn green so she could enter her suburb. "You fault for being so cute. And kissing me. It’s almost like you WANT me to get handsy with you." -05:43 Apr 25 Jane
Britt: How close to the truth that was! Britt made sure not to look directly at her, because she’d probably betray her thoughts with that stupid longing look on her face. She tried to shift the subject away from herself for a bit. "Yeah well, I woulda punched that asshole myself if I could swing hard enough. The look on his face when he hit the floor was priceless." -05:48 Apr 25 Britt
Jane: "I probably shouldn’t have done that." she admitted. "You could get into trouble for it but… The lore I think about it the lore I respect gays and lesbians and… he hit a lot of buttons related to that and if you were gay I’d probably have to apologize to you… I’m sorry anyway even if you’re not. I’ve been a jerk." -05:52 Apr 25 Jane
Britt: An apology too? Britt shifted uncomfortably in her seat. This secret was killing her and Jane was being so unbelievably amazing. Actually learned something amazing, and if it hadn’t been bad enough that Britt was infatuated with her before, and how she cared about James… this was just too much. "Apology accepted. You kind of surprise me… I mean, I knew you could adapt to all this, but I didn’t think you’d have an apiphany…" -05:57 Apr 25 Britt
[(Timeout) Britt has been fed to the plot bunnies for failure to participate.] -06:29 Apr 25
Jane: "well if that’s what you want to call it I won’t stop you." she said as she pulled up outside her house and killed the engine. "I… I think I’ll make an alright girl. Don’t your? That’s probably why I’m wearing a skirt instead of jeans. Sort of symbolizes the change doesn’t it?" -06:29 Apr 25 Jane
[Britt enters.] -06:30 Apr 25
Britt: "It helps that skirt are super comfortable too. Now lets go inside and get you out of it." Britt didn’t mean to let that sound so dirty. All she had intended was getting comfortable. She pushed her way out of the car and just left her schoolbag in there. She wouldn’t need it. -06:33 Apr 25 Britt
Jane: Jane got out, taking her snackbag with her and locked the car before mounting the trairs thre at a time and unlockign the door. "Dads at work so don’t need to worry about him. I was going to spend all day at the gym but if you’re ignoring me I know somethign is seriously wrong.. or just super busy." She headed for the stairs trying not to think on Britts word choice too much. They were going to snuggle under blankets. skirts would be all over the place under there. -06:39 Apr 25 Jane
Britt: "It wasn’t about YOU if that’s what you were all paranoid about." At least not in the way she was probably assuming. Britt had been trying to be responsible and a good person. Her best friend in the middle of emotional crisises, and there she was taking every sort of advantage possible. …and really, here she was again doing the exact same thing. But NOW Jane didn’t have a girlfriend and honestly Jane wouldn’t have kissed on her herself if she had really been that in to Star. …which was giving Britt something really interesting to think about as she followed Jane in to the house, and tilted her head watching her ass as they climbed the stairs. "Why leggings, anyway. When you have nice legs you should be showing them off." -06:44 Apr 25 Britt
Jane: "I’ve enver worn them before and wanted to try them." She shrugged as she entered her room and kicked off her shoes before falling butt first onto her bed and pulling up her skirt to wriggle out of them and push them down and kick them off too. "And I was going to school and trying NOT to attract attention." -06:49 Apr 25 Jane
Britt: "Kinda bombed on that one, didn’t you." Britt grinned, plopping down on the bed next to her. She really did have looooong lovely legs. Britt wore skirts all the time, but she didn’t have legs like that. It was probably all the working out she did. Britt wondered if she had on any underwear with those leggings… "Hmm…! So, hmm." Where the hell did her thoughts go. She was going to say something, but now her head was in the gutter. -06:54 Apr 25 Britt
Jane: "Hmmmm?" She mimmiced to prompt Britt to continue, moving her face closer to hers as the sound continued. "What is iiiiit?" she rested her arm on Britt’s shoulder, leaning into her as she smiled. Britt always made her feel better just by talking which was why she wanted her company now. "Penny for your thoughts?" -06:58 Apr 25 Jane
Britt: Jane was accidentally sexy. All the time. It baffled Britt how some people just naturally she could be. "I was just thinking how amazing it was to watch you kick someone’s ass. It’s kind of hot when girls do it." Her fingers were itching again to grab and cling. And her resistance was very quickly fading fast! -07:03 Apr 25 Britt
Jane: "So Britt likes fighter girls?" Jane asked, her grin widening. "Girls that can kick ass and don’t bother with the gum?" she was grinning too much, amused by the thought of Britt fangirling over some video game character… then the image became her… "Then you should come to my fights. I’ll kick all the ass." -07:06 Apr 25 Jane
Britt: Hot sweaty women circling and throwing punches and looking sexy as all hell? Britt was SO there. "Maybe I will. But if anyone swings blood or sweat on me, I’m going to be pretty pissed." One grin and Britt was smitten. Smirking ridiculously in response and throwing her arms around Jane. Screw it, screw it to hell! "I happen to like strong women a lot. A lot." she muttered. -07:10 Apr 25 Britt
Jane: Jane blinked, her eyes going wide as she shivered slightly. "A lot?" Damn, her voice was higher pitched than she meant it to be. "Words like that are dangerous to a lesbian on the rebound." she said as her arms finally closed aorund Britt. If she cling to the girl she wouldn’t do anything stupid. "I might take it the wrong way." -07:14 Apr 25 Jane
Britt: "There’s a lot of things you take the wrong way. And then you miss all the stuff you should have realized by now." Britt was deliberately being vague. Maybe she was still a little nervous about actually out right saying it. And now Britt just couldn’t help herself. She leaned in to Jane’s embrace nuzzling gently against her cheek. "Tell me, are you really upset about Star or relieved?" She had to know. -07:17 Apr 25 Britt
Jane: She looked away, breaking Britt’s contact with her cheek. "I knew she wasn’t into me a lot longer than she did and I’m relieved she realized it before we actaully had sex." she said. "It’s better than dragging on through something that isn’t working." -07:21 Apr 25 Jane
Britt: Britt captured her chin and forced her to look her in the eyes. She examined Jane’s face carefully with a frown. "And before you were a girl? How much did you really love Star? Honestly?" -07:26 Apr 25 Britt
Jane: She stared into her eyes her brow furrowing. "she was fun, she was a little geeky and cute. How am I meant to answer that? She was the first girl I took seriously and I really thought we had something. I don’t know if it was love anymore but… What is love? What does it matter?" -07:29 Apr 25 Jane
Britt: "Because I don’t want to feel guilty for doing this." And by this, she meant leaning forward and brushing her mouth gently against Jane’s. Kissing softly until both of her hands were up to capture her head and press harder. She had been wanting to do that since she knocked that asshole to the floor…! -07:32 Apr 25 Britt
Jane: Alarms were going off in Jane’s head but all that happened outside of it were her lips parting nad her hands openeing and blosing several times as her brain tried to decide what to do. Britt was kissing her, not for the first time but she had never done it like THIS before. Was this a joke? Jane kindof hoped it wasn’t since she was already leaning forwards into the kiss and palsing her hands on the curves of Britt’s waist. -07:36 Apr 25 Jane
Britt: There was no girlfriend to worry about now, and though Britt still had some worries that it was all going to blow up in her face later, at this point she didn’t care anymore! A flick of her tongue teased Jane’s lips before she nibbled. Her hand slipped down her neck, brushing a thumb gently over her collarbone before her fingers curled underneath her shirt and started popping buttons open. -07:41 Apr 25 Britt
Jane: This was escalating quickly and half of Jane was screaming at her to stop this before it went further and the the other half wanted to see how far it would go. Pulling back she looked at Britt, trying to figure her out as she let the girl undo her shirt without stopping her. She was even absentmindedly pulling one Brit’s shirt as her eyes ondered downwards. "You’re really doing this arn’t you… she asked bringing her eyes back up to Britt’s face. -07:46 Apr 25 Jane
Britt: "You’re the densest person I have ever met." Britt muttered, unbuttoning the shirt the rest of the way and tugging it hard to pull Jane closer. She buried her face at her neck, nuzzling in to soft skin and nipping gently as she shoved Jane’s shirt off her shoulders. Britt had been wanting to touch for tooooo long. Her hands were already grazing up Jane’s sides to reach behind her back and pop off the bra. -07:50 Apr 25 Britt
Jane: Why did that sudden freedon and exposure of her bra coming off feel like one of the sexiest things in the world? A gast escaped her as she melted and a small moan as she pulled Britt’s shirt up her back. This was completely unfair. Jane was caught by surprise and had no idea what to do; but what she did know is her hips were squirming and couldn’t sit still. -07:57 Apr 25 Jane
Britt: Jane’s bra was tossed somewhere in the floor and Britt was shoving the girl down on her back. With a hand braced next to her head, she hovered over her, dipping for sudden hard kiss. Britt carassed her hand over her stomach. Skin so soft but the muscle underneath was firm. One of her legs slipped between Jane’s. Pushing upwards to grind up between her thighs about the moment her hand cupped one of her breasts and a thumb brushed over a nipple. -08:02 Apr 25 Britt
Jane: There was a deep moan into the kiss before jane turned away to catch her breath and try to follow everythign that was going on. She was trapped and helpless and that was frustrating but dammit she didn’t want to mooove if not movinggot her more of this. So Britt was at least bisexual and this was really happening. Her chest rose as the squirmed under Britt; a hand burring itself in her hair as the other pulled on her shirt. irritated that it was still in place but with her li between her teeth there was no way for her to say so. -08:06 Apr 25 Jane
Britt: Britt grinned against Jane’s mouth. What a wooooonderful sound! She nipped her mouth and then a trail of kisses and teeth along her jaw. Britt bit harder in to her neck followed by sucking and running her tongue over the spot. She nuzzled her nose against her collarbone, all the while her knee was grinding in to Jane’s crotch. Jane had no idea what it was like to be screwed as a woman, and all the ways to be tormented. Britt giggled, squeezing one of her breasts right before he mouth descended and a very wet tongue circled a nipple. -08:13 Apr 25 Britt
Jane: She wanted to close her legs, anythign to lessen thesensation down there so she could THINK but al they did was twitch as she lifted her head to watched the tongue against her nipple. Attention to the chest had always been nice but this was somethign else entirely. It dawned on her that this was the firat time her new body had been touched there, REALLY touched on the chest on the crotch which brought naother moan from her as her head fell back and her body rose against Britt. This was madening. -08:26 Apr 25 Jane
Britt: It was really hard not to giggle and Britt didn’t even bother trying to hide her smiling. There wasn’t a guy on the planet she actually enjoyed doing this with. I was all mechanic and lackluster. With her girlfriends it had been great and she was actually happy, but this was intoxixatingly fun. Britt curled an arm under Jane’s back, resting herself more comfortably under her. Now she had the leverage to move her other arm freely. She ran her hand up those long wonderful legs and under Jane’s skirt. Brushing her fingers between her legs, Britt was really pleased to find this wasn’t all just pretend. She strooooked. -08:33 Apr 25 Britt
Jane: The moment that hand went under she knew what to expect, but not how it would feel. "Britt…" she said in a low, moan laden voice at it got closer, her eyes searching for Britt’s beofre she gasped and pushed her crotch against the hand. Shit shit shit shit. It wsa not officially sex and not just making out bigtime. What was if like to cum as a girl? Would Nritt want Jan eot make her cum too? She didn’t know if she could when she didn’t seem to be in control anymore. -08:37 Apr 25 Jane
Britt: She laughed, burying her face in Jane’s chest as she did. She looooved to hear her name like that. She also loved knowing she had someone so strong at the mercy of her hands. Shifting upwards, Britt nuzzled against Jane’s ear. "I like girls… I haven’t always known, but I like them very much." She nibbled gently on her ear, her middle finger dipping between her lips and stroking deeper. -08:45 Apr 25 Britt
Jane: [i]THen Im happy I’m ma girl.[i/] ahw yould ace siad the words if she wasn’t moaning and [ressing i, or trying to. Britt was alazing at this and Jane was completely wrapped un in it. "Not complaining…" she finally managed. "You’re amazing." -08:52 Apr 25 Jane
Britt: Britt giggled again. If Jane could still speak, that meant she wasn’t being amazing enough. A second finger pushed in and Britt sank them in up to her knuckle. Her thumb made a lazy circle around her clit. "Tell me how amazing. I want to know." Her mouth was on Jane’s after that, kissing hard and needy. Her tongue thrusting in to her mouth the same moment she began thrusting her hand. Slow and steady pumping in and out. Britt fully expected her to try and reply! -08:58 Apr 25 Britt
Jane: It was too much! The hand being trust into her and the tongue. There was a stifled cry that she would edit out in her head later as she pressed up against Britt. "Su… fuck." she gave up trying to talk, she couldn’t try to use her mouth without a fresh moan escaping and she was using it all the time now, her tongue geeting Brit’s as a new feeling continue to build inside her. -09:01 Apr 25 Jane
Britt: "Cooooomme for meeee." she muttered in a soft sing-song whisper. With her grinning and her giggling, it was a wonder how she even found a moment to kiss her again. To suck on her tongue hard enough to draw it in to her mouth and bite. She pumped faster, finding herself squirming and grinding against the leg she straddled. Oooh, having Jane like this was so sexy..! -09:07 Apr 25 Britt
Jane: It wasn’t going to take long for her too, she could feel it building inside her. Her eyes screwed shut and she drew in a sharp breath,, once, twice… each one louder and fillowed by a louder cry before she let go, the room filling with her scrouming voice as how fluid flooded around Britt’s fingers and Jane collapsed, breathign hard, her brain melting. She wasn’t a virgin anymore and had just had sex with Britt… -09:10 Apr 25 Jane
Britt: Britt was so pleased. Biting her bottom lip as she retracted her hand to wrap her arms around Jane and nuzzle and nip at her neck. She was still squirmy and not done by a longshot, but having Jane scream for her… Britt was very content with that, and maybe the fallout later would be worth it. -09:13 Apr 25 Britt
Jane: "Fucking hell Britt…" she mumbled; finally catching her breath. "That was intense." she wanting to curl up with her but her limbs felt weak and shakey and moving Britt’s wieght would be impossible. "Hell of a first time…" -09:16 Apr 25 Jane
Britt: "I suppose your first time as a girl would feel super intense." Hmmm. Britt licked up her neck. Now that her hand was free, she was groping a breast again. Her fingers still a little slick. -09:19 Apr 25 Britt
Jane: She olooked down at her breast and then at Britt. "First time ever…" she didn’t knwo why she corrected Britt but she did rigth before moving in nuzzle and kiss her cheek. -09:21 Apr 25 Jane
Britt: Britt paused, pulling back a bit and looking completely dubious. "Ever? Like, never ever had sex, ever? You’re lying to me…" ALL of those girls she dated all of the time. It was impossible. -09:22 Apr 25 Britt
Jane: Her hand moved to the abck of Britt’s head to pull her back down with what strength she had. "I never really trusted any of them enough…" She nipped her lip and sucked o it with a tug. She didn’t want this to stop. -09:24 Apr 25 Jane
Britt: "But…" she protested and squirmed, but she really had no intentions of going anywhere. "A first time is supposed to be special. I just… molested you!" Britt pouted. If she kneeeew Jane was an all out virgin, she could have had a lot more self restraint. She didn’t get a good first time, but she could have given one. -09:28 Apr 25 Britt
Jane: Jane was getting iritated and grabbed both of Britt’s shoulder to roll them both over and stradle and FINALLY pull Britt’s shirt off. "Didn’t you hear me?" she asked "I wouldn’t have screamed like that if I hadn’t enjoyed it." She was grinning down at Britt as she rubbed her shoulders. "It was with you… that makes it special." -09:31 Apr 25 Jane
Britt: Britt huffed. Didn’t she understand how much of a big deal that was? "I didn’t even give you the full workover. I should’ve had you in bed moaning for hours." Her shirt had been stolen. Now that she was the one being sat on, Britt was finding herself flushing and squirming again. Jane had been mindless with pleasure before, now she was staring! "Is it really? Special with me?" -09:36 Apr 25 Britt
Jane: She leaned down and pushed thier lips together. "Yes Britt, and it’s not over yet… you need to shot me how to lesbian and we still have naked movietime to look forwards to… god my arms feel like jelly." -09:39 Apr 25 Jane
[Britt molested a virgin and now she feels bad!] -02:42 Apr 28
[Jane is weak and wobbly but that’s not gonna stop her!] -02:44 Apr 28
Britt: Britt was very pleased she had Jane all wobbly, but she was also still pouting because a first time was supposed to be a million times more special. It was too easy to forget that Jane didn’t grow up as a girl over romantisizing the entire thing, and then sleeping around with a bunch of lackluster dudes. She was still pouting even while running her hands up and down Jane’s upper thighs. "And what is involved in showing you how to lesbian? That’s the weirdest thing I have ever heard!" -02:47 Apr 28 Britt
Jane: She was looking down at her best friend’s chest and with her still throbbing crotch seeing her like this and knowing she was allowed to think sext thoughts was almost too much! She half pounced and half colapsed on top of her, thier lips connecting full force as bother her ands grabbed a boob each and squeezed. "It doesn’t matter what it means." she said before slidiing to the side and lying next to Britt to nuzzled her shoulder, an impacient hand sliding down her stomach to undo her pants and zipper to slider underneath and rub on top of her panties. -02:53 Apr 28 Jane
Britt: Jane had noooo idea how hot she was. Britt let out a strangled sort of squeak, squirming all over again as she dug her fingers in to Jane’s hair to hold her head captive and ravish her mouth. It still almost felt like she was doing a bad thing and taking advantage, but Britt didn’t care anymore. She raked her teeth along Jane’s jaw. -02:58 Apr 28 Britt
Jane: There was a happy sqeak that ebbed into a moan as she pressed harder with her rubbing before slipping her fingers under the silky fabric. There it was beneath her fingers… the first female sex orgen she had ever felt, her own included other thna with a sponge in the shower and it sent a shiver through her. All the had to go one other than porn was what Britt had just done to her so she slipped two fingers inside and started rubbing the inside wall as her other hand gripped Britt’s hair to bit her shoulder, tugging on the skin. -03:05 Apr 28 Jane
Britt: Why was this a million times better with Jane? She shuddered and wriggled, and almost instantly she could feel all those little muscles clenching tight around Jane’s fingers. Britt let out a slow hiss of breath, nuzzling against her ear and flicking her tongue against the lobe. Running her hands down her neck and squeezing her shoulders. -03:12 Apr 28 Britt
Jane: There was so much more going on that Jane though there would be, feeling Britt tighten and feel her responces… had this been goingon with her too? Her hand yanked the cup of Britt’s bra up roughly to expose her nipple as her fingers explored deeper, thrusing faster. She could feel her own crotch tightening too, tingling and wanking attention. Her mouth closed over the nipple and the tip of her tongue flicked against it as she sucked it into her mouth… if Britt was worried Jane’s first time wasn’t special… she was insane. -03:17 Apr 28 Jane
Britt: "Uhhumm!" She bit her bottom lip trying not to let all the little gasps and groans escape, but was doing a poor job of it. It was also impossible to stay still. Her hips would rise and twist as she opened her legs wide, only to squeeze closed moments later capturing Jane’s hand between them. Britt was trying not to dig her nails in to Jane’s shoulders, flexing them until a hand found it’s way back in to her hair against and gripped tight. -03:25 Apr 28 Britt
Jane: She continued to pump her fingers in and out a grin on her lips and circled her tongue around Britt’s nipple. "All the little sounds you’re making are making me hot between my legs." she whispered as she reached behind Britt to release the clasps of her bra. "Once you’ve come if you’re still worried about giving me a special first time you can gcan make up for it with the second…" she almost couldn’t believe she was saying this… it was like if her shyness and self consciousness about her new body had been stripped from her. -03:32 Apr 28 Jane
Britt: Britt already knew exactly how she was going to have Jane screaming and writhing, which had her groaning out loud and squeezing her thighs around her hand again. "You are so… so hot…" Endearing or clever words just weren’t coming to her, she was so wrapped up in the moment. Her hand slid from her shoulder to graze her fingers softly over her collar bone, before she reached to grab and massage one of her breasts. "So, so pretty…" -03:37 Apr 28 Britt
Jane: That has a very unmanly low pitched squeal rising in her throat right before her hand gripped Britt’s hair in a vice-like grip and her lips forced Britt’s apart to her tongue could slide between them and she moaned, her fingers punping as hard as they could. She wanted to capture Britt’s breath as she came, she wanted to feel it, experience it with her. This was the hottest thing Jane had ever experienced, beying her wildest imagination and the fact that it was with Britt just made it that much hotter. Her crotch was practically burning as she squirmes against her but that would have to wait. "Come for me Britt…" everything she was feeling was reflected in the needy tone that leaked out of her. -03:46 Apr 28 Jane
Britt: So rough, and so soft..! The contradiction was pure bliss and left Britt whimpering against Jane’s mouth. She was erotic and sexy and demanding, more than Britt ever thought it could be. She didn’t want it to be over so quickly, but she could hold it back. Not with Jane’s husky voice pleading her for it. Her arms came around Jane, dragging her down on top of her. She shivvered and shouted when it hit, muffling her own groans of pleasure by thrusting her tongue in to Jane’s mouth. -03:57 Apr 28 Britt
Jane: Her eyes closed tightly as any further words from here were lost as she slid her tongue against Britt’s with a needy fervor untill she needed to break away to catch her breath with a few quick gasps before she pressed her lips against Britt’s again. Her fingers brushed against something inside Britt, an area that was sponguer than the rest adn she pressed hard to grind her fingers against it before she even realized what it was, her brain playing catch up with the rest of her body. -04:07 Apr 28 Jane
Britt: "Oh! Oooooooh…" Her body made a sudden jerk as she squeaked, her arms falling away to flopped against the bed. She was shaking, grinding her hips against Jane’s hand and wriiiiithing. "Pleeeaaase Jane..!" It was unclear if she were begging for her to keep going or to stop! Her fingers were digging in to the sheets above her head and she was gasping futile for air. -04:15 Apr 28 Britt
Jane: Jane was beyond words. Her hand pulled out and she moved down to pull Britt’s pants and underware down past her knees before she pushed her fingers back inside her, only this time hr head moved down there too her tongue flicking greedily at the flap of skin just above her pounding hand. Britt’s desperate pleas would go unanswered as Jane explored her, the tip of her wet tongue sliding against her clit and her fingertips contingue thier grinding inside her. -04:20 Apr 28 Jane
Jane: Jane was beyond words. Her hand pulled out and she moved down to pull Britt’s pants and underware down past her knees before she pushed her fingers back inside her, only this time hr head moved down there too her tongue flicking greedily at the flap of skin just above her pounding hand. Britt’s desperate pleas would go unanswered as Jane explored her, the tip of her wet tongue sliding against her clit and her fingertips contingue thier grinding inside her. -04:20 Apr 28 Jane
Britt: That cool wet tongue sent a rush of heat coursing through her. "Oh no, no… hrrrm!" Her legs almost clenched around Jane’s head, forcing Britt to pull them wider apart. Her back arced as she whimpered again. Hands releasing the sheets to wander down her own body and over her stomach until both of them were curling in to Jane’s hair. -04:27 Apr 28 Britt
Jane: She pulled out her fingers to rub them either side of the opening before her as he tongue ran the full length of the slit before bipping in. She was getting impatient and her growl showed it before her pressed her lips against the folds and thrust her tognue it, letting it wriggel as she sucked a moment before her back arched and she moaned. "You taste amazing…"she whispered before thrusting her fingers back in and punping them, her tongle continuing to slide along the outer folds. -04:35 Apr 28 Jane
Britt: "You- I can’t.. oh god..!" That was it, the sucking and the wriggling, it was so hot! He hips bucked upwards as the climax hit, Britt almost sobbing as she cried out. Clenching her hands tight in Jane’s hair and near grinding up against her mouth. Her blood and body felt like it was on fire, and even with release Britt couldn’t stop writhing. -04:41 Apr 28 Britt
Jane: That was it… Britt was thouroughly done and Jane was chuckling to herself, proud of herself as she pulled out her fingers and noisily sucked at them as she crawled up to lie down against Britt, collecting some of her juices on the tip of her tongue and moving in to thrust the tongue into Britt’s mouth before pulling back and grinning. "You are unimaginably hot." she said sofly kissing the corner of her mouth and grinding her hips against Britt’s. "I’m not going to be able to look at you without thinking about this…" Her hand moved up to cup Britt’s breast and squeeze it. It was true… Jane was going to want more of this. A LOT more. -04:57 Apr 28 Jane
Britt: "Mmhmm." Holy crap. Britt had never felt so lasciviously good in her entire life. She was practically purring, still squirmy… Britt rolled in to Jane, sliding a leg between hers and burying her face at her neck. She liiiiiicked and nipped the supple skin, letting her hands wander where they pleased. "I’ve been wanting this since that stupid dressing room. I would have fucked you right there…" -05:02 Apr 28 Britt
Jane: Her hands slid down Britt’s back to squeeze her butt before sliding back up and repeating thier journey down. Even now there were small gasps when she was bitten. "So since I was… girled?" that was somethign to think about if Jane could think, instead she was tounging Britt’s earlobe and drawing it into her mouth to hild it between her teeth as they squirmed against each other. "You should have told me you were a lesbian." -05:07 Apr 28 Jane
Britt: "It’s not like I always knew." she muttered, nipping harder on Jane’s neck then sucking hard enough to leave a faint red mark. She pushed her knee up higher, deliberately pressing her leg against Jane’s crotch and grinding in to it. "I didn’t know until someone showed me." -05:11 Apr 28 Britt
Jane: "Sh=showed you." she was back to biting her lip and pushing her crotch against Britt’s leg as it rejoyced at the attention. "So are we going out now?" Jane wanted to believe they were… friends with benefits would be okay but she really really wanted this to be a regular things without worrying baout Britt finding someone else. -05:16 Apr 28 Jane
Britt: "If you want me to be your girlfriend, you have to ask me right!" Jeeze, Britt wasn’t just going to fall in to bed with her and do anything she asked. …okay, yes she totally was. Britt was wrapped around her finger. Jane didn’t need to know that, though. Britt pulled Jane’s leg over her hip and let her hand slid up her thought until she was gripping her ass. Again she shifted and rubbed her leg against her crotch, completely intoxicated by the way she’d bite her lip. -05:20 Apr 28 Britt
Jane: "This isn’t fair." Jane moaned. "One touch and I’m…" She reached up to grip and squeeze Britt’s chest, pressing and running her thinbs into the niggles before pinching one between thumb and forefinger to pull on it. She was going to leave a mark on her lip in her struggle to stay under control if she wasn’t careful. "Because I’m the guy?" she asked. "I’m not the one who kissed the other silly, stripped her almost naked and made her scream… first." -05:27 Apr 28 Jane
Britt: "I am a lady with needs!" Oooh, being touched and fondled was so nice. Especially with no worries and fears. Britt pressed her mouth to Jane’s taking over the nibbling of that bottom lip and running her tongue along it. She really wanted to hear her scream again. "…guys are so over rated anyway. I like strong bossy women…" -05:31 Apr 28 Britt
Jane: "Then you are my girlfriend." she said. "No ifs, ands, or buts." She moved to massaging Britt’s chest, kneeding and squeezing them. The grinding on her crotch was painfully slow but is still drew out a low moan before she let out a slow breath, her hips shifting this way and that. -05:40 Apr 28 Jane
Britt: Britt could make her come like this, and the thought was delicious. She shifted closer to where their hips were touching, and with deliberate slow movements rocked against her. Britt wouldn’t have been able to go faster anyway, Jane’s hands were distracting. She buried her face in the girl’s neck again, nuzzling and almost purring. "Tell me what else you want?" -05:45 Apr 28 Britt
Jane: "I want…" Jane didn’t know if she could think of anything that wasn’t to do with sex. "… this… you’re doing… good." she pulled on the other nipple wanting to keep them even as her legs tightened slitly around britt, the one curled around them pressing them harder together. "Later when I’m not so distracted I’ll think of something…. this is still my first time." she turned her head to the side trying to think of what she would have though if someone had said this would happen yesterday. That she would be on her back being fucked by Britt and barely be able to do anything in return. -05:53 Apr 28 Jane
Britt: Britt giggled, nuzzling in to her cheek. She wasn’t strong herself, she wasn’t athletic or naturally bossy. But there was an amazing sense of powering knowing she could have someone that was so completely mindless that they were helpless to her attention. "I coooouuullld…run my tongue up and down you everywhere?" -06:09 Apr 28 Britt
Jane: She shivered in spite of herself… "Yes… I want your tongue." she said looking back at Britt. "I want you to go down on my and if I don’t black out I might learn something. I want you to use your tongue and fingers to show me all the best places down there…. and everywhere." -06:12 Apr 28 Jane
Britt: "Aaaanything you say." she mumured soft in Jane’s ear. Everywhere it was. Britt started with flicking her tongue against her earlobe and gently sucking for a moment. She moved to nip gently at her jaw before she liiiicked along it all the way to her mouth. Her tongue darted over Jane’s lips before pushing between them in a quick rough kiss. Then Britt shifted over her, nuzzling her way down Jane’s neck. "Tell me every feeling? Tell me what I’m doing to you." -06:16 Apr 28 Britt
Jane: "Haaa." she let out a breath letting herself fall to the feeling of being pampered. "I’m feeling.. tingly." she said shifting against her. "My lips, my tongue., my ear… behing my ear where your breath caught. everywhere you touch. I can feel my muscles tighten like yours did when I had my fingers inside you. It’s very different to the feelingor an erection. I want to let myself fall into everything you do and lose myself." -06:23 Apr 28 Jane
Britt: "You make me want to do everything for you." she mumbled soft, her breath falling against her chest as she nuzzled the skin between her breasts. Britt braced a hand at Jane’s side, so her free one could dance feather-soft touches over her stomach. Her tongue flicked over a nipple and she blew at it, giggling when it rose and hardend at her attention. -06:26 Apr 28 Britt
Jane: Her hand came up to rub the back of Britt’s neck as she looked down at her. "This feels different too. My nipples are a lot more sensitive now. That whole area is…" to demonstrate she let a moan escape as her hips shifted. "The more you’re there the more I tingle between my legs. I’m so turned on right now its insane I don’t know how I’m still talking you’re wonderful." -06:34 Apr 28 Jane
Britt: "I want you to tell me eveeeerything." Britt wanted to know and she wanted to hear. She licked through the valley between her breasts to the other, grazing the nipple with her teeth and biting gently. She nipped the underside of Jane’s breast, nuzzling against the soft flesh before she began planting soft kisses along each of her ribs. Britt puuuushed her knee up against Jane’s crotch again, where she could feel the heat and the dampness. All of this was making her dizzy but she wanted it so much. -06:39 Apr 28 Britt
Jane: A long soft moan as Jane writhed against the pressure at her crotch. She knew she was sweaty and had been for a while but she didn’t care. "I can’t control my breath, every touch to my boobs brings a twinge to the crotch and your leg there is just…. NNNnnnnnngggaaaa." she beat on the covers with her fists. "I really really really like it when you make my boobs feel tingly and hypersentitive." with every touch on her ribs her rimes her somache rose more and that only seemed to increse the pressure against britt’s leg. -06:54 Apr 28 Jane
Britt: "Just hmmmm? Good?" she was giggling again. Britt nuzzled her nose against Jane’s stomach, her tongue darting out to lick a circle around her belly button. She kissed an inch under it, then another.. until she was shifting enough to tug Jane’s skirt down and off her legs. Tossed somewhere else forgotten and unneeded. Now she had her completely naked, and she was beautiful. Flushed and sweaty and really beautiful. Her hand went down first to stroke her, but it was quickly followed by a long agonizingly slow lick of her tongue. -06:59 Apr 28 Britt
Jane: She was ready for thin in the sence that her entire body ached for it but she wasn’t ready for it in the sence that she could handle it. There saw a long loud moan th eloment her cold and deliciously wet tongue make contact and Jane’s legs closed around her head, one of them hooking aorund her to pull her closer. "On god." she explained trying to think of a way to describe it. "I know I asked for this but damn… so fucking good." -07:08 Apr 28 Jane
Britt: More giggling! "You taste like sex." Britt was effectively captured, which amused her all the more. Her tongue gave lavish attention, unrushed and lazy. Darting and circling over her sensitive clit with teasing motions as she softly stroked between the lips with a finger, deliberately not pushing farther in. -07:16 Apr 28 Britt
Jane: Her hips rose, lifted but the leg not currently hilding Britt in place."i’m not surprised." Jane said, her voice wavering on rop of a moan before she bit her lip and covered her face. Her muscles were tighening and untightening with evert stroke and her hips tride to follow the circling of Britt’s tongue. Then suddenly Jane was sitting up, propping herself up with one hand and gripping Britt’s hair with the other. "I want you tokeep doing that." there was another soft moan as she watched from above, her head tilder to the hide and hair falling over her face. "I’ve seriously been missing out…" -07:32 Apr 28 Jane
Britt: Ooooh, she clenched. Gasping just a bit against her sex as she renewed her efforts. Guys didn’t have that same authority women held, and Britt was infatuated. Burying her face at her crotch, her lips wrapped around the sensitive nub of her clit and sucked haaaard. Her fingers pressed further, sliding in deep and stilling there. -07:38 Apr 28 Britt
Jane: There was a louder moan, slifles by the teeth biting into her lip as her hand tightened in Britt’s hair and she tightened around her fingers, her leg also tighteneing aorund britt’s head. -07:48 Apr 28 Jane
Britt: Britt nipped and nibbled, beginning to thrust her fingers slowly at first but then increasingly quickly, spured on by Jane’s moans. She groaned herself, a soft humming sound muffled by her position. Her toes curled as she sucked and licked, matching her tongues pace with the rhythm of her fingers. -07:52 Apr 28 Britt
Jane: There was a long hissing breath sucked in before another moan escaped. She was trying to keep it down. Bossy women didn’t faal apart and moan themselves hoarse and she wanted this to last. She let go on Britt’s hair to rub adn stroke it, working off some of the energy through movement but she couldn’t stop helself leaning back slightly to give helself the levered to rock her hips with the rythm of Britt’s trusts. "I feel it building… slowly." she said when she could catch her breath. "Churning… spreading like heat." -08:00 Apr 28 Jane
Britt: Pettings made her sigh, giving her a pleased rush of warmth. Her hand pulled out, both her arms curling up under Jane’s legs so she could grab a hold of her hips. Now it was just her tongue, lashing and penetrating deeping. Licking up the length of her slit and circling around her clit before she would suck hard and repeat the process all over again. -08:07 Apr 28 Britt
Jane: She closed her eyes again and gasped as a violent shiver started as the base of her skull and traveled slowly downwards making her back archin a wave, then made her hips shake before traveling back up when she sucked, his sex presedd upwards against Britt’s face, her abbs flexing and chest beck stuck out as she threw her head back for a full opene mputher "OOoooh." Closing her mouth she bit her lip, her hand sslipping down to rub the back of her neck as her leg tighened with every lick and there was a stifled moan with every suck. She flushed hot, her hipe respinding to everything Britt did. Shaking with the sucking, moving up and down with her lickes and cirling when she got to the clit. -08:13 Apr 28 Jane
Britt: Jane was mesmerizing and Britt had no intention of stopping until the girl was screaming and ordering her to stop. Her fingernails dug in to Jane’s hips as she swallowed some of the dripping wetness, and drove her tongue deep again. Thrusting wet and relentless with enthusiastic fervor. -08:19 Apr 28 Britt
Jane: It was all she could to to squeaze and brace agaunst the mounting feeling, her arm wobbling and giving out causing her to fall back and squirm. It was too much, without air she’s pass out so once again her mouth opened and she moaned. "Britt… don’t stop…" She gropped herself, squeezing her breast as she writhed, chills makign the hair on the back of her neck rise. She couldn’t think strait past the churning and the welcome invasion of Britt’s tongue. -08:29 Apr 28 Jane
Britt: Britt hummed in response, her hands releasing Jane’s hips so one could glid on to her stomach and hold her down. The other slipped under her leg, fingers probing once again, this time with a hard thrust. Britt pumped rough and fast, pushing her farther and groaning against her clit. Jane’s begging was making her squeeze her own legs together. She sucked hard on her clit, and with ever pump of her hand she withdrew her fingers almost all the way out before thrusting in again. -08:37 Apr 28 Britt
Jane: Under Britt’s hands her abbs were tight as she movedd her leg away from Britt’s head to help grind her crotch against her. She was slipping further and further, her hand gripping the sheet as her other continued to run her breat for a moemnt before moving doen to clamp around Britt’s wrist. "I can’t… I can’t hold it." her hips started to buck and shake. She knew it was going to end soon and her words were followed by three short gasps before she tightened aorunf her thrusts, then three moans each one louder then the last followed by three more. She couldn’t hold them back. -08:45 Apr 28 Jane
Britt: Her pumping slowed and finally stopped, her hand pulling free and Britt resting her head against Jane’s leg. The grin on her face was wiiiiiide and all too pleased with herself. She nuzzled against her leg, nipping gently at the skin of her thigh. "Really pretty." -08:54 Apr 28 Britt
Jane: Nothing wanted to move on the wake of the climax that left ht white fuid running from her slit. She lay on her back panting and saring down the length of her body at Britt. She was done, exhausted. She could stand in a ring for three rounds no problem but now she was as weak as a lamb, bathed in sweat and not able to wipe the smile off of her face. "That was amazing." she breathed. "Really amazing… I’ve never come so much." -08:58 Apr 28 Jane
Britt: Britt crawled back into bed, plopping next to Jane and resting her head on her shoulder. She was mentally preening and didn’t even try to hide it. "Girls get to have so much more fun!" She nuzzled in to her neck as she curled up with her. -09:02 Apr 28 Britt
Jane: She rolled onto her side and draped her arm over her. "With you, anyway… and I’m happy I do." She shipted forwards to kiss Britt gently, thir legs intertwining. "So happy." -09:06 Apr 28 Jane
Repairing Destiny

Repairing Destiny 005: Date Take Two

[Jane is pulling up in the public park’s parking lot for another date with Star!.] -07:30 Apr 24
[Star is totally on board with this date!] -07:30 Apr 24
Star: This was going to be perfect. At this point Star was pretty sure she just needed to get used to them dating again, starting from the beginning so she can get used to this new appearance. James was still James, and she loved James. The park was one of her favorite places to go. She might’ve loved her books and studying, but she was an outside kind of girl. -07:36 Apr 24 Star
Jane: She killed the engine before leaning over to kill her cheek lightly. "Here we are, we’ll get icecream and walk around. Talk if you want to and we’re in public this time… if you’re okay with being seen on a date with a girl…" -07:40 Apr 24 Jane
Star: "Of course I’m okay! I’m not embarassed to be seen with you!" Star was a little offended by the comment, but she also knew it was entirely her own fault for her awful behavior on their last date. She would make up for it today by absolutely not freaking out or acknowledging when she was getting antsy. "We should talk about your new school! I’m sorry I couldn’t transfer there too." Star was already climbing out of the car. -07:44 Apr 24 Star
Jane: Jane got out and locked up, she was actually wearing jeans today, ones that fit. "I don’t know a lot about my schoolto be honest, I do know that they have a kickboxing tea so I’ll try out for that at least!" She rounded the car and offere her her hand before headign towards the gates. "And don’t worry about it, we’ll see each other plenty outside of school." -07:49 Apr 24 Jane
Star: Star took Jane’s hand without a problem, squeezing it tightly as they walked down the sidewalk and through the gates. "I’m glad you still do the kickboxing, it’s super cool." She always had a silly fangirl liking for athletic types and having a boyfriend who was hot and a kickboxer was a dream. Now she had a kickboxing girlfriend, and that was still cool too! -07:54 Apr 24 Star
Jane: "I wouldn’t stop even if I lost both my arms." she jokes squeezing her hand back adn intering the park with a smile on her face. "Maybe if I box against your school you can watch the match." it was a silly daydream but she really wanted Star to see her kickbox and maybe prove that she could still kick ass. Streakign them down the path she wanted to go down she pslipped her hand out of Star’s tp put it around her and draw her closer. "If they let a girl on the team…" -08:02 Apr 24 Jane
Star: "Don’t they have both girls teams and boys team? Though I think they should just mix them together and categorize by weight class, that makes so much more sense!" Star didn’t pull away, but she didn’t wrap her arms around James’ waist like she usually did. She made herself busy being expressive with her hands. "Hey look, they put new flower gardens along the paths! I loooove flowers." -08:06 Apr 24 Star
Jane: "I know you do and we’re going in there." She sqeezed her with a myschevious grin that could only mean one thing. "And on our way out I’ll buy you some before we go get icecream. How does that sound?" -08:09 Apr 24 Jane
Star: "We are? Oooooh." Star really did love flowers and gardens. Had she not decided astronomy was her absolutely stop love, doing something botanical would have been her second choice. With the promise of icecream and flowers, she was slightly bouncing on her feet and giving the most pleased of smiles. "You’re the best, James. I don’t know how I ever got so lucky." -08:12 Apr 24 Star
Jane: "I guess that’s what you get for sticking with me eventhogh I’m… different." he walked into the greenhouse that housed the warmer climate flowers and frew a deep breath before unwrapping his arm from around her. to take her hand again and start leading her towards the back… maybe a little faster than she would have liked. -08:17 Apr 24 Jane
Star: Being whisked away so quickly was a little exciting and definitely made her curious. Star giggled and tried to keep up, only ever so often having to be tugged along when she got momentarily distrated by a pretty plant. "Love doesn’t care about that kind of stuff, right? I mean, you don’t feel differently about ME do you?" -08:22 Apr 24 Star
Jane: "No." they reached a quiet corner behine a shelp of empty pots and she pulled Star close and leaned in to kiss her as her hands ran up and down her sides. "I really don’t." she pulled back to slime at her and gently brush the hair for Star’s face. "Face it, I’m a lesbian and I still find girls to be drop dead sexy." -08:26 Apr 24 Jane
Star: This was super romantic, the sweetest thing. Star’s head turned away riiiiight before the kiss and instead she shifted forward to hug her and rest her head on her shoulder. She was smiling though! "I know it’ll be hard for us at first, but I am going to do everything I can to make you happy. Tell me to do it, and I will do it, just for you!" -08:31 Apr 24 Star
Jane: She deflected the kiss. "Tel me how you feel." she said ouling awa to sit on a bench. "About this . I know you’re shocked and surprised…"She looked at tat Star, waiting for an answer. -08:42 Apr 24 Jane
Star: Oh, Star wasn’t expecting that question. She thought that it was just enough to ensure James that she loved him as a him and as a her. She fidgeted a bit when they sat down, trying to think of the best thing to say that wouldn’t offend her and wouldn’t get Star in trouble again. "I am very surprised, yes… boyfriends don’t usually turn in to girlfriends. And yes, it’s also strange for me. But I want to be with you and I’ll do anything." -08:46 Apr 24 Star
Jane: She ran a hand behind her ear and leaned down to nuzzle her shoulder. "Do you find me sexy?" she askes before lightly kissing the side of her neck. "I want you to be happy too Star… and not forcing yourself to be unhappy just to avoid hurting me." -08:48 Apr 24 Jane
Star: "You’re beautiful." she answered honestly, and a little surprised that James didn’t realize that herself! "The most beautiful girl I have ever seen and I am really proud that I have a girlfriend that can do amazing things and look gorgeous and is really smart too." And right that moment she should’ve been giggling and stuttering and pulling herself on to her lap. Instead she was shirking away juuust a bit, and reaching out to gently fuss with Jane’s hair. "I really want to be happy with you." -08:55 Apr 24 Star
Jane: "That didn’t answer my question." she said with a sigh but squeezed the girl anyway, noticing her shrinking away and miving to sit upright. "So, flowers and icecream?" the date wasn’t over yet and there were still lots of opotunities to be naughty. -08:58 Apr 24 Jane
Star: Star nodded quickly, already leaping to her feet. She just refused to admit things felt different now. All it needed was time, she was positive. Before all they did most of the time was cuddle and make out, and that was going to fade eventually anyway, now they are just being forced to get to know each other even better and on a personal level. Star was sure that was it. -09:02 Apr 24 Star
Jane: He took her hand and walked to the stand where there were bunches of cut flowers and potted ones for sale, taking her time and letting Star stop to coo over the ones they passed. "I want to take you to another movie soon." she said with a grin. "Get dinner afterwards, drive around a little. You havn’t seen my new chest yet and I think we should fix that." -09:07 Apr 24 Jane
Star: She blushed, making sure to keep her line of sight on the flowers and not taking a look at Jane’s chest just because it was mentioned. "Are you sure we should jump to that so fast? I mean, we hadn’t even gotten to the naked part before so there really isn’t a rush to now either…" -09:09 Apr 24 Star
Jane: "You stole my shirt at least once… sure it was because yours was covered in juice but it still counts and I liked havign that milestone with you." she sighed. "Star… Ive had a looot of girlfriends but you’re the first one I’ve taken seriously and actually wanted to keep. That might make me into a bad person, I know but I won’t push you into things you’re uncomfortable with." -09:13 Apr 24 Jane
Star: "No! You are a really good person and I am super blessed to be the one you chose to have as a serious girlfriend!" This was the kind of talk that meant a breakup was around the corner, and that’s not what she wanted! She tugged at her hand. "If you’re ready for full on nakedness, -I- am ready to get naked. You can flash me all you want." -09:15 Apr 24 Star
Jane: She stood there looking at Star and then put a hand on each shoulder to turn the girl to face her and stare into her eyes. Then just as suddenly she pulled her against herself, lep locing on Star’s and tongue invading her mouth roughly, seeking hers out as her hands traveled in oposite directions, one down to squeeze her butt and the other to tickle the back of her neck and nearby there was the sound of a shattering pot as the employee behind the counter dropped it. -09:21 Apr 24 Jane
Star: A sudden passionate embrace! There have been many fanfics written by Star of such moments! She really should have been melting and sighing with wild abandon, her stomach fluttering in delight. But she was stiff, shocked, and squirmy! When she realized she was squirmy she forced herself to relax and return that kiss. She roleplayed all the time, she could be the girl she wanted, right? -09:26 Apr 24 Star
Jane: She pulles away and ran her hand through Star’s hair as she watched her carefully. "I don’t want full on nakedness yet. I just want thing to be how they were before when I did somethign like that you’re shriek and giggle…" she mangaed to not look disappointed and eve gave a smaller after kiss. "Now shoose your flowers." -09:29 Apr 24 Jane
Star: "I am trying…" She was disappointing her, and she knew it. She was trying, but she wasn’t trying hard enough. They wouldn’t stay together if they couldn’t be together, this was important for Jane. Star pointed at the orange tiger lilies. "I think maybe we should! We’ve been together for a few months, I was just a little nervous. Maybe we should go all the way now and even have sex?" -09:35 Apr 24 Star
Jane: She swallowed and looked at Star. "If you’re sure then okay." she pulled out her wallet and payed for the flowers before looking at srat, running a hand through her hair. "When do you want to do it? Next date? Today…?" She was nearvous, she had never had sex before… and didn’t know if she wated to as a girl just yet but for Star… she would. -09:40 Apr 24 Jane
Star: "Today. Tonight?" Star figured the best way would be to dive in head first. She was aware that James had a lot of experience with girls, and she probably wasn’t going to be any good or very interesting. But this was important for the future of their relationship and she really would do anything for her. "Maybe right now…?" -09:43 Apr 24 Star
Jane: Her eyes searched Star’s face and she handed her her flowers. "At least have icecream first…." she said even if it was tempting to just rag her off right now. No, icecream could soothe things over if they didn’t go well. "Public toilets would be terrible… car?" she took her hand and started walking, leaving a very red faced teen behind the counted staring after them. -09:46 Apr 24 Jane
Star: "Car." Star nodded, smelling the flowers with a happy sigh. A car wasn’t exactly a romantic place for a first time, but it was kind of classic! And once it was done, Star would have nothing else to be nervous about or fear. This was a great idea. "Icecream first, and then you’ll taste sweet?" She giggled. -09:48 Apr 24 Star
Jane: She changed directions and headed towards the icecream stand. "You’re sure about his?" she asked. "You’re still not used to me and just now you were asking if we were going too fast." she had to ask, she had to, even if she didn’t want to. -09:50 Apr 24 Jane
Star: "Yes! I guess I was just a little nervous and worried and I don’t know? But I want to do this! For you and for me! For us both. And then we will be a real lesbian couple and there won’t be anything for us to be afraid of." All of it made sense. She convinced herself it did, anyway. Star was desperate. -09:55 Apr 24 Star
Jane: That didn’t sound all that well thought out to Jane but if it was important to Star… "Two scoops of chocolate in a cone." she said taking out her wallet again. "Then we’ll have sex." there was a crash as a mug was knocked over and Jane meaned over to kiss Star’s cheek. "And you can tell me what you think of me having a ponytail. My hairs going to keep growing like this for about another week." -10:00 Apr 24 Jane
Star: "I like long hair on everyone.[/i]" She took another look at Jane’s though, deciding more officially what she thought. Jane really was beautiful, that she didn’t have to pretend about at all. Even a kiss on the cheek did not seem to draw it’s usual response from her, just a smile. Star always asked for the strawberry and that was no different now. But she was a bit preoccupied trying to think of how sex worked with a woman! -10:04 Apr 24 Star
Jane: She picked her cone and started walkign back towards the car. "I love you Star." she said with a smile and a look that wondered down Star’s frame. "Anywhere you want to park the car sowe’re not just doing it in the parking lot?" she asked slipping her arm back around and sclloping icecream into ner mouth with her tongue. -10:10 Apr 24 Jane
Star: "I love you, too." She licked her icecream thoughtfully, trying to think of the best out of the way place to park the car. Though, at this point she was almost willing to try the parking lot just to get it over with. And then she felt bad because she was thinking ‘get it over with’ when she SHOULD be thinking about how exciting it was going to be. "There must be places down the road on some of the more woodsy trails?" -10:14 Apr 24 Star
Jane: "We’ll take a short drive and see." she said before leanignagainst the car door to finishe her icecream and pop the last bit of cone into her mouth and unlock the car to get in. She was nearvous but appeared relaxed, it was a skill aquired over a hundred almosts. Startign the engine and after waiting for Start og et in he reversed out and started off into the trees. -10:23 Apr 24 Jane
Star: How WAS it supposed to work with a girl? It’s not like they had accessories to work with. Would it be all hands or mouth? Star was turning a bit red thinking about it, shifting uncomfortably in her seat. In fact every position she was thinking up, all seemed a little bit awkward to her. "Well.. um… at least we don’t need condoms!" -10:25 Apr 24 Star
Jane: She laughed as she pulled into a picknick spot that was pidden by a row of trees and then looked over at Star. "You’re right…" she said raunnign her hand through her own hair and shifting closer, sitting right up against the gap between the seats. "We shuld get started." she reached out to cut Star’s breast and moved forwards to kiss her lips, nipping the bottom one slightly, teasing her as her hand squeazed. -10:29 Apr 24 Jane
Star: Star was trying to figure out where to put her hands… should she try the groping too? She shifted a bit, not really away, but not quite towards Jane either. She finally settled for slipping one of her arms around Jane’s neck and very timidly trying the subtle grope. This was… a little awkward! -10:33 Apr 24 Star
Jane: Her hands went down to the hen of Star’s top to pull it up and slip one of them underneath, recupping the breast as she movec over the handbreak and gearbox to sit awkwardly on the same seat, crossing fully over to sid with her back to the door. The he was moving her mouth down to nibble on Star’s neck, trying to see what reaction she got. -10:35 Apr 24 Jane
Star: Oh, her hands were a little bit cold and Star squirmed a bit. She tried squeezing her eyes shut, which did help a little bit. Star nuzzled against her ear and thought about nibbling or kissing, but that didn’t seem to feel right. And she just could not figure out what to do with a pair of boobs, so her hand slid up to gripe Jane’s shoulder. There wasn’t a sound out of her as she was trying very hard to concentrate on making sure it felt natural… -10:41 Apr 24 Star
Jane: She pulled back to reach down and pull her own shirt off and toss it into the driver’s seat before doing the same to Star’s. MAybe that would make it better. She could feel that somethign wasn’t righ tbut was convinced that it was on her end. Leaning forwards she pressed their chests together and gently brushed her lips against Star’s a hand goinf down as playing along her inner thigh. -10:44 Apr 24 Jane
Star: That dumb sense of panic was starting to kick in and Star just flat out refused to open her eyes. She wasn’t afraid to see another woman naked, but she was trying really hard to get in to the sexy moment and stay in it. Again she was at a loss of what to do with her hands! She tried to touch softly, but everywhere she put her hands just seemed to be strange, and she tried to get bold and tug at bra straps, but then she couldn’t get the courage to do it. And finally at the worst possible moment, when she felt the touch along her thigh she jumped. And she just… just couldn’t do this! Star pulled away quicly. "I- I’m sorry! I don’t know what’s wrong with me…!" -10:51 Apr 24 Star
Jane: She pulled away and a second later flopped into the Drivers’ seat. "There’s nothign wrong with you." she said looking at her, biting her lip and then tossing Star’s shirt at her, needing her to cover that nakedness and she did her own. "Doughnuts and home?" -10:54 Apr 24 Jane
Star: "There IS! I LOVE you, this shouldn’t be so hard!" Star pulled on her shirt quickly, and staring hopelessly out the window as if she were going to find the answer out there in the trees. "You’re perfect in everyway and nothing I do makes it any better.." -11:00 Apr 24 Star
Jane: "There are two possibilities." she said drumming her fingers on the wheel. "The first is that in your brain I’m a different person… or you’re just not into girls and you can’t get it out of your ghead that it’s a girl getting her hands all over you…" she sighed. "Or you could just be in shock… I roully don’t want to believe you’re not attracted to me anymore but if you’re not it’s not your fault and you don’t have to blame yourself." -11:02 Apr 24 Jane
Star: Star visibly wilted. "You don’t act like a different person. …but ou feel like one. But I think girls are really pretty and amazing! It shouldn’t be any different!" She flopped back against her seat, feeling defeated, and worse, like the most terrible girlfriend anyone could have. "I want to do it anyway so I can be with you. …but I don’t want to pretend either…" -11:06 Apr 24 Star
Jane: Her heart sank and she reached out to put a hand on Star’s shoulder. "THen what do you want to do. I still love you and think you’re sexy so it’s up to you. Do you want to take a break while you figure it out, do you want…." she swallowed. "What do you want to do? I want you to be happy." -11:08 Apr 24 Jane
Star: "I don’t want to break up." she couldn’t even say the words without her voice cracking, but she swallowed hard and tried to keep herself from bursting in to tears. "But how long will you love me if I can’t be touchy with you? It’s not fair. I should be able to give you everything, you deserve everything.. and I can’t. I just can’t…" -11:12 Apr 24 Star
Jane: She was out of her seat in a heartbeat, her arms wrapping aorund Star in a hug. "Then if you ever feel like you can be with me again… tell me. I’ll still love you." then she was loving back into her own seat to start the engine. She wouldn’t cry, not now even if her face showed she wanted to. She’d concentrate on driving Star home adn after that she’d let it all out. -11:15 Apr 24 Jane
Repairing Destiny

Repairing Destiny 004: Temptations

[Jane is drying off her hair and stepping out of the bathroom in nothing but a too large shirt and too large boxer shorts that are being held up by one hand.] -04:46 Apr 21
[Britt is crawling through the window, which is a big production because she is not atheletic at all and she’s carrying a backpack with her stuff for tomorrow.] -04:49 Apr 21
Britt: Britt made it up to the second floor, or was rather pleased with her climbing skills. Up until she reached the window. Jane said it was open and unlocked, but "open" was just a crack, which left Britt fumbling to push it open farther so she could squeee through, and doing it with one hand on top of it. There was a small yelp when her foot slipped but she managed to at least get her arms and head through. Now she was just struggling to pull herself the rest of the way. "Jane." she hiiiiissed trying not to shout and wake the neighborhood. "Help meeeee!" Why didn’t the idiot just let her in the front door! -04:57 Apr 21 Britt
Jane: There was a fwump as the towel was tossed onto the flood and rapid footsteps up to the window that was wrneched open and a strong arm came out to grab Britt’s shoulder and pull her up, then she was clamped against Jane as she stapped backwards pulling the girl in through the window and depositing her on the floor. "There… one of these days you’ll get it." She stepped away from Britt and sat on the corner of the bed to fuss with her wet hair, it seemed to have grown faster than usual. They said that might be a short term side effect. "Thanks for coming…" -05:02 Apr 21 Jane
Britt: Her face was red, which thankfully could be atributed to her perilous climb and not because she got a face full of boobs. There was something delicious about a strong woman with soft curves… Britt let her backpack slip to the floor, finding her mouth dry and having a hard time forming words. Her hair was weeet and getting longer, it was alarming to think Jane could get prettier. Britt fell backwards on the mattress. Why did she think this was a good idea! "I am not going to do pushups and stupid exercise just so I can climb through your window." -05:10 Apr 21 Britt
Jane: Jand looked over her shoulder as Britt, damp messy hair almost reaching where the loose shirt showed a little too much shoulder. "What’s wrong with pushups? I do them every day." she moved to prop herself on her side facing Britt. "I want to try for the team at my new school. Should be fun!" -05:20 Apr 21 Jane
Britt: "They’re hard and boring? Too much work." Now that the shock of being a girl wore off, she seemed to be handling everything really well. That was James, though. He found ways to make things work. Britt grinned, reaching up to tug and pulled at Jane’s shirt, which normally was just the usually touchy way of showing affection. This time she was being a subtle asshole and trying to see just how much farther that shirt would fall off her shoulder. "I guess you’re not gonna go for the normal non-violent school activities huh?" -05:31 Apr 21 Britt
Jane: She rolled her away, gently taking Britt’s hand away to drawl up next to her and flop down back in the propped position. "Please. I’m still me. I like fighting and I like winning. I like being strong and the ruuuuuuusssssh." with the last word she closed ger eyes and looked up as if recieving a message from heaven before litting out a long steady breath as if relieving pent up energy. "I’m not going to completely change who I am and how I act." -05:39 Apr 21 Jane
Jane: rolled her eyes* -05:44 Apr 21 Jane
Britt: "I don’t understand what’s fun about circling around and punching each other in the face… but if it maaakes yooou haaappyyyy." Britt never had been on board with the fighting thing. She just didn’t get it! It was going to be interesting how a girl’s team would go, though. Britt didn’t even know if they -had- one. She sat up long enough to kick off her shoes, then she was crawling up in to bed to make herself comfortable. "I’m glad you haven’t changed." -05:49 Apr 21 Britt
Jane: "Think of it like dancing, watchign thier movement, anticipating them, striking back… the dicipline, the felling go of fear, anger… everything… It’s the best feeling in the world… FINE! Second best." she slopped on her back and pulled the blanket over her bottom half. "Not that I know how that would feel now… this is the longest I’ve gone without… Ugh. Even thinking baout it feels wield. With a dick I know what to do. Grab hold and work it. I still canlt LOOK down there without feeling slightly uncomfortable." -05:52 Apr 21 Jane
Britt: "You act like it’s some kind of mysterious cavern." she muttered. She stole some of her blanket to tug up over herself too, then she scooted closer on her side and rest her head on Jane’s shoulder. "And great, now I’m thinking about you masterbating. That’s what I want to fall asleep too." Oh goooood. Would she ask for pointers? There was no way Britt could explain anything without passing out! -05:57 Apr 21 Britt
Jane: She put an arm around Britt and looked at her. "I’m sure I’m just overthinking it. Some day somethign will turn me on so much I won’t be able to help myself and then I’ll try it… when I’m not daunted by a new school. Freaking out over my girlfriend. Maybe used to my body… I try to act cool and like I can handle this and I can definately handle it it’s just not easy to right now. It would be nice if I had someone who’d grab me, pin me down and kiss me until my brain exploded and made me feel sexy but… I’m going to have to settle for doing street fighter poses in the mirror in a low cut tank top with my floves on to feel sexy for now." -06:28 Apr 21 Jane
Britt: Hhmm. Pinning her down and kissing her silly, getting her hands all through her hair and sliding down her back. Being pinned down with strong slender arms and looking up and two perfect- Britt buried her face at Jane’s neck and laughed. It was a delerious, forced reaction to get herself thinking about something else and so she wouldn’t start squirming around like a cat in heat. "So you’ve been checking yourself out in the mirror now? Going to fall in love with yourself?" -06:35 Apr 21 Britt
Jane: "I’m not a narcissist." she said in an irritated voice. "I’ve been trying to train myself that that’s what I look like now." she sighed and ran a strand of Britts hair through her hingers and tugged on it slightly. "Mostly so that I DON’T turn myself on since I’m a hot girl who is turned on by hot girls… at least I can see my oen boobs now without feeling wierded out and showering with them is kinda normal now." -06:41 Apr 21 Jane
Britt: "That’s good, I guess. I dunno if I could deal with you always fondling yourself." Britt could do that! Grr, when did she get this sudden lack of self control? It was so completely unlike her. Britt slid an arm around Jane’s waist and settled with a huff. This felt really good. Hanging around with James had always been comfortable, but never like this. And she smelled so nice fresh out of the shower. -06:47 Apr 21 Britt
Jane: She pulled Britt against her as she rolled to face her. "I’l only do that when I’m masterbating, how’s that." she said with her eyes closed and a small smile on her face. "Damn if you weren’t here…" she was teasing of course, teasing Britt was fun and even shirtless and in full inuendo mode Britt had never batted an eye. She could trust Britt not to make things wierd… right? Trsuting a girl… She trusted Star didn’t she? She really didn’t want to thin right now. "I’m happy to have you here." -06:52 Apr 21 Jane
Britt: "I think you just like the idea of me thinking about you masterbating." If Britt could quite repeating it herself, maybe she wouldn’t be thinking about it so much. That was fading though, in the light of curling up close and being pressed almost body to body with Jane. Women fit better, limbs melting in to each other like puzzle pieces. Britt tapped a finger against Jane’s chin and shifted to brush some of that damp hair out of her face. So, so pretty. "Always at your service, I suppose." she muttered softly. It would be really nice to kiss her. -07:00 Apr 21 Britt
Jane: "You make it sound like a chore." she said pokes her in the ribs. "What do girls do at sleepovers? What did you do last time you were in another girl’s bedroom? If It’s a chore to be here we should do something fun." She looked into Britt’s eyes, something had changed with her too since Jane’s change? did Britt see her differently too? -07:05 Apr 21 Jane
Britt: "It’s not a chore to hang out with you when you have a shitty day." she grumbled, shifting to swat at her poking hands. Britt was far too ticklish to deal with that! "Girls gossip, or play video games, or talk about hotties. Pretty much all the same things guys do. Buuuut, if you wanted to do something cliche girly…" Britt reached behind her to snatch a pillow and immediately smacked her in the head with it. Then she was right back to innocently nuzzling against her shoulder and trying not to laugh. -07:14 Apr 21 Britt
Jane: "HEY!" Britt was shoved almost clean off the bed before she was being straddled and having her pillow stolen and tossed aside. "Now what are you going to do?" she leaned forwards to place her hadn next to Britt’s head and look down at her. "You’re at my mercy." -07:25 Apr 21 Jane
Britt: Normally Britt would called James an asshole and punched him in the chest, despite the futility of it. THIS on the other hand was dirty daydream come true, and what Britt really, really wanted to do was run her hands up her thighs and make with the groping. She squirmed! No. nope! Can’t give in to temptations, she to be coooool. "Strong words for a girl!" Britt grabbed Jane’s arms and attempted a roll, hoping she still hadn’t gotten used to her new balance yet. -07:32 Apr 21 Britt
Jane: JAne wobbled before crashing down and bouncing on the matress. "Dammit…" there was a sigh and Jane stopped struggling. She WAS a girl and is she hadn’t been one Britt would still be pinned. She had noticed it in the gym too. Her punched had less impact, less wieght behind them and felt more awkward. "Yeah, you’re right. I should take up sewing instead, and home ec. Then I’ll be able to cater YOUR FUNERAL!" she grabbed Britt’s upper arms and using all the leverage she could rolled on top of her, resting on top of them with thier chests pressed together and soon so were thier lips! Then Jane pulled away and say up to brush her hair out of her face. "That’s for calling me a girl in that way. A lesbian kiss you can brag about later to get guys into you." -07:39 Apr 21 Jane
Britt: Britt was defeated. A lifeless, limp pool of useless limbs and she was never going to get up ever again. How irritating to have a kiss that was so short, she didn’t even get a chance to savor it. She was willfully forgetting that this was all a bad idea and she was taking advantage of the situation. "Huh… I expected you to be a better kisser than that. How am I supposed to brag about a peck on the mouth?" -07:45 Apr 21 Britt
Jane: "Pffft. Fine, just don’t turn lesbo because of me." She reached out and grabbed Britt’s hair to pn her head in place as she pisitioned her face abover hers with a wicked grin on her face. "Heres how the story will go. Your awesome, sexy, and completely lesbian best friend invited you over, we would but because she’s a kickboxer, and a good one that that you didn’t stand a chance." her other hand slid down Britt’s cheek. "You got pinned down and…" Britt was strait so this was alright. Harmless fun. She moving down rapidly her lips pressing hard against Britt’s farcing them open before her tongue slipped insiside to hook her upper lip and draw it out to be gripped tightly between Jane’s teeth and pulled before being let go Jane’s lips pressed in again, her tongue dipping in and feeling around as she sucked, her hand runninf down behind Britt’s hair as the other continue to hold her in place before with a sew smack Jane pulled back and sat up, bother her hand going to run though her hair as she hel out a breath with a "Wooo." She was looking at the ceiling as she continued with ehr hair. "Yep, I’m still way into girls." -07:54 Apr 21 Jane
Britt: That story was absolutely stupid, but Britt didn’t care because this had to be the sexiest damned thing she had ever seen. Had she not been kissed thuroughly stupid, she could have captured her and kissed her back. But Britt was trapped in a silly mindless stupor, with her face flushed and her breath short. Staring up at Jane like she was some sort of sex goddess. Her hands reached up to tug at her shirt with the intent to pull her back down for another kiss, but her arms were too wobbly to do any real pulling. "Um…" crap, what was she about to say? Thiiiiiink! "You taste like mint toothpaste…" …dumbest thing to say ever. -08:04 Apr 21 Britt
Jane: She laughed before flopping down next to Britt and pulling her closer an dpulling the blanket back over them. "Yeah… no worried about you ever going lesbo. I guess that makes you my strait best friend who I have to keep reminding people is not my girlfriend. Thanks Britt, you cheered me up tonight." -08:08 Apr 21 Jane
Britt: Idiot, her best friend was an idiot. They were both idiots. Britt was completely infatuated with her newly-girled best friend, and Jane was so dumb she couldn’t tell that Britt was head over heels for girls and about two seconds away from molesting her. She refrained from groaning, and simply muttered a few unhearable words as she curled up with Jane and settled under the blanket. This was the worst. -08:15 Apr 21 Britt
[Britt is having the beeeeeeest dreams.] -03:53 Apr 23
[Jane doesn’t have school today!] -03:53 Apr 23
Britt: Britt had always been a quick and heavy sleeper. Which was good, considering she had been all randy as hell and entertaining thoughts of molesting her best friend, that already has a girlfriend she is having problems with. Guilt was the only thing that kept her under control. …of course when you’re asleep, curled up with a warm body you can’t exactly control where your limbs go. Britt was entangled with Jane. Her face buried at her neck, with an arm curled around her waist and hand under her shirt, stroking her thumb against bare shoulder blades. One of her legs had slipped up between Jane’s and Britt was still wrapped up in her dreaming to realize she was waking up and practically groping her bestie. -04:00 Apr 23 Britt
Jane: Jane woke up slowly at first. Her brain slowly putting together that Britt was still there and that she was moving. Then her brain became aware of where they hands and leg were and she make a sound like a child not wanting to wake up as she stretched and opened her eyes. All the times they had slept next to eachoehter Jane had never woken up to THIS. "Look, Britt I know I kissed you but you have to buy me dinner first." she said grabbing Britt’s arms and moving them away. "Almost enough to make me thi…" Her eyes opened folly and she stared, not wanting to believe where her thoughts had gone. No… it wasn’t true. Not Britt. -04:06 Apr 23 Jane
Britt: "Hmm..?" Oh jeezus! Britt was awake in an instant, forcing herself not to leap away or freak out. …or WORSE saying to hell with it and just pouncing. Her face was tinged pink as she grumbled and untangled herself. Sitting up to run her fingers through her hair. She played it off as nothing. "Don’t be so dramatic. We left the window open last night and it was cold. Obviously your hotness is irresistable." -04:17 Apr 23 Britt
Jane: "Pfft." Brit was given a playful shove before Jane distanced herself by standing up and scretching. "Fine. If bodyheat is all you want I’ll buy you a kitten." She reminded herself not to make anymore lesbian jokes.. that ould feel wierd. Not that Britt was… Gods no that would ruin everything. -04:20 Apr 23 Jane
Britt: "I can barely handle taking care of you, I dun wanna deal with a kitten." Her stupid infatuation was sad. Maybe she needed to find someone else to date so she’d stop thinking about Jane all the time. Britt huff as she glanced at the clock. "…dammit! I missed most of my class!" Britt rolled and scrambled out of bed. Stumbling around half asleep looking for where she left her bag. "Argh, never going to make it. Why did bed have to be so goooooood." Now it was her time to be dramatic! Britt fell face first back in to the bed and groaned in to the covers. -04:27 Apr 23 Britt
Jane: "That good hmm?" she asked, sitting on the bed to watch Britt madly dash around the room. "Getting to feel me up in my sleep made you late for school?" She shouldn’t smirk at that and she shouldn’t think about making Britt stay to see if she’s want to be handsy again. She had a girlfriend! -04:32 Apr 23 Jane
Britt: "You’re completely irresistable and I am a slave to your enchantment." she muttered. Though her tone was sarcastic, the statement was completely honest. Somehow Britt was completely enarmored with Jane. Britt rolled over to stare at the ceiling and scowl. By the time she got to class, it would be over so there was no sense in rushing now. She’d just have to borrow someone’s notes and hope nothing important was missed. She cast a look at Jane, who had her hair all sleep-messy and that dang tshirt hanging off her shoulders again. Whyyyy was she so pretty when she smirked? -04:37 Apr 23 Britt
Jane: "Then kiss me before you leave." Jane had thouroughly convinced herself that Britt would never doanything like that that her tone was dismissive and even if Britt would Jane was already making moves to make herself inaccessible by pulling the blankets aorund herself and flopping down. Stupid stupid. the scolded herself. She’s go to the gym today and work this dumb out of her system. Did being a girl automatically make you needy? -04:43 Apr 23 Jane
Britt: Don’t do it. Dooooon’t do it. It didn’t matter that Jane was being super cute. Or that Britt was thinking about how great that kiss was last night. Or how nice it would be to wipe those asshole thoughts about Britt not doing things right out of Jane’s head. Just when she thought common sense won out, Britt found herself crawling cross the bed over Jane and snatching that blanket away. "You think I won’t? When have I ever not taken a challenge you gave me?" -04:49 Apr 23 Britt
Jane: She looked up at Britt and met her gave. "The last time I challenged you to kiss me. What I was a man." She pueshed herself further away from Britt until her head was on the pillows and folded her arms over her chest. "And this time you’re not even drunk." -04:53 Apr 23 Jane
Britt: "So? Why does that make a difference?" Aside from the fact now Britt actually really, really wanted to. She crawled forward and leaned until they were nearly touching nose to nose. She was going to regret this later. "You just hate being wrong." Ignoring her screaming conscience, Britt closed the distance to brush her lips against Jane’s. A soft and sweet kiss, that she hope the jerk was tortured with all day. -04:59 Apr 23 Britt
Jane: "Britt!" She wanted to scream and pummel the woman but instead she was sliding a hand up to burry itself in her hair and push back ahainst her lips before she pulled Britt away by her hair. "You just proved it made a difference, that me being a guy was the reason yo didn’t…" Britt was shoved awa hard enouhg to send her tumbling off of the bed. So now the only reason why Britt killed her becuse they were sexually incompatible and it was zero risk for Britt. "Next time you do that I’ll see if you can cash the checks you write." -05:04 Apr 23 Jane
Britt: A very scowly Britt sat on the floor, not bothering to get up yet. Jane had the complete wrong idea about why Britt hadn’t wanted to kiss her before, but was fine with it now. …but there was no way Britt could tell her. Not after all the trash talk she did about lesbians. "Then don’t ask for things you don’t actually want me to do! …bitch!" Throw that out was completely unnecessary, but it felt satisfying. Britt finally got up off the floor. -05:13 Apr 23 Britt
Jane: Jane didn’t know why she was angry but she was. "I do want you to kiss me. You’re beautiful, you’re fun and you’re the only woman I’ve ever been able to trust since my mom walked out on us but you’ve always been out of my league of better as a friend than me fucking it up like I do with everyone. I go through a LOT of girlfriends and maybe I alwasy entertained the hope that one day we’d end up together when I wasn’t such an idiot and the only reason I’m saying this now is because it doesn’t fucking matter anymore. You see me as a girl and…" there was a loud bang as her fist hit the small punchung bag next to her bed sending it smamming into the wall. "Just go… you’re late." -05:21 Apr 23 Jane
Britt: "You’re such an idiot!" This would be the moment to confess everything. Britt thought she would be the one to screw everything up. All she had to do was spill the truth. …but she was scared. It wasn’t smart. She wasn’t being fair to Jane at all, and she was being selfish making things more complicated for her. Britt snatched up her bag and marched for the door, but hesitated in the doorway. "…for the record I didn’t keep turning you down because I didn’t like you or because I thought we should just be friends. But you’re right. It doesn’t matter now." -05:30 Apr 23 Britt
Jane: "Yes, I am. I’m a huge biggoted bitchy idiot who fucks everything up with every girl she dates and this time it’s not even my fault and I do not want to lose you too…" she was breathing heavily and her hands were balled into fists but her voice was soft and honest. The raw truth. "Sorry, I shouldn’t have said anything." she visibly deflated… now things would be wierd between them and she culdn’t look Britt in the face. -05:39 Apr 23 Jane
Britt: Damnit. She didn’t want to leave like this. Britt dropped her bag to cross the room, her arms going around Jane’s waist and her face being buried at her chest. For once there was no intent to molest with it, she just needed to hug her best friend. "You’re not going to lose me." The comment was muffled, but audible. "I’m always going to be here with you." -05:45 Apr 23 Britt
Jane: She hugged her back and held tightly. "I know you won’t leave Britt." she said before letting go. "But you’re late… I’ll be okay. We’ll meet up somewhere later…Okay?" -06:12 Apr 23 Jane
Britt: "Fine…" she muttered, pulling away. "Maybe I can catch the afternoon class." Meeting up later was probably not a good idea. Britt was confused and letting herself get out of control. Jane barely was getting used to her new life. "Later then." Britt left, reluctantly and with every intention of avoiding her best friend until she felt she was no longer a risk to her. -06:17 Apr 23 Britt
Repairing Destiny

Repairing Destiny 003: Bad Date

[Star is going on a date with her boy- er… girlfriend!] -01:30 Apr 19
[Jane Is in her dad’s old car, pulling up outside Star’s house.] -01:30 Apr 19
Star: Star had no idea what to wear on a date with a girl, so she went for a nice pair of black slacks and another one of her slightly too large fuzzy sweaters. Recognizing the sound of James’ car outside, she skipped out the front door before he- um, SHE got out of the car and Star had to explain things to her parents. She had finally convinced them she actually HAD a boyfriend, this was over the top. "Hiiiii James!" she waaaved! -01:35 Apr 19 Star
Jane: "Hey Star!" he reached over to opn the passenger side door for her before sitting back up. SHE was wearing black legging over which a skirt hung… apparenty she forgot to get any form of pants while shopping with Britt. "Wanna guess where I’m taking you or do you want to discuss where you wanna go too and we’ll see where we end up? I know what I want to eat." as soon as Star was in the car she leaned over to kiss her cheek. -01:48 Apr 19 Jane
Star: There was some serious blushing from her end, and Star tried not to giggle. She had to remind herself this was James and not some really pretty lady. "I want to guess! Is iiiiiiit drive in burgers and a movie? Ooooor the zoo?" Now that she was alone with hi-HER, she didn’t have to be worried about being mortally embarassed or doing anything to embarass him. Which mean curiously reaching out to brush her fingers through a bit of hi-heeeeeer hair. "I have to admit, this is a little strange!" -01:54 Apr 19 Star
Jane: The elevated levels of estrogen had made her hair softer and fuller. "You’re close, there will be a movie." she popped the car into gear and started pulling away, the sitting by the curl makeouts would come after the back row of a dark movie theatre makeouts if she played her cards right… not that thier relationship was all about makeouts! "See if you can guess where we’re heading before we get there." -02:00 Apr 19 Jane
Star: Star had to force herself to stop staring and just relax. This was not a stranger or a first date. There were so many questions she wanted to ask, but she didn’t think any of them would be polite or wanted. Star reeeeaaally wanted this date to go well! Clapping her hands softly, she huuuummed thoughtfully. "There’s only a few places in town. …you know, this is not much of a guessing game if I already know it’s a movie!" -02:07 Apr 19 Star
Jane: "Before the movie there is food, ninny." she teased turning the corner to start towards the old road that was now largly disused since the costruction of the interstate and turned away from the center of town. "And since you want to guess the choice is all mine. It’s still very much a game." she was smiling ear to ear but kept her eyes on the road. -02:13 Apr 19 Jane
Star: "Ooooh, you know I’m awful at games, Jaaaames." she pouted, but it was hard to hold it for long as she so very much loved surprises. Star was smiling, softly bouncing in her seat and curiously peering out her window trying to get a good idea of there they were going. The old street was a little worrying, if only because she was still afraid that dating her had just been one big joke that hadn’t been revealed yet. Scenes of being murdered out in a barn were playing through her head, but she was having a hard time imagining this female James murdering her. …not that she imagined normal him doing it either! "…Huuum, will we have a picnic?" -02:20 Apr 19 Star
Jane: There was a small laugh. "You saw the basket on the back seat, didn’t you. The river. I thought we’d sit in the shade and have takeout." -02:23 Apr 19 Jane
Jane: She was amused the Star had managed to guess even if she was a little disappointed she had done it so soon and now the game was over. Still the river would be private and they could talk in private and no one would see if Star wanted to see how much things had changed. -02:25 Apr 19 Jane
Star: "This is why I love you, James! You are always so romantic!" A picnic by the river on a nice day, that was absolitely perfect. Star was very lucky she found a boyfriend who was handsome and kind and super romantic. Well, girlfriend who was pretty and kind and romantic. It was a little hard to get used to that. -02:30 Apr 19 Star
Jane: Love… she still loved her. "My dad changed my name to Jane…" she said rolling her eyes. "And I was thinking you could ask questions there with no one hearing. I know this has to be confusing for you… maybe more for you than it is for me." -02:40 Apr 19 Jane
Star: "Jane is a pretty name, it’s just like my Jane Austen books. Or Tarzan and Jane!" H-Sheeeee was giving her free reign to ask all the questions she wanted, but Star still felt a little weird about asking them. She shifted in her seat, trying to think of something that wouldn’t be straight up offensive. "It is a little bit confusing… I mean, I still don’t even understand how it all happened. But I guess biological science never really was my interest…" -02:50 Apr 19 Star
Jane: She sighed and tured onto a narrow dirst road that lead to the river. "I’m not too sure how it happened either. I was just an intern with no security clearence to when the power went down I was told to pack containers into cooler boxes to keep them cold this it was fixed and one of them had a broken seal to I put it aside to warn my supervisor and I guess it exploded because the next thing I knew I was on a hospital bed with a tube strapped in my mouth and machines attached to me. It hurt like hell too. It took a day before I could walk again." -03:05 Apr 19 Jane
Star: "That must of been awful. I can’t imagine how much pain you must’ve been in! And the shock when you woke up…" Star was pretty sure if she woke up a man she just wouldn’t be able to deal. He was taking it surprisingly well. She twist the edge of her braided hair around her finger. "Um… how do you feel being a girl…?" -03:10 Apr 19 Star
Jane: "I didn’t know when I woke up, I only found out a couple of days after it happened… but over all it doen’t feel that different. At first I though my life was over and I wouldn’t be able to see anyone I knew again. My dad moved me into a different school and I thought everyone would be too freaked to talk to me again. That only really changed yesterday so I’m not all the way yet but maybe soon I’ll feel comfortable with how I look again. It’s still a shock every time i see a mirror or get reminded that I’m wearing a bra. I still FEEL like a boy." -03:18 Apr 19 Jane
Star: "So you really are just the same as before, just with… um… boobies!" She could barely say the word without giggling, but then Star couldn’t say a lot of things without giggling. "Are you going to try and change back to normal you, or will this be you forever? Oh, not that I mind, I will love you no matter what you decide to do!" That was very important to stress. Star didn’t want to lose him- Her! -03:22 Apr 19 Star
Jane: The car bounced its way over a section of grass and he parked under a tree. "If they try to change me back it could kill me. I don’t have a choice." she said keeping her eyes averted before opening her door and getting out and retrieving the basket from the back. "I’m pretty sure they did try while I was still out so there is no going back. I’m stuck like this if I wasnt to be or not… now help me spred the blanket under the tree next to the bank." He tossed the blanket over to her and set the basket down. Another reason for choosing this place was no one would see Star out with a girl and spread rumors of her being a lesbian. -03:26 Apr 19 Jane
Star: "Well I will do everything I can to help you!" As instructed she shook out the blanket and fussed around with getting it laid out over the grass. She was very particular about getting it nice and straight. Then she was plopping down on it and patting the spot next to her for James to sit down too. "It’ll be you and me against the whole world!" -03:30 Apr 19 Star
Jane: She sat down and put the basket in front of them before opening it and pulling out a plastic bowl of take away salad and two wrapped burgers along with a couple of sealed cups of cola… but with a comment like that she had to put an arm around Star and push her lip against hers, holding them there with a smile. "Not every girl would be okay with thes." she said before kissing her again and stroking her shoulder. -03:40 Apr 19 Jane
Star: Hrph! The first kiss caught her by surprise. She was a little stiff and unsure. The second time, it really wasn’t so bad. She sighed, blushing a bit and shoving some of her own bangs out of her face. "I said I loved you and I meant it. You don’t just abandon someone you love because things get a little weird.." -03:50 Apr 19 Star
Jane: She moved away to take out paper places and shove a salad and a burger oto one with plastic cutlery and plap the whole lot onto Star’s lap before placing the cola and a bottle of water in front of her. "You’re not bi… are you?" she seemed to be accepting it well and Jane was relieved. -04:02 Apr 19 Jane
Star: "I’ve never really thought about girls that way before… but I will for you!" After all, kissing her didn’t gross Star out, that was a really good sign. All of her nervousness had to just be the weird feeling like they were strangers. She picked up the bottle of water to open and take a sip. "And you still care about me too? You haven’t changed to boys?" -04:11 Apr 19 Star
Jane: "Gods no." She sounded insulted. "That would never happen. I’m still the same person and I like girls. They’re soft and curvy and… boobs are nice. Not sure I feel about HAVING them but on other people they’re nice. Hope mine don’t wierd you out…" she unwrapped her burger and took a bite out of it. "I guess I just have to deal with coming across as a massice lesbo and actually being one." -04:19 Apr 19 Jane
Star: Star thought about boobs a bit. She didn’t find her own very interesting, but she didn’t find herself very interesting in general. While opening up the salad and stiring it up with a dressing, she took a good hard look at his… HER boobs. Were they nice boobs? They were big, for sure! The kind of boobs she didn’t have herself. Once Star realized she was staring, she was blushing again. "I guess I am a little too shy to think about stuff like that all the time?" -04:30 Apr 19 Star
Jane: She reached out to take her hand and move it to her chest, looking away and blushung as she did so. hse couldn’t BELIEVE she was doing this but she was afraid Star wouldn’t be attracted to her anymore. "So think about it, please." She held Star’s hand to her chest and finally managed to look at the girl. "You’re my girlfriend, it’s okay." -04:33 Apr 19 Jane
Star: Star froze and wasn’t quite sure what to do! She probably looked like a deer in a car’s headlights, and quickly tried to swallow that weeeiiird bewildered feeling. She had touched James’ chest plenty of times, now there was just… extra padding! Star gave an experimental squeeze, but it was just way too silly and way too strange. She tugged her hang back quickly, and gave a soft laugh. "I think that was the first time I ever groped a girl! It’s diiiifferent.." -04:40 Apr 19 Star
Jane: She grabbed her soda and took a ling pull through the straw before taking another bite. "That was the first time I’ve been gropes as a girl so…" Star hadn’t like it… maybe it was just because it was new and unexpected but Jane’s eyes were on the river as she ate. "Would you want to do it again? We have a dark movie thetre coming up…" act like you usually do… this was going to be fine. -04:45 Apr 19 Jane
Star: Oooh, she was just nervous, she hadn’t meant to hurt her feelings. Star set all her things aside so she could wiggled up next to her and slid her arms around her neck. A quick peck on the cheek followed, along with her puppy-eyes and soft pout. "I do. I’m just nervous. You know how shy I was when you first asked me out, this is like that… like a first date all over again? But better because I KNOW I love you." -04:54 Apr 19 Star
Jane: "I know…" She put an arms around Star and rested her head on her shoulder. "This is going to take some getting used to for both of us." She mover to kiss the side of her neck before moving down to the shoulder. Not something you did on the first date. -05:01 Apr 19 Jane
Star: Star pet through her hair and nuzzled in to her head. She was so worried she was going to cringe and do something weird, and just ruin everything for the both of them. "I’m going to try very hard and it will be like nothing ever happened. I will do anything for you?" -05:06 Apr 19 Star
Jane: She loved away to look into Star’s eyes before scooting forward to pull her lip into her mouth and suck on it, brushing her tongue against it. That was enough for not though and she puleld back with a smile. "Thank you. Now we should eat. Movies should be starting soon." -05:09 Apr 19 Jane
Star: Kissing James was supposed to make her feel giddy and thrilled and tinglie. She was tinglie, but more in an overly self concious and very awkward sort of way. Not that he wasn’t incredibly pretty, but… it didn’t feel the same. Star smiled reassuringly, though. She was over thinking this whole thing. Star nodded. After food and once they relaxed in the theatre, everything would be fine. -05:20 Apr 19 Star
Jane: She ate her salad and then pounde down herwter like an athlete before pulling a black plastic bag from the basket to put all the trash in and knotted it. "So what kind of movie do you want to see?" she asked as the folded blanket was put inanother bag to stop grass getting in the car and everythign was loaded into the back. "There’s a new super hero one that could be fun." always giving her the option of actually watching rather than being distracted… then distractig her anyway. -05:27 Apr 19 Jane
Star: "I am afraid to choose! I missed the last one and you knooow why." James was always so exciting and distracting in movie theatres. There was always lots of giggling, and he always made her feel like a real sexy girl. The darkness of the room and the emptiness of the place helped her feel less self-concious. She was actually looking forward to this, it would definitely fix everything! Star slid in to the passenger, gleefully bouncing again. -05:32 Apr 19 Star
Jane: "Then superheros it is and we can pick it up on netflix later with blankets if we miss to much." she started the car and reversed back onto the road and pointed them back towards town. Star sounded excited and that brought the smile back! -05:34 Apr 19 Jane
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[Jane enters.] -08:37 Apr 19
Star: The movie theater was dark and nearly empty – just the way she liked it! Even if she didn’t have ideas of making out in the back row, Star hated when the theater was crowded and there were lots of strange people sitting too near her. The lights were already dimmed while the movie trailers were playing, and Star was holding Jame’s hand. His very slender hand! That was weeeiiird. It didn’t feel all strong and manly, though she suspected he could still punch someone pretty hard. -08:42 Apr 19 Star
Jane: They were holding hands which was a good start but he knew Star would be okay with more and he wanted more. It was just boring exposition right now anyway so she leaned in and ran his tongue along the rim of her earlobe beofre turning back to the screen and putting on an innocent face. This was always fun… and when they had first started going out Star had been so shy! -08:47 Apr 19 Jane
Star: Star let out a giggle, which she quickly tried to hush and contain. The importance of doing naughty things in the back was making sure no one heard and thought to turn around! She pressed a finger to her mouth and shushed at her, but really couldn’t help another giggle. Or wrapping both of her arms around James’ arm and hugging it. How did she get so lucky! -08:53 Apr 19 Star
Jane: There was a grin as Jane turned a brushed the tip of her nose against Star’s, sliding it forwards until thier lips connectedm then her hand came up to slide down the side of her neck and she kissed her again, a tiny bit harder. -08:57 Apr 19 Jane
Star: This was a little bit better, he didn’t kiss the same, but in the dark it was easier to forget the change and not think about it so hard. Her returned kiss now came with the soft relieved sigh. She missed him! The arm rail of the chair between them was pushed up and out of the way so she could scoot closer. -09:02 Apr 19 Star
Jane: As she listed the rail Jane’s arm went around her as she nipped Star’s lower lip and tipped on it ever so slightly. She let out a sighing breath of contentment with Star’s returned kiss. Thing were going to be fine. Star was wonderful. -09:05 Apr 19 Jane
Star: James had to be a kissing god. She never could have found a more perfect boyfriend. …girlfriend! This was a girl, as she was reminded when she slid her arounds around her neck to hug and draw herself close. Star found herself pressing up against the soft squishyness of her chest. For a split second she almost hesitated, it wasn’t the way it was supposed to feel… but that was just the unfamiliarity nagging at her. And to prove she was fine, she clung tighter and kissed her harder, to slip her tongue between her lips! -09:13 Apr 19 Star
Jane: She felt the shudder, the hesitation and her hear almost broke, then Star was pulling harder than she usually did and the weltness of her tongue entered Jane’s mouth! Thier chests were thorughy squished together as she leaned into Star, her tongue welcoming the girl’s with the siftest of moans of appreciation. -09:17 Apr 19 Jane
Star: She could do this! She was a fiery woman of action with a good looking girlfriend. Hearing a girl’s moaning wasn’t weird at all, and all of the soft squishiness just made James easier to squeeze. Star had herself convinced that she was completely okay enough to let one of her arms slip down. When her hand wouldn’t cooporate or even try to squeeze at a breast, she grazzed over her stomach instead and tried lower. Running her hand up James’ thigh went swimmingly. Groping for something that wasn’t there was when it all fell apart. She had jumped, maybe even flinched and she tried very quickly to cover it with another sudden kiss. -09:30 Apr 19 Star
Jane: "…" She pulled away leaving Star nothing to kiss. Star’s hand had been right THERE when she had reacted and Jane had felt it. She had been squeezing Star’s batt cheek when it had happened but now she had untangled herself and was trying to make sense of it… there was of course only one answer… Her arms slipped around Star’s shoulders as she faced the screen without seeing it. She wanted to say something bu what was there to say other than the very loaded, if unintentionally so "Having fun?" -09:37 Apr 19 Jane
Star: Star was mortified. James had to of noticed, why else pull away so quickly? How could she be so careless? Now there was this aching churning in her stomach and she kneeeew she screwed up. Star rationalized it. Of course they couldn’t get it right the first time, it was only one night. All she had to do was keep trying. "I’m sorry." she mumbled softly, reaching out to pluck gently at her shirt. "I just- I freaked out a little." -09:43 Apr 19 Star
Jane: SHe looked at her, a hand going to brush down her cheek. "It’s okay." she whisperd before leaning in to kiss the corner of her mouth and pull away again. "You’re used to finding me hard down there… you like finding me hand down there… it’s your first time with a girl." she was trying to convince herself that’s all it was. "We can try again in a few minutes." -09:48 Apr 19 Jane
Star: She nodded, but she didn’t seemed so convinced that James was fine. …she didn’t feel fine! Star definitely didn’t feel sexy or frisky. More like she wanted to crawl in to her bed and hide under a blanket. Maybe cry a little bit. Instead she wrapped her arms around James’ arm again, burying her face against it. She really did love him. They would work it out. -09:54 Apr 19 Star
Jane: It was late afternoon and the movie was over when Jane pulled up outsode Star’s house and killed the engine. "Here we go." she said looking at Star and hesitating for a long moment before leaning over and kissing the corner of her mouth. "Hope you had fun today." she said before kissing her again. "I’ll call you tomorrow nad we can talk about out next date." -10:03 Apr 19 Jane
Star: Still feeling incredibly awkward about the entire thing, she was probably not doing a good job of hiding it on her face. Star was determined though. She reached up to cup her cheek and leaned to give a kiss herself. "I love spending time with you. I really do want to make everything work." she mumbled. -10:06 Apr 19 Star
Jane: "Then be yourself Star, I love you." there was another kiss and her hand running down and her chest to squeeze her boob. "We’ll make it work, don’t worry." -10:10 Apr 19 Jane
Star: "I should go." she said a little too quickly. "I love you." To help ease it, she leaned for a long lingering kiss but even that was a bit abrupt. In fact she almost scrambled out of the car, but she did slow on her way to the door and turned around to give James a wave and a big reassuring smile. -10:16 Apr 19 Star
Jane: She waved before starting the engine and sighing, it was going to a long night with a lot to think about… Pullign away she hinked twice and headed home, taking a slow drive and pulling the car into the garage before shuting a hello to her dad and heading upstairs and grabbing her phone to dial Britt’s number. She let it ring twice before hanging up… then changed her mind again and called her for real. As dates went this one was… bad. There was no other way to put it. -10:21 Apr 19 Jane
[Star is now known as: Britt] -10:22 Apr 19
Britt: "I swear to gooooood." she hissed in to the phone. Unlike some people, Britt actually liked to get sleep before having classes in the morning. She had climbed in to bed an hour ago, and was irritated at phone ringing over and over. "Are you dying?" -10:24 Apr 19 Britt
Jane: "No, but my relationship is…" she said before the wet crunch from an apple tossed in by Garry echoed over the phone. "Star does not like the new me… she tried to hide it but my chest and when she put her hand to mu crotch… I could feel her shudder. She’s not physically attracted to me anymore and… I don’t know what to do." Apparentlu TMI mean Tell Me Immediatly to Jane. -10:28 Apr 19 Jane
Britt: Jeezus, this already? Britt was surprised they actually went out on a date so soon. She rubbed her forehead. "Don’t you think you’re rushing in to it really quick? I mean, did she actually say she’s not interested? As far as I can tell she’s head over heels for you." It was sickening really how infatuated Star was. But then, Britty herself was having a strange couple of days when it came to James’ new body. -10:33 Apr 19 Britt
Jane: "Yes, she loves, me and I love her but I thin she had less fun today than I had… She couldn’t get out of the car fast enough. What are we meant to do. She’s not a lesbian or a bisexual… and she’s trying so hard it’s frnkly adorable but I can tell… sorry if you don’t want to talk about this I’ll… have a shower or something." -10:44 Apr 19 Jane
Britt: "If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work." she grumbled crossly. Britt needed to sleep, not lay here for hours thinking about Jane in the shower. A hot and bothered Jane in the shower. "…do you want me to come over and spend the night?" As a friend. Cause that was what friends did when you bff was having girlfriend issues. -10:46 Apr 19 Britt
Jane: "That would help…" she said reluctantly. "If you’re okay with it… god my first girly sleepover. I’m not wearigg sexy lengerie and having pillow fights… I think i will have that shower while you’re on your way though." -10:51 Apr 19 Jane
Britt: "That’s not what girls do at sleepovers!" It was for the best that Jane go ahead and shower, that way Britt wouldn’t be tempted to do anything naughty. She went ahead and rolled out of bed. "I’ll be there in a few minutes, tell your dad to put on some clothes or stay in his room." -10:57 Apr 19 Britt
Jane: "He’s gone to bed, my window is unlocked so you can get in that way, and Britt… thanks… " she hung up andplaced the phone down before getting up and walking fowards the bathroom. MAybe Britt was right… maybe this would all blow over. -11:07 Apr 19 Jane
Repairing Destiny

Repairing Destiny 002: Shopping for Girl Clothes

[Britt is taking her bestie to the mall for shopping, which normally would not be something they did!] -03:37 Apr 15
[Jane is going shopping… in a skirt. This is wierd and she keeps trying to hold it down.] -03:38 Apr 15
Britt: "Stop fussing with it. You’re just going to make people stare more." Especially since she didn’t look like she could walk properly in her shoes. And because she was so pretty. Crazy pretty. Britt inwardly siiiiigh, swinging her purse back and forth as they walked. "I bet we can find a lot of good things if we check out the sales racks." -03:41 Apr 15 Britt
Jane: "Fine!" she let go of the skirt and tried walking normally. "First I need to sit down. Cafe, my treat?" getting somethign sweet before the dreaded shelves sounded like a good idea, but at least she had avoided Britt’s makeup brush before they left. "To thank you for helping me." -03:49 Apr 15 Jane
Britt: "You’re going to buy me lots of things today, something sweet wouldn’t hurt!" Of course she didn’t mean to say ‘me’ when she was thinking about all the cute things she could dress James’ new girl body in. Britt pretended like the word slip didn’t happen, chosing instead to grab her hand and tug her towards the food court. "You’re such a baby, though. You haven’t even been in those shoes for an hour!" -03:52 Apr 15 Britt
Jane: "New shoes, completely unfamiliar design… I just want something to drink, okay?" She keept looking around at people watching them, she wasn’t going to be able to pull this off was she. Why did she think she could do this? -03:56 Apr 15 Jane
Britt: "I think it’s funny. You can get in to a ton of fights, and here you are having to wear a skirt and suddenly everything is hard." she was lightly teasing and trying to make sure she kept her attention on her. Last thing she needed was James to freak out in the middle of the mall. "Lucky for you, it’s the modern day and you can wear pants. Hmm, but I do really like the short skirts…" she was trying not to lean and check out her legs again. She really had no idea what to do about this. -04:01 Apr 15 Britt
Jane: "I like them on girls too… at least I know YOU are not sayign that for pervy reasons." she sank into a chair and sighed. "I’d dare you to go around shirtless for a day to know how this feels like for me but that’s not really the same thing… try walkign around with a very obvious bulge in your pants and see how it goes. I want a coke float. I havn’t had one of those since I was tiny." -04:04 Apr 15 Jane
Britt: "It’s not like everyone is staring at you because they secretly know. It’s because you’re pretty." Britt could think of all sorts of pervy things at the moment, which was really odd and very uncomfortable for her. She huffed, plopping down in her chair and setting her purse on the table. "Unless that’s what you’re all worked up over. People thinking you’re pretty and wanting to feel you up…" -04:10 Apr 15 Britt
Jane: "I’d punch them if they tried. Even in these shoes." she said before looking down. "I’m really pretty? I don’t look like a guy with boobs pasted on wearing a skirt?" why was this even important? Dammit. "Forget I asked that. What do you want to drink?" -04:13 Apr 15 Jane
Britt: "Iced coffee sounds good to me." Something cooooold. Britt didn’t need anything else making her warm. She tapped her fingers on the table, trying to remind herself this was the same person she had continously shot down for years. Sure, James was an amazing person that she loved very much, but she never wanted to date him. Thinking about her naked was crazy. "You’re super pretty. Did you not actually look at yourself in the mirror, or did you just see the girl bits and spend all week under the covers?" -04:18 Apr 15 Britt
Jane: Another sigh. "It happenes, then I was unconscious for two days, when I woke up from the coma I didn’t even realize what had happened they kept running so many tests on me and then I… hid under the covers. Looking at myself liek this feels strange I havn’t even seen my own…" face reddening she looked away. "Fine I’ll take a good long look tonight. Before you say anything I won’t be doing THAT." -04:23 Apr 15 Jane
Britt: "Doing wh-Ooh…" the comment faded in to a choked sort of squeak. Britt hadn’t even thought of that yet. Now she was. Now the thought wasn’t going away! She shifted very uncomfortably in her chair and focused her attention on staring at anything her her. "It probably is the best idea to make sure you know how everything works. Cause, you know… um… Jeezus, you probably know enough with how many girlfriends you’ve had." Britt huffed! -04:28 Apr 15 Britt
Jane: There was an irritated glare that lasted a full second. "We are not talking about this unless it’s about how much I’d prefer someone’s help to explore." that should shut britt up. the girl didn’t even realize that Jane was a virgin. "And no buying me gag pressent in the forms of… fake dicks…" the drinks arives and Jane sipped hers before she said anything more. -04:32 Apr 15 Jane
Britt: Britt shut her mouth real quick. If she hadn’t she might have volunteered to take her up on that helping offer. James had no idea just how tempting that actually was. A few gulps of iced coffee seemed to do the trick of chilling her brain out and halting the threat of over heated flushing. When Britt finally cleared her throat her tone was back to normal. "As if I’d give you any dirty toys to play with, you’re not going to have any problems at all charming girls in to bed with you, you don’t need my help." -04:37 Apr 15 Britt
Jane: "Pfft and just eaarlier you were saying I have no idea what women want from other women. Or is it just being pretty?" Tongue stuck out and then aa thoughtfull look. "Maybe you don’t knwo either since you don’t looke for that out of women! Ha! I guess I’ll have to figure it out on my own." -04:39 Apr 15 Jane
Britt: "Like you would have any idea what I’d want!" Britt considered splashing coffee in her face. And reconsidered again at the thought of her being wet and sticky. She was flushing again and hid it by standing up quickly and taking her drink with her. "You had your break, lets get you a bra that fits before your shirt buttons pop and you flash the whole mall." -04:42 Apr 15 Britt
Jane: She looked down before ficing her eyes right back on Britt. "Thanks for that image. You’d probably love it if that fappened. Let’s pay and go then." The drinks were paayed fore the Jane was headign in the general direction of the clothes department. "You know what, you’re right. I’d have no idea what you’d want becaise you’re not the kind of girl to make the mistake of giving me a chance." -04:48 Apr 15 Jane
Britt: "If I weren’t your best friend, I would swear you were off pining for me whenever I wasn’t looking." Usually she would roll her eyes, because this is about where James would go on about how he was unlovable or something, which was dumb, because she obviously did. This time she was trying not to blurt out I guess you just needed a vagina! as that wouldn’t go over very well. "Maybe I cared about you too much to have that get all screwed up? Huh? My track record for boyfriends isn’t exactly awesome." -04:56 Apr 15 Britt
Jane: "Maybe you just need to try a girl." she teased before shakign her head. "Okay no more relationship talk. We’re here for clothes. Where are teh bras and what size am I?" -04:59 Apr 15 Jane
Britt: Britt coughed and choked on her coffee. Having to take a moment to hack it out and breathe. Scrunging up her nose, she cast her the fiercest of glares, then led the way marching towards the lingere department of her favorite store. "We’re going to have to try a few on until we figure out what size you are exactly. I don’t have boob-size vision." Britt resisted fingering through the fancy sexy racks and started with just the basics until she found a few that looked about right. She held them out dangling them on a figure. "You don’t need dressing room supervision, do you?" -05:04 Apr 15 Britt
Jane: Jane lingered around the rexy red and black stuff until Britt spoke. *you saw what happened last time I tried to put a bra on. I know I’m new aat this but please don’t laugh…" she grabbed the selection and held them up one by one. "You knwo I don’t ahve a mom to help me." -05:10 Apr 15 Jane
Britt: "Better me than your dad, I guess." Jeeeezus. Britt grabbed her shirt and tuuuugged her off towards the dressing room. She could do this! This was James ala Jane. There were no weird feelings. She is NOT that pretty. Britt made sure the door was locked, tucked her purse and drink in the corner and… almost tucked herself there too. She had to avoid looking at the mirror, cause now she was getting a good frontal AND backend view. NOT PRETTY. "Shirt and bra off then, we want to make sure the band isn’t too tight and the cups aren’t too small and the straps are snug…" Now she was just babbling. -05:14 Apr 15 Britt
Jane: Shirt back off and half a minute later the bra was off too. "There, now…" one of the new ones was selected at random and pulled on. "Better… help be with the back… don’t them make bras with the clasps on the front?" -05:18 Apr 15 Jane
Britt: "Uuuum. Um. They do…" Britt very quickly shifted behind her, so now all she had to look at was her back back as her fingers fumbled trying to get the straps hooked. Once that was done, she stayed safely behind her where she couldn’t take a look in the mirror. "Not too tight…?" Her voice was a few pitches too high. -05:20 Apr 15 Britt
Jane: A finger experimentally snalled a strap right before there was a sparp intake of pain. "It fits fine, better than the other one…" -05:22 Apr 15 Jane
Britt: "Fine or perfect? We better try a few more so you know the differece. Nothing is worse than an uncomfortable bra all day." Hands went up her back brushing against skin when she really, really shouldn’t have. A woman’s back had so many beautiful curves compared to a guy and was just..! Britt unhooked the bra while curling her toes in her shoes. This was torture. -05:27 Apr 15 Britt
Jane: Britt had to be feeling the tention in the straps, why else would she brush her hands aagainst Jane’s back like that? "Okay, help me jut on the next one." If this was anyone but Britt then Jane wouldn’t be able to focus. Pulling the next one on she left the clasps for Britt to do and once they were done she gromed the cup experimentally. "What do you think? Touch too big?" -05:30 Apr 15 Jane
Britt: More fumbling fingers. Her hands were almost shaking. Britt had on the most cross of looks, having to force herself to peer around to take a look in the mirror. It was hard to tell by looking and the way she kept grabbing on her own boobs. Britt swat the hands away and used a finger to tug gently at the cup. Oh jeezus, why did she do that. Skin and ideas and she was SO going to faint. "Yeah, that’s a little big…" How did she even manage to say that with a straight face! -05:33 Apr 15 Britt
Jane: The braa was stripped off quickly and put aside before Jane turned and reached for the next one. "Thought so. We’ll see how this one goes." it was pulled on and the clasps left in front of Britt. "We might have to go and get more… Starting to think the other one was a little small." -05:36 Apr 15 Jane
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[Britt managed to survive bras, the rest of this should be a piece of cake.] -01:16 Apr 18
[Jane has a small selection of underwear, panties britt was NOT around for. In there had been a dick down there it might have been different, or at least less wiers to try and get a look at how things fit without this thing that just didn’t look right to be there.] -01:23 Apr 18
Britt: Britt could breathe again now that she wasn’t dealing with a naked woman. The most irritating part was that it’s not like she hadn’t seen and dealt with naked women before. She had highschool gym after all. So she could only wonder if it was because this was James, which made her feel like a huge asshole. With Jane in there working out how panties fit, Britt was now hunting down clothes. And couldn’t seem to move -away- from the dresses. -01:32 Apr 18 Britt
Jane: She had sleek and silky panties chosen because they’re just what she thought of when she thought of panties and was now sitting in on the tiny bench in the changing room looking at herself. actually looking at herself. There were a lot of similaritues but she did NOT look like the same person. A sister or a cousin maybe and she was… pretty. She knew if she saw a girl like this she’s be tempted to ask them out. But Britt was waiting and there was time for narcissism later… opening the door she slipped out and started lookign around. "Hey, Britt. Where did you get to?" -01:37 Apr 18 Jane
Jane: She had sleek and silky panties chosen because they’re just what she thought of when she thought of panties and was now sitting in on the tiny bench in the changing room looking at herself. actually looking at herself. There were a lot of similaritues but she did NOT look like the same person. A sister or a cousin maybe and she was… pretty. She knew if she saw a girl like this she’s be tempted to ask them out. But Britt was waiting and there was time for narcissism later… opening the door she slipped out and started lookign around. "Hey, Britt. Where did you get to?" -01:37 Apr 18 Jane
Britt: Britt was afraid to turn around. She was imagining her stepping out dressed in that silky black lace pair and nothing else. She was relieved to peek over her should to find Jane completely clothed once again, and had to stomp down that stupid feeling of regret. "I’m looking at dresses. I know you’re all uuurg about dresses, but trying a few on wouldn’t hurt…" And now to pretend like it wasn’t because Britt really wanted to see. -01:50 Apr 18 Britt
Jane: She peered around a rack of blouses and made a face. "Well I’m already in a skirt…" her hand want up to pull on her hair in a nearvous gusture as she looked at the dresses and slowly stepped up to her friend. "Are you doing this on purpose?" she asked suddenly and sharply. "Or is this a coincidence and I’m just completely crossing my signals?" -01:55 Apr 18 Jane
Britt: "I’m not trying to humiliate you, if that’s what you’re thinking." she complained. Britt was just not that kind of person, and he knew better. She gave her a good glare to remind her. "But yes, maybe I DO want to see what you look like in a good dress. You wanted ME to dress up tonight too, didn’t you?" -02:04 Apr 18 Britt
Star: "Britt, right..?" A tiny little voice interupted. A very short girl wearing a very large fuzzy sweater, pushing her glasses higher up on her nose as she peered at Britt curiously. Coming to the conclusion that she had the right person, she beamed a wide smile. "Hi! I’m Star, we met twice, I think? I’m James’ girlfriend…" Now she was peering at Jane with some interest. "Oh, I’m sorry. You’re on a date! I just wanted to know if you had seen James! I’m worried." -02:05 Apr 18 Britt
Jane: "No! Skirt, dress… you’re trying to…" Jane froze. Star!? What was she doing here? Crap! She hadn’t spoken to her in a week! Jane didn’t even notice the word Star had used. "Make me feel good about my… condition… Hey Star." damn… now star knew she knew her name. "Umm… I’ll go and try on that dress?" She wasn’t ready for this! -02:09 Apr 18 Jane
Britt: Britt was red in the face and just as flustered as Jane, but for entirely different reasons. Wordlessly, Britt shoved three hangers of dresses in to Jane’s hand. "Heeeey. No this isn’t a date, you’ve got the totally wrong idea. James is, um…" She should have let her go hide somewhere, but Britt had a grip on her wrist. This is what happens when you don’t tell your girlfriend things! -02:24 Apr 18 Britt
Star: "Oh! Oh, I just heard rumors that you broke up and thought maybe- Nevermind then! James is..? He won’t answer any of my phone calls and I tried to stop by his house but his dad said he wasn’t there." She did look incredibly concerned. -02:24 Apr 18 Britt
Jane: Damn… there was the puppy face. Jane sighed and swallowed, looking at the floor. How was he going to do this? "Star… you… James is right here. I… am James. Hi." this was getting awkward fast. She was so wrapped up in it that she was missing the conversation between Star and Britt. "There was an accident at work and, well, I’m stuck like this. Sorry… I know you’re not into girls and… I guess I didn’t talk to you because I prettymuch already knew you’d break up with me so… sorry." -02:35 Apr 18 Jane
Star: "What?" Star was very confused. In fact, she didn’t believe a word of it and was looking between the girl and Britt looking for signs of the big joke. Even glanced around to see if James was going to pop out and yell surprise. "You’re pulling my leg, right? You could be his sister or cousin I guess, but I wasn’t born yesterday." she laughed a little, but no one was laughing with her. "…you can’t be James." -02:43 Apr 18 Britt
Britt: Well this was awkward. Britt wanted to run and hide in the dressing room now. "It’s the truth, this is James." she muttered. If James didn’t already feel like a huge heel, she might have slapped her for getting her in to this situation. His girlfriend should have been the first person to know! -02:44 Apr 18 Britt
Jane: She moves away from Britt and towards Star. "My dad is a sceintist, I was working as an intern there and there was an accident. I am James, how else would I know you favorite flower is a lilly or that you wanted waffles on our second date but nowhere was open so we snuck into my kitchen and stole a pack of frozen waffles to cook over a bondfire? I’m eally sorry you had to see me like this and anythign they can try to reverce it was a batter chance of killing me than actually working. I wish this wasn’t happening but… I… I don’t know what to say." -02:58 Apr 18 Jane
Star: Star did not seem to know what to say either! She was trying to examine her face, to see where the lying or the trick was, but couldn’t seem to find it. For a moment she seemed to be struggling with it, and even looked like she was going to turn around and leave. Finally she just took a deep breath. "If it’s true, then… Then if I loved you before, I will love you now. You are my boyfriend, erm, girlfriend? I should stick with you through all hard times." -03:06 Apr 18 Britt
Britt: For a girl with a stripper name, Britt was a little impressed with Star. She wasn’t sure if she might have felt the same way if the person she dated got gender swapped. …then again this was her best friend that she suddenly wanted to drag in to the dressing room and do dirty things with. Face still red, Britt just kept her mouth shut! -03:06 Apr 18 Britt
Jane: She blinked. She had been expecting to be single in a heartbeat. "You’re sure about this?" she asked taking Star’s hand and trying not to smile in relief too much. "This isn’t going to be too wierd for you?" He abandoned Star’s hand to put her arms around her and kiss her cheek softly. -03:11 Apr 18 Jane
Star: Star squeaked a little bit, but the surprise of a hug from a ‘stranger’ wore off really quickly and she was throwing her arms around the girl named James and smiling. "Of course I mean it! I love you, I’m not going to abandon you! We’ll work it all out somehow?" -03:22 Apr 18 Britt
Britt: Britt was glad that worked out. …even if there was this sudden surge of jealously. And that wasn’t exactly something new. She always got a little irked by James and his girlfriends. Her arms were crossed and she painted on a smile. "I told you things would be okay." -03:23 Apr 18 Britt
Jane: "You did, but we still have work to do. We’re trying to get me a new wardrobe since nothing fits anymore. This is actually the first time I’m out of the house since it happened. " -03:26 Apr 18 Jane
Star: "Oh I wish you would have talked to me so much sooner, I would have taken care of you and brought you everything you needed!" Star was clinging tight, a little reluctant to let go. She had thought James was trying to break up with her, and this was a relief if… maybe super strange. Her boyfriend was a GIRL. "I could stay and help you find clothes? If you want me to." -03:39 Apr 18 Britt
Britt: "I don’t mind heading home if you wanna spend the day with your girlfriend." she mumbled. She was still going to hold her to that promise of dinner, but Britt SO did not want to be the third wheel to one of James’ romances. She had some serious issues with her best friend’s girlfriends. Whether they were stolen from her, or in this case… just. Ugh! -03:39 Apr 18 Britt
Jane: Jane put an arm around Star and squeezed her. "I’m still not comfortable being like this and now that I know you’re not breaking us with me we have a lot to talk about I really don’t want to deal with any of that right now. All I wnat to do is make sure I have more than one outfit so I’ll call you tonight and we’ll talk then, Okay? We’ll go out on a date next week I promise." she smiled and squeezed the girl again. "I’m sure you have a lot of things to think about too." -03:47 Apr 18 Jane
Star: "I guess I have a girlfriend now! I hope my parents won’t care… You won’t mind if I call you for advice, will you Britt?" she pleaded, with a very hopeful look. -03:50 Apr 18 Britt
Britt: Britt nearly choked. "Um, sure..!" Damage control had to be done! Britt fussed at the two of them until they stopped their stupid hugging and Britt was shoving Jane towards the dressing rooms with the dresses she had picked out. "So… see you later Star!" -03:50 Apr 18 Britt
Jane: Jane turned around a fussed at Britt once they were away. "Jeez what was that about. I know you don’t liek her but pushing us apart and running at the first chance… fine. What do I try in next?" he pulled on her hair again and sighed. "Sorry I snapped, you’re trying to make me feel better about what happened. Which is why I chose to stay with you… other than what I told Star. Here, since I’m a girl I get to do this." She leaned forward and pecked Britt on the cheek. "That’s to say thank you." -03:56 Apr 18 Jane
Britt: Britt was going to snap right back at her. Chose to stay with her? Pushing her away from her girlfriends? When had- it was all completely forgotten. A stupid kiss on the cheek, and Britt was a limp noodle of compliance. She let out a huff of breath, pointing with both hands at the hangers. "Just… try on the dresses, okay? And tell me what you think?" -04:01 Apr 18 Britt
Jane: She grabbed the dresses and headed for the changing room. "Okay, I’ll call you if I need help. This is my first time in a dress… you can think about where you want to have dinner with me while I’m in there. Don’t think I’d forgotten abut that!" the door closed she started stripping again. Britt was a good friend… -04:04 Apr 18 Jane
Britt: Britt wasn’t thinking about where to have dinner, she was having too hard of a time trying not to think about Jane naked and wearing a dress for the first time. Why couldn’t James have turned in to someone way less attractive? Or maybe have a completely different personality to go with his new body. This was completely turning her upside down! "I was just hoping you’d forget about dressing me up." she responded, leaning against a pillar to wait patiently. She was an AWFUL person. -04:10 Apr 18 Britt
Jane: Jane emerged in the red and black gress Britt had picked out and looked oever at her, hips angled and hands on them. "That do you think?" she asked slowly turning. "And I had forgottem about dressing you up… thanks for remonding me… Where’s the sexy underwear?" -04:12 Apr 18 Jane
Britt: "Errm." How did she know to stand like that? Britt had guessed the size spot on. The fabric clung perfectly against her waist and hips. And those leeeeegs. The skirt fell low enough to be classic, but high enough to give all of that skin… Ermph. Britt was crossing her arms again, biting her own tongue to drag herself back to reality. "Right here and- Are you not wearing any under there…?" That’s it, Britt was going to faint. She already felt woozy! -04:17 Apr 18 Britt
Jane: "I meant for me to make you wear… but I did take mine of before putting this on since I was getting sick of them cutting into my skin and I’ll be changing again soon anyway. What’s wrong? You don’t like the dress of did somethgn spil out?" she looked down at her chest.. the cut was REALLY low. "I guess I’ll try somethign else then." -04:21 Apr 18 Jane
Britt: "NO! Nono, that one is perfect. I- I’m just feeling a little sick is all." Normally Britt’d be jumping on her ass for suggesting to put her in sexy underwear. But that dress… Britt would be at her knees doing anything Jane asked if she just stayed in that dress. Hmm with a pair of black heels. There was another sort of strangled sound out of Britt and she promptly found the nearest chair to melt in to before she hit the floor. "Do YOU like it…?" -04:27 Apr 18 Britt
Jane: She looked down at it and ran her hands along the fabric before walking over to Britt to put a hand on her forehead. "I do, it’s smart and comfortable and… sexy. Date time levers of sexy… but I don’t think I’d wear it for one, not yet anyway but I really do like it." she cocked her hips again with her legs apart and posed. "Sit on the floor and if you’re goood…" she reached down to the hem and without grabbing it mimed pulling it up before she burst out laughing. "Sorry… couldn’t resist." -04:34 Apr 18 Jane
Britt: There was a whole string of cursing in Britt’s head. Did she somehow inherit mind reading powers too? At this point the color had probably washed out of her face, and Britt didn’t trust herself to stand. Otherwise she would have ran out of the store like a squealing dummy. She had never EVER been so hot and bothered by anything in her life, and this was the most alarming thing ever! "Okay, so you’re gonna be a total dominatrix…!" she squeaked. She was trying not to, but it happened anyway. "Your nerdy stripper is going to have one hell of a night when you’re ready for a date…" -04:41 Apr 18 Britt
Jane: She looked away her face going red as her arms folded. "You’re just assuming she’ll want to with me like this. She says she’s okay with it but I’m not so sure…" okay maybe that was a bit too defencive. "But being a domiatrix sounds like fun, but only if the table get turned sometimes… now I need to stop thinking about sex. Shall we find you an outfit?" -04:46 Apr 18 Jane
Britt: Britt opened her mouth to say Who -wouldn’t- want you, but that would have invited a world of trouble. She was lucky that she hadn’t started asking weird questions due to Star’s big mouth. Britt stood, more than a little shakey on her feet, and smoothed out the fabric of her skirt. Not thinking about sex was an excellent idea. "Okay, okay. What will you have me wear tonight, dear Master? Don’t you even dare try to put me in spandex." -04:55 Apr 18 Britt
Jane: LAnd leather is ot in the budget, damn ruining my dreams before I even have them… actually there is something. Not anything bad or that you probably wouldn’t wear yourself but go eas on me. This is my first time." -05:04 Apr 18 Jane
Britt: Britt so wasn’t a leather person. …unless maybe Jane was wearing it. Hrrm, must think of something else! "I might be a liiiittle curious to see what you’d dress up your bestie in. The bestie that loves you and trusts you and doesn’t want to look stupid in public…" she made sure that was said. Britt wanted to look pretty, especially if she was going to be standing next to a super model. -05:08 Apr 18 Britt
Jane: "Don’t be afraid. It’s right over here." she reached into a rack and pulled out a dark blue dress and held it out. "Try it on… you’re a size… well this looks about right they have other… you know what this is the rght size. I remember from your birthday so here." it was tossed over and Jane was grinning. No put it on then we can take pictures." -05:11 Apr 18 Jane
Britt: Britt eyed the dress critically and checked the tags to make sure it was her size. The cut was very upscale, and Britt wasn’t so sure she had the oomph to pull it off. She knew she could be super cute, but she wasn’t exactly the personality that wore en vogue fashion. Rolling her eyes she trotted to the dressing room. "I’m surprise you remember. -I- remember your going through all my stuff and me being really ticked off about it." Once she changed, she stepped out smoothing her hands over the dress and turnning this way and that. "…okay, so maybe it’s not that bad! Ya think?" -05:20 Apr 18 Britt
Jane: "I think you look great" she said with a grin. "I’m no expert on fashion but it suits you and I like it on you. we should dress up more often… now find us a mirror so I can see what we look like next to each other. Then we should probably change back and pay for all this stuff." -05:24 Apr 18 Jane
Britt: Compliments from James always bounced off her. So it was really irritating to be blushing just because he wanted to see what they looked like together. She snatched his hand, dragging him in to the dressing room and closing the door so there was room for them both to stand and see in the mirror. Britt was trying not to look at her OR the mirror. "Well? We look like a couple of New York business women, off to eat the souls of our enemies or something. I really, really like your dress…" -05:27 Apr 18 Britt
Jane: "Good because I’m getting it." she said as she snapped a picture of them. "Youre getting yours too. I know I’m a pain to put up with sometimes but you’ve always been here for me and you desurve something nice." There was another kiss on Britt’s cheek before Jane was pulling on the dress to get ready to be changed back. "When I’m ready for it you’re going to help me with makeup… far, far in the future." -05:30 Apr 18 Jane
Britt: Another kiss on the cheek and Britt was trapped in a whimsical daydream of dirty dressingroom things. Why was she even taking pictures, she was handling this becoming a girl thing way better than Britt was! "You don’t really need any make up…" she muttered, and against her better judgement was helping Jane with the zipper on that dress. Dresses were so hard to get out of sometimes. -05:34 Apr 18 Britt
Jane: The dress came off and true to her word Jane wasnt wearing anything underneath but her panties were grabbed quickly and pulled on. "Well that was your last chance to get out.. now you have to halp me with my Bra and then… well I guess you don’t need any help." -05:36 Apr 18 Jane
Britt: "We’re already in here, you can help me get out of it…" that sounded waaaaay more flirty than she had meant it to. Maybe because she got an eyefull of her completely nude. A woman’s body was an artform and stupid James had the most perfect shape and- Helping her get that bra on was less like helping, with Britt taking way too much time ‘fumbling’ just for the excuse of touching. She was the WORST friend in the world! -05:41 Apr 18 Britt
Jane: With her bra on Jane wished that this situation wasn’t so… hot… Who girls damn near naked in a changing booth with touching, fumbling… they couldn’t be further awya from eachothe rthan a few inches and Britt KNEW she liked girls. "Fine turn around." She undid the zipper and tugged the dress down, keeping her eyes on the wall as she moved lower with the fabric until it dropped to the floor. "You know I dont thnk I’ve ever seen you just in underwear…" -05:45 Apr 18 Jane
Britt: "You know I’m weird with guys." This was that moment for leaning and gropey reach arounds and getting deliciously molested in a small confined space. Britt had even tried it once with a past boyfriend. Only then she hated it and was too worried about getting caught. NOW… someone wandering by was the last thing on her mind. Britt stepped out of the dressed and stooped to pick it up. Rising again was way, way too slow as Britt couldn’t help eyeing every inch fo skin she could set her eyes on as she stood back up. She cleared her throat. "Clothes and dinner. I’ll die if I don’t get something to eat." -05:53 Apr 18 Britt
Jane: Her top being pulled on was the last step other than her shoes and then she was dressed with a minimum of glancing at her best friend and wishing that she was into girls. James had never beein ginto the whole lesbian fetish thing but hot girls were hot no matter what gender she was. "Then we should go before I have to explain wha you’re doing dead… I… I’m trapped with you in the way though." Trapped, why did that sound vagely sexy? -07:02 Apr 18 Jane
Britt: Since when did Britt have a villain streak? She sort of liked the idea of being a vixen and locking the door to keep her trapped. It wouldn’t hurt to play for just a moment, right? "What’s the matter? Are you scared of tiny little me doing unspeakable things to you?" Britt leeeeeaned forward to poke her gently in the stomach. "Are you going to scream for help?" -07:07 Apr 18 Britt
Jane: "Well if you did do unspeakable things to me I would be screaming but it wouldn’t be for help." she said her elbown knocking against the walls as she tried to put her hands on her hips… then with a grin she raised her hand to brush the fingertips down Britt’s cheek, almost as good. "But if you were then you wouldn’t have just helped me put clothes ON so, there we are." -07:14 Apr 18 Jane
Britt: There went that knee weakening urge to faint again. Why was James so good at being a sexy woman, this was insane. She fought the impulse to grab her head and tug her down for a kiss. Grinning like that was too kissable. Britt was so wound up about the whole thing, she was near to tears. Huffing loudly, she pounced forward to throw her arms around Jane’s waist and hug her tight. It was that or doing something really stupid! She buried her face in her shirt and muttered several incomprehensible things about clothing, stupidity. -07:21 Apr 18 Britt
Jane: She hugged her back. "Oh no! Terrible! A hug! Help meeeee." She chuckles and squeezed the girl before letting go. "Come on, I’m hungry too. Hand to go to the itallian place around the corner that inexplicably has nachos?" -07:25 Apr 18 Jane
Repairing Destiny

Repairing Destiny 001: James’ Big Surprise

[Britt got a weird phonecall from her BFF. She’s assuming James is having another grades flipout or someone slipped him a daterape drink again and he’s hallucinating. Either way, she’s headed to his place to slap some sense in to him!] -12:59 Apr 14
[Jane used to be knows as James and has stormed off to thier room after an argument with thier scatterbraiend dad.] -12:59 Apr 14
Jane: It had been a baaaaaaaad week, sicne the accident everything had happened so fast, and there was no "cure". In fact it would be unsafe to try so the gender swirch wasn’t going away any time soon. Garry, thier father was under orders not to let aanyone in, not that he’d listen and Jane was under her duvet wishing the world would end… phone still in hand. -01:03 Apr 14 Jane
Britt: Britt was not taking to being ignored very well, even by James’ dad. Thus, that was why she was pounding on the front door. "I mean it! Open the door! I don’t care if his ARMS are falling off, he’s not switching schools." Britt took a step or two back from the door, giving the windows an examining stare. Hmm… -01:07 Apr 14 Britt

the door opened and a middle aged man stood there with a small smile on his face. “Britt, here to see Jane? Upstairs bedroom… Anythign I can get you? Juice? Sandwich?” he stood aside to let her in. Jane needed friends, no matter what happened. -Jane 01:11 Apr 14

Britt: Jane? Britt ignored the name mixup, sometimes James’ dad was a little weird. She stepped inside with a small huff. "No thanks, but I bet he could use some coffee." Making herself right at home, she brushed past the man and climbed up the stairs two at a time. "JAMES! I’m going to drag you out of bed by the feet. We’re not doing this AGAIN." -01:15 Apr 14 Britt
Jane: "Do not come up here." the text came through on Britt’s phone and Jane attempted to stop her, futilely as Garry mentioned getting them both apple juice and headed for the kitched. "I’m serious… if you see me not you’ll lose your wierd attraction to me. Don’t come in." -01:20 Apr 14 Jane
Britt: Britt pulled out her phone to see the text out of habit. Then rolled her eyes as she stopped in front on his bedroom door. "You jackass! I’m not attracted to you!" She tried the door handled and found it locked. Another roll of her eyes. "You KNOW I know how to open this. Why don’t you stop being crazy and just open it?" Britt was already standing on her toes trying to reach the handy little door lock pick that was on the doorframe. -01:24 Apr 14 Britt
Jane: "Don’t…" the voice was a far cry from Jame’s normal and sounded forced and aat that moment there was a heavy tread at the top of the stairs and twin thuds aas two glasses were put on a sideboard next to the door. "Daad, stop her." -01:32 Apr 14 Jane
Britt: "Your dad isn’t going to save you, James." Ah ha! She got it and it only took a second to get the lock undone and swing open the door. The first thing Britt did was march to the window and push open the curtains. "What’s the matter with your throat? Are you sick? It’s been over a week, you’re not contagious anymore. You need air and exercise." Stepping over to the bed she grabbed the edge of the blanket he was hiding under and tugged! -01:35 Apr 14 Britt
Jane: There was a scrabble of freshly exposed limbs as a t-shirted and boxered figure scrabbled to brab and hug a pillow. "I told you to stay away." face bburried to hide as much as possible even though it was now useless. -01:40 Apr 14 Jane
Britt: "I can’t understand a word you’re saying. What’s the matter, did some girl give you mono?" Britt climb on the bed, reaching to grab for the pillow. That’s about when she noticed those legs weren’t a guy’s legs and neither were those arms. "…Who are YOU? James, are you under the damned bed, this isn’t funny!" Britt plopped on the matress, hanging upside down over the edge to check under the bed. -01:45 Apr 14 Britt
Jane: The pillow was thrown across the room. "This is me, Britt. Okay? Have a good look." there was an angry glare. She had been told to go away. "THis is why I have to change schools and why I didn’t want you to see me." another pillow was grabbed and hugged. "My life is over…" -01:48 Apr 14 Jane
Britt: "Right and my name is Princess Brittany." Back on her knees again, she glared right back at the girl. How did James always lure such pretty girls in to his bed? Why did his dad even let him get away with this? …she did look suspiciously like James. "Okay, I can solve this." Without explaining what she was after, Britt shoved the girl over and was pushing up her shirt. James had a birthmark on his back and when it wasn’t there, she was going to ‘politely’ throw the girl out and then torture his Dad for information. -01:53 Apr 14 Britt
Jane: "Hey!" "The girl" struggled against Britt. "What are you doing?" and arm shot back to shove Britt off along with an angrey glare. "Just because you’re a princesss doesn’t mean you can get yoou hands all over me… I can’t believe I just said that to a girl…" -01:58 Apr 14 Jane
Britt: The girl received a good hard shove back and Britt might have smacked her too if she didn’t feel sorry for her. But once she got her shirt pushed up, Britt wasn’t seeing what she expected. That was definitely James’ birthmark along with that scar he got in highschool during some stupid after school fight. Britt’s hands were off her in an instance and she scooted to the farside of the bed, almost toppling off the edge on to the floor. "What did you DO?! Get drunk and get a sex change?!" -02:01 Apr 14 Britt
Jane: Free again with shirt pulled back down two eyes glared at Britt. "No, I got a job. Lab intern at my dad’s… work." Secret government labs wern’t somethign you talk aabout. "He’s a scientist and there was an accident. That’s all. Now I’m stuck like this and… why would you think I would let this happen even if I was drunk? Don’t you get it?" Jane’s voice was rising to a hysterical pitch. "I can’t live like this… I don’t knwo the first thing about… what to do." -02:07 Apr 14 Jane
Britt: "They just let you walk out like that? Does your dad work for idiots?!" Didn’t they have procedures and protocols? Let alone the HOW it happened. Britt couldn’t wrap her mind around it. She didn’t blame him for sounding hysterical. She also couldn’t stop staring at him. "So you’re just…a GIRL now? Are they going to fix it? Are you going to sue them?" She shut her mouth, biting in to her lip. "…I guess the first thing you should do is shave your legs…" -02:13 Apr 14 Britt
Jane: "After three days of pokign me and prodding me and telling me it would probably kill me to try and reverse it… yeah, they let me go. So yeah, I’m a girl now and how the hell am I going to get a lawyer, let alone a judge to believe me…?" Jane ignored the shaving comment. "They got me into a different college on short notice and apparentky change my name in record time without even asking me so… what the hell can I do?" -02:17 Apr 14 Jane
Britt: "Deal with it… I guess..?" Britt sure as hell didn’t know what to do, she couldn’t imagine what SHE would do. Probably hide in her room in the dark too. She shifted her leg and moved her foot across the matress until she experimentally poked his leg with a toe. And another poke just to make sure she was still actually seeing a girl. "Why didn’t you just tell me? I’m your best friend." -02:21 Apr 14 Britt
Jane: "One, would you have believed me? Two, you’re a girl. Your hot guy best friend just turned into a girl… I don’t know… It’s a little wierd that you’re not freaking out over this." Teh leg pulled away from her as Jane leaned against the wall and sighed. "At least you didn’t see me crying…" -02:29 Apr 14 Jane
Britt: "What makes you think you were hot?" she teased. This was just too weird. Of course she wouldn’t believe it, she still sort of didn’t believe it. But what else was she going to do? Britt sighed, shifting to crawl across the mattress. She plopped down next to him with a frown. "Freaking out isn’t going to change anything. You’re lucky your bestie is a chick. If you had a guy BFF he’d be trying to grope your boobs right now." Hmm. Speaking of, she leaned closer to him to try and take a look, but with that tshirt he had on, she couldn’t see. -02:34 Apr 14 Britt
Jane: "Pfft yeah, not it’s really never ever going to happen between us." With Britt closer Jane falt is was safe to flop back down and stare at the ceiling. "I guess I am lucky you’re a girl. You know things I’ll need to know like… ugh… I don’t even want to think about it. I should bully them into letting you into my new school…" -02:37 Apr 14 Jane
Britt: "I’m not switching schools for you just because you’re scared of being a girl." She leaned over him, hesitating a bit before she reached down to pluck at his hair. Jeezus, he really was a girl now. "So you’re just going to dive right in to it? Full Maximum woman? I don’t think you can handle it." She cast a cheeky grin. "How are you going to pick up dates now? You don’t know what girls want out of a woman!" -02:44 Apr 14 Britt
Jane: Her hand was swatted away. "I didn’t say that… I don’t even know how to do that. And I can’t go to the same school without questions being asked so if you don’t want to go to tthe same scholl a me then fine." Jane rolled onto their side and stared at the wall. "I don’t want to think about girls right now, okay… I still have to tell my girlfriend about this." -02:47 Apr 14 Jane
Britt: "Ah, right… I forgot you managed to keep one this time." He wqas having himself a pout fest now, which was pretty typical of him. At least this time she could understand why. It was the only reason she wasn’t bullying him out of bed and make him stop. Britt scooted close again and draaaaped herself over him. Just because he had a girl body didn’t meant she was going to stop being his bestie. …Holy crap, he still had those kickboxing muscles under slender arms, though. Britt squeezed one of his arms. "I’m going to be in the middle of finals soon. And you know my parents will kill me if I try to switch schools." -02:53 Apr 14 Britt
Jane: "So that’s it then… no more hanging out at school…" as expected… again Britt’s hand was swatted but this time there was no glare. "You really like poking me, don’t you… fine." With a shove against the matress Jane sate up and then a second later thier shirt came off. "Take a good look…" Janes face was red and was quickly hidden behind the shirt. May as well get this over with… Not like Britt woulf think anything like that. -02:58 Apr 14 Jane
Britt: Shirt off..! Not once had she ever cared about James being shirtless or even naked. He paraded around enough that Britt had an eyefull more than once. She just didn’t find him that attractive, but then Britt was pretty sure she was a bit broken anyway. …of course right now her cheeks were flushing and it suddenly felt a little too hot in the room. He had very nice… Britt turned her head to the side and kept her glare focused at the dresser. "Would you stop that! You don’t have to act like a shameless hussy. I hope you’re not gonna whip them out for everybody at your new school…" -03:04 Apr 14 Britt
Jane: "You’ve never thought much of it before… and no. I don’t even… do You know hoe uncomfortable having these things where they wen’t there before is. It doen’t feel like me." the shirt was back on and Jane wass back to staring at the wall. "I’m going to be alone at a new school and if everythign goes well I’ll be avoiding attention. Not going after it like some girl." -03:08 Apr 14 Jane
Britt: Britt refused to explain why it made her uncomfortable. She didn’t even want to think about it. Her face was probably still tinged with pink, but at least now she could look at him. "I’d go with you, but I can’t. Not until after the semester is over. …and you don’t have to act like it’s the end of the world. I’M a girl. It’s not the worst thing in the world to be." -03:11 Apr 14 Britt
Jane: "You’re…" there was no way to say it without sounding like a woman hating asshole… "Maybe it is for me. who is going to take me seriously like this? You know how much I like kickboxing. Nothing I do is girly… I’m going to come off as a total rug muncher…" -03:15 Apr 14 Jane
Britt: "Oh because a girl liking girls is totally awful right?" Sonofa-! Britt punched him in the arm as hard as she could, and sadly that probably hurt her own hand more than it hurt him. She hook out her hand and huffed, only to start slapping at him. "You asshole! Stop acting like a little bitch and suck it up like a woman! So what if you have boobs now. You can do all the same things. And if someone doesn’t like it, you tell them to suck it!" -03:21 Apr 14 Britt
Jane: Jane shoved her away and caught her wrists. "You know what? Fine. Anyone who thinks I can’tbox gets hit in the face. I’ll handle think as me, not as some woman… and is anyone calls me a lesbian they’ll get two punches and a kick to the face. Why are you so angry anyway? Are some of your other friends into girls?" -03:27 Apr 14 Jane
Britt: "Some woman…!" Eeerg! She wanted to punch HIM! In the face! Her. Her in the face. Britt clamped her mouth shut and struggled to keep that sudden surge of emotion contained. She was not the kind of woman that got hysterical about stuff, but he. She was hitting on something a little close to home. Enough that not only were her feelings hurt, it was pretty clear that telling him her secret was never going to be an option. "And if they were? You’re such an asshole sometimes…" -03:33 Apr 14 Britt
Jane: "Yeah.. I am." Britt was let go and Jane was standing up to stretch with the popping of joints. "Nothing… I guess you just have an open mind about things. Which is why you’re still here. It’s pretty cool you stand up for people that are different than yourself. I know I’m never ever ever going to be attracted to guys so… am I lesbian? I guess that depends on if I’m really a girl or not." -03:38 Apr 14 Jane
Britt: She still wanted to hit him. But now her arms were crossed and she was trying to remind herself she was seriously pissed off with him, and that she was supposed to be glaring him, not curiously eyeing him up and down. His height hadn’t changed much. He was still taller than her. But instead of broad shoulders, he had wider hips. There was still all that muscle, but much softer now and curvy. Really pretty… "You like what you like. It doesn’t matter. …You’re going to need clothes that fit, though." Whyyyyy was she imagining him in a tight pair of leather pants and a silky red blouse! Britt fell over on the mattress and covered her head with a pillow. -03:48 Apr 14 Britt
Jane: He turned to look at her before sitting down on the edge of the bed. "That is your first job then. I have no idea of everything I’ll need so you’re coming with me to get somethign that fits, several somethings. It’s a pity my denim jackets are too big now… I can borrow somethign of yours while we go out… Nonthign I own is comfortable anymore." -03:55 Apr 14 Jane
Britt: "So I’m in charge of all this now too, then! Figures!" her voice was muffled. Helping run James’ life was nothing new for her. He was painfully irresponsible, and she often wondered how he even survived before they met. …which had her wondering about his name. Britt sat back up and blinked at him. "What am I supposed to call you now? Please don’t tell me it’s Jane." -03:59 Apr 14 Britt
Jane: "My dad went ahead aand changed it to Jane without asking me. We had an argument about it just before you got here." there was an angry look shot towards the door. "I don’t care what you call me, and you’re not in charge. I’m asking for your help becauseyou’re the only person I trust for this." -04:02 Apr 14 Jane
Britt: "Your dad has the worst taste." Britt was so used to calling him James, and she wasn’t sure how she felt about Jane. Nicknames weren’t quite her style… she would figure it out. Huffing, she threw her arms around his neck and hugged him. He needed one, and she was over being pissed at him for the time being. -04:06 Apr 14 Britt
Jane: Jane petted her arm before hugging her back, usually he’d make some form of inuendo here but it didn’t seem as fun anumore. "He cares, enough to leave us juice on the landign anyway… I should go get it before it gets warm… We’ll still be friends, right? Even if you can’t change schools next semester?" -04:19 Apr 14 Jane
Britt: "Unless you’re going to be a total bitch, you being a girl is not going to stop us from being friends." she grumbled in his ear. Being a girl sure didn’t make him any smarter. She pulled back just far enough to kiss his cheek. No scruffy face and soooo soft. Britt very quickly let go and cleared her throat. Seeming to find interest in going to look out the window. "What are you going to do with your girlfriend? Didn’t she have some kind of stripper name? Yasmin or Crystal or Sparkles or something…" -04:28 Apr 14 Britt
Jane: She turned away and sighed. "I’m going to tell her and if she’s unhappy with it I’ll break up with her, or accept her breaking up with me and I know you’ve never liked my girlfriends but can you at least remember thier names. Just because you havn’t dated in a while… This is probably going to be bad for her either way. Could you imagine if one of your boyfriends suddenly turned into a girl?" -04:32 Apr 14 Jane
Britt: "I’ve dated. I just don’t introduce them to you." Britt was offended again. Crossing her arms and glaring over her shoulder. If he knew… "You never kept any of them around long enough for me to remember them, anyway. And the ones I DID like were gone in a week." In fact it was completely his fault that she didn’t get to be friends or close with some of those girls, cause he dated them, dumped them and they dumped her by association! "…if it helps, I hope she doesn’t break up with you." -04:39 Apr 14 Britt
Jane: She slumped. "She’s too… traditional to date me like this." Her hands came up to her face and stayed there. "I thought that was a good thing. Someone who wasn’t a complete… my usual type… keep me in line and help me settle down and she desurves better than this… I should get it over with…" -04:44 Apr 14 Jane
Britt: "You had the right idea, anyway… I didn’t realize you were. um.. you know… tired of being a manwhore." Britt chewed on her bottom lip, swaying slightly by the window. She didn’t want to tell him her secret, but she could at least talk about some of it. "I just had a breakup with somebody. I didn’t tell you about them, I… have been kinda trying to date different kinds of people. Not the usually guys I go out with and I didn’t want you driving me crazy about it. Anyway, it sucks. Breaking up, that is." -04:49 Apr 14 Britt
Jane: She shot Britt alook at the manwhore comment but sighed. "Once I get new clothes I’ll go see her. I think that’s the best. At least we havn’t done anything yet… major that is. I’d feel bad about talking her into bed then having to break up with her like this… it would make it a lot more awkward. Sorry about you and your boyfriend though You should have told me about him. I’m not going to fly into a jealous rage you know… especially not now…" -04:55 Apr 14 Jane
Britt: "Right because you tooootally got jealous of who I was dating, and now that you’re a girl you don’t care anymore?" Jeezus, he acted like being a girl stopped him from being him! She hadn’t noticed a single difference in him yet. Aside from being really, really, reeeeaaaally cute. With such long legs..! Britt huffed again. "I guess we should get you some new clothes as soon as possible." -05:01 Apr 14 Britt
Jane: She gave Britt a hard shove on the shoulder. "Maybe they’ll all be attracted to me instead and I’ll have to tell them I’m into girls then they’ll alll the the wrong impresion about you too. And yes, all I have it tshirts and boxers… and some stuff my dad got me that I wasn’t going to mention because it’s… fine I’m just mad at him right now." -05:08 Apr 14 Jane
Britt: Britt was flushing again. She shoved back at him so it would seem like she was annoyed and not something else. "Now you think you’re prettier than me too! Glad to see you’re still yourself. At least show me what your dad got you, it can’t be that bad." -05:13 Apr 14 Britt
Jane: She stood and disappeared out the door, and soon there was the sound of two small thuds as she drak both of thier juices and then from just outside the door pulled in a shopping bag then she upended into Britt’s lap. Inside were new socks, a pair of shoes, a skirt and a couple of simple blouses and a set of underwearm all still with the tags and never been worn. -05:19 Apr 14 Jane
Britt: She pulled out some of the blouses. Britt was worried that maybe his dad picked out something trashy and kinda disturbing for a dad to pick out for his kid, but these clothes were perfectly respectable for a young woman. Britt would have worn them, anyway. She gave her that look again, then ‘you’re being dumb’ look. "So what’s wrong with these? They’re kinda pretty." -05:22 Apr 14 Britt
Jane: "They’re… girly." she complained. "And liek I said I’m pissed at him for the name thing. I know he’s trying but…" she sat beaavily on the edge of the bed making it bounce. "I’m just frustrated and pissed off and… wish this wasn’t happening." -05:26 Apr 14 Jane
Britt: "It’s happening, so we’re gonna deal with it." Britt picked out her favorites and shoved them over to her. "Put these on, I want to see. Underwear too! You need -something- to wear when we go out, and I don’t think my clothes are going to fit you." …and Britt totally wanted to see her in them! -05:30 Apr 14 Britt
Jane: "The clothes were snatched out of Britt’s hands and Jane walked over to the dresser to dump them there. Sure she could to to a bathroom which would probably be more conciderate to Britt but Jane had never been shy about bare chests around her best friend so it was easto strip off her shirt and then pick up the bra and turn it around a few times until she figured out which was on it went and pull the straps up her arms and try to reach back to do up the clasp, takign several attempts to get it right before pulling on the cups. "This feels wierd." -05:35 Apr 14 Jane
Britt: Britt tried to look at anything BUT her, and that did not turn out so well. Did the idiot not have any sort of consideration? Huffing, she was on her feet and stomping over. Slapping her hands out of the way to adjust the shoulder straps and untwist the back strap to hook it in the right loops. "Haven’t you had plenty of bra experience with taking them off? Is this better? I think it might be a size too small." Britt was having to bite her tongue and resist from being too touchy familiar. It was easy to be touchy with James, but as a girl it was just..! "Shirt." she mumbled out. -05:40 Apr 14 Britt
Jane: The chosen blouse was pulled over the top before the boxers were pushed down and kicked away once her back was turned. Not even Briss got to see THAT. Then the pantied were pulled up quickly, knees bending so the blouse didn’t lift too much and the skirt following right after. "… you kno I should have done the skirt first, it would have kept everything covered but hey, I’m donr." Jane turned to face Britt and watched her face carefully. "Do I look like a girl?" however she looked her face was red. THis was really wierd. -05:44 Apr 14 Jane
Britt: "Yeah." Britt caught a glimpse of her ass, and she was pretty sure her face was red again by how hot it felt. Her arms crossed, she twisted her mouth this way and that, pretending to give some sort of thoughtful critique of the outfit when really she just wanted to DIE. James was so, sooooo pretty. Glamorous woman pretty. That handsome sort of pretty that powerful women had. Britt turned away quickly, scooting to go grab the shoes before she fainted. "Shoes too." -05:53 Apr 14 Britt
Jane: "Socks too then, I’m not wearing new shoes without socks." they were grabbed and pulled on before Jane was walking in them experimentally. "So this is my life now? Skirts and…" a thought occured to her and shuddenly she leg shot out with a small yell and a high kick that caushed her to over balance, stumble, and come crashing down on her front. "Ow… come on that was basics. Why did I fall?" -05:57 Apr 14 Jane
Britt: That seemed to do the trick of breaking her spell over Britt. She started laughing so hard, she had to hold her stomach and try to catch her breathe. "Your whole center of gravity is different now. You’re gonna have to get used to that." Britt inched to her side to lean over her. "Don’t wear socks with heels. And don’t put all you weight down on the heel… you have to be a little more graceful than stomping around." -06:03 Apr 14 Britt
Jane: She got up and glared at the shoes before walking a few steps. "I will…" which part that was to was left a mystery. "This thing is still uncomfortable… you say it’s soo small That will have to be the first thing we buy."? -06:07 Apr 14 Jane
Britt: Oh jeezus. She had to take her shopping for lingere. She was already imagining all of the things she’d her her try on and model. Britt nearly choked. "I- um, right. Bras and stuff first. …and then shoes, because I don’t want you to break your neck." -06:13 Apr 14 Britt
Jane: "So, when do you want to go?" that was the next question, with just the one outfit Jane need to make sure it stayed clean enough to go out in/ "Huh, my first time out a a girl since I gpt back…" -06:21 Apr 14 Jane
Britt: "You need new stuff as soon as possible… If you miss any more school you’re going to fail your semester." Britt was twisting the hem of her shirt up in her hands. Why was she so pretty, this was stupid. She had NEVER thought James was good looking. "Um… Today? Later? Then we could go out for dinner, you know as your thank you to me for blowing me off all week…" -06:25 Apr 14 Britt
Jane: "Fine, I’ll take you out to dinner so long as YOU aalso wear something you don’t normally wear to make it fair. Just something nice…" there was a cocky grin on her face. "Doesn’t have to be anything flashy… it’s not a date." -06:29 Apr 14 Jane
Britt: "Are you kidding?" Uggh, yes. Same James. Britt was ALMOST amused. "Ffffiiiiiine. Since I’m going to be helping you out with this whole new girl wardrobe, you pick something out for me at the Mall. As long as it’s not totally slutty I’ll wear it." -06:33 Apr 14 Britt
Jane: "I was thinking you’d just get somethignf rom home bit if I get to [ick somethign out then… better. I’ll get money from my dad and we’ll head out later… I guess I should thank you for helping me out." her arms slipped around Britt in a hug, not somethign she did often without Britt starting it. -06:36 Apr 14 Jane