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  • Repairing Destiny 012: Britt’s Busy

    [Britt is at school today. Finals are coming up and there is a Parent meeting today, which is ALWAYS a nightmare.] -05:22 Mar 11 [Jane it limping into Britt’s school to surprise her!] -05:22 Mar 11 Britt: Right now, Britt was in the library surrounded by several books and trying to cram as much information […]

  • Repairing Destiny 011: Kim Moving In

    [Kim is wearing a loose backless shirt and a short pair of cutoff shorts. She’s carrying her school books in one hand and looks like a run way model, not like a brutal kickboxer.] -07:47 Feb 17 LATER THAT WEEK -Jane 07:48 Feb 17 Jane: Jane was limping, even now, she had had a broken […]

  • Repairing Destiny 010: Ass-Kicked

    [Britt has visited Jane’s gym to see some kickboxing action. It’s WAY hotter seeing a bunch of sweaty strong girls than boys! ] -01:33 Feb 17 [Jane is just stepping out of the changing rooms in a tant top, shorts, trainers, gloves and headband, bashing her gloves together as she steps into the ring in […]

  • Repairing Destiny 009: Jane’s Birthday

    [Jane is in Brit’s bed having snuck in at about 3 AM.] -01:02 Sep 09 [Britt is sleeping late, because that is what one does when staying up late studying to make up for too much time with your girlfriend!] -01:03 Sep 09 Britt: With no morning classes, she had no reason to get up. […]

  • Repairing Destiny 008: Families and Exes

    [Jane if at the gym, in the ring with a ginger 1st hear college student who is beating the CRAP out of them.] -09:45 May 22 [Star is not dressed like normal. In fact, she looks like she got a make-over on one of those “Dress me Like a Hooker!” shows.] -09:47 May 22 Star: […]

  • Repairing Destiny 007

    [Britt is in bed with her best friend turned girl turned girlfriend. Life is weird.] -04:54 Apr 30 [Jane is befinately DEFINATELY not a virgin anymore.] -04:55 Apr 30 Jane: It was warm under the blankets, snuggled up against the naked Britt, thier limbs entwined as the day dawned. Both of them had gone to […]

  • Repairing Destiny 006: Britt’s Confession

    [Jane is trying to blend in a girl, so she’s wearing a shapely blue tshirt, back skirt, black stockings and her shoes as well as carrying a new school bag to keep her identity safe as she waits outside Britts class.] -03:24 Apr 25 [Britt is not so sure she likes her major.] -03:26 Apr […]

  • Repairing Destiny 005: Date Take Two

    [Jane is pulling up in the public park’s parking lot for another date with Star!.] -07:30 Apr 24 [Star is totally on board with this date!] -07:30 Apr 24 Star: This was going to be perfect. At this point Star was pretty sure she just needed to get used to them dating again, starting from […]

  • Repairing Destiny 004: Temptations

    [Jane is drying off her hair and stepping out of the bathroom in nothing but a too large shirt and too large boxer shorts that are being held up by one hand.] -04:46 Apr 21 [Britt is crawling through the window, which is a big production because she is not atheletic at all and she’s […]

  • Repairing Destiny 003: Bad Date

    [Star is going on a date with her boy- er… girlfriend!] -01:30 Apr 19 [Jane Is in her dad’s old car, pulling up outside Star’s house.] -01:30 Apr 19 Star: Star had no idea what to wear on a date with a girl, so she went for a nice pair of black slacks and another […]

  • Repairing Destiny 002: Shopping for Girl Clothes

    [Britt is taking her bestie to the mall for shopping, which normally would not be something they did!] -03:37 Apr 15 [Jane is going shopping… in a skirt. This is wierd and she keeps trying to hold it down.] -03:38 Apr 15 Britt: "Stop fussing with it. You’re just going to make people stare more." […]

  • Repairing Destiny 001: James’ Big Surprise

    [Britt got a weird phonecall from her BFF. She’s assuming James is having another grades flipout or someone slipped him a daterape drink again and he’s hallucinating. Either way, she’s headed to his place to slap some sense in to him!] -12:59 Apr 14 [Jane used to be knows as James and has stormed off […]